idk this doesnt even look good

me: sometimes i feel like you dont understand how much i am amazed by jongins existence…
friend: no i got it..he’s cool..
me: *gasps*
friend: oh no
me: he is not just “cool” i think he is so much more than cool he is hard working and talented and he is sweet he likes babies he likes the elderly he loves his family and friends and he loves animals he loves his fans no matter what they look like or if they are male or female or something else or nothing at all he has said many times he loves his dark skin he hates fat shamers and he doesnt care about superficial things and isn’t materialistic i mean god damn for years he carried around his stuff in paper bags even though he literally looks like a god and could probably pay off my college tuition but he doesnt try to make himself seem special or stand out although he stands out anyway just because of how amazing he is i mean everybody that has ever met him has even said he’s so polite and dedicated and talented and cute and-
friend: ok woman i got it he’s a great person pls-
me: *gasps again*
friend: jfc
friend: im leaving

victorieschild  asked:

(Brazilian!Percy) Ok, a big one is his looks. Tan skin, dark hair, light eyes. Basically my entire family. From what I know, a large amount of us look like that because of the mixed heritages, mainly coming from the italians. (1/?)

(2/?) From experience, we are super loyal to family and friends. Like, we talk shit about them, sure! But when it comes down to it, there is not a single brazilian I know that would sell out there family. But we’re also super deceitful. Like, the amount of times my dad has tricked people into free beer is slightly surprising. Not to mention the way my mum talks about her “friends”. The only reason she talks to half of them is either because they’re good for business or she doesn’t want enemies.

(3/?) also, the fact that he doesn’t speak portuguese in the books can be pretty easily explained. Like, I think the reason that Sally is in America is because she couldn’t go to the uni she wanted to go to in Brazil. So after her uncle/grandpa died (what was it again?) she finally moved to study in the US, met Poseidon, had Percy. And as the daughter of immigrants, I know first hand how hard it is to learn about your culture or even your language in an English speaking country

(4/?) and generally, we usually aren’t very good at portuguese or sometimes can’t even speak it because a) English is prioritised b) we don’t get much exposure to it since only 2 countries speak it and c) it’s generally a difficult language. Like, I think he can probably understand most of it, even say some of it, but if he does, his accent is terrible and the few times he’s been to visit home, he’s been called a gringo and teased by family.  

(5/?) And lets be honest, everyone loves the beach. Like, half my family lives in the middle of São Paolo (state) and yet we still always used to got to Caraguatatuba for New Years every time me and my parents went home. Even here in Australia, we constantly seek out opportunities to go to beaches. idk if this is just my family, but I’m pretty sure being brazilian does bring, at least as a stereotype, love for the beach.

ok, first of all, it’s very interesting how you made your headcanon fit in the series. good job! and yes, brazilians are a very mixed, you’ll find all kind of people here, but the mayority of our population is black. althought percy does look like a brazilian, especially because the tan skin and connection with the beach. i think people dont know that a LOT of people here doesnt like the beach, i see it a lot in my city, actually - its a very cold city, so idk - but i absolutely LOVE IT and most part of my family and friends do too. even theres this big part that doesnt, i think most of brazilians love it cause we are so used to it ? like you said you go to the beach in new years eve and so do i! so does a lot of people, its kind of a tradition. so yes, this part of your hc its about right. and about his portuguese: i do agree. if sally was a brazilian and even if she taught him since he was little, portuguese is a language that is all about the accent. and i believe it is difficult, from what i hear. BUT theres not only two countries that speak portuguese!! in parts of africa they speak portuguese, too. and some other places that i honestly dont know the names :/ but yeah, just to make it clear. 

ok so, what kind of family would percy have here? cousins ? sally has no siblings, but maybe she does have cousins. i dont know about the rest of the world but here in brazil we are very connected to family like children of distant cousins are friends, and their kids will be friends, too. its not just parents, siblings and granparents. so i think thats the family percy would have here

about where his family is from: i knoooow he would fit well as a boy from rio. rio is beautiful, full of amazing beaches, nice tan people, joy and everything BUT it would be awesome if percy was from bahia! another BEAUTIFUL place in the northeast of brazil. people from there are really happy and joyful and friendly! i mean, im just giving you an idea, its your headcanon haha but you havent said anything about where his family was from, so 

i was just going throught sally’s wiki and realized something: sally’s mom was called laura. that’s a very common name here. maybe she met sally’s father when idk he was visiting the country? they fell in love and got married ? again juuust an idea haha

i would love brazilian!percy. or brazilian!piper OMG she wouldn’t be a cherokee but there’s lots of other tribes here. LOTS. omg that would’ve been amazing

chubby!johnny - hcs

requested by anon!!

