idk this has been in my drafts for like a month


rex, this, it’s…bigger than any of us… 
                                   ……anything i could have imagined. 
                                                                                            i never meant to….

                                      “i only wanted to do my duty.”

Okay, so after reading @sir-scandalous ‘s Abuse AU (or something like that, I believe?) I have feelings and thought god dammit, so lets get down to it. I’ve mixed it with an AU I’ve been drafting for a fic as well, which is Mute!Lance/Highschooler!Lance and Cafe owner!Shiro. (Lance is 17, Shiro is 19)

Lance has an abusive father with anger issues, and at the age of 9, Lance suffered severe damage to his vocal chords after a bad bout with his father strangling him. So he is no longer able to talk, which makes it even worse for him because he can no longer voice for help when he needs to, which his father fully knows and abuses this fact. 

Lance is taking the long way hope one day, wanting as much alone time to himself before facing whats at home, and he discovers a new cafe opened just several blocks away from his neighborhood. The big banner over it reading The Noir Lion, and the smell of freshly baked blueberry muffins made his stomach growl painfully.So, he decides to head in and take a seat at a semi closed off booth area. 

Because his other employees are busy cooking and tending to others, Shiro himself dusts himself off and grabs a black waiter apron to wrap around his waist to go and get Lance’s order. He asks the usual way and waits for an answer, to which Lance starts to get nervous and anxious over because damn, it was too crowded today and this handsome gentleman was expecting an answer and oh damn, his phone almost slipped from his fingers. Good job. Shiro notices the boys growing anxiety and holds out a hand, telling him to take it easy and go slow, with whatever he was doing. Lance nodded, smiling small, and took a deep breath, before typing out his reply on his phones notepad. 

Shiro wondered why the boy couldn’t talk, but he wouldn’t pry, instead giving him a nod and gentle smile before going to get Lance  a muffin and a cup of coco on the house because the boy looked so sad and stressed. So when Lance is about to leave he tries to pay for the coco too, but Shiro refuses it and tells him to come back anytime. Later on when Shiro goes to clean the table, he sees ten dollars, to which he simply pockets to save and give back. 

This continues on for a whole month, Shiro learning of Lance’s inability to speak, and always saving Lance’s money he leaves behind rather then putting it in the register. Lance starts developing a crush on Shiro after two months and starting to actually flirt with gestures, brush of finger tips and cheesy as hell pick up lines on his phone. Shiro always makes time to sit with Lances on each of his visits now, and even invites him to a private back room where the employees go for lunch, when Lances come in overly stressed, breathing hard or crying. Lances never outright admits his abusive household, but Shiro already has strong suspicions, but doesn’t force anything yet. 

Just imagine Lance, instead of going home right away, he goes to Shiro’s cafe and shows him his progress in grades and trophies in swimming and track competitions, and Shiro always smiling brightly and occasionally giving Lance a hug when the boy was ready for such contact. 

Then imagine Lance’s father finding out where Lance has been going and getting upset at not knowing, so he goes over one time and publicly humiliates Lance in front of a half filled cafe and Shiro, but Shiro is having none of that and despite Lance’s dad being somewhat bigger than him, Shiro is still hella strong enough to grab the man by the arm and manhandle him out of there and away from Lance, defending his dignity all the while. Lance is in tears for both Shiro defending him and because he was now scared to go home. Shiro invites Lance to stay the night at his place, and until closing time teaches Lance how to make buttercream roses on cakes and how to make his favorite blueberry muffin as distraction.

Hot New Lazytown Meme™

post pictures where you can obviously see the green screen reflection and add a weird caption


the Green Has Been Spotted

Unbearable Distance [Prince Sidon/Reader]

Title: Unbearable Distance 
Pairing: Prince Sidon x Reader (you)
Summary: Prince Sidon has always been overprotective of you and anxious over your depatures, whereas you’re just trying to keep yourself from being a blubbering mess.

A/N: Yo! First Sidon fanfic out of the many I plan to do. If you have a request, feel free to ask! Also. Unless specified, the reader character is gender neutral. So, my hope is that anyone who reads it will find enjoyment in it!

Lemme know your thoughts!

