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however and whatever choice you’ll make.. you might lose, you might have to run, escape or hide from someone, but in the end, your story line will end and no matter how much you try, you’ll never be able to change it. Every choice is half chance so take the risk and do it

Smells Sweet

Chloe could read people easily.Well, not expertly, per se, but she was able to recognize when someone was uncomfortable without asking.She considered it to be some sort superpower.

She put her ‘superpower’ to use by observing Max and what bothered her.What seemed to bother her the most, Chloe had noted, was her habit to smoke.She shrugged it off, not everyone was comfortable breathing in smoke.But she later theorized that it was due to her addiction, Max didn’t spend as much time as the delinquent would like.She was torn between wanting to spend more time with her girlfriend and smoking.Her addiction was strong, but she would prefer staying by Max’s side any day.

Max was about to doze off after spending hours on an assignment.She sauntered from her desk to her bed and sunk her head into the pillow.She plugged her earphones into her phone and let the music slowly lull her to sleep.

“Hey, Max, holy fuck!”

The brunette nearly fell from her bed when her girlfriend suddenly kicked her dormroom’s door down.Max faced her phone’s screen towards Chloe and frowned and slightly relieved it was just Chloe.

“Che, what the fuck!“Max hissed, shutting the door after Chloe.The blue haired woman grinned and took a seat on the couch.

“It’s almost 3 in the morning, how did you even-did you get the keys from David again.“Max’s demand came out as a statement rather than a question.

“Maybe…C'mon, I’m a Blackwell Ninja!No one saw me get in.”

“But you probably woke the entire girl’s dormitory.“Max muttered and sat next to Chloe, curiously observing the box.

“Check it.“she watched as Chloe slowly and expertly open the cardboard box.

"A fancy cigar?”,Max asked, amused,“You can’t smoke in here, there’s a fire alarm right there.”

Chloe held up a patient finger and winked.She put the end of the cigar in her lips and breathed in.Not wanting the fire alarm to go off, Max quickly connected their lips.

Max winced, expecting the bitter taste of the smoke to coat her tongue but sat dumbfounded when it never came.Instead it was replaced by a sweet taste.

“A vape?”

Chloe nodded happily and brought it back to her lips, breathing in deeply.

“Yeah.I know you don’t really like it when I smoke around you, so I bought the cheapest one I can find."Chloe blew the vapour into the brunette’s face with a grin.

"I appreciate the fact that your trying to quit, and that’s a good thing.”,Max rambled before staring at her curiously but spoke in a serious tone,“You paid some ungodly amount for that?Why?”

Chloe shifted uncomfortably and brought the vape to her lips.

“Well, in just wanted to spend more time with you.”

“By getting a vape?”

“Well kinda’.The smoke makes you uncomfortable and I wanna spend more time with you."Chloe admitted.

Max blushed and grinned.She slowly kissed her girlfriend, pulling the vape out of Chloe’s mouth.

"You nerd."Max teased into the kiss, pulling the beanie off her girlfriend’s head.

Chloe pulled away and scowled.






Chloe suddenly drew the vape to her lips from Max’s hand then breathing in before releasing the vapour into Max’s face.

“Che, what the heck."Max grinned.She was happy Chloe made the change for the better, but felt slightly guilty Chloe gave up one of her favorite pass times for her, not to mention, the delinquent was already on debt.

"Y'know you didn’t have to get that.Yeah it bothers me when you smoke, but I love spending time with you.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it Mad Max.”,she kissed the photographer’s neck softly, grinning when she blushed bashfully,“Plus, I can do this now.”

She puffed circles of smoke towards Max’s face, smirking when the brunette cringed playfully.

“Smells weird, but I like it.”

Based off of a anon answered by the fabulous arcadia-gay