  •  the gang loves johnny just the same
    • collectively: “some chub never hurt no one”
  • but they can be kinda insensitive
    • two-bit is the ass cracking all the jokes
    • affectionately poking and squishin johnnycakes around
    • “i can do it cause i’m chubby too”
    • steve joins in sometimes
    • but both are always quick to say
    • “its just a joke”
    • “we love u kiddo”
    • “and aint nothing wrong w the way u are”
  • pony can be v judgmental though
    • he’ll hold it against johnny whenever he’s pissed or something
    • and two-bit is literally always there to smack pony into his place before darry can breathe near pony with disappointment
  • but johnny gets fed up w the gang’s insensitivities sometimes
    • tbh johnny goes around the gang sometimes and asks them about how to lose weight
    • “hey dar ur in great shape what do i do" 
    • and darry’s legit has no clue like
    • “just eat ur veggies kiddo” “idk maybe join track with pony” “drink some more milk maybe?”
    • “darry’s right… some guys my age man…” (u can probably guess who that is)
  • soda is always the one to be affectionately reminding johnny not to feel insecure bc he looks great the way he does
    • “aw we love you just how u are johnny“
  • dally couldnt give a flying fuck
    • unless johnny feels vv insecure
    • then he’s ready to fight someone bc johnny must b protected
    • he doesnt speak to johnny as affectionately as soda does but he’s just casually
    • “cmon kid i think you’re just fine”
  • steve (like always) is a cocky lil shit about his muscles in the case that johnny even goes to ask him
    • *kisses biceps*
    • “these boys r au naturel, johnny, idk what to tell you”
  • after asking all the guys and getting no good answers
    • he’s just like
    • “fuck it”
    • “theyre right”
    • “i am fine”
    • but it doesnt mean that it stops making him insecure sometimes

So everyone knows Tae as a fun, happy, and weird person but like does anyone notice how strong his is tho like:

- he is a big family person but he is constantly away from them; thats really hard

- he ALWAYS maintains an upbeat personality

- when he cries, he smiles

- his grandmother, who was an extremely special part of his life, passed away and he acted like things were normal for weeks

- he did that for the fans and for the other members bc he wanted them to be happy

- he is openly himself even if people judge him for it

- when people do hurt his feelings, he tells them whats good (i.e. his glasses)

- doesnt get all up in his ego despite bts being insanely popular

- doesn’t care about looks and sees inside of a person in a world that puts looks first

idk what u guys think but he’s seriously so brave and emotionally strong and that makes me love him about 50 million times more.

From what I can tell, this is what y’all want isn’t it? ;]

(I take all requests)


Nat/Sam/Wanda/Rhodey: ….
Steve: :o?

Steve: …. OH GOD WTF?!?!

Tony: HAHAHA! STEVE!!! I just came to visit you and the kids!!
Vision: :D!!

Steve: //whispering. Natasha he looks like hes trying real hard… please just let this go…
Nat: He would never let it go if it were you Cap… NEVER.
Steve: … I know…. but just… please…
Nat: But the hat…
Steve: I know….
Nat: Look what he did to the Vision..
Steve: I KNOW.

Tony: Heard the kids were graduating soon, so I decided to by Junior here some great new threads!
Steve: ((OMG))
Tony: Hey Rhodey!!! Want some Doritos? Theyre the best kind!
Rhodey: …those ones with your face on them…
Tony: Thats what I said! The best.

IDKY but I just keep thinking about Vision in Piccolos Postboy outfit.
And that lead me to think of RDJs god awful fashion sense…
And… IDK…

Tony: It really pulled the look together..
Tony: HE DOES!!