“Are you certain you wouldn’t just prefer for me to take you there myself?”

“No. Horseback will be more comfortable and more… dry…”

“Ah, yes. Point taken. However, I do think that if your village is so near to Lake Hylia, it would be most beneficial for me to–”

“There are merchants I need to meet along the way. Don’t worry about it.”

“My love, must you take the road less traveled? The descent through the hills, the woodlands, the pastures–they’re brimming with beasts!”

“It’s okay, seriously. Stop worrying so much.”

“Darling, please allow me–”

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grantaire vs combeferre though is hilarious

  • books!! they have their stacks next to each other
  • one is clean and pristine with all the spines uncracked and it is #aesthetic 
  • the other is a m e s s
  • dog-eared pages, cracked spines, splattered paint, doodles, pages full of sarcastic commentary and insightful comments on post-it notes
  • they both claim to hate each other for it
  • (“Take your vile disrespect of books away from me, R!” “Really? You call actually actively thinking about the content of the book vile? You’re cleaner than Enjolras’ sex life!”) 
  • but they secretly envy each other
  • r envies combeferres’ ability to retain his thoughts without writing them down because COMBEFERRE ACTUALLY HAS SUPERPOWERS YALL
  • but ferre envies r’s liberty to express his thoughts
  • ferre prefers written text tbh and grantaire likes Art
  • b e d s tho
  • ferre has clean, white covers for his bed + neat fairylights
  • grantaire
  • o boy
  • List of Things Found On Grantaire’s Bed (written by Joly and Bossuet)
    • a 3 month old open packet of crisps
    • cookie crumbs
    • ink stains
    • a? noodle? 
    • 2 (two) brushes. just. there.
    • a cat once. he doesnt own a cat.
  • so basically
  • tag yourself im the noodle
a very important neopets origin story

So my very first ever neopet was a green shoyru named midnight with a bunch of numbers after it and I loved her so much. I was like 8 and didn’t know that feeding your pet rotten food would make them sick so I gave her a rotten omelette and she got ugga ugga. Now this was like 2002 and the only way you could cure it was with Sporkle Syrup which costed MILLIONS of nps and I struggled to keep over 3,000. I was distraught, I couldn’t believe how irresponsible I was giving my pet rotten food and making her contract this horrible disease.

I was skipping meals and staying up way past my bedtime trying to find a way to right my wrongs and my parents were so fed up with it. One day a few weeks later, I logged on to start another long day of finding a way to fix my neopet, but when I checked quick ref she was suddenly cured and bloated. I had no explanation, but I was SO HAPPY and continued my life normally, going to bed when I was supposed to and eating regular meals.

Now idk if they were telling the truth or not, but my parents finally told me a couple years ago that they were so fed up with my behavior that they had to make a phone call to neopets hq and have them fix my dumb shoyru. Idk if that’s true or not, but I have literally no other explanation and that’s hilarious so I’m taking it


* ˙ ˖✶ nicknames (mostly gender-neutral!)

under the cut you’ll find #62 cute nicknames in alphabetical order! i primarily made this for otps to call each other but it could work for friends, siblings, or for a parent to a child. whatever works for ya! some of them are a little silly but i’ve heard pretty much all of them used in media or in real life, so take your pick. please like/reblog if you are rph or found useful.

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anonymous asked:

hi! so i just made an archive of our own account and i don't know what to post first. do you have any tips or advice for posting on ao3? do you have any tips for ao3 in general? thank you!

Hi there anon! Thank you for your question!

First things first: I think to a certain extent, what to post first is going to be entirely up to you. Whatever you feel like writing, whatever format it’s in, you should write it up and post it! Or, depending on how long you’ve been using the site as a guest, you can look through other people’s content to pay attention to tagging, author’s notes, formatting – that kind of thing. AO3 is user-friendly in most ways, and you’ll grasp it pretty quickly.

But, I do have a couple tips to help you out on your first run-through (and actually some helpful tricks I think some more familiar users may not know, as well)! 

BTW since we’re on the topic, if you use the subscribe function on AO3!!! Did you know about the different ways to subscribe to an author, a series, or an individual work?

