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Name: Ľudmila
Nickname: Ľudka, Milka, one person calles me Ľudkinha lmao
Zodiac sign: leo
Height: 156cm??? i guess
Orientation: straight
Nationality: Slovak
Favourite fruit: grapefruit
Favourite season: winter or summer
Favourite book: War & Peace
Favourite flower: daisy?
Favourite scent: idk cinnamon
Favourite colour: pastel yellow
Favourite animal: none
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: coffee
Average sleep hours: 5 and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon (so healthy ik)
Cat or dog person: neither
Favourite fictional character: Alyosha Karamazov and Konstantin Levin
Number of blankets: 1
Dream trip: RUSSIA
Blog created: idk like two years ago but it took me a while to actually start posting
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relationship status: stuck with my poor, lonely, broken heart 
favourite colour: skyblue, black
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick! (I’ve just bought 3…)
last song you listened to: Cloves - Don’t Forget About Me ♡♡♡
last movie you watched: ummm… idk? like really, I can’t recall anything atm
top 3 characters: Sashandra Lenayin, Anakin Skywalker, my oc :3 hahahah
top 3 ships: feysand, alarkling, warnette, rowaelin, anidala, chair, clace, malec… ups more than 3… 
books you are currently reading: nothing, like really :( I’m totally focused on my own #wip1 and studies :)
top 5 musicals: idk :(

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The Hair Colour Theory

Hey so I have my own theory that idk why no one else is talking about (cause it seems so obvious to me lol) so I thought I’d just put it out there.

As we see in the RUN mv Yoongi, Jimin, Namjoon and Taehyung’s hair colours have been changed.

Now my theory is that every scene where there are these four boys (with their new hair colours) takes place after their deaths.
At first I wasn’t sure about it but when I came to know that Suga and V (idk about the other members) have to wear light coloured contact lens I grew more confident in the theory. (Suga said it was really difficult for him to wear contacts and it took 30 minutes with 3 staff members helping him and Taehyung said that he was going to wear the contacts while performing on stage too.)

So my theory is that (i) either these post-colour change scenes take place only in Jin’s mind or (ii) it’s taking place in ‘heaven’.

Now at first I was 100% sure it was Jin’s imagination but the part with V in the water really makes me think that maybe it’s (ii). He’s in the water struggling but then he opens his eyes and surfaces into what I’m guessing is heaven - or the other side or whatever.

The parts where Jin stares at the camera makes me think that (i) is true though and that he abruptly keeps waking up from these hallucinations about his friends still being alive.

So we’re gonna assume that except V’s drowning scene everything else is Jin’s - and at one point Jungkook’s - imagination.

1-The part where Jhope wakes up in the hospital we see Jimin is already there to welcome him and has orange hair. This, according to my theory, means that Jhope is dead and has joined Jimin in the afterlife.

2-The part with the pillow fight is so fairytale like so it’s pretty obvious it didn’t really happen. We see that the boys have coloured hair here.

3-The part where Jungkook and Suga fight. Now this I think did happen irl but at the end the part where we see Jungkook alone in the room:

it’s obvious that he was just thinking about it. Blaming himself for Yoongi’s death as he wasn’t able to stop him.

4- The bathtub scene I felt was just Jin’s memories being distorted as he tried to hold on to the idea that his friends were still alive. They put Jimin inside the bathtub which is just Jin’s mind altering the memory of his death (drowning in a bathtub).

5- This scene is actually the one that made me consider this theory. Here we see all the boys going absolutely mental on these cars. Obviously in any normal situation this would’ve never been able to happen but it’s just Jin imagining his friends doing the crazy things they used to do without having to hold back. Without having to worry about being caught by the police. This scene is so far from reality and just couldn’t happen in real life.

6-V in the water. Some people were saying that V is alive as he comes our of the water at the end but I don’t think so. His hair is green while he’s in the water which means like I said before that he’s struggling but at the same time he’s dead.

