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Highschool! AU You x Yoongi

Rated: G fluffy fluff, slight angst

Word Count: 5091

A/N:  Been in a bit of a rut writing Lunatic and another story.  Had this dream a while ago and figured writing it would give you guys at least something to read while I’m still working on the mains.   

The first time Yoongi saw you at school he stared for an embarrassingly long time.  You were alone in one of the art rooms sitting at a pottery wheel.  He was simply passing by but the whir of the table had caught his attention.  Specks of wet and dry clay covered your smock, face and arms.  He’s still not sure why his first thought was that it was cute.  

After that time he found himself always walking slower through the art wing and looking out for you in the hallways.  It never failed to jolt his system every time he found what he was searching for.  He’d beat himself later on for getting so frazzled when he knew it was coming.  How stupid is it to be surprised by the thing you’re looking for?  

Your affection for him was much slower.  It was a gradual build up from nothing.  You started to get the feeling that you were being watched.  It would happen once or twice a day at school but you never could find the source.  It’s silly how you would put in more of an effort to your look in the morning.  You had also taken to being with your friends more often slightly afraid to be alone. 

A new semester begins and new schedules are memorized.  Yoongi has a study hall right after lunch that he knows will more than likely be spent in the music room.  The teachers all know that he spends most of his time there and will have no problem with the arrangement.  Still he decides he should show up on the first day.  

With even steps Yoongi saunters in and sits in the back.  He doesn’t expect to stay so why take a good seat.  With a long sigh he lays his head on the desk and waits for the teacher to come.  He listens to the room.  He pays attention to the sounds of each person entering the room and settling in.  

Two sets of footsteps enter and come close.  Two bags are set down what sounds like two spots to the left.  “I knew you’d want to sit in the back Y/N.  I’m sure you don’t expect to be here very often.”  A female voice softly deflates the hush of the room.  “Sorry to abandon you.”  A second pretty voice replies.  

Their words peak Yoongi’s interest a bit.  There is someone else in the school like him?  He never saw too many people in the music room out of schedule.  What could they be skipping out for?  Curiosity has him rolling his head to the side to see who it is.  

The shock through him almost knocks him right off the chair.  It was her.  There she was sitting two rows over with nothing but a desk in between.  This was the closest he’d been to his dream girl besides passing in the halls.  The proximity has his heart floundering in his chest.  

He’s trying to focus so hard on breathing normally and not passing out that he doesn’t notice the way he’s staring at her again.  You feel it right away.  That all too familiar feeling of being watched but it’s incredibly intense this time.  Your head whips in Yoongi’s direction to finally catch your culprit.  

Your stare meets his and time stops.  The both of you go wide eyed but just keep staring.  A silent mind battle wages between you.  It’s a sort of strange recognition.  You’ve been trying to find out who’s been watching you for months.  The look of shock and terror on the boys face you know it must be him.  It makes you feel as though you know who this is without knowing a single thing about him.

The tension instantly draws your friends attention to also look at Yoongi.  He doesn’t even bother to acknowledge her.  With the way you’re looking at him she knows who he is right away.  You tell her each time you get that feeling of being watched and she always tries to find who it is for you.

The teacher finally enters and breaks the connection.  She holds your attentions for a few opening remarks.   She calls names for attendance.  Now you both know each other’s full names and sort of what your voices sound like, or at least how you say “present.”   

Yoongi spends the rest of the period with his head buried in the desk wishing he could disappear.  The way you stared back made his stomach knot up.  You must know that he’s been watching you.  He can feel how red his cheeks are from embarrassment for ten whole minutes.     

Once the teacher was done speaking you and your friend Yuri spend the time texting.

(Yuri) That’s him right?  Your stalker?  

(You) I guess so.  Unless I look that scary today.    

(Yuri) Can’t believe Min Yoongi is your stalker.  

         You poor girl.

(You) Why?  What’s wrong with him?  

(Yuri) Nothing really.  

        Just some weird rumors.  

(You) Ugh. Like what?  

(Yuri) Kids quiet.  

        Music student who is always in the music wing.  

        He’s really into hip hop.  

        I even hear he’s secretly an underground rapper.

(You) Really? He doesn’t look that bad?  

(Yuri) Idk girl.  Just be careful.  

        He’s probably got like a gun or something.  Or in a gang.  

Since Yoongi has his head down you take the time to look him over.  He really didn’t look like he’d be in a gang or something like that.  His uniform was standard and unaltered.  He didn’t even have his ears pierced.  Without seeing his face well he looked pretty normal.  

After that day Yoongi never came back to the room.  He’d always make a beeline for the music rooms during that time.  He hoped that you would forget about the whole thing.  He even promised himself he’d try to stop staring at you.  Anything would be better than that look you gave him.  

Unfortunately for Yoongi quite the opposite happens.  Word travels fast in the school that he’s got a crush on you.  Yuri is your dear friend but she always does talk a bit too much.  She managed to blow Yoongi’s little secret into a school wide gossip in a matter of two days.  