You can only subscribe to an author from their dashboard or their profile page! If you are in the middle of reading a particular fic, and you hit the subscribe button at the top of the page, you will only subscribe to updates for that fic. Same deal if you want to subscribe to a series, you must be on the series page. Subscribing to a fic within that series will only subscribe you to that specific fic – you will get updates if that story is updated/chapters are added, but not if a new work is added to the series.

I suspect some people are unaware of this, due to the frequent amount of subscriptions I get on one-shots! (But, idk… maybe there’s just some really hopeful people out there laijefliajelsjf)

Anyway, now, onto the rest of this textbook (it got long)!

When you go to post your very first work on AO3, you’ll go to Post > New Work at the very top to open up AO3′s drafting tool. From here, you can go through and copy over a work from Word or Google docs or whatever writing program you use, or just write up your fic in the post box itself! 

Either way you choose, you can then decide to post your work right then and there (Post Without Preview), or if you are still editing it, you can choose the Preview option. This will take you to the work as it will appear once posted; from there you can go back to the editing page, which will now have a Save Without Posting option. Use this if you would just like to save your work and come back to it later. Note: drafts are saved for one month only.

When you open your drafts/start a new work, the main field for your text has two options: HTML or Rich Text. HTML just shows you all HTML codes in your work. Rich Text is probably what you want to work in while editing, because you’ll only see this bar in that format:

However, sometimes you will want to use the HTML section in order to copy over text from another source that allows HTML format; for instance, Tumblr! I always copy the HTML from my tumblr fics over to AO3 when posting, because it is the easiest/fastest way to ensure the formatting stays intact. Here’s where to find that:

This is a pitfall I encountered with my first fic I ever posted. When you create a draft, the date of posting defaults to the date you first saved the draft. So if you are like me and you draft fics way in advance of posting, you need to make sure to update the post date before you actually hit post, or it will backdate your fic – this happened with This Place in the Sky, and it was several hours before I realized it had backdated by a week, and no one was seeing it T.T Learn from my mistakes, younglings

(And if you want to backdate a draft, then you would go in here to alter the date.)

Some people have noticed an issue with AO3 that causes fics to have odd spaces after punctuation (periods, quotation marks, dashes). This is a glitch related to italicizing when you transfer over fics from another source. To avoid having to search your entire fic for those spaces, always italicize the punctuation that precedes/follows your italicized words. For instance: 

No!” – quotations/exclamation not italicized, glitch makes it show up as: 

“No!” – all punctuation italicized, now shows up as:

:D It’s just less of a headache to have to comb through and find all the random spaces, I find, when you just italicize beforehand! A preemptive strike. 

Let’s look at the variations of line spacing in a posted fic: 

And here’s what this looks like in AO3′s Rich Text editor:

Sorry that is so tiny, but notice the clear difference in spaces between paragraphs while editing! There’s no actual correct way to do this, but! The “regular” option of spacing is the most common on AO3, and also the easiest to read. Avoid the no spacing option at all costs! It can be a huge headache to read, unless you are indenting paragraphs (less common on AO3, but acceptable). I tend to dislike the double spacing option as well because I feel like it breaks up the flow of wording, but that’s just personal preference.


Frequent posters may also have noticed a thing AO3 does where it will insert double spaces at random intervals, often for large sections of the fic at a time, for no discernible reason. This happens often when you copy your work over from another source. But there’s an easy fix!

On MS Word and Google docs, find the “Add space after paragraph” option, and enable it for every fic you write. When you hit Enter (ONCE) to go to a new paragraph, it will autospace for you (meaning, you should not need to double tap the Enter key).

Now when you copy this over to AO3, it will read ONE SPACE reliably, giving you that regular spacing option up above. Cool news: if you copy your HTML from Tumblr to HTML on AO3, you don’t even need to worry about this. HTML be chill like that

Another thing I see people asking is how to add hyperlinks! But also, did you know you can add links, bolded, and italicized text to your summary/notes as well? You just have to put them in HTML, and this:

<a href=“LINK GOES HERE”>Hyperlink</a>

will show up as:

You can easily bold/italicize/add links in the Rich Text editor, but summary/notes are HTML only and you will have to use the above. These are the most useful/common options you’ll need, I think. Try to preview before posting to make sure you got it right (and haven’t bolded your entire summary and the world with it on accident). 

