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You keep saying that you didn't say anything offensive but so many people are offended by what you said. Clearly you did say something offensive. Just apologize and don't say it again. Just because it's not offensive to you doesn't mean it's not offensive. Just because YOU believe in god doesn't give you the right to bash others.

i never said i didn’t say anything offensive earlier, and i NEVER bashed ANYONE i made post that said “THERE ARE A LOT OF SONGS ABOUT GOD”


i never said i didn’t believe or believe in god i was simply making an observation and i have no need to apologize for that


“Just because YOU believe in god doesn’t give you the right to bash others.”

???????? that’s not even what the anons were mad about????

but like i literally didnt bash anyone i just said theres lots of songs about god who i believe in but idk if he actually exists like

thats my PERSONAL religious point of view and the people sending me rude messages and telling me im offensive and telling me to apologize really need to rethink themselves if they think im going to cater to their (or your) set religious standards, because news flash

theres a ton of beliefs.

if i wanna say god is a “possibly nonexistent” greater being you shouldn’t get to say ANYTHING about it because that is MY OPINION i never outright said i dont believe in god because i do but a lot of people dont which is why i said “POSSIBLY nonexistent” in the first place so pull your head out of your ass and stop telling me to apologize for my religious beliefs

wow ok upd8 was awesome

plus i was having some feels right there until my father walked into my room from there i was like oh god if vriska and terezi kiss right now im gonna be so dead

but then again id be really happy too so theres that idk anyway gr8 upd8 what a fantastic way to start a day :DDD

+) the arts in the flash were amazing!! and the music makes it all just perfect i really like that soundtrack;u;

++)i think that anyone who saw homestuck until 2013 and also saw the flash after gigaupause ended would have like tons of feels right now nostalgias hittin them left and right