idk this doesn't really make any sense

on soukoku and their relationship with each other

so i feel like i should start this off by saying that i do not ship soukoku—not for any particular reason, i just don’t—so i’m not at all looking at their relationship through shipping goggles or whatever. these are just my thoughts from what we know of their characters and their interactions with each other.

i’ve also never written anything resembling meta before so this is probably a mess of a post but whatever!! let’s get on with it.

my number one reason for writing this post is trying to figure out the answer to why exactly dazai and chuuya dislike each other so much, and when exactly this mutual hatred came to be. after thinking it over, there are three prominent possibilities that i’ve decided on: clashing personalities, some sort of intense betrayal, or a petty argument blown out of proportion. they all seem pretty reasonable, so let’s go over them one by one.

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however and whatever choice you’ll make.. you might lose, you might have to run, escape or hide from someone, but in the end, your story line will end and no matter how much you try, you’ll never be able to change it. Every choice is half chance so take the risk and do it

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Being a younger simblr, how do you feel about nsfw?

It doesn’t bother me in any particular way, I mean, sometimes I get slightly uncomfortable with stuff like that because when it really comes down to it I’m probably one of the most modest people at my school. And I’m talking specifically about sex here, the very thought of it sort of weirds me out, especially since everyone is starting on their… romantic endeavors. True story, one of my friends once saw in a dude’s backpack a bunch of condoms. Yeah.

So what I’m trying to say is, I’m not gonna make a huge deal out of it if I see NSFW stuff on my dashboard, I don’t care that much about it. Personally, nudity and sex makes me think of people I know in situations like that, and yeah that sounds weird but when you’ve got people around you constantly alluding to giving a guy from school head, or y’know penetration, there comes a natural association between those things. 

Funniest thing is, I have no problem talking about sex, it’s just when it comes to the people around me I get super uncomfortable since we’re all still young and incredibly stupid. How ironic.

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Do you think you could do the reactions of Genji, Hanzo, McCree, and Reyes towards s/o who thinks they're too heavy (not fat necessarily, but like, heavy... does that make sense?idk) for any cuddling and/or being picked up? (again, im rlly sorry if this doesn't make sense)

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Ah yes I dated a girl that thought this about herself for like three months and u know what??? cuddle them anyway m8 it’s fun and cute trust me


  • ha h A good luck getting him to stop cuddling you & pulling you down against him
  • if you’re really protesting he’ll just crawl into your lap and nuzzle up against you instead
  • constant verbal reassurance that you are not too heavy


  • Argues with you constantly about it
  • If you’re being really stubborn he’ll settle for spooning for cuddles but otherwise it will end up with you totally flopped over him
  • Insists on picking you up anyway when you least expect it, and his favorite thing to do is pull you up when you’re kissing him so your legs are around his waist. Totally traps you between his body and a wall and at that point you just can’t argue


  • Laughs before he realizes you’re being serious
  • Half-joke half-serious arguments about it
  • Will pick you up bridal style all the time. Just loves that little surprised noise you make
  • When you’re half asleep he totally pulls you on top of him and just keeps stroking your hair until you fall asleep against him


  • This guy is so strong like even if you are a little heavy it doesn’t even matter
  • will pick you up or drag you into his lap despite protests
  • probably teases/compliments you in Spanish while doing so
  • Always wants you to put your legs over his because it’s warm and he loves stealing body heat

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My only kuro theory that doesn't envolve the second season is that Sebastian is actually relatively weak compared to other demons. Most of this comes from folklore stuff, and I don't really have much evidence, but it would explain his slight need for attention from humans, because he didn't get any from other demons. Idk, just something I've been thinking about

I love this theory and it makes perfect sense! 

Sebastian definitely seems to enjoy attention from people, but not just any attention. It looks like he wants to be praised, even though he acts like it’s nothing, but when people respond to him in a negative way Sphere Music Hall, he definitely doesn’t like that one bit.

He’s a huge show-off. 

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What if, pre-fall Gabriel had an s/o who said "I swear to God, I will find you in the next life and I'm gonna boom-box Careless Whisper outside your window." Post fall they both think the other died, until after recall. They meet on the battlefield, mby s/o corners Reaper, and starts playing Careless Whisper on their phone. (Sorry if this doesn't make sense)

I just referenced the Pre-fall thing because I couldn’t figure out any other way to do it.  Also this is really long but idk how well it turned out.