There’s an easy way to link your stories to Tumblr (or Twitter) that automatically includes your title, tags, summary, and all other relevant information right in the post! Just hit this button at the top of your fic, once it’s posted – it’ll take you to the Tumblr log-in screen, so log-in and from there you can edit the post. This is what I use to make all my AO3 fic posts on Tumblr \o/

Finally, more of a stylistic note! Be thoughtful when tagging your fic/writing a synopsis. In general, try to be clear and concise, so people can see what they’re getting into at a glance. Tag what’s important to the theme and tone of your fic. This really varies from person to person… maybe you want to tag every single thing your fic encompasses! I find really long tags to be overwhelming when browsing AO3, and prefer simple ones. I tend to overtag more for smut-heavy/PWP than I do for longer, plot driven fics.  

Your summary should also be clear and to the point, and describe the content of the fic. You can put any other thoughts in your beginning and end notes; if you are leaning towards saying anything like “sorry this sucks this is my first fic/I am bad at summaries/etc” just leave that out! If you don’t like summaries, use a quote from the fic. You don’t have to apologize for posting, even if you don’t think it’s a Shakespearean masterpiece. You still wrote a fic, and that’s awesome!

This is everything I could think of for the time being…I hope it’s helpful!!

halloween drafts 🕸🎃☠️

freddykrueger!au pt. 1

((A/n: this is my first attempt at this suspense???? I’m so worried it sounds really rushed to me but I wanted to share and I… Shdjskdn idk pls be patient with me while I figure out this genre)

warnings: mentions of suicide, mental illness, murder, gore pls proceed with caution and mind the tw!




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Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Seven

Originally posted by katherine8595

Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part || Next Part

Word Count: 5.4K

Errors. Please excuse and ignore them.

A/N: Idk how i feel about this part, but I hope you like it. Expect mostly backstories and flashbacks in the coming parts. :)

{Update days: Tuesdays, Thursday or Saturdays}

I strolled into the office of my photography company. I was expecting to see Jang Mi there as always, seeing as I was running late. My mind was all over the place as I tried to set my head straight. Today was our last day working with EXO Inc. This project that has stretched over a span of weeks has finally come to an end.

It’s only been 2 months since Sehun marked me, and I’m already sensing a difference between us. It’s a good one, honestly. We’ve grown closer as friends. It feels like I’m actually having a friendship with Sehun.

He really doesn’t hold back anymore. The random PDA in the office still shocks the employees. They are so used to seeing a stuffy, stiff-faced Mr. Oh. I wasn’t used to how open he was now being, but it wasn’t bothering me either. It’s not too much PDA. He would hold my hand, whisper something in my ear or put an arm around my waist.

Some would say it’s not appropriate for a work setting, but Sehun didn’t care much.

I strolled into the office, staring down at my phone as I stomped towards my desk. My movements came to a stop when I noticed something out the corner of my eyes. I finally looked up from my cell phone screen to see a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a glass vase. My phone nearly dropped out my hand as I stared in awe.

“Pretty right?” Jang Mi muttered from her desk, breaking my attention from the flowers. All I could do was stare back at her with a vacant look.

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Closing hours

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You’re bored, exhausted and just plain tired of working especially since you got stuck with nightshift. It feels as though you’ll never end up going home until someone walking in catches your eye. Jungkook offers to keep you occupied but also tries to avoid getting you in trouble. 

(A/N: Literally a experience I’ve had from some guy while on night shift. All of which was awkward and terrible but if you add in Jungkook it makes it seem….romantic? Weird. *ididntendupgivinghimmynumber*)

Originally posted by snitchingmoments

The woman and her young daughter smiled at you politely as you took the cash from her hands and started to put it into the register. The mom takes a quick glance around the mostly abandoned store and what looks like at something behind you. She leans in looking concerned. 

“I can’t believe they have you working out here this late at night all alone. Please be careful.”

Knowing the danger yourself you had no choice but to agree, trying to not panic yourself with the thought. You gave the woman a reassuring smile.