A conversation me and my little cousin had while decorating Easter eggs
  • My little cousin: My mom says that you wanna be a boy
  • Me: *Thinks* holyshitholyshitholyshit how do i explain this
  • My cousin: But i told her that you're already a boy
  • Me: How did you figure that?
  • My cousin: Because you look like a boy and you dont like girly things like Genesis (my older cousin) so i knew that you werent a girl.
  • Me: Ilysm omg

Vivian and James from Sofia the First as Jane and Jesse From Breaking Bad

Hello guys long time since i post something here, good news i have laptop again since some weeks ago but very bussy drawing commissions and patreon request. Someday i want to post something digital here again.

I was making a lot of stuff on paper on the month with out computer is a shame that my phone wich i take pics before died and now i have a very old cellphone. Sorry for the bad quality of this, i want to share this one cause idk i like it even if the color doesnt looks rite as irl, this is watercolor mostly and i use pencil color for the lineart, i want to make something little and make a try with light and shades. Anyways soon i will post something cool here. I love everyone and thanks for to the people that take care of my feelings and mental health this month that i was with out laptop. 

The path of art is to long and im late but at least i have some good friend to make me company in this journey. 

  • i love varys so much????
  • Tyrion’s reaction to Jon being KITN tho I luved that
  • melissandre uniting jon and dany is enough for me to like her lol (or not idk)
  • grye worm scene with missandei was cute and all but meh it could have been shorter 
  • cersei you smart ass bitch
  • but hes so brave bless him
  • jon leaving sansa in charge was nice i just hope she doesnt screw this up
  • the arya scene with nymeria was beaitiful and sad at the same fucking time??!! lile :(((((((
  • the euron attack looked really good ngl
  • theon ugh you were doing so good goddammit

lol happy birth @shoosshpap


i was supposed to finish this yesterday but i have works to do i was like planning to drag this boy on this post but i held back the temptation yall:

  • but seriously vernon is shy like very
  • and even tho you guys are dating he’d be super shy around u
  • but he’d get use to it and actually starts showing his true self :,)
  • but you wouldnt know he is a vampire so it might take him long to actually said it to you he’s gonna be nervous abt it dude like “what if she leaves???????? what am i gonna do without her”
  • when you found out it wouldnt be from him but from somebody else and youd be kind of upset and he’s aN ABSOLUTE MESS LIKE “I’M SO STUPIDim sorry i had to
  • he’d apologize many times but eventually youd say that its ok and he doesnt have to hide anything from you no more you love him no matter what he thinks its cheesy but cant help but think its cute when youre saying it
  • ok lets get to vampire!vernon
  • “do u want a taste” offering his drink and then a few seconds later remembering that you dont drink that and apologize aGain
  • sees puppy on the street and begging for you to buy one with him with hiM
  • going to the pet store together hand in hand and instead of going to the puppy section he’d get distracted by the bunnies
  • “are we buying puppy or bunny”
  • “will you look at this white one tho, its so cute”
  • ended up buying a puppy its all ok guys
  • making scary faces to the puppy with his sharp teeths and the puppy ended up hating him
  • “why does he hate me he’s supposed to be my best bud”
  • “thats practically ur fault”
  • halloween with vernon?????
  • “i dont think we should be going anywhere” but on the inside he’s like YES LETS GO OUT AND BE ALL CUTE AND ASK CANDY FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE BC WHO DOESNT LOVE CANDY
  • you’d force him to go with you and he would thank you for that bc he really wants to go but is too shy
  • you both get in your onesie and just like that run from house to house
  • but the point tho would he bite you? im not sure abt this guys maybe he will maybe he will not this boy is??
  • maybe he will but when that day come he’s gonna ask like 10000000x if its fine before he actually bites you =w=
  • kissing vampire!vernon though yall he’s so shy would be all pink if you kiss him on the cheek idk how red he’d turn if you kiss him on the lips
  • sURprisingly he’d be the one kissing you and it would be just perfectwtf like he doesnt even look like he’s nervous and its so nice why
  • but will turn all pink and stuttered
  • “i -i-i”
  • cut him with a kiss ;;;-;;;
  • and it may lead to making out maybe………tehehehheheheh ITS GONNA BE HOT YET CUTE AND GIGGLY
  • and kissing vernon sounds rly nice and all and you’d accidentally bite his lip too hard that it draws blood he would hiss and pull away
  • and he;s like all chill and “lets continue” this boy bc he cares about you more than that little wound on his lips not like he cares bc you btiing his lip is freaking hot bye i knew he is thinking like that
  • but dont forget vernon is also a sweet little boy who’s gonna hold your hand and smile while doing so and he’d play with your hair when youre sleeping next to him carefully not wanting you to wake up and caught him
  • he’d secretly talk about his feelings towards you when youre asleep he’d make sure youre actually asleep bc he’s gon be super embarrassed if youre awake
  • “i…….love you”
  • “and idk what id do without you”
  • “and that was so cheesy omg im sorry but i seriously wouldnt know what id do without you im probably gonna lose my sanity”
  • gives u forehead kiss before he goes to sleep ;_;
  • also a reminder: !!!making out with vernon though!!!



