idk these are kind of shitty but whatever

thanks to everyone who’s been supporting this blog by following it/ reblogging/ liking my shit. i truly am thankful to each and everyone of my followers.

Merry Christmas! Chag Urim Sameach! Happy Holidays to everyone!

here’s a massive shoutout to my very first follower @martziplier98. i remember i couldn’t believe that you actually followed me, i’ve been fangirling so much over your blog (I still do though). u gave me hope and inspired me to keep blogging.

here’s some blogs that at some points cared enough to support me or my content (shared my posts/messaged me or whatever) (maybe i just find your blog cool enough idk) : @danisnotoffice, @phantagram, @markired, @pinenuttrekkie, @markimoofeels, @writerlester, @felixskjellberg, @septicjacks, @jacksepticfly, @leafyisherefantic, @bahst, @chillionswho, @harrytipotte, @bottomlock69ever, @howellsexual.

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oh and also shout out to @therealjacksepticeye for reblogging a couple of the posts i’ve made and therefore “promoting” my blog haha :D

soz if i forgot someone. don’t be mad pls cheers x

anonymous asked:

hey i dont know if this applies, but for me i just like going through other peoples phones. i go through my firends phone and my sisters so idk, its kind of like i associated peoples phones with them and i just want to see what apps they like/have what wallpapers they have their pictures etc.

Yeah but like… if you’re doing it without their permission and without them knowing it’s kind of a huge invasion of privacy and a shitty thing to do

Obviously if they give you permission to do it it’s fine, but usually when people do it in secret it’s to find something they’re not supposed to be seeing (texts, photos, whatever) and to “make sure” they’re not being cheated on instead of, you know, just talking about it and being a decent partner