“Yes Ma’am. I’ll be careful.”

She gave a small one back, nodding her head. 

“Have a good night then.”

“You too!” You called after her as the two of them walked away.

You let out a long sigh, already completely drained from the long hours you had been receiving. Taking a glance outside the glass doors you notice how dark it was outside, seeing only a few cars under the dimly lit parking lot. You wondered why people would even come into the clothing store so late at night during the week but settled on assuming they needed something badly for the next day. 

As you turn around you see a boy around your age, awkwardly walking back and forth in the aisles near your register. You recognized him from earlier when you greeted his group of friends from entering the store so it was odd to you that he was now all alone. His tall figure was hard to miss along with his perfectly light brown hair and attractively cute brown eyes to match. You couldn’t help but keep looking over at him as you attempted to stay busy, wondering why he wouldn’t just come over already if he was planning to do so. 

Curiosity caused you to look over in his direction for far too long when he quickly glanced at you during the same time. At first he continued at what he was looking at before taking a second look back over to you when he realized you had made eye contact. Like it was second nature you whipped your head in the other direction, already feeling the blood rushing to your cheeks. 

“Damn it..” You whispered to yourself. 

It didn’t take too long afterwards to hear a set of footsteps coming closer to you and the handsome boy now stood in front of you. 

“Oh, uh. Hi-…Did you find everything okay?” You asked, mentally beating yourself up from the nervous tone you couldn’t hide.

Jungkook’s nose crinkled, revealing his smile all at the same time.You saw his eyes scanning your name tag. 

“Yeah, everything was fine. How was work today? Slow, Y/N?”

“Kinda. It wasn’t too bad earlier but now i’m lucky if a customer comes in once every hour. You didn’t notice this place was a ghost town when you came in?” You said with a slight laugh in your voice.

Jungkook shrugged, leaning on the counter across from you as he easily made eye contact for the third time. 

“Maybe a lot of them just carpooled.” He joked. 

“What about you? How come you’re in here so late? I would have been home asleep already but it seems like you guys are in some real need of jeans if you’re coming in here at 12:30.”

“Oh, It was their idea. One of my friends has a thing to go to and we just got off work so there wasn’t really much time to go out before. The 3 of us all just moved here. ”

Your eyes widened in shock as you crossed your arms over your chest, relaxing a lot more than you were before.

“What? Really? Why would you ever move here?” You teased, knowing this place wasn’t all that exciting.

“Work, it wasn’t much of a choice. But seriously, what do you guys do for fun around here?” He giggled. 

Even the sound of his laugh sounded sweet. The oddly empty store, the casual conversation, and just seeing him leaned up against the countertop wearing his grey, oversized hoodie along with the tight black jeans, all worked together in a strangely romantic atmosphere. It looked like a scene out of a movie to anyone else just watching. You didn’t feel scared like you usually would have when the store was just you and one other person. It felt nice in the sense he didn’t seem to have bad intentions.

“Here? Absolutely nothing. We have a movie theater, which is easy to get sick of, and the mall that has maybe 2 good stores in it. I mean, if you’re with someone else then anything can be fun, you know? Me and my friends have just resorted to hanging out at home talking about when we can move out of here.”

Jungkook scoffed. 

“Why don’t you move out then?”

You gave him a “Do I look like I can afford to just move out” look to which he laughed and apologized. 

“We’ll for starters we’re all in college so we definitely can’t afford to just up and move.”

“Understandable, so how about making the most of it? I heard you guys have a skating rink around here.”

You covered your mouth with you hand, not being able to hold back your laughter.

“Yeah but I went there all the time in middle school. I’m not exactly the target age for that place.”

“Didn’t you just say anything is fun with someone else?”

“Yeah and which one of my friends do you think will even agree to something as childish as rollerskating? The place is packed with children.”

Jungkook fiddled with his phone, suddenly acting shy. You tilted your head only slightly out of confusion. The somewhat cocky boy was now the same one cowering behind the electronic device in his hands.

“Why is it?” You asked, watching his face for a reaction.

“Do you maybe wanna go sometime?”

