idk these are fun and people seem to like them

Astrology fun facts

I will for some but HOPEFULLY I don’t have to put a ‘normally’, ‘usually’, etc. in front of everything. Also if you like this & idk if I should do more tell me because it’s fun. 💫

-Uranus in the 1st usually makes one tall.

- Sagittarius rising people always have something cute & dorky to them, even those who normally are/seem the complete opposite.

- Cancer is the coldest sign.

- Geminis (moons too) are usually bookworms.

- Scorpio venusians tend to fall for those they can’t reach (e.g. already married, celebrities, already dead, …)

- females with (esp hard) sun/saturn aspect are much more likely to be attracted to those a lot older (NOT an indicator for daddy kink!).

- Pisceans usually have something ethereal to them.

- Aquarius & Sagittarius won’t listen when you tell them not to do something.

- Water venusians & mercurians are likely more poetic.

- Venus in the 9th makes you popular.

- A lot of Virgo & 6th house placements make it more likely for you to have good eating habits & to work out (aka do what’s good for your health).

- Capricorn have to prove themselves to the world/public, whether consciously or subconsciously.

- Libras are social butterflies.

- Sun in the 2nd makes for a good singer.

- Pisces & Sagittarius folks often have something puppy-like to them.

- Leo friends are great both for introverts & extroverts as long as you don’t hold them from having fun.

- The last signs (Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn too but not as much) are usually very tolerant & non-judgmental.

- Air signs gossip the most (esp Gemini + Libra).

- Sister-sign sun/moon combos (eg Pisces sun-Virgo moon) can be hard but great if learned to deal with.

- Your draconic chart (+ with it its placements) most likely won’t be apparent & fitting to others.

- The first signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) are more naïve than the rest.

- A mercury retrograde in your chart makes you witty.

- Gemini, Virgo & Scorpio (esp moon) are best at hiding emotions.

idk people seemed to actually like my last BATIM post so I thought I’d post some more. So here, have a few Bendy doodles.

Some of these are once again inspired by @shinyzango‘s 2d bendy au. I know it’s not totally obvious but I couldn’t not credit them in good conscious.

Y̑̑ͧͯ̃͛͡OͭU̒̆́R̅̽͊͋̊̀ ͨͪ̃̆͘M͂̑̓͒ͤOͣ͊̒T̛̒̃̿̊̋̃Hͤ͐͆͞E̅̔͗̽R͜ ̽̐͐ͦ͒̓Ẇͦ̊҉A̶ͨ͛͆̎ͥS͋̈ͪ̾͌̚ ̡ͦ̅̇̄̐ͧ̚Á̈́͐́ͥͤ ̛̽͌ͭͨ̑̍H̿͐̚͝Aͦ̂̓͆́Mͭ͗͛͑̒S̽̾͂͊T̀̅̈́͛ͮ̎̒E̛ͣͥ̎ͮͣR̸̆̿̃ͥ̑
ͣͩ͗͢AN̑͋͊͂̂́D̔ ̀̄͒ͩ͗́Y̎ͩ̇̀Oͧ̑̓̌͛͋U͋͊͋͛̍ͧͦR̅ͦ̊͛̊̋ ̢̄ͮͭFͪ͛͢A̴̍ͤ͋ͧ̑ͭ̀T̿͛̓͐̌̉͏H̷̒͛̽Ė̢̌̈ͨ́̌̚Ȓ͐̄ͮ͗̎ ̍ͨ͆̆̆͒͝S̏̊ͪ̉ͬME̡L̢̈̐͛T̂ͧͮ̂ͮ̔ ̾̑̚Ö̢ͩͣ̅̐̈́̂F̵̑͛̒ͧ̈́̚ ͛͆̄̽̅ͦE̡ͣͬͯ̽̍̌͊L̓ͫ͊D̵ͫ̆͑̓È͢R̡̅̇́̚B̨ͥ̄̏̈́ͤÈRŘ̶́̈͊̈Ȉ̓ͮ̔͗ͯE̷̒͂ͭͩ͐̆S̉̐

i love the small communities???

like my friends and i got messages like “oh you guys are in this group” or “this clique” and it seems to be a little isolate group, “away” from the fandom but in its own subcategory. but i follow a lot of my followers and see them interacting with new people and friends and i’m amazed because that’s something i can never be a part of, ever.

