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books read in 2016 [3/?]

kings rising (captive prince #3) by c.s. pacat
laurent said, ‘our men have the gates and the halls. ios is yours.’
‘and you,’ said damen. ‘with your uncle gone, there won’t be resistance. you have vere.’
laurent was very still, and the moment seemed to draw out, the space between them private in the hushed baths.
‘and the centre. we both hold the centre,’ said laurent. and then: ‘it was one kingdom, once.’

Written Preference #1

REQUEST: Well idk if you could make this into a texting pref (maybe you could do it as just a regular one) but I think it would be pretty cute if you do one on camping & sharing an air mattress. You will be all comfy in bed & he jumps on it & sends you flying

NOTE: I wrote Calum’s with my best friend so credit to her as well :) SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES! THIS ISNT EDITED


“Alright princess, the tent is up.” Calum says as he stands straight from his previous position while placing his hands on his hips. You roll your eyes jokingly, deciding to try to burst his bubble. “It only took you like half the day to do it too.” You say sarcastically.

“Oh shut it!” He laughs, examining your figure for a second before taking a look back at his - what he thought is - masterpiece. You shake your head as you stand up, “Very well then.” You wink as you walk by him. You enter the tent, telling Calum not to enter so you can change into comfy clothes.

Once you do so, you yell for him to come in. “Come in Calum! It’s cold underneath these covers!” You giggle as replies, “I’m Coming!” while he basically runs inside and jumps on the mattress besides you. His action caused you to lift in the air a small bit, making you land on top of him.

“Now I’m even colder.” You pout, nuzzling your face into his chest. “That’s what I’m here for.” He mumbles, wrapping his arms around you to cuddle for the rest of the night.


It was his idea, all of it. The camping, and packing nothing but an air mattress, food, and blankets. He didn’t even bother to bring his phone, and told you to leave yours back at home. It was insane because if something happened, you don’t have a phone to call for help, and yelling won’t get you very far either.
He even pulled the “if you trust me you would leave your phone” card.

So here you are, phone-less and entertained while watching Ashton struggling to fill the air mattress with air. “No technology, you said. We won’t need it, you said.” You say as he finally finished blowing the mattress up. His face was red and of course he was out of breath. “Shut up and lay on this thing!” He replies, breathing between every word for he was still trying to catch his breath. You lay down on the mattress, with Ashton trying to cover you with the blankets.

Once you were fully settled, he decided to lazily jump onto the bed, sending you flying off it and it popping. “Sorry babe.” He giggles.


You don’t know how you did it, but you actually were able to get him out of the house. Yeah, it took many days, minutes and maybe even hours trying to convince him, but once you said, “if you love me, you’ll do this for me.” He agreed.

Though, little did you know Michael would have you set everything up. The tent, he didn’t help, Blowing up the air mattress, he wouldn’t even go near it, and when it came to cooking, he looked at you and laughed. You were kinda angered at him not helping you at all, but you couldn’t stay mad at him for that long.

It was around 10:00 pm, and you both decided to call it a day. You lied in bed while Michael tried to put out the fire. It took him a while, but when he was done, he hand the tendency of jumping on the bed next to you. That made you jump right onto him. “Perfect.” He says and smiles as he pulls you closer. You shared your ‘I love you's’ before you both drifted to sleep.


It was a tradition for the Hemmings family to go camping every year. and since you were the new addition of the family, of course you were invited. Though, you knew nothing about camping, but tried your hardest trying to help Luke build the tent. You even tried to help blow the air mattress, but failed horribly. Jack ended up filling it for you, and Ben ended up helping Luke build the tent.

You felt completely useless, but Luke reassured you that it was completely fine and that they were the same way when they first did this. Half the day was spent setting up, and the other half was just spent sitting around and enjoying each other’s company.

“Come on let’s go to bed.” Luke whispers in your ear, as he stands up, taking your hand in his and dragging you to the tent. You laid down, with Luke jumping onto it, making Luke on you and sending you both into a laughing fit.

“We’ve been in this position before.” Luke says and smirks, leaning down to place a passionate but heated kiss on your lips.

“Not in my tent!” Says Liz, causing Luke to roll his eyes and laugh.