idk there wasnt much of them

decided to try something different (bc i like to suffer apparently:^)))))))))

Wanted: a review

Okay so the Good:
-a slight look at Homeworld. It wasnt much but it still took my breath away
-Blue and Yellow Diamond returning and doing shit for once. Also we see some of their abilities (Blue can make everyone feel her emotion or just makes everyone cry idk and Yellow can use electric attacks which im pretty sure everyone predicted)
-the Zircons were amazing and i love them and they deserved better
-the Off Colours were wonderful, i honestly cant pick a favourite
-Lion backstory??? A weird place to reveal it but idk
-also the animation really improved in this arc which is weird like?? Did they sacrifice quality in the other eps for these three (four if you count Stuck Together) episodes specifically???

The Bad:
-where tf is Aqua and Topaz?? They just disappeared????
-we’re never gonna see another Zircon/these Zircons and that sucks i really liked them
-Steven just abandoned the Off Colours and Lars???? And the special end there?????
-Greg helped the gems try to get to Steven but we never see his reaction to hearing the news i kinda wish we saw that

tl;dr: the arc has some major problems but i still really enjoyed them. The Off Colours were all amazing and unique and im personally adopting all of them. Im also keeping both Zircons and wishing that Lars got better than what he got. Hopefully the next episode will continue on this arc and not be some mindless filler

ok guys but Listen Listen……….listen to blue lips by regina sparks….it’s Lance im telling you….and im sad now….someone has to be sad with me


lance, to me, very much embodies earth. not even bc he misses it with his whole heart- but his personality. in a show full of aliens and horrors…..lance is the most human of them all, carrying around a little piece of earth for everyone. i really think if he wasnt there, bursting to the brim with humanity, the team would be just. down. lost? even tho lance wouldnt believe that at all ever 

just. idk. earth: lance to me and the song makes me Sad i love my son

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Idk if you've gotten this before but may I ask why do you like marichat so much?

I have written more of my reasons here.

But the main reason i like it so much is because it makes me happy. When I see posiive stuff about them in the tags i feel a warmth in my chest. I dont know exactly when that happened. I wasnt even in the fandom when I decided i liked that side of the square. I started paying attention to the show when Reflekta aired and fully invested myself with Jackady and Origins. 

It just happened. 

So I will continue creating content for the thing that makes me happy.If that happens to make other people happy too, then i think im doing a good job, dont you think?

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1) (sorry for my bad english) hey i recently read your answer to that ask about management covering up homosexual pairs in the music industry... i am in kpop fandom since 2012 and let me tell you one thing: whenever there is a gay rumor the management will cover it up with a straight scandal... since i am an sm stan i can tell you about the two most prominent incidents in that company: 1) the Jongkey coverup: in 2011 there were many rumors about them, look up their videos from 2010-2011...

hey! ur english is totally fine no worries! im gonna put the rest of ur asks behind the cut but dudeโ€ฆโ€ฆ..

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carry on youtuber au (day 10)

ignore the fact that it’s already dec 3 here in nz this is still relevant @carryon-countdown

☆ penny would totally be one of those cool youtubers like yasmin johal and maja anushka who just talk about things and beautifully word them and idk how to explain it but if u watch those yters you’d know what i mean
☆ ok now agatha
☆ agatha is usually characterized as one of those hecka goals beauty youtubers
☆ but what if she wasn’t
☆ like ok she’d post some makeup and fashion videos every once in a while but
☆ what if she could /sing/
☆ she has this wonderfully angelic and totally underrated voice and she only posts videos every so often but whenever she does she gets the best response
☆ kind of like a tessa violet or dodie clark yanno
☆ and bAZ
☆ in my head, i totally think that baz is basically savannah brown
☆ he does spoken word sometimes and does other nice and artsy videos
☆ not to mention the cute videos with his special guest boyfriend
☆ instead of sav and bert specials it would be sIMON AND BAZ SPECIALS
☆ which leads me to simon
☆ simon is a film geek
☆ he’s like a bertie gilbert but can only film with his shitty phone and edit with his flimsy macbook he’s had for the past three years
☆ he always asks to borrow baz’s equipment but he’s worried that simon will break them
☆ ok but like even tho he has shitty equipment he still makes top notch content
☆ and he doesn’t like talking in front of the camera all too much but when he does
☆ oh when he DOES
☆ he just rambles on and on about all of his favourite things
☆ but somehow they’re always so captivating and some people prefer those videos over his proper film ones
☆ like,,, think of supersamstuff when he does those videos
☆ idk man just imagine simon in front of a camera just talking for ten minutes straight
☆ it’s great

