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im SOOO so in love with your stories So ~ I have to ask.( and i read all of your Harry potter stuff so i dont know if u write it yet ) how about something more sad at the beginnig and turning into good Thing bla bla . Beeing the Twins Friend from day one. Later Georges Girlfriend and helping him over Freds Death. I dont know. It could be difficult, may the get married and named thier son fred. Idk. I would love to read a Scenario like that. Let your awsome Imagination free. And sry bad English

The Great hall was crowded. The battle was finally over. Y/N couldn’t believe it, after all those years, he is gone. Voldemort is gone. But all she cared about now was finding George, her boyfriend. Y/N walked past people who were hugging, crying, kissing, … and she hoped that he was alright. When the battle had started they each went their own way, saying they would meet here. But here she was, and she didn’t see him. She was sacred, what if he was killed, she would never forgive herself. Her eyes scanned the people and finally, far away in the back of the hall, she saw Bill. She ran towards him. Tears were running over his cheeks and Y/N’s throat tightened. “no”, she thought, “no please, don’t tell me it’s true”. “Y/N, oh dear”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw the H/C girl. The Weasley family was gathered around a person, who laid lifeless on the floor. “w-what happened?”, She finally managed to get out, “where is George, and Fred? Please Molly don’t say that-“. But her voice got more quiet, until she didn’t get a word out anymore. “Fred, he … he-“ “no, no! Not Fred!”, Y/N said. She walked past Molly, seeing the twins. Fred’s eyes were closed, George was sobbing, holding his brothers shirt as his head laid on his chest. The whole Weasley family was crying but Y/N didn’t.

“this isn’t real”, She said. Her hands grabbed her hair, tears forming in her eyes. “this isn’t true, this is a dream, right Bill, tell me I’m dreaming” but the older Weasley shook his head. “I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he said as he hugged her. Once his arms were around her body, she started sobbing, this wasn’t a dream. She really did lose her best friend. “no, no this isn’t real, stop it!”, Y/N said as she sobbed. All the laughs and the hugs and pranks, she’ll never do that again. No new memories, no new stupid inside jokes. He was gone, forever. “g-go home, George you too, you can’t stay here”, Mrs. Weasley said as she tried to pull George of Fred’s cold, limp body. “NO! I’M NOT LEAVING HIM”, George screamed. His voice echoed through the Great Hall. People gave them a pity look. “George, please”, Mrs. Weasley said, trying to hold back her own tears. George eventually gave up, not having the strength or courage to do anything anymore.

It was months after Fred’s death, but nobody even tried to do anything. The house felt empty, and silent. Mrs. Weasley didn’t talk, Percy quit his job in the Ministry and Charlie didn’t go back to Romania to take care of the dragons. And George? George didn’t leave his room, only when he had to go to the bathroom or to eat something, which he barely did. And after all those months, Y/N didn’t know what to do. Should she leave the Weasley’s alone for a while or should she be there with them? It was just as hard for her as for the others. And after all, she was still heart broken. From Fred and from George. George never contacted her, never tried to reach out. Nothing. She knew he needed to be alone but she didn’t know it would take him 6 months to reach out to her. And she needed him now. So she decided it was time. “Y/N, dear, come in”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw Y/N stand on the porch. “thank you”, Y/N said as she walked inside. Everybody was in the living room. Bill, Percy, Ron and Ginny, even Charlie was there. Everyone but Fred and George. “Hi Y/N”, everybody said. “hey”, She said before she got tackled by Ginny, who hugged her so tight she could barely breath. “I thought I’d never see you again, that I lost you too”, She said as tears ran down her pale cheeks. “Of course not, you won’t lose me”, Y/N said as she hugged the girl, running her hand over her back. Everybody was silent as Ginny let Y/N go. “George is upstairs, he won’t come out of his room or talk to us” “he just lost his twin brother, Ginny” “And I lost my brother!”, Ginny snapped back at Ron, “please talk to him Y/N”.

All of the Weasley’s were now looking at Y/N hoping she would help them. They hoped that she could get the old George back. “I’ll talk to him, don’t worry”, Y/N said, as she walked towards the stairs. She passed the large clock in the kitchen and she looked at the pictures of the twins. Fred and George’s were on ‘Lost’ which made Y/N’s heart break.