I’ve had this idea in my head for days, a Sheith Masquerade Ball AU… Hear me out. (Idk who throws these kinds of parties anyways) But this big chain of companies throws a party in honor of some company accomplishment. Shiro’s one of the higher end people, everyone knows him because he’s super young and still very successful. And Keith is just at the party to wait on people/bring them food/etc (he’s just hired staff).

So Shiro sees this waiter off to the side, it seems like he’s not having any fun at all because people are just kinda being rude and bumping into him and all. So Shiro goes over and starts talking to him. (Eventually Shiro jokingly? asks him to dance. Do they??) And Keith actually has some fun.

Maybe the next day Keith gets a note or something telling him he has a paid day off (thanks to Shiro) Maybe Shiro tried to get into contact with him, maybe Keith tried to figure out who that mysterious guy that was so nice to him was?

((And if it’s your thing this could be a sugar daddy kinda thing??? not here to judge but *shrugs* I’m ok with any interpretation of this))

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i just had a thought while watching the festa. people sleep on jin and suga's friendship a lot. like, idk if this makes sense, but i really enjoy their dynamic. they obviously seem very close and caring of each other, but their personalities just balance and suit one another so well, you wouldnt expect people like them to get along so great. its just cool to watch them interact and have fun, and i hope to see more of it in the future (sorry if this is really long lol)

I totally agree with you!! Tbh I was one fo those “sleepers” but watching the festa and them having so mucch fun together had me wanting more of them two!! their personalities are so opposite that they work well together! idk like opposite poles attract i guess anyways i liked this ask really! so here’s some sin for y’all


You groaned a little in frustration. When other people did this it looked so easy! They were gliding effortlessly over the dance floor, small smiles on their faces and the world seemed to stand still to watch their graceful movements.

However when you tried to move your feet you felt like you were graceless and plump, almost tripping over your own feet half the time. Fuck it, all you had wanted was a fun distraction and now you got all upset and frustrated.

“Who decided to make dancing so hard?” You complained to no one in particular since the boys had left for a hunt days ago, leaving you and your strained underarm muscle to yourself. The first day or so had been alright. No one stole your pie, you got to choose the TV program and no one interrupted reading time. It had been almost like a mini holiday.

However that turned into absolute boringness on day two. There were only so many shows to watch and books to read that could hold your interest for longer than a couple of hours. Zapping through the channels you got a new idea how to entertain yourself though. Your arm might be handicapped slightly but you could still move your feet. Ever since high school and never making it to prom due to your parents’ hunting life you had wanted to learn to dance.

On the spur of the moment you decided to look up some instructions. At the time you thought it couldn’t be all that hard and after a couple of hours you’d have it down. Well that was days ago. Your feet just seemed to never stay quite in the rhythm or when you were almost there you fell over some kind of furniture. Dancing was bloody hard!

“What are you up to, (y/n)?” A familiar voice asked amused. You could practically hear the smug grin on his face. The devil knew exactly what you were doing or more like failing to do.

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hey Conan you magical unicorn! first of all, let me start by saying that I love your energy! (I mean, I obvs don't know you, but from how you appear on social media you seem like a really fun person) what I wanted to ask is, are you okay with ppl downloading the audio of your original songs? I mean, just for personal enjoyment? Idk if that's rude or sth but some of them really comfort me when I'm sad :)

i don’t sell my music, so i guess you gotta do what you gotta do to listen! I’m so glad people enjoy it :)) thank you for the love !