I drew a thing based on a facial expressions challenge or somethin on Instagram
I think my favorite part of this is the little paper down below Pete
Anyway idk what these idiots are doing??? I think they’re camping or sum shit??
Anywho I’m sorry I submit so much art aghhh I feel like it annoys you

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Some aftg prompts - "You think you're funny?" for andreil or "it wasnt me, i swear" wymack + the foxes? Only if you want!

okay these were such amazing prompts and i tried to mix them and wrote the worst mini fic ever. idk how it even got to the point it did

Neil had seen many things in his life, but the sight he was greeted with when walking into practice was not one he’d been prepared for.

He’d been explaining to Andrew just how much weight needs to be put into a helicopter before it will fall out of the sky, and despite the impossibly high number, Andrew was still convinced helicopters were death machines.

They’d been trailing behind the other foxes, but Nicky’s laughter and his sudden halt ended Andrew and Neil’s conversation, mainly because Neil walked directly into Nicky’s back.

Neil peered around to see what exactly had gotten Nicky’s attention, and there is was, sprayed onto the plexiglass.

The foxes had been subjected to a lot of vandalism when Kevin joined them, a mix of threats, pleads for Kevin’s return to the Ravens, and even a rare message of support. What was there now was something none of them had seen before.

In a messy sprawl, it wrote, ‘Kevin Day likes to play his stickball’. Underneath was a graphic image that revealed the double meaning to the words, and left Neil wondering if that was really what Kevin’s genitalia looked like. His and Andrew’s certainly didn’t.

Neil couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled up in his chest. “You think you’re funny?” Andrew asked him.

Neil looked at him. “You can’t think I did this? I was with you the entire night.”

“Mm hmm,” was all Andrew said.

Kevin was spluttering indignantly after his initial shock from the ‘art’. “Exy isn’t stickball! And I don’t play with my- with mine…”

Allison arched an eyebrow at him. “Really Kevin? You’ve never touched your own stick and balls? Poor Thea.”

Andrew was still watching Neil. “I didn’t do it,” Neil huffed. “Do you not remember the stuff we did last night? I literally went straight to bed after. Did you do it?”

Andrew gave him a bored look, his gaze lingering on Neil’s reddening cheeks. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Apparently Neil was in the clear, because Andrew turned away.

“What’s this?” Wymack demanded, walking over to where they’d gathered. When he saw the spray paint, he paused, amusement glinting in his eyes. His mouth curled up before he forced the smile back.

“Kevin’s stickballs have an admirer,” Dan giggled.

“Nicky, vandalism is illegal,” Wymack said.

“It wasn’t me!” Nicky exclaimed, which led to the group claiming their innocence.

“Well, it wasn’t me either.”

“I didn’t do it!”

“I never wanted to think about Kevin’s dick in the first place.”

None of the foxes ever find out the actual culprit. Allison took a photo before Wymack made the team clean it up, and the picture ends up on the lounge photo walls despite Kevin’s protests. No one is ever allowed to take it down.

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some people?? Self-deprecate?? to cope??? lmao but really, i don't mean to be mean but some people (like me) joke about their mental illness to help deal with it soooo... idk what your tag said but it probably wasnt too bad bc you're a queen !!! idk what this ask turned into but i love ur blog and ur so cool keep on doin you ya know

i love you so much thank you!! i feel really bad tbh i don’t like to ever hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel uncomfortable or offended. i would never come for anyone’s struggles/mental health/hardships like that. in my post finding my fidget spinner i wrote a tag saying “depression CURED” but… obviously as a joke.. and only ever in regards to myself. i feel really bad and i’m so sorry again ahhh but you understand me so that makes me feel better thank you and thank you for the nice comments i love you so much

Tododeku mermaid au with Deku as a smol merman who has a deep interest in humans, who meets Todo while he is out on a walk after getting in a fight with his father.