tbh i just wanted to draw yaku kicking lev  

inspired off of @ci-bear ’s lil comic thingy, because who doesnt like a good yaku kicking lev moment? 

idk i ship this kinda more than i need to but there’s barely any levyaku in my dash but then again i dont even bother tryin to look for it so i cant really say anything but at the same time i want there to be levyaku so ?????

little nice thing to kno: im still tired ??? so when i was writing the tags i accidentally wrote lev morisuke LOL

another little nice thing to kno: wtf looking at my tags i cant even write english anymore

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Hey, do you have any tips on digital sketching and fast coloring? because I have the problem that i don't know how to quick color. when i start a drawing i just finish it as a fully colored illustration...

Hmmm I’m not good at explaining, but i can try!

for me it works out the best if i give up on the idea of working “clean”
I mostly work on really big canvases with 300/600 dpi so in the end no one will even NOTICE but me if i worked a bit messier

for example - LOOK HOW MESSY THIS IS and yet no one really sees it

sketches or quick pics for pleasure really dont have to be perfect and its good to go easy on yourself sometimes!
(but i also know how hard it can be to give yourself a break)

AND FOR COLORS! you can try to work with a limited color palette!
idk take 2-5 colors incl. skintones and only use that!

the top palette is for the pic above and the other one is for a pic i just uploaded that i worked on in the same kind of way

do some good old simple flat colors without worrying so much about shadows and stuff! use the lasso tool to fill in stuff loosely! be experimental maybe and mix in some of the greens into the reds or idk! add some contrast to make it go BAM!

and if nothing else helps? put a fucking filter on it and cheat a bit! thats totally okay!!!


even if it doesnt look good in the end… you have learned something from it and thats already reason enough why it was worth it!

i hope that helped a little;;;;

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a big part of tom holland's appeal for me is that he is always described as an insanely hard worker. and sometimes he has that happy/exhausted air of someone who has finished a long hard day but is proud of their work. and idk if im imagining it but when i look at some young celebs i see this kind of anhedonic confusion bc they dont understand their success & it feels random & that fucks them up. but tom doesnt have that at all, he knows he's allowed to be proud bc he earned it <3

Yes, he seems so stoked about his success and what he gets to do and it’s such a pleasure to watch!!! It seems like all of the people he’s worked with have been basically like “this guy. so good. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐” if not even more enthusiastic than that (god, I could listen to Robert Downey, Jr. talk about how much he loves Tom for a hundred years!!!), it’s just really wonderful to see someone who’s worked so hard become so successful!! I hope someone is kissing him a lot, tenderly and all the time

teacats replied to your post “teacats replied to your post “MKAY SO ive got some tablets hangin…”

tru lmao, i did some diggin and tbh not much difference, the pen sensitivity is the same (2048 lvls) any other difference is basically size and the fact that the more expensive one is wireless (and based on reviews, the battery life is really good lasting months) idk im also looking for a new tablet, and tbh because im a fool, im gettin the expensive one

man my current one is old and tiny and doesnt even have pen pressure sensitivity or anything cool like that + i have  a very tiny tiny desk back home so i feel like whatever i take’s gonna be an upgrade n o matter what lol

but,,, getting a really nice nice nice one sounds ,,, Nice,,,

what kind do u currently have?

tbh geoff trying to get ryan involved and chewing out the guys when ryans clearly upset abt something is? so good? like he doesnt even know what up but immediately starts asking him what hes doing and stuff. “i wanna know which one of your hurt ryans feelings” “why do you care?” *indignant* “i care about ryan” like excuse me. i just think thats real good