idk there's just something hypnotic about the way he looks up

Can’t seem to make it right Part 4

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers

Words: 1212

Warning: none

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Request: Hii! I just wanna request something. I really like the idea of bucky has a big ass crush on reader and he obviously doesnt know the fuck to do so he always ends up making her angry & messing with her and she loves messing back. Idk theres a lot this kinda imagine but i fucking love your work sooooooo can you can you can you can you? I need some angsty fluffy shit and if you make a series out of this i will donate you my goddamn kidney. KISSES KISSES 💕💕

Note: this is not the last part!

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Next day when you woke up the first thing you did was remembering the taste of Bucky’s lips against yours and smiled. They actually felt so good, so caring, so loving. You wanted to kiss him again. You looked at the time and smiled as you saw it was the time Bucky used to be at the gym. Quickly, you got up and put on some shorts since you used to sleep in just a t-shirt and get out of the room.

You had no idea what you were supposed to tell him or to do, but you would just improvise. Maybe it wasn’t the best plan ever, but it was a plan…sort of. Before going to the gym, you stopped by the kitchen to have some water and then you walked downstairs.

And there he was, just punching the bag. You smiled to yourself and walked in silently, watching him. You had only see him training a couple of times but you had always thought it was hypnotizing, so you stood there, observing his moves until he stopped and you decided it was the moment to let him know about your presence.

“Morning soldier”, you said loud enough. He turned to look at you and you saw how he smiled a little.

“Morning”, he said back. “It’s Saturday, why are you up so early?” He asked walking to the bench where he had a towel and a bottle with water. He took the towel and dried the sweat from his face.

“I couldn’t sleep any more”, you shrugged walking towards him. “Plus, I thought you would be here and I wanted to talk to you”, you added.

“Oh yeah?” He asked casually. “About what?”

“Yesterday?” You replied feeling suddenly shy. He smiled a bit more and took a seat on the bench, signalling you to take a seat next to him, so you did it.

“Yesterday was interesting”, he said looking at the towel and then at you.

“I would say unexpected”, you chuckled blushing a little. “Why did you kiss me?” You asked looking at his lips for a moment.

“I don’t know honestly,” he sighed looking down. “We were fighting, you were too closed… I couldn’t help it”, he whispered before looking at you. “Why did you kiss me back?”

The question made you blush even more and look away from him. Suddenly, the floor of the gym seemed much more interesting to you than those blue eyes you had been dreaming about the whole night.

“I… I may have a little crazy crush on you”, you admitted.

“Do you?” You didn’t even have to look at him to know he was smiling. You nodded and you heard him taking a deep breath. “That’s good to know… at least I’m not the only one”, he mumbled. You looked at him at the same time he looked at you. “There’s a chance I’ve been hiding some kind of feelings for you for quite some time now”

You bite your lip but there was no way to hide your stupid smile. He smiled back at you and moved a bit closer so you thighs were now touching. He took your hand softly which made you look down but he used his other hand to make you lock eyes with him. When your eyes met you smiled even more as he leaned in and you leaned forward.

Just when you were about to kiss, you heard someone walking in the gym so you two pulled away and looked at the door to see Natasha and Steve smirking at you two.

“Go on, don’t be shy” Natasha said. You chuckled a little and looked at Bucky who kissed your forehead softly.

“I’m going to…have breakfast.” You said.

“I’ll be here for a while longer”, he replied as he got up with a big smile.

Avoiding Natasha’s smirk, you left the gym and went to have some quick breakfast and then to your room. As usually, you had assignments to hand in. it was so stressing. Every single weekend was the same: assignments, assignments and assignments. But that night you were going to a party so you had to get as much as you could done in order to have a day off tomorrow during your hangover.

It was hard for you to focus since all you could think about was Bucky and his lips, Bucky and his eyes. You wanted to go and kiss him again, especially now that you knew he felt the same way you did. But you were afraid of pushing him away if you went too fast or something. You were halfway through you assignment when you heard a knock on the door.

“Hey there”, you turned as you recognised Bucky’s voice.

He had already showered after his training session but his hair was still wet and pushed back. He walked in and closed the door after him. With a smile you turned your chair to face him.

“How you doing?” He asked with his hands in his pockets.

“Just doing an assignment”, you shrugged placing your hands under your thighs.

“Nice”, he cleared his throat and looked around before looking at you. “I was thinking…it would be a good idea if you and I got a date? Like dinner? Tonight?”

You bite your lip at the proposal. You really wanted to cancel your plans to the party and accept it but you had promised Leslie over and over again you would go to that party tonight. She would kill you if you backed off now.

“I would love it but…I have plans tonight”, you said.

“Oh…it’s ok. We can go another day”, he shrugged.

“Sorry”, you said quickly since you really felt back for saying no.

“Don’t worry, really”, he walked towards you and offered his hand for you to take it which you did and stood up. “I can wait for you”, he smiled down at you.

You smiled up at him and rubbed his hand with your thumb. He sighed looking down at you, studying your features. Before you both realised it, you two were coming closer to the other. When you two were close enough to feel each other’s breath, he placed a hand on your hair and kissed you slowly, taking your breath away by the sudden intensity of the kiss. Immediately, you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him closer to you, opening your mouth to deepen the kiss. He moaned softly and moved until your thighs met your desk.

He placed his hands on your hips and helped you to sit on the desk. You opened your legs so he could stand between your legs so you wrapped them around him. You felt him squeezing your hips as he devoured your lips, moaning from time to time until you forced yourself to pull away.

“Damn”, he chuckled against your lips.

“Yeah…” You whispered. He looked at you and sighed, forcing himself to take a step back.

“I…gotta go but…see you later?” He said. You nodded smiling.

He leaned in once again and kissed you softly for some seconds before walking to the door. Just before he closed it, he turned to wink at you.

“Damn you Barnes”, you chuckled to yourself.

idk does the turnfreewood tag exist, or…

anyway yeah i wrote a little thing, next time i write turnfreewood it might be domestic, but consider this a start to a series of little ficlets revolving around this lovely threesome

Title: Charmed

Word Count: 1484

Notes: Takes place some time after this week’s episode of the Patch (#56 i believe), Gav and Meg are already a thing and in their new house, yeah… This is turnfreewood if that isn’t clear, meaning there will be a relationship between Meg, Gavin, and Ryan where they all smoosh together in happy fun times.

Warnings: Mild language, but otherwise none!


“So how did it go?”

Gavin has his legs tucked against his body as he sits at the counter, phone in hand and balanced on top of his knees.

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