They sit and talk by the water alot, Todo telling him the good, and bad stuff hes experienced on land, and Deku becoming even more interested, learning how its not all good, even there. Merman Deku has a defective fin so he isnt able to do things all the others in his community can, which gets lonely. Todo tells him about being isolated from the rest of his siblings and the expectations placed upon him.

Neither of them are very good at swimming (since Todo wasnt really allowed to do much outside of train), so they practice together whenever Todo gets the chance to sneak away.

Its really gay


Chris had invited you to watch a movie at his house. You didnt want to go empty handed so you brought Starbucks with you. You turned off you car, grabbed the coffee and made your way to his front door. You hadn’t even finished knocking when Chris scared you by opening the door so fast “(Y/N), heyyy!” “Jesus Chris you scared me!” You said as he was pulling you into a hug. You could only hug him with one arm  because of the coffee. When you pulled away you didnt want to make it uncomfortable or awkward so you handed him the coffee. “I brought coffee I hope you like the carmel frapp.” “Haha I love it, thank you (Y/N). Come in” “So what are we watching?” You asked Chris while looking around his house. You haven’t been here for a while because of his tour. “Well,” Chris said. “I was thinking 21 jump street and blades of glory. Is that ok?” “Of course” “Ok you can get comfortable & I will make some popcorn to go with this wonderful coffee” Chris left to his kitchen and you sat down on of the the loveseats he had. After a while he came back and sat on the other love seat next to it. You guys sat in a comfortable silence with a few occasional laughs. When 21 jump street ended chris asked if you liked it “Of course, anything with channing Tatum is like an eyegasm” Chris laughed “How about we watch the vow since you think channing is totally hotttt” Chris said while in a girly as hell voice and moving his hands up and down. You laughed and when along with it “oh please chris hes totally to. Die. For.” You both laughed and then Chris asked you. “Why do girl love him so much anyways?” “Idk I guess because hes hott and he knows stripper moves” you smiled at chris knowing that wasnt the answer he was looking for. Chris stood up and said, “alright then.” You wondered what he was going to do, then he walked over to his speakers, plugged in his phone and Hatefuck played he started doing very sensual moves with his body. You both new he was embarrassing himself but that didnt stop him. You pulled out 2 1$ bills that yoy had in your pocket and threw them at him. At this point he had taken off his shirt and picked of the bills up and put in on the top of his pants. He made you laugh to the point where your stomach hurt and you couldnt breathe. After the song was over and you were starting to calm down you looked at chris again and started laughing all over again.  Chris patiently waited for about 8 minutes until you calmed down enough to talk again. “You like?” Chris asked while winking at you You laughed again “yes, truly beats the stripper club I go to” you said jokingly.  Of course chris being chris basically ran to you and started dancing really close to you to Slipknot (you guessed at this point he phone was on shuffle). The whole laughing process started again. When Chris was done you guys stood there laughing and hugging and then city lights came on. You looked into each other’s eyes and chris said, “will you dance with me?” “Yes” He cautiously placed his hand on your waist and let you into the middle of the room. At first you looked down but after a while you looked at him and realised he had been looking at you all along, you tried your hardest not to look away and it was hard. Despite him giving you a lap dance a few minutes ago you guys had never been so close. You liked it, he wasnt to hot or cold, he towered over you but the look that he had on his face was content, another difficult task of slow dancing with chris was you wanted to kiss him so bad but you knew he didnt like you that way. Sadly the song ended to soon but neither of you made an attempt to move away. You finally looked away from chris but didnt move, he was the first person to move. He took his hands away from your waist, put them on the sides of your neck and cheeks and he kissed you. He kissed you!!! Omf omf omf all that was going thru your head was ‘SON OF A! ASDDFGHJLLDJSJAKDFLFJDHSHAHASDHFKGK!!!!!!!!!!!! HES FUCKING KISSING ME!!!!!!! OH FUCK!!!’ You kissed back and when chris knew that you were into it to left one hand on your cheek and another on your waist to pull you closer. You wrapped your arms around his neck and had to go on your tippy toes cause he was so damn tall. When you guys pulled away for air (sadly) he looked into your eyes & you could see his pips moving like he wanted to say something but couldnt find the words so in attempt to solve this you kissed him again. The only thing that broke you two apart was a voice “Hey chris I brought back your guit- ohhhhhhhhh” it was ricky “Ricky I swear-” Chris was starting to say. “No no I get, ill leave” he set the guitar down and said “you kids half fun, just not TO much fun” he winked and left. You knew you were blushing like crazy after that. “Hey im sory about ricky” chris said. “No,” you laughed. “Its ok” The dreaded awkward silence took upon you guys. “Sooo,” Chris was starting to say. ” will you go out with me?” You smiled and said yes :) ***FIN*** (I suck dick at endings sorry)

