idk this felt funny in my head


I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out this entire day for no real reason so I doodled this comic. Idk, it seemed cute and funny in my head.

For context, Magical Hero Fi seriously injured Mobster Ghirahim to the point where he needed to be hospitalized for several weeks. She felt so bad about it that she visited him at the hospital everyday and paid for his medical bills. Needless to say Ghirahim caught the feels for her during this time.

Honestly this is how I felt when reading the newest chapter of “The Ladybugs and the Bees” by @bullysquadess because ow… after all the new feels of the new episodes to be hit with feels from a sin fic. Man it nearly made me cry (damn you bully) and honestly I could get this out of my head because we have the two fluff masters @thelastpilot and @panda013 and our dear sin mother who has forsaken us for angst…