Before you could even think about answering you heard the rest of his friends coming over, one putting his arm around him. You greeted the one who came over first, watching him set his stuff down in front of you. Yugyeom smiled at you.

“Was Jungkook bothering you? He’s not the best with talking to girls he thinks are pretty.”

You mentally took down his name, hearing it for the first time. Jungkook looked annoyed but didn’t say anything, actually wanting to hear your answer. 

“Not really, i’m glad he came over. I was bored out of my mind.” You answered, cooly.

You couldn’t help but notice the small smile Jungkook got afterwards, making you smile as well. You started to ring everything up, scanning each item perfectly. You had been doing this all day but it felt pressuring when you could feel Jungkook’s gaze on you. It started to make you think just how long before you noticed him was he watching you for and if you had done anything stupid in the meantime. 

“Alright, that’ll be $93.67.” 

Jungkook stepped up from behind Yugyeom, handing you his card. 

“I got it.” He stated.

You pointed over to the card reader, trying to tell him he had to swipe his card instead. He embarrassingly started to blush, fumbling with the card as he realized his mistake. It was hard not to think about how adorable he was even when he was trying to show off.

“Fine, you can bring it to the car then. We’ll wait outside, okay?” Yugyeom suggested as he started to walk out with the third friend. 

Jungkook nodded. 

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec.”

He watched as the two of them left the store before turning back to you. You pulled the receipt out of the machine, attempting to hand it over to him but he only took a look at it before saying, “I know this is really forward and you probably get this all the time but…do you think you could write your number on the receipt?”

It did happen occasionally so you were almost positive he was bound to ask but actually hearing him say it filled you up with happiness, feeling a strange feeling in your chest. You were now the one blushing, scribbling your number down quickly as if he would have changed his mind if you wrote it down too slow.

“You better not stand me up on that skating rink offer.” You joked, smiling at him as you handed back the receipt. 

Jungkook’s face lit up in front of you as he took it from your hand, accidentally grazing yours.

“Have a good night, Y/N.”

You nodded. “Yeah, you too.”

As he walked out of the store you heard Yugyeom from the parking lot yell.

“Did you get her number?”

“Hell yeah, I did!”

Instantly as the door shut behind him you ended up bursting out laughing at how childish they were and for the rest of the night, work didn’t seem too bad. The only thing that seemed difficult was wiping the smile off of your face as you kept thinking back on what just happened. 

anonymous asked:

You're dead right about those cupcakes being prooomooo. Idk how closely you follow Andy, but the Fat Feeder (chick that made the cakes) is his alleged girlfriend's sister. And said girlfriend is good friends with Sophia. So it's all around promo for everyone. And why are there baby cupcakes at a lady-lad bro party anyway? Ugh free Liam from this madness!

I don’t follow Andy closely but no surprise at what he’s doing. I do think Andy is the real deal in terms of 1D friends and he’s laid kinda low and even shaded the official narrative in the recent past. But I think he’s been drafted because using the douche canoe crew (the three dudes Liam started hanging with to help sell Sophiam) is not an option since they were all team Sophia and we’re employed for the purposes of that narrative.

And yes, baby themed cupcakes, randomly appearing over a month after the kid was born isn’t very bro. Why were they there? Who is that slow on the congrats anyway?? Niall?? LMAO! It’s obviously targeted at young, naive, female fans who swoon over this kinda thing without giving the context much thought.

Like I said my earlier tags, it’s a recycled stunt. And recycled stunts are evidence AGAINST a thing being an organic happening. In other words, it’s planned with a particular narrative mission in mind.

Let’s see some of the greatest hits in what I like to call, fakery from the bakery. Look away, Harry. I know you used to be a baker and these are abominations in your eyes.

Of course, Elounor are the OGs of this foolery. Fauxmance and Disney promo? Genius.

That mess wasn’t even the best. Behold the shady af tribute to the mother of modern bearding, Taylor Swift. Why ever would they go there?? Everybody’s in on this joke except 75% of this fandom.

The cake stunts didn’t end with Elounor 1.0. This one isn’t even funny. Because Louis was dealing with the very recent loss of his mother when this happened:

The look on his face says it all. Not ok and no further comment.