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I hate that there are so many overreacted jikook moments, like the one on the award show, where jk puts his head on jimin and closes his eyes was for a picture. You can cleary see someone is taking a group photo and they're both posing. Fans, however, are making so many bs theories on that, idk if they knowingly just ignore fact or are these coming from very young, slightly delusional fans.

yeah i agree with you, there are a lot of times when shippers over react because of small moments, like jikook standing next to each other, or simply looking at each other for like. 0.3 seconds. But while i say that, shipping is for fun, and if people want to hype up a moment, let them, because that’s what they think is cute. added on top of that, in my perspective, jk wasn’t posing for the picture, he didn’t seem to care for the camera that much in general. and ?? why would jungkook pose with his eyes closed, his head resting on jimin’s shoulder (where it probably wont be seen)? idk, seems like it’s not 100% “just a pose”. 

But again, let people freak out over little things, shipping is supposed to be fun, and unless they’re blatantly doing something hurtful, it shouldn’t matter. 

ok rant time
Can we just??? Talk about the people in the pillow room that are like “drama!!!” when someone is literally bullying someone else??? Like what’s your problem? Someone’s getting made fun of/whatever, and people are trying to stick up for them and all you have to say is “drama!!!”?? Like no!!! We dont do that irl?? So you’re just gonna sit there instead of trying to stick up for someone? It would be different if, say, they just came in and sat down, and not have said anything, but they acknowledge that someone is getting harassed!!! Like?? Come on??? Either do something about it or go somewhere else??? idk man, it just seems like a rude thing to me??


Fun fact: When Bunny-mun senses that a friend or someone they care about is sad/depressed, people state that she almost becomes a demon just to get to them and hug them!… Also the Jaw’s theme seems to play when she’s like this…

Idk why I thought of that I though it went with the hand I was to lazy to fix *3*

But I hope it’s acceptable and that you feel better soon!

(I wonder if you remember that quote…)

Sure! In this world it’s always hug or be hugged!
And banana was hagged owo
Thank you, dear! It’s so cute! And it’s really nice of you to hug me, I have some shitty time right now…

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If you could pick one person to be giant, who would you choose?

Ooooooohh…..this is gonna be hard.

I think I might go with Jack.  Just because Jack’s…I don’t know, I guess the most fun?  I mean, all of them are, but I feel like Jack’s less concerned about how dangerous some of the things that might be fun as a tiny would be.  A lot of people’s headcanons about him include that he’s a bit less careful than some others, like Mark.

Idk, he just seems like the most fun to be around if he was a giant.

We should make this a G/T ask thing…unless you haven’t done that already :D

The Signs Based on my Experience (Scorpio POV)

**A lot of people do this but I dunno who it originated from, so credit to whoever that is.

Aries: Actually really reserved and mysterious. Like, you know how Scorpios are stereotyped to be the cool, intense, aloof ones? That’s actually more of an Aries thing based on people I know. Aren’t actually explosive, in fact they really internalize they’re feelings a lot. Pretty cool people to hang around tbh.

Taurus: The emotional rock. Taurus is the Mother Hen and all the other signs are their little chicks. Kind of blunt, but when they do it it isn’t mean?? They never seem to get overly involved in drama either, but they always spectate yours. You’re honestly their problematic fave XD

Gemini: Literally awesome people. Idk why they get so much hate, Gems are great! They’re great people to hang out with if you just wanna laugh and have fun, but you can also talk to them if you have some deep intellectual topic. Great friends.

Cancer: THE BIGGEST CUTIES EVER OMG. These are the people who get frustrated over little things but their anger is sO CUTE. Every time they talk to you you just want to cuddle them into oblivion like lovE ME DAMMIT. You never really know how they’re feeling though XD As an Aries friend of mine once said, they “scuttle away” from their problems like a crab.

