idk these are fun to make

Hey y’all please don’t come after Katie for laughing like I think she looked really embarrassed and uncomfortable especially after she was very visibly singled out. She’s been very clear and vocal with fans, and interviews too so not just privately, that she believes in us and believes in Supercorp. I know we’re all hurt, and I am too, but I don’t think it’s fair to jump to conclusions about her in light of that. The rest of the cast? Idk them.

A lot of people, including myself, automatically laugh when uncomfortable. Or when all their friends who are present are laughing. I find it really hard to believe that she thinks Supercorp is something to make fun of especially with the number of times she has specifically validated it. I bet that if she did social media she would apologize asap and clarify how highly she thinks of us, but she has no way to do that.

TLDR Katie has been extremely supportive of her WLW fans and of Supercorp every time anybody has talked to her about it, both fans and interviewers. We don’t know what her laugh meant so maybe give her of all people some benefit of the doubt.

falcon punch x booty me down mashup 

these songs reminded me of each other so I put them together to see what they’d sound like as a joke and had no intention of finishing it, but then it sounded kinda cool so I decided I’d make a video to it and post it for fun, enjoy! 

(also idk why it’s in low quality but I didn’t feel like fixing it) 

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Jesus Christ, the one and only Son Of God The Father, died for your sins. He was not sent here to condemn us, but to save us(John 3:16-17)! He knows you more than anyone else! You are wonderful and loved by Him. Let Him lead your life and love Him with all that you are.

Thanks babe idk what this is in response to but thanks xo

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What happened with Supergirl's cast? Idk nothing about it, can you clarify me pls :((

Link. From about 1:30, in their recap song of Season 2, part of the cast made fun of Supercorp in an unnecessary call out of “THEY ARE ONLY FRIENDS! They’re not going to get together”, basically making fun of their pro-femslash almost completely LGBT+ fandom. 

That was completely uncalled for especially considering 90% of non-canon femslash shippers already know for a fact the shows will not in fact make their ship canon. Even worse, if you consider wlws are often the object of this kind of ‘jokes’. If you put this in the context of the fact that no one spent one word about the canon LGBT+ ship, and some other things that have been said in the interviews at comic-con, I’d say Supergirl is not to be considered an LGBT+ safe environment anymore. At least, it is not so for me.

Well reading about sdcc has been fun everyone!!!!! Too bad the supergirl cast couldn’t make it!!!!!! So sad there was no panel!!!! Only Katie and David and Odette. So sad!!!!!!!!

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What's gone down?! I wake up to find people quitting the fandom on my dash because of something or other that happened at SDCC?! Can you please explain because idk what the fuck is going on.

this video 

they’re making fun of supercorp, the guy who plays winn says ‘it’ll never happen’ which we know, of course, but they didn’t have to be so rude about it and people are upset

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Why do p much all musicians make fun of viola? I know nothing about viola and I am confused


idk either and I happen to be in a group chat with conservatory friends rn and they say:

composer friend: b/c violinists are the string instruments that everyone wants to play, and viola is right in the middle….they dont always get the melody, so they aren’t a popular instrument

they’re like…”2nd place to violins”

fiddle dude: but viola jokes are a thing b/c its rooted in history because they usually were violinists who couldn’t play violin so they switched to viola. And so all the violists sucked cuz they couldn’t even play violin in the first place. And when that happened, violist jokes became a thing.

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Why does everybody think that JP was joking when she said Caroline only had scenes with Josh in the premiere because when I watch it again and again, she seems pretty serious! I think she just betrayed herself when she said it, because she confirmed Candice for the premiere only and Jomo said he read 3 scenes with Candice but didn't precised if it was for the episode premiere or not right? Also, I can't imagine klaroline scenes in the premiere while Caroline never been introduced properly

I mean, she does sound sincere, when she turns towards Charles and says those two should be fun to see. And Andy gave no indication in the article that she was joking? Idk, I forreals can’t make up my mind on whether or not she was serious.