But not to be outdone, Liam has done more than his share of cake stuntin’. Cakes everywhere. The Funky Buddha promo cake and the cake Danielle allegedly got him:

Please note this was August 2012 and Payzer 1.0 was probably over at this point. This was post fandom famous Ziam/Payzer Vegas showdown. And as far as we can tell, it looked like Zayn won that battle and ultimately the war. So this explains the need for extra strength cake stuntin’…I mean, I guess by 1DHQ logic.

Cake stunts continued with Sophiam. As always, aided and abetted by friend of Modest, Funky Buddha.

In hindsight, the emphasis on Sophia was obviously promo meant to set her up as an Instamodel post scheduled break-up, which came later that year. I tell ya, all the cake stuff is planned and deliberate.

This brings us to Zayn. We were told to believe Zayn was responsible for this pre-school fantasy for Perrie’s 21st (yes 21st) birthday. Picture credit: ©Little Mix…yeah, exactly.

More Zerrie cake fakes: That one time the garbage press told us this was Zayn’s birthday cake courtesy of Perrie…

…but Zayn’s family showed and proved that this was actually Zayn’s birthday cake:

Zayn was never seen with the Hulk cake. Surprise, surprise. And the cake beat goes on with Gigi and her Zayn stand-in with the photoshopped tattoos.

Now the pastry aided deception includes babies. Sad but true.

As for Niall, there was this weirdness a few years ago:

Hahahaha, no. Somebody tried it. This was an insult to Niall and great promo for 1DHQ co-conspirator The Sun. This implied co-sign was meant to tell us to believe 1DHQ’s lies as told by The Sun. Because if you can’t trust Niall, who can you trust? I see what you did there.

So for some try-to-get-inside-the-mind-of-teenaged-girls logic fail, cakes are supposed to = rayl. I guess 1DHQ thinks the kiddies love cake and no one would ever use precious, delicious cake in the interest of faking it because precious delicious. Yeah, ok.


purple was the color of the flower, the first one i gave you. it reminded me of Sappho and violets then i thought of you, after that i never stopped thinking about you. purple because i hoped our love would prosper.

brown was the color i always thought of as being the most unattractive, but you changed my mind about it, just like you did with everything. the things you’d bake for me, the picnic table we carved our names in, the sand fort we built the summer after we met. brown reminds me of home and i’ve been lost ever since.

blue was your favourite color, it was also the color of the the towel we shared when we snuck into the pool and pretended not to care. it was 2am, the night sky was dark, you were shining in the moon light, we were the only ones in the park, in a city i had no familiarity with, but you told me not to worry and i flew into your arms. so blue because of trust, trust i no longer have.

white was my shirt that your hands helped pull off, as the cold wind hit my wet skin and your fingertips quickly scrambled to warm me up. i thought i would die, i’d dreamt of this for so long. your lips licked mine and we danced in time, to the song… something from Ed Sheeran, it was the one you told me to listen to all those months ago, the one i played every night after you left. white because of safety, purity and innocence, the two latter is obvious, but safety is something i no longer feel unless i’m back in your arms.

black was the sky with twinkles of star dust, and your eyes filled with lust, even if i try, i cant remember what they look like now. black is how i feel inside without the color you brought to my life.

- it’s been years and my life has been black and white ever since // cxw

The Absence of Blame: A Castle Fic

Prompted by @inkstainedcoffeecup: In 8x12 ‘The Blame Game’, one of them is injured in the final room.

It goes wrong so suddenly that she doesn’t even notice. 

She’s too focused on getting the gun away, on subduing Brandon before he can do something to hurt one of them that the ding of the bullet against metal escapes her entirely. The groan of pain is muffled against her struggle for the gun, the thud of a body onto the floor disguised by Brandon’s own trip onto the unforgiving concrete. 

It’s only the flare of surprise in the mastermind’s eyes that alert her to anything being amiss, that bright flicker followed by a twinkle of pleasure that sends her stomach rolling with anxiety. 

Training demands that she keep the gun pointed on her suspect, just as it begins to bleed through the rush of adrenaline at living to survive for another day and tell her that something has gone horribly, drastically wrong. 