Leo: Confident and fun to be around, but stubborn AF. They have really strong opinions and they’re not backing down from them. They will literally argue with you for hours, so don’t try to win bc you won’t XD REALLY awesome friends though :3 Prepare for an adventure~

Virgo: They’re literally just frustrated cuties. They want so desperately to understand everything that’s going on all the time, but they just don’t and they start overthinking and it makes them upset. You literally just wanna pat them on the back like “There, there.” #1 most likely to misunderstand something. Super nice and loyal friends ^~^

Libra: The coolest people you will ever meet. They’re weird but in that artistic, unique, fun way. They’re fuckin’ gorgeous without trying wtf. They have a lot of fun and adventures and you just sit there like “PLEASE LET ME JOIN YOU SENPAI.” You probably idolize them a bit.

Scorpio: There’s two kinds of Scorpio: The ones that SEEM like evil murderers but are actually really nice and caring people, and the ones that SEEM really quiet and shy and nice but are actually really murderous and evil like damn Rachel I was NOT expecting that within your floral Aeropostale dress 0-0

Sagittarius: Seem like they have the personality of the world’s biggest pimp/jock boy stereotype, but they’re actually really lonely. They also really like little things, like birds. They blunt af though. And they’re not nice about it, if they throw shade you WILL be slammed. They don’t mean it to be mean though, they’re just being honest and it’s kinda frustrating XD

Capricorn: #1 most likely to overthrow the world. They know EVERYTHING about you. You said hi to them on a chat once? They already know where you live. They come across as really cold and calculating. It’s kinda scary tbh. But they’re also like really cute when you get to know them. They REALLY hate having to feel emotions and they try not to but they’re really just softies on the inside. Kinda nerdy too but like cute nerdy.

Aquarius: They blunt af, but only because they know what you’re doing wrong. They can see the mistakes you make before you can, and they honestly give really good advice. But they suck ass at giving themselves advice. They will let people wreck them and it’s pretty sad :/ They also can’t tell if they wanna be alone or not. Also #1 most likely to smirk at you when you’re pissed at them and it’s so fruSTRAtING.

Pisces: LITTLE BALLS OF FLUFF. Cute like Cancer, but it’s different?? Like Cancer is the kind of cute you fangirl over and Pisces is the kind of cute you accept and hug. These are the people who will run across the room to hug you, and if one of them is a close friend, someone probably thinks you’re a couple tbh XD REALLY cuddly people. Too good, too pure. They must be protected.


i dont get all the hate for old bethesda games, yeah todd posting is funny and the paid mods shit is fucking ridiculous but i’ve seen an influx of people being like: “actually fallout and skyrim are shitty broken messes and were never fun to begin with” it just seems like people who never liked the games to begin with are now allowed to hate on them and people are buying into it. i really like the old bethesda games, they arent perfect for sure and are definitely flawed but there still really fun games and dont see the reason for all the hate 

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JOYCE I'M SORRY MY FATHER STARTED AGAIN- He asked if you liked car race, I replied that maybe you crushed people by rolling on them, idk it seemed fun to me-

I don’t really like car race but I like the idea :))))
Everyone always tell me I drive too fucking fast

The Otakuthon is over! So sad, it seems like it passed way too fast. I had a lot of fun and… bought… lots of stuff… bye bye 200$…………. anyhoo idk if I have any pics of my cosplay and idk if i want to post them or show peeps yet but woo!! So much fun, had a great time, everytime people would ask me like “hey youre amanda!!” it made me so happy like yes!!!!! I worked hard!!! Thank you!!!!!!! I’ll rest tomorrow and probably post more about the otakuthon and then I have to work on a big cleaning of my room so!!! Anyhoo fun times fun times

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im just very annoyed at ppl constantly bashing army and bts and like.... i brush it off bc i dont wanna look bitter and petty but it hurts a bit when bts r so supportive and fun and then theres ppl bashing their fans and them :/ i've just grown to love bts like my kids (even tho im VERY much younger) and idk :/// i acknowledge that armys can b shitty af... but exo-ls should do the same

tbh the best thing about being a bts stan is that it’s so fun…….. not to be cheesy but just Them being the best boys in the world n then having all these funny n interesting people to share my thoughts n opinions w on this hellsite????? who could ask for more.. like bts are def aware of all the negative stuff but the positive stuff definitely makes it seem insignificant in my opinion they’re out there breaking records n being Them so i consider that a constant win