Since this post is about hair colour I’d also like to explain why Jungkook and Jhope’s hair didn’t change colour.
We see the scene where Jhope wakes up in the afterlife and the scene with Jungkook where he looks right at the camera after the fight with Suga. We don’t see scenes like that with any of the four boys whose hair colour changed.

The reason why the two boys have no hair colour change is because their deaths were the last and happened sometime during the music video. Jhope was second-last to die and Jungkook the last one. I say this because Jhope wakes up at the hospital in the middle of the video while this scene with Jungkook happens at the end:

So only the boys who have been dead throughout the music video had their hair colour changed.

A lot of people were asking how Jungkook was also imagining/hallucinating about his friends and were confused about this last scene too. It related to my hair colour theory as because Jungkook’s hair colour didn’t change it means he was still alive during the video. At the scene with Suga he was regretting not being able to save his friend and at the last scene he walks off with the boys which symbolizes that he too gave up and decided to join his friends. The smile at the end is a smile of farewell to Jin.


In the bonus scene with Jimin we see him burning a picture (which is very I Need You esque) and as people have noticed, Jin isn’t there. Unlike in I Need You Jimin has orange hair now which means that this is after his death. The burning of the picture too symbolizes Jin moving on and accepting his friends’ deaths.

PS: I love how ambiguous this story is. I know some people are annoyed that they didn’t simply tell us the answers but I love it. I love how we can all make the story our own by thinking up our own theories.
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ducky-jay  asked:

Why do you hate the bi flag?

I’m gonna preface this with saying,  This is definitely my own opinion and I am so happy that people like the flag and identify strongly with it, I think that’s AWESOME and I wish i could identify with it and the bi colours like other people do.

Okay on to the answer

Short answer: the colours hurt my eyes to look at.

Long answer: The Blue, Purple and Pink used in the bi flag are all extremely similar to each other in value, saturation and are very close to each other on the colour wheel. Alone each of the colours are gorgeous  ( its actually my favourite shade of pink)  But when they are put right beside each other like in the flag, they don’t work well.

In colour theory we have the colour wheel

 As you can see , the Pink Blue and purple of the bi flag are all basically right next to each other on the colour wheel. They are also all pretty high on the saturation scale. When these colours are next to each other its harder for the human eye to distinguish them from one another than than they would be if the colours were complimentary.

Complimentary colours, as shown on the wheel, are the colours at the opposite side of the wheel from the colour. Blue’s compliment is orange, reds compliment is green and yellows compliment is purple.  When compliments are put next to each other they POP. It creates a visual draw in whatever the design is.
The bi flag has no visual pop which makes the colour blend together. Which make it hard for me to look at.

Another thing to note are triads. triads are 3 colours that are equal spaces apart on the wheel ( the primary colours are a triad for example). As a general rule, people are usually drawn to colour triads in designs. Triads are a set of color that work very well together. There is just enough difference between the colours that there is visual interest.

A good example of a triad in the LGBTQIA community is actually the pan flag! 

The colours are bright and all very saturated, but because it is an approximate triad, the colours all stand alone and pop without causing too much eye strain.

 I guess what I’m trying to get as is the bi flag  lacks that pop of contrast that a compliment would give it.  Because of how close they are on the wheel and how similar hey are to each other, when they are all put right next to each other it seriously strains my eyes and it’s hard for me to differentiate the colours from one another.  If the colours had different saturation it would probably look better, or if one of the colours was replaces with something from a different part of the wheel.

But as it is now, it just hurts my head to look at and in my opinion just doesn’t look good.  I WISH i liked it, I really really do, I’ve tried to warm to the idea of it, but  I just cant, which sucks cause I wish I could identify with it as strongly as other people do, I feel a bit left out, but alas, I’ll live. I identify more with the rainbow flag at this point which is fine with me.

But pleaseee don’t let my opinion cloud your view of the flag, if you identify with it and love it I’m SO glad for you <3

Love all my bi babes <3

Talking to a follower about the flag made me play with it and i made a version that doesn’t hurt my eyes so much.

Like just a colour flip and tonal change made it much less straining while still retaining the obvious bisexual colours…idk