Reaper/Gabriel Reyes:

-He could still remember them plain as day their smile, their body, their voice, their promise

-“I swear to God, I will find you in the next life and I’m gonna boom-box Careless Whisper outside your window.” was what they had said to him right before they were presumed dead

-When they died they were on a mission when the group were ambushed.  They stepped on a mine and were thought dead during the explosion.  He was later assumed dead before being brought back by Dr. Angela Ziegler

-He was still waiting on them to keep that promise

-He heard that overwatch had been recalled, of course he was probably the reason why.  Which meant more obstacles for him and Talon

-As Talon was on a mission they were attacked by a group of the recalled overwatch members

-As the Talon agents fought off their opponents he Shadow Steps to get closer to their goal

-Someone had followed him

-The second he noticed he started to attack the masked opponent, but they were quick

-They managed to knock him off his feet from behind and pin him to the ground

-As they kept him pinned they pulled out their phone and started playings George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.”  Which automatically made him realize who it was

-They helped him up and took their mask off.  Like lightning he took off his

-”I thought you were dead. How the hell did you survive that explosion.”

-”I faked it, kinda didn’t wanna play hero anymore.  What about you, didn’t you die”

-”Got brought back, wish I wasn’t up until now.  But your alive and now I’m kinda glad I’m here”

-”How cute the edgelord missed me”

-And with that they met in a long, passionate kiss

-”Guess you did keep your word”

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this isn't gonna make any sense but I feel like Liam's actions speak louder than "his" words like I know he's he's insisted on twitter that he's 100% not gay and that he's only attracted to women but the way he ACTS with other men makes me think that he is attracted to men. IDK what do you think?? Sorry I really hope this doesn't seem offensive to anyone

hello love bug. i guess i like to phrase it as: upon the preponderance of his interpersonal interactions it appears liam has a romantic and sexual preference for men. but yeah. that’s probably the thesis of my blog. well, either that or LIAM IS SO CUTE LOOK AT MY BUBSY WUBSY!!! but…i digress… roll the tape:

liam casually flirting with various men pool-side? check

liam basically hitting on a man in the crowd of a concert? yup

liam being a flirty flirt with a male interviewer, later dropping his pants for his amusement when he thinks he’s off camera. mmmmhmmmm

making grabby hands with the various men in his life? okay

furthermore, i speculate that the words he uses both on twitter, interviews and concerts contain ambiguity and and subtle (heh sometimes a lil more blatant) indications that he means the opposite of his 100%-not-gay homophbic dude bro persona.

oh, you may not be gay and you’re in love with a man. ok leems ok.

faving a tweet from a dude asking you for nudes? that doesn’t seem homophobic to me, nor does it look like the handiwork of a 1dhq SMM.

did ryan just accidentally soft out you and then make a quick recovery? and you just kinda giggle about it? alrighty leems alrighty.

that’s who you wanna kiss leeyyumm? and are those the shifty cheeky eyes you’re gonna make after you say it? hmmmmm

so you just admitted in an interview that you have a crush on a man, and when the interviewer assumed you didn’t mean it in a sexual way you called her out for her heteronormative assumptions? i see you bubs i see you.

Smells Sweet

Chloe could read people easily.Well, not expertly, per se, but she was able to recognize when someone was uncomfortable without asking.She considered it to be some sort superpower.

She put her ‘superpower’ to use by observing Max and what bothered her.What seemed to bother her the most, Chloe had noted, was her habit to smoke.She shrugged it off, not everyone was comfortable breathing in smoke.But she later theorized that it was due to her addiction, Max didn’t spend as much time as the delinquent would like.She was torn between wanting to spend more time with her girlfriend and smoking.Her addiction was strong, but she would prefer staying by Max’s side any day.

Max was about to doze off after spending hours on an assignment.She sauntered from her desk to her bed and sunk her head into the pillow.She plugged her earphones into her phone and let the music slowly lull her to sleep.

“Hey, Max, holy fuck!”

The brunette nearly fell from her bed when her girlfriend suddenly kicked her dormroom’s door down.Max faced her phone’s screen towards Chloe and frowned and slightly relieved it was just Chloe.