The absence of movement, the gasping intake of a breath, a groan that isn’t quite muffled enough in the room. The dark, wet patch that teases at the corner of her vision, a steady spread over one of countless dress shirts that her fingers have touched over the years. 

Her heart leaps into her throat, panic at war with the rest of her. Instinct and fear for her husband demand that she put down the gun and rush to his side, but her training won’t allow it. She cannot be a wife, not yet. For a few minutes she has to be a cop, to neutralize the threat and give herself and Castle the best chance for survival. 

Not that it stops the whimper from slipping out of her mouth. The tears are still pricking at her eyes, a swell of regret and guilt held in the whisper of his given name on her lips. 

This is her fault. She should have been faster, should have lunged sooner and grabbed the gun before Brandon could ever fire off a shot. 

The guy is still sitting on the floor, docile and content. The horror rises up like a tidal wave, crashing into Kate with a force that’s replaced with swift rage. He’s grinning, eyes riveting to the man bleeding out from a wound that she’s not quite managed to look at. He’s grinning and proud of what he’s done, proud that he’s managed to hurt at least one of them. 

She lifts the rifle before it’s really a conscious thought, anger slicing her open with white hot fingers that are insistent on meeting violence with violence. She could pistol whip him in a second, leave him out cold and buy herself time to attend to her husband. For that matter, she could shoot him point blank and ensure no one has to deal with Brandon again.

Kate resists both ideas, ignoring the tug that demands retribution and the steadily growing grief of a wife who might be forced to watch her husband slip away. 

She won’t think about it. Can’t think about it. This can’t be where it ends, with the two of them locked in a room with a sociopath with a perchance for mind games while they’re still separated and, by sheer avoidance towards the subject, on the path to a divorce in the minds of most people. 

It can’t end like this, not when she has so much to make up for. Not when they have so many things left to share. 

“Get up,” she growls, kicking out towards Brandon’s feet to urge him from the floor. His hesitation snaps the fragile band of her patience, further tests her tolerance about manhandling the man that shot her husband, and she reaches out to haul him from the floor herself, adrenaline and sheer strength ensuring that he rises to his feet with relative ease. “You walk over there and you stand with your back against the wall.” 

The push is unnecessary, but it makes her feel better nonetheless, that physical display siphoning off enough of her rage that Kate can find her focus. Brandon goes without complaint, those eyes still fever bright when she kneels beside Castle, fumbling with one hand to loosen the belt that’s fastened at his waist. 

It tugs at her heart that there is no wry grin or teasing come on about where her hands are while they work at undoing the leather strap. Rick should be smiling at her, those gorgeous blue eyes sparkling with that ridiculous combination of mischief, love, and lust that always manages to do it for her.

She tries not to think about how pale he is, how still he remains as the pool of blood grows while she works the belt through the loops, freeing it from the constraints of his pants with a bit of pushing and shoving. There is some comfort that there is no blood underneath his body, the bullet plugging the wound that seems to be embedded in his shoulder. Not life threatening, not unless he bleeds out before help comes. 

Help has to come. It has to. 

“Turn around,” she orders to Brandon, gun in one hand and the belt in the other. It takes another shove with the hand containing the accessory to get him to turn, the man’s chest smacking with a bit too much force into the wall. But Kate ties his hands with the belt, wrapping and knotting a configuration that would take some work to get himself out of. 

He sits without being instructed, back to the docile person that he’d pretended to be before the final room and their complete disregard for his rules. 

Maybe, on some level, that’s who he is. The man underneath all the damage and anger over the choices his parents made. 

She can’t focus on it. There just isn’t enough room in her heart and her mind to worry about the actions of a man who will soon spend the rest of his life in some form of imprisonment, be it Rikers or a mental facility. All she can think about is Rick, of how he’s beginning to stir from his spot on the floor, mouth contorted in a pain that she understands far too well. 

“Hey, babe, it’s okay,” she’s kneeling at his side in an instant, fingers gentle and soothing through the mussed strands of his hair. “I’m right here, you’re gonna be okay. Just stay calm….help is coming, Rick. You’re gonna be fine….” 

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