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isn't it like. a bit mean to expose people's profiles & making fun of them (i mean i saw one that looked like the very definition of a fuckboy lol but other than that,, it just seems a bit mean to idk)

i admire them but yes i Might’ve been a little meanie

Signs from my experience (cancer)
  • requested by: anonymious
  • Aries: Okay we don't usually get along really well to be honest. You just sometimes say things that hurt me and you don't even say you are sorry. Not sure if you notice tho and yeah I am kinda sensitive to things others say c; but you are also so childish which is kinda cute! If you really get to know them they are really great and loyal friends.
  • Taurus: Okay too precious for this world. Everything you do is so much art. We get along well but they can be so stubborn from time to time. Still cute and lovable. Can I just hug you all! Also loyal and make the greatest friends!
  • Gemini: Okay your sarcasm level it's over 9000! You are realists and your humor is on the other level! It's not easy to get along with them but when you do they are just the best thing that can happen to you! You are just fun to be around and I feel that you aren't as two faced that people say! Geminis I know are just so perf and cute and amazing!
  • Cancer: Okay you are my long lost brothers and sisters! I feel like we all have this really deep connection and that we just naturally get along with each other. Of course we are all little moody from time to time but we all get it and accept the fact in each other. All too precious to this world and omg.
  • Leo: So. Amazing. Omg. You are so nice and cute and funny and just adorable! I think we get along better than what people first think when they think cancers and leos. You have the funniest jokes and are loyal af. You can always trust that they are there for you! Your confidence is stunning and when you hang out with them you just notice that even you start to act more confident. Also their smile and them like overall are like sun and they are just shining brightly!
  • Virgo: We have this kind of understanding with each others. We feel like we are on the same page and all those deep conversations are something that I value so much. Sometimes you make fun of me how messy I am but it's okay! Still so freaking cute and adorable. I also admire how you actually can keep things in order like that's something I really just can't do!
  • Libra: Okay you are so nice and cute and we get along so well most of the time. Sometimes you get annoyed how clingy I am but you still bear with me and let me be my annoying self. You accept me how I am and omg. Most of you are so balanced with yourselves that I am jealous for that. So important and cute and cute and did I already say cute.
  • Scorpio: Okay why every scorpio that I have met are either hot or hot. Like is that common thing with you guys. You are all so deep stuff person but also you work hard to get what you want and when you get it, you won't let go. You are all so nice and idk just attractive persons, persons who I like to hang out with. Can I just marry you all? Oh wait that was not a question c;;
  • Sagittarius: Okay most of you are so open with other people that it hurts! You have maybe the best jokes ever and you really should think about going to comedy career! It's always fun to be around you and we never get bored when we hang out. You always want to do these extreme things what is the best! Like I said I'm never getting bored with you! c;;
  • Capricorn: Okay I haven't met many of you but you all seem to be so calm but so cute all at the same time! You set yourselves high goals and you work hardly towards them! Idk what else to say when I know so little but you are all cute c;
  • Aquarius: So freaking funny and lively! You are loud and you talk so much! It's so fun to be around you, there will be no quiet moment with you! You have really fun ideas ! You are all so adorable and funny. I get along with you quite well and I feel that we have been friends for so long even tho we haven't.
  • Pisces: Okay I either love you or then we don't really get along with each other. You are still are so cute and like everything you do (just like taurus') is really art! XD You really don't act like your age, it can go either way. Most of the time we get along with so well and you are so funny and you understand my point of view! So so so cute c;;
my encounters with the signs
  • aries: so so very caring and kind and generous, but also a tad bit vicious when pissed off. hard to change your mind or convince to do something you dont feel is right.
  • taurus: stubborn stubborn stubborn, but when you’re happy its the best ever nothing can top having fun with you. but you are easily saddened, even if you were happy a second ago. very sensitive; takes things way out of proportion and over exaggerates them. but still kind and generous when you are in the mood (both of my sisters are taurus)