“Che, what the fuck!“Max hissed, shutting the door after Chloe.The blue haired woman grinned and took a seat on the couch.

“It’s almost 3 in the morning, how did you even-did you get the keys from David again.“Max’s demand came out as a statement rather than a question.

“Maybe…C'mon, I’m a Blackwell Ninja!No one saw me get in.”

“But you probably woke the entire girl’s dormitory.“Max muttered and sat next to Chloe, curiously observing the box.

“Check it.“she watched as Chloe slowly and expertly open the cardboard box.

"A fancy cigar?”,Max asked, amused,“You can’t smoke in here, there’s a fire alarm right there.”

Chloe held up a patient finger and winked.She put the end of the cigar in her lips and breathed in.Not wanting the fire alarm to go off, Max quickly connected their lips.

Max winced, expecting the bitter taste of the smoke to coat her tongue but sat dumbfounded when it never came.Instead it was replaced by a sweet taste.

“A vape?”

Chloe nodded happily and brought it back to her lips, breathing in deeply.

“Yeah.I know you don’t really like it when I smoke around you, so I bought the cheapest one I can find."Chloe blew the vapour into the brunette’s face with a grin.

"I appreciate the fact that your trying to quit, and that’s a good thing.”,Max rambled before staring at her curiously but spoke in a serious tone,“You paid some ungodly amount for that?Why?”

Chloe shifted uncomfortably and brought the vape to her lips.

“Well, in just wanted to spend more time with you.”

“By getting a vape?”

“Well kinda’.The smoke makes you uncomfortable and I wanna spend more time with you."Chloe admitted.

Max blushed and grinned.She slowly kissed her girlfriend, pulling the vape out of Chloe’s mouth.

"You nerd."Max teased into the kiss, pulling the beanie off her girlfriend’s head.

Chloe pulled away and scowled.






Chloe suddenly drew the vape to her lips from Max’s hand then breathing in before releasing the vapour into Max’s face.

“Che, what the heck."Max grinned.She was happy Chloe made the change for the better, but felt slightly guilty Chloe gave up one of her favorite pass times for her, not to mention, the delinquent was already on debt.

"Y'know you didn’t have to get that.Yeah it bothers me when you smoke, but I love spending time with you.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it Mad Max.”,she kissed the photographer’s neck softly, grinning when she blushed bashfully,“Plus, I can do this now.”

She puffed circles of smoke towards Max’s face, smirking when the brunette cringed playfully.

“Smells weird, but I like it.”

Based off of a anon answered by the fabulous arcadia-gay

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Ok imagine Sans getting really bad pre-date anxiety but he plays it really cool on the date, until they do something to fluster him in which he tries to play it off with a joke but the joke doesn't make any sense and he's just sort of...heh??? ? Idk I had to tell someone that flustered Sans fumbling and melting into a blushy puddle is my fav Sans ;v;

(i agree)

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Do you ever get called arrogant/egotistic or just hated on in general because of your self confidence? I'm just wondering because it seems like such a bad thing to a lot of people which doesn't really make sense to me. idk but I personally admire your confidence and I hope I can learn to be as confident as you someday!

pff yeah of course. anybody with any sort of confidence will be thought of as narcissistic or self-absorbed simply because they don’t outwardly hate themselves. meanwhile anyone who is the opposite will be told not to complain so much because they have it so much better than a lot of people. it’s a stupid mentality and i don’t let it bother me. people SHOULD be confident and feel like they’re worth something. and you shouldn’t try to bring someone else down to your level just because you can’t feel the same self love.

thank you, i hope you - and everyone else who needs it - can become confident too! it doesn’t solve everything but it definitely makes life a lot better.

guys guys guys listen up 

ok so i have this weird theory… because like they’re promising us to reveal the writer of this story book since s2 probably so i just thought… maybe it’s written by hook and emma when they’re back in time? maybe it’s somehow the key to everything? don’t ask me how bc i don’t know and as i’m writing this it makes less sense than 2 seconds ago but mAYBE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED TO THIS BOOK AND SINCE IT APPEARED ONCE THIS SEASON AND HELPED HENRY REMEMBER AND EMMA BEFORE IN S1 IDK

yeah sorry i’m still one big emotion