idk this is bad im sry

  • Michael: </b> Hey Jeremy do you wanna get boned in my basement?<p/><b>Jeremy:</b> <p/><b>Michael:</b> <p/><b>Jeremy:</b> <p/><b>Michael:</b> Did i say boned? Oh i meant stoned. Sorry that's just my autocorrect<p/><b>Jeremy:</b> Always be aware of a- wait, this is a verbal conversation<p/></p><p/></p>

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ooo how about Bi Evan Hansen with a Gay Connor Murphy?? And like they're sharing a scarf but on Connor's end it's the gay pride flag and on Evan's end it's the bi pride flag! Idk if that makes sense and if it doesn't just do whatever haha

hope this was what you ment! thanks for the ask!!

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hey so, small psa. makes me feel weird when ppl go through my blog n reblog things from like… months ago. not talkin’ abt queued stuff, but scrollin’ down my blog in my tags looking for stuff to reblog. makes me uncomfy. idk why, maybe thats dumb + i acknowledge that. but like. ye. if its ok for me to ask ppl dont do that, i’d appreciate.

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oh gosh so im so sorry im going to miss you so much my mom lets me follow tumblrs that are clean and it was okay but she saw you swear and so now i have to go im sry ily ill miss u



Wow I hate myself rn


I kinda want to cry

I feel so bad

Tell your mom I am really sorry

I am never swearing again

I’ve been swearing lately and idk why… bad jen

Ughhh I literally feel so bad…

honestly the more i think about it the more i love jumin/v like

  • childhood friends to lovers trope fuck yeah
  • mutual trust and friendship (even when v’s actin shady af jumin’s faith in him never seems to waver)
  • they know each other well and accept each other’s flaws
  • jumin is so serious n straight laced and v is the biggest hipster art hoe like honestly cutest relationship dynamic
  • v is one of the few people who jumin allows to see him for who he truly is 
  • see and treat each other as equals, no power imbalance  
  • speaking of which, bedroom stuff (this stuff is all assuming that thru some miracle v’s previous relationship has ended)

(lol looking back, this got more headcanony than the straightforward, fact-based post that i had intended it to be so the rest is under a cut whoops)

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jimin is srsly one cheeky little 

you can’t tell me he doesn’t feel jungkook boring holes into the side of his face, like there’s no way 

jimin just loves pretending he doesn’t know while he fiddles with his hair and tries not to smile, and sometimes he makes eye contact w/ jk n then looks away right after all pleased like “i’ll play the game if u want it that bad” why is he so naturally coy and flirtatious im done

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hello!! i was wondering if you use guidelines when you draw heads/faces? i'm having a hard time with proportions and angles. the tutorials i've already used haven't really helped me T_T

LOL YES I DO a lot actually for like face angles that are difficult for me o<-< 

ok so i drew this and was about to say i just do it how ppl normally do it so idk if i could help u but then i looked up face guidlines n realise i am not doing it lik everyone else.. LOL T_T i find that there are too many lines when doing it this way and it just confuses me bc my brain is tiny and bad and im dumb so i prefer just 2 lines? When you have too many lines its more restricting i feel ^.^…

i devide the facial plane up into 3 ~equal parts kinda and thats where face feautres go LOL ITS RLLY RANDOM..  NOT VERY GOOD SRY IT JUST MIGHT BE MY ANATOMICALLY INCORRECT FACES YELLLL im the last person to ask for anatomy help..

i hope in my heart that this was even just a tiny bit helpful to you im so bad at explaining things so ill leave u with real things LOLOLOL

AND ALSO I LIKE TO USE MARA3D app O_O its really interestig because you can pan and zoom and change angle of the model 

and posemaniac’s handviewer has a head model that you can move around! and also bomb ass hands wwwwww

best signs are aquarius, cancer, nd pisces !! i think they all have so much love to give nd ive always been rly good friends with them. ok signs are gemini, sagittarius, nd capricorn. my sister is a gemini nd we get along great bt we’re like. total oppsites on most things. uhh th sag/caps ive knkwn have been mostly grandmas, rock lee, nd gaara so id trust them w my life. worst are aries nd taurus. my mom is an aries nd fits th bad aries stereotype. both of my othr abusers are taurus so i jst dont like em. val is literally th only good taurus im sry u share th same sign. th ones im indifferent toward/idk anyone rly w them arw leo, scorpio, nd virgo. my ex is a virgo nd theyre such know-it-alls bt they can b vvvv caring nd loving bt i wouldn’t date one agaon they can get kinda clingy.