major tlc spoilers

i think i remember something about an urn with linh garans ashes in the apartment in Cinder (correct me if i’m wrong) so chances are adri might’ve gotten peony cremated too. what if cinder managed to get her hands on peonys ashes (i cant think of how considering how assholey adri and pearl are) and kept them in the palace to honor her, because lets be real, if it wasnt for peony, a lot of the events before the revolution that led up to it wouldn’t have happened


i feel like i dont contribute enough in the kink community? like ive made one or two snezarios (is that a thing??) since i made this blog about a year ago (wow it’s been a year already), but i suck at interacting directly with other blogs (i just suck at messaging first okay) and ive only ever written one thing before and it wasnt even that good lmao

that being said i think i want to start bringing my o/cs out so i can start writing for real. i really wanna introduce them on this blog but i’m worried people won’t love them as much as i do so idk im torn, someone help? ?

MASTER POST on Aria being A

Okay so this is gonna be a post on all the evidence pointing to aria being A

so when we were watching this episode the black swan was suspicious and we may even have believed her to be A.

later in season 3 in the episode “birds of a feather” we find melissa to be the black swan but not A. Now look back at this

I.marlene.king also said A will be unmasked in this episode. and then ezra unmasks aria

- here is a MAJOR point on how aria could be A. so in the episode where hanna and aria sneak into radley to see mona. Mona says,” Miss Aria Your A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife” which spells out MAYA KNEW. Now I think that it means Aria killed the person in Allison’s grave or that Aria is part of the A-team/uberA and that is what Maya knew So Aria killed maya

-Also in this show they show Aria looking into mirrors very often. A split personality maybe 

External image

-now we all know aria has a thing with mirrors and it has to do with a personality disorder but we’re not sure yet but in this certain mirror pic she looks like herself but if you look in the mirror that only shows her backside it looks like mona!! ik right but thats not all maybe the reason for that is mona and aria are in this together both as A

External image

-Also in the first episode in the bar where ezria starts she orders a cheeseburger in later episodes The fact that aria is a vegetarian has came up. Is that a writer fault or maybe a split personality

-Also above if you read about the whole black swan thing. The black swan also deals with a mental disorder

-Again with the personality switching thing i dont know how this exactly fits together but when alison switched personalities i found it wierd that out of everyone she chose a personality like aria’s maybe even pretending to be Aria with the name vivian when there are several clues to aria having a personality disorder… after all i wouldnt be surprised if ali knew about it considering she knew everyones secrets

- In one episode Mona calls Aria “bigA” and aria rolls her eyes and lets not forget mona was at one point on the A team

-in 4x2 aria says to mona “if i can see you so can A” coincidence? maybe not

-I’ve found two moments where aria repeats A texts. one from 4x14 and 4x15

The other is this

External image

then in 4x24 ali reveals the night she was attacked this text came

“bitch cant see but i do tonights the night i kill you”

-these were some screenshots of aria’s file in sullivans office (not my pics)

- this looks like aria (not my pics)                                                                

- I marlene king posted this

then this happened

- then they get a text saying,“Leave the lamb and go for the lion.- Kisses, A.” aria means lioness in hebrew

I have so much more evidence but i think this should be enough in one post. I might make a part two idk. But let me just say NONE of these pics or gifs belog to me they are either from tumblr or google images  And ALL of the theories i just stated were not mine. They were all tumblr posts stating aria is A that convinced ME aria is A. And i wasnt trying to copy them i was just trying to organize them into one big post The only theory that beloned to me was the one where mona and aria are working together because in the mirror when aria turns around it looks like mona from the back.

Thanks i hoped you enjoyed it and please reblog and like :)

please message me if you feel any of the facts are incorrect or want to add anything