Because I do think it’s possible that they let it slip Caroline’s not just in the premiere. But then again, the question Joseph answered with the three scenes—shout out to Anaelle who’s lovely video!question they chose—was in response to since we know Caroline’s in the premiere, will she and Klaus share scenes. So either he slipped up, or those scenes are in 5x01.

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No shade but like what about dream daddy irritates you??

god like… idk im not fuming about it or anything- i’m just off put by people being like “yea but THIS game was bad too and no one said anything about THAT!!” in ref to like idk, dmmd or whatever other bad dating sims were popular in their time like? idk all the talk about it in general makes me feel some kinda way.

that and ?? aside from the initial response from it i’m just extreme eyeroll emoji at how people inevitably take things like this and twist it into like “uwuwuw sinful gay daddies!!!!” and also the game grumps piss me off so theres that. lmao im just. annoyed to be lumped together in the group of people that arent all for it since theres a lot of other ppl like “shut up crybabies!!!! this is made by and for lgbt people!!! fun ruiners!!!!” as if i and other people are just whiners for being wary about the game & its creators for valid and obvious reasons, does that make sense.

idk on my twitter feed all ive been seeing are posts like “oh be quiet!!! stop picking it apart!!! pbpbptptb” like… ok. guess i’ll just sit here and be told what i should be grateful for and appreciate. lmao

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wow it's like zayn actually has enough respect for his ex bandmates to not name drop them and clearly shade them in interviews! he has always said his problem was with the music and that he wasn't gonna air out personal problems he was gonna "let life take it's time" and people would "see the truth" eventually

tea. idk how this has been anything else besides 100% completely obvious and clear from the moment he left. i know it’s not as much fun to not make zayn the villain and ignore everything he’s actually said for the sake of being mad but i’m not impressed by ppl just now realizing that zayn isn’t the pos they want him to be bc he’s been nothing but respectful while the other four name-drop each other in every interview. 🤷🏿‍♀️

i hung out with old friends the other day and i was so excited because i missed having friends!!! i missed having people to hang out with!!

except i wanted to scream the whole time because they were calling people shitty slurs, making fun of girls we went to school with and being transphobic towards someone we know who came out a few months ago

then again these are the same girls who, in high school, would poke me and make burning noises when they found out i came from a jewish family so idk what tf i expected

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dont mean 2 come for people but, yes thank you for not watermarking. i mean its not a big bug, i do get why some are going this way and i respect their decision, im also a gif maker and it does angry me when people steal my gifs but.. i mean this isnt a job and we not doing it professionally so i dont really find it necessary? like yeah its irritating and something we should keep fighting about but it feels like creating a brand or you doing it for recognition when it should be just for fun? idk

Hey there, ahh no need thank me tbh it’s more of a personal preference and I’m glad you respect the decision of the people who do watermark! I get that there’s been a slight height in the debate between watermarking in the fandom but think of it this way…when someone makes a gifset such as a compilation which could have taken hours or days (video hunting, finding that specific part you want to gif, finding a good quality video to use, crop, color, sharpen, etc), many giffers and creators in general would appreciate the credit left on their stuff (don’t gotta be fancy with it). But of course, like you said it can be frustrating when someone reposts your work without credit. For some people, it may be not a big deal, but if you work hard on something and someone within a blink of an eye just steals something that could have taken a long time to create, it can really make someone feel shitty and sad am I right? So I guess many people have been fed up with that hence the increase use of watermarking. Yes I see your side of gifmaking being not that deep and that it’s just a fun hobby, however, I have no way of knowing how other people may feel in these situations when their creations get stolen. Their creations could’ve taken hours, or it could’ve taken minutes. All I’m really saying is, it’s natural that people want their hard work to be recognized, but when someone takes that credibility away from them, it can really discourage them. So watermarking is a way to maintain that credit and recognition deserved. For me, I agree with you that I don’t find it necessary (ppl on twt crop out logos on gifs now too now how shameless lol) and it doesn’t look that clean but that’s just my opinion. If people wanna watermark, watermark. It was always been a thing back in the anime side of tumblr so I’m used to it. But in the end it’s a personal preference so we should just respect that. I don’t think it’s a crime that people would want to be recognized, it encourages them and makes them happy.