He knocked on the wooden door of George’s room. “I’m not hungry”, said a weak voice from behind it. “it’s me”, Y/N said, her voice was quiet. She hoped that George wanted to see her, but she doubted he would want that now. But the door did open and once again she felt a pair of arms around her body, pressing all the air out of her lungs. “Y/N”, George said, like he didn’t believe his own girlfriend stood in front of him now, after 6 whole months with no contact. “It’s me, it’s okay”, she said as she felt tears fall on her shoulder were George’s head was now. “I-I”, George started but Y/N shushed him “go sit down, I think we need to talk”, She said, her voice sweet and caring gosh George missed this but after what happened, George didn’t know what to do. And he didn’t want to hurt Y/N, so he blocked her out of his world, and now she was standing here, in front of him. Her E/C eyes staring right in his soul and he, once again, felt safe and not alone. George took her hand and guided her towards his bed. George’s room didn’t change and Y/N thought that he didn’t even touch anything which was once Fred’s. “Georgie”, Y/N said, holding his hand as she sat down next to him on the soft mattress. “I know what you’re going to say, but I can’t move on”, George said before Y/N could go one. “Not what I wanted to say, but you should at least take care of yourself George, talk to somebody, eat something”, Y/N tried. But she knew that George wouldn’t just do what she said. He was having trouble. “everything I do reminds me of him, this room, the shop, and I can’t do this alone”, George said as he started crying again. Y/N felt her heart break as she saw George’s face. It was red and his cheeks were wet. “I miss him too, but he wouldn’t want this, he wouldn’t want to see you like this”, Y/N said as she held her hand on George’s cheek, “ and listen to me George Weasley, you’ll never be alone, Fred is probably looking at you and I’m by your side and so is your family George, it hurts them to see you like this” “you don’t know what it’s like, Y/N, I look in the mirror and I think I see Fred and then I realize it’s me and not him and I just wished it was me that died instead of him”, George said as she stood up suddenly. His hands were clenched into fists. “George, please”, Y/N said, a tear slipping from the corner of her eye. It hurts her to see George like this and she knew that she couldn’t help. George looked at his girlfriend and saw her crying. And it was like something inside of him clicked. He wasn’t the only one in pain, and by acting like this he only caused more pain.

Y/N covered her face with her hands and she sobbed in them. She felt the bed dip next to her and a pair of arms hugged her smaller body tightly. “I-I know you’re right, but I don’t know how to go further without Fred”, George said as he put his hand in Y/N’s H/C hair. Her body relaxed a bit and the sobbed slowed down. “but I can try, and I hope you’ll help me”, George said. Y/N looked at him. Her E/C eyes were red and George cussed himself for hurting her even more than she already was. “Of course I’ll help you”, She eventually said,” and we’re going to take it slow” “how?”, George asked her. Y/N stood up, taking George’s hand. “first of all, you’re going to eat something, you were always skinny George, but now it’s unhealthy. And you’re going to sit with your family”, Y/N guided him down the staircase. George walked in the living room, making everybody look at him. “George”, Mrs. Weasley said. “oh dear, I’m so glad you’re out of your room, oh dear”, She said as she hugged her son tightly. George patted her back as she let him go, “I’ll make something to eat”. Ginny walked up to Y/N, taking her away from the living room. “thank you”, She said. Once again Ginny hugged Y/N, her head resting on her shoulder. “it’s the least I can do”, Y/N said. She smiled once she saw George take a bit of a sandwich. “will he be alright?”, Ginny asked.  “he will be, but he needs time, and guidance, and I don’t mind helping him”, Y/N said. In the corner of her eyes she looked at the clock, George’s picture slowly moved. Y/N smiled once she saw it move to ‘home’ and she hoped that it would never go back to ‘lost’. Ginny had walked back to the living room without that Y/N noticed. “Love?”, George’s voice came from behind her. Y/N spun around, meeting his gaze. “Thank you”, He said as he hugged her. “You’re welcome, but please, don’t block me out anymore”, Y/N answered. George nodded as he kissed her slowly but lovingly. “I’ll never do that again, I need you, I only realized that today, a bit to late but I did realize it”, George said, with a small chuckle. “And I’ll always be here for you, Georgie, I won’t leave, you can always count on me, okay?”, She said as she hugged George tightly. Cause after all what happened, she felt happiness. Because George was finally home.


it was now a year after Fred’s death. George was still struggling while the other Weasley’s could place it easier. And Y/N, she was still helping George, she was always there for him. They even bought a little apartment, close to the joke shop, which George and Y/N now opened again, just so they could be together and Y/N could help George whenever he needed to be helped. “George, we’re going to be late”, Y/N said as she put her last hoe on. George walked in the room, smiling at Y/N. “you look lovely”, He said as he kissed her, “and honestly, mom is used to it by now that we’re always late” “it’s still not an excuse to come in too late”, Y/N said with a small smile.