  • gemini: eeeh, you are fun and cool but if anyone ever suggest something to you that you dont like, you get silently defensive and tend to insult the people doing the suggesting. you are generous but a pissbaby to deal with when u dont get what you want.
  • cancer: a little hard to get along with; not easy to talk to. your bad at hiding your feelings. if you dont like someone u make no attempt to hide it and are generally rude to people u dont like. but u eventually regret being mean and it causes you anxiety. generally nice and sensitive with mushy feelings but can be a real huge asshole and intimidating when you want to be.
  • leo: a little intimidating to talk to, but once you are spoken to you are so so fun and so so awesome and kind. a little lazy sometimes; not good at responding to messages. but that doesnt take away that you are the awesomest of the awesome. refuses to kiss anyone’s ass and you always stand up for yourself. very good at dragging people, but you can also admit when you are wrong maturely.
  • virgo: i either have a great relationship with virgos or i have a bad relationship. in my good one, you are the kindest and most caring. you sense someones emotions so easily and u make them feel better about themselves, however you yourself are a little hard to read. but nothenless you are amazing and you worry about your loved ones when they are in pain. my bad experience with virgos is that you can be manipulative and sometimes gaslight people. you are a hypocrite and can never admit your wrong. you do care when your loved ones are upset but eventually youre the one who makes them upset by saying something mean and senseless. you make no exceptions for the people you love and will go hard af on their emotions and you wont even feel bad about it. once again, very hard to read.
  • libra: amazing amazing people with great, huge hearts. the nicest and most caring. you can be a little picky and pissed off when you dont get what you want. but you are nice, even when people are mean to you. you put it behind you, BUT you dont forget about it. you dont make time for people who dont make time for you, nor do you care about people who barely care about you. also, do not piss them off, they will drag ur ass back to the womb.
  • scorpio: ugggggggggggh very easy to love and very generous when they have enough to give, but they are more angry than they are happy. always yelling and screaming about the stupid shit. always making a huge deal out of things that were microscopic. a little uneasy and hard to live with. when you are happy though u are so kind and funny and always making jokes. if someone crosses you, you will NEVER forget about it and probably NEVER let it go or forgive them. always about you you you you, fuck everyone else.
  • sagittarius: very hard to approach and very intimidating. however once you are spoken to you are very nice and not even intimidating at all. u are very absent minded though, not good at responding to messages/texts. u claim not to care what people think about you, but a small part of you cares eventually. u never make an effort to talk to the people that you wanna talk to because they seem intimidating but instead you just stare at them from a distance which is a little creepy tbh. but u r still kind and u love helping ur friends and people in need.
  • capricorn: omg yaaaaaaaas my fav. you are so so easy to get along with, always making jokes always having fun. you can get ticked off when someone gets on your nerves too much. u will hide ur feelings. a little hard to kick off bad habits. but you are so fun and kind and always give as much as u can and u are so generous and shy. u can be a little aloof or boring to other people, but your best friends always have fun with u
  • aquarius: very very very friendly and social. u want to be everyones friend and u always want to have a good time with everyone. so kind and caring; always asking about ur talents and wants to celebrate them with you. can be a little too much to deal with, like u wont quit even after someone says no but all with good intentions. so nice and u r the best to have fun with. always going along with the flow.
  • pisces: ugh um... idk u seemed so nice at first and you looked like u cared about your friends but you are easily distracted. always on ur phone...dont really care about other people’s feelings...always looking for someone to vent to, but once its their turn to vent, u barely listen to anything they are saying. u barely do anything to make them feel better, if its anything u make them feel worse, although its not ur intention to do so. u make no effort for anyone. HORRIBLE at dealing with ur problems. like the WORST. not easy to have fun with since u are always distracted by something that only u are interested in. not a really good friend overall yet for some reason everyone kisses your ass even when u are rude and dry with them. u seem so nice and kind and you try ur best to be that, but for some reason u end up being dry (without intention)