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I can't tell you how sad this makes me :( I've been streaming back to you NON STOP since right after the radio 1 interview finished here, it was 5 am, cause it started around 4 am here. And I've been streaming with the UK ip, so have all my mutuals and they song continues dropping i don't get it. The worst part is I've already bought it and gifted it and it's a solid 1 in my country but it makes no difference to the uk idk what else to do :(

Don’t be discouraged! You’re doing great! Hopefully the radio plays pick up next week and the GP will join in the fun and it’ll be all great. A nice long term build would be excellent and would keep him in front of the public in a musical way (that sound weird but you get what I mean) up through the next single and album release so people are excited when the album comes. I really really hope Syco is going to get the radio push going in the UK. Really really really hope.

idk what to think anymore,,,

I’m trying not to be mad about The Supergirl comic con rn, I mean, I don’t even ship supercorp, but why make fun ? yeah it’s not canon, and yeah even tho’ they’re 100 times better than Karamel ( I hate Caramel now ) but it’s still not canon, WHY MAKE FUN! there’s so little on screen representation that we live off that, we live in the non-canon, you think if Swan queen, supercat, supercorp, or even Johnlock were canon we’d go ship stuff that according to them are ‘only friends’ … I’m disappointed, maybe they did it just … in the ‘excitement’ of the moment but they will regret this very soon… and thank god Chyler wasn’t there, this would’ve killed me otherwise :/

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I feel like tae would be very experimental in bed like you tell him you want to do something new and he'd be down for trying it. He wouldnt be judging you or anything and you would have a safe word to make sure you both want it. Idk i just really wanna experiment in the bedroom with him, it seems like it would be fun

I can see that too, Tae looks really open to trying out new things -Admin Gilfairy

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Victuuri merman au? (btw I luv ur art)

thank you anon! okay so I came up with two different aus because I love merman aus <333


“afternoon chats”

AU where Viktor was forced to go fishing and he almost kills Yuri by accident (and Yuri almost kills Viktor by trying to drown him) but they forgive each other and fall in love ;7; <3 But in order to meet up with Yuri, Viktor has to pretend he’s going fishing everyday when really he’s meeting Yuri <333 (so kind of like a how to train your dragon au too)


//this is probably my fave ahaha// AU where merman Viktor is curious about the outside world and goes onto the beach but then nearly dies (he’s a fish;;;). Luckily, little Yuri saves him and brings/drags him home because he has no idea what to do (what do you do with a merman??). He puts him in the bathtub and they spend the next few weeks together as Viktor heals <3 //with Yuri secretly wishing he could stay a bit longer//. (Yuri’s parents are also away on vacation. Yuri has told Mari about the merman in their bathtub but she doesn’t actually believe him and thinks he’s just playing pretend in the bathroom so she doesn’t use it). BUTTTTT one day, Viktor suddenly disappears ;o;;; The beautiful mysterious merman is gone!! And Yuri is very sad and when he tries to tell his parents and his sister, they don’t believe him;;; //protect him asdfjkl;// and Yuri talks to Vicchan about it. Eventually, Yuri forgets about the merman he saved //and how he (indirectly) pROPOSED to him cOUGHS// //and he even made little matching “friendship” rings to match// and Vicchan dies :’))))

A FEW YEARS LATER;;;; GUESS WHO APPEARS IN HIS BATHTUB BUTT ASS NAKED ;A;;; <3 And this time Viktor is human too!! And claims to be Yuri’s fiance!! And Yuri is just overwhelmed (why is there a hot naked man in my bathtub) and confused :’D He didn’t know how to explain to others so Viktor has to pretend to be his coach until they can figure out how get him back to sea as a merman;;; //but Viktor plans on staying shhh//. Makkachin is a dog fish and Yurio also temporarily becomes a human to try to get Viktor back to sea but,,,, yeh that didn’t work *7* Viktor also cries to Makkachin after he realized Yuri doesn’t remember him ;v;;;

Will Yuri ever remember his long lost lover?? Will Yurio manage to get his instructor back to sea?? Will Viktor be able to pull off a game of pretend?? Will Yuri fall in love once again??

who knows :’D