Mrs. Weasley had invited the two of them over for dinner and it has been a while since George last saw his family, so they gladly accepted. “Y/N, George, come in”, Mister Weasley said as they stood in front of the door “thank you mister Weasley”, Y/N said as she walked past him. “How lovely to see you again, go sit down, dinner is almost ready you’re late George!”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw George walk behind Y/N. “I know, I’m sorry mum”, He laughed as he hugged her. They quickly sat down at the table where the rest of the family was. Y/N got into a conversation with Hermione about the Ministry and Bill talked to George. “you seem tense”, He stated. George nodded. “why?”, His brother asked. “you’ll see later”, George answered. Mrs. Weasley walked outside with the last bowl of food. “well, enjoy!”, She said. The rest of the dinner was silent. Bill gave George weird glances and questioning looks and Y/N soon saw it. After dinner the girls helped cleaning the table and the boys went to the living room. “why was Bill looking at George in that … weird way?”, Y/N asked Ginny, who shrugged. “no idea”, She said simply as she dried off the last plate. “now, let’s go to the other”. The living room was filled with chatter and laughter and at the moment that Y/N sat down next to Harry, George took his chance. “can I have everybody’s attention for a minute”, he asked as he stood in front of everybody. Everybody went silent and looked at George. “Y/N can you come here?”, He then asked. Ginny pushed Y/N out of the sofa so she almost fell in George’s arms.

“Y/N, I know you for … I lost count of how many years but, I know one thing, I don’t regret it at all. You’ve been the best girlfriend anybody can ask for. We had ups and downs, but we got through it and you’ve always been by my side to support me. And after Fred’s death, I’ve locked you out of my life for 6 months and then suddenly you stood in front of me again. And I fell in love again. So I only have one question. Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”, George said as he kneeled down and held a blue box in front of her. He opened the box, a big diamond ring inside of it. “Yes!”, Y/N somehow managed to get out. Everybody cheered as George and Y/N kissed. “I-I have also something to confess”, Y/N said as everybody got quiet again, “I’m pregnant”. Mrs. Weasley gasped and stood up to hug Y/N who was now crying tears of happiness. Once Mrs. Weasley stood up, George put his hands on Y/N’s arms. “how long?”, He asked, no emotion in his voice. “6 weeks”, She said. Y/N looked at George who stayed quiet. And then suddenly she felt two arms pick her up and spin her around. She giggled as George kissed her face over and over. “promise me one thing”, George said. Y/N nodded. “if it’s a boy, we call him Fred” “promise”

9 months later the Weasley welcome a new baby boy in the family, Fred Arthur Weasley. And George couldn’t be more happy with his new son and wife.

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omg as a fic writer i always use hyung or noona or smt and i seldom use those annyeonghaseyo or imnida trash like???? i mean wont it kinda translate when i weite hello or hi in the fic and idk should i even continue writing hyung and noona in my fic bc i saw that and cringed and idk what to do im sry for rambling i just

its okay its okay!! sometimes i question whether or not i should translate this as “jungkook-oppa” or just leave it as “jungkook” for less cringing but after all, it’s inevitable when you want to emphasize that the person is older or younger than the other one. “hyung” or “noona” is acceptable, as long as you don’t go all the way to the level of “annyeonghaseyo”…

Anonymous said: I cringed so hard I hurt myself that’s how bad it is. I’m not even Korean or speak Korean but that was a whole new level of embarrassment

i was gonna go to bed but i saw this totally by accident and now i can’t sleep

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Hola, im sry but why do u copy simplyimaginarypeople nd mamaandfourlittlecubs? its bit weird. sry for bad english tho

What? LOL
I never copied anyone here, and I started my mumblr before mamaandfourlittlecubs, also, idk where I copy she. Our families are different, and she have 4 girls and I have 3 boys and 2 girls, soooo, I think that isn’t anything similar between us. If you see, our sims are very diferent, and we don’t edit similar. And also, I have my sims since 2013, and in my simbook you can see that I have pics of this fam since 2014 :) 
Also, I never copied simplyimaginarypeople, our sims are very diferent, and we don’t use even the same skins in our toddlers. Simplyimaginarypeople is one of the friends that I more like here, and we really don’t see anything similar in our sims or pics.