Yoongi hates it.  He hates the way people look at him.  Some of them look at him like a creep while others obnoxiously giggle or tease him for it.  He’s always been good at blending into the background.  It’s uncomfortable being the focus of everyone around him.  Worst of all he hates the rigid silence that blankets a room or hall when the two of you are close to each other.    

The whole thing makes Yoongi furious.  He doesn’t know which of you started the rumor but he’s blaming both you and Yuri.  Even if you had nothing to do with starting the rumor he’s disappointed with the way you handle it.  The way you blatantly try to ignore him and avoid him even if you now know the truth.  A real confession hadn’t been made so obviously he wasn’t expecting an answer or for you to fall for him now.  He just wants you to maybe try to talk it out to help him explain his side and shut everyone up.  

Yoongi hates the situation so much he starts to hate you.  With everyone’s eyes on him he had to stop looking at you.  Over time his anger made him not want to look at you.  Even just the slightest glance in your direction got him fuming about it all over again.  It’s all your fault that his quiet lifestyle is shattered in bits.  

Your reaction to the whole thing is the exact opposite.  Despite Yuri’s warning you find yourself looking out for Yoongi.  At first you’re so embarrassed with the way people react that you avoid him.  Over time you get curious about him.  Since he’s not looking at you anymore it’s easy to watch him for a short time.  Sure he’s not strikingly handsome but he has nice enough features and pure milky white skin.  

It’s not his looks that drag you in but his mystery.  Why was he interested in you?  What about the other rumors?  What about his rapping?  You learn small things about him like how he’s really a good student and probably loves music as much as you love art.  

It all makes you want to reach out to him but it’s a little too late.  It’s been weeks since you found out it’s him and you haven’t said a word to him.  Though he certainly doesn’t make it easy for you to approach him.  These days he’s taken to glaring at you if you make eye contact.  That icy hard stare keeps you in your place.  

Perhaps you were wrong in thinking that he was watching you because he liked you.  Maybe he really did hate you for some reason.  Maybe Yuri is right and he’s planning your murder right now.  Those thoughts keep you from getting too close to your mystery man.  

Yoongi hates today.  No single day could possibly be worse than this day for the rest of his life.  He had a dream about you last night.  A simple dream about just talking to you.  Actual face to face talking like normal people with no one else to worry about.  It had been so nice that it tears him up.  He’s supposed to hate you but that had felt so right it made his resolve of anger waver.  

The whole morning at school he can’t stop thinking about that damn dream.  He can’t get it out of his head how pleasant it was and how wrong that is.  His biology test he’s sure he failed because he was daydreaming about how his own heart was feeling instead of labeling the anatomy of one.  

It goes on through each class all day until he’s given himself a migraine.  The study hall period finally comes and Yoongi is ready to nap away his problems in the music room.  When he gets there the teacher is giving someone a saxophone lesson of all things.  He tries the soundproof practice rooms but the honking of this beginner still makes his temples throb.  

He gets an idea but it’s not a good option at all.  Still he heads to the study hall room in hopes that you spent today in the art room.  Every head turns to look at Yoongi when he comes in the room.  It’s dead quiet like a ghost just appeared in the doorway.  The only good thing about this room is that you are not in it.  

He makes his way to the back trying to avoid all the eyes.  Just as he reaches his desk he notices it’s pushed together with the one next to it and yours.  A strange collection of objects are arranged across the surface.  Yoongi can tell they are set up in a specific pattern but he can’t figure it out.  

He groans and rubs at his throbbing temples.  With an annoyed grunt he clears all of the stuff off of his desk and piles it onto the back counter.  A few loud scrapes of the desk and chair legs across the floor grate through the room before Yoongi is settling back into his place.  He drops his head against the cool surface and thinks he can finally get some peace.  

Not even two minutes later he can hear the door open and two sets of footsteps coming toward the back.  They stop one desk away and pause.  “Min Yoongi what the hell?  Why did you move this stuff?”  Yuri asks close by.  Yoongi would consider ignoring her and pretending he’s asleep but he’s too angry and hates this girl just a bit too much to let it go.  

He picks up his head a few inches and gives Yuri his best death glare.  “Well why was your stuff on my desk?”  He spits back.  Yuri scoffs and throws back her own daggers.  “How is it your desk?  You’ve only sat in it once.  What are you even doing in here?”  She takes a step closer and puts her hands on her hips.  Yoongi takes brief notice of the panic in your eyes.  

“Doesn’t matter if I’ve only used it once I’m still entitled to my own desk.  And I was trying to get some rest so why don’t you be quiet and let me do that.”  Yuri is ready to retaliate again but the teacher cuts in.  “Kids don’t fight.  Yuri just take that other extra desk and leave him alone.”  Yoongi smirked and settled his head back down.  

Yuri huffs but steps away.  The other desk is a bit further away and instead of picking it up she starts to drag it slowly through the room.  The loud squeal of the legs against the floor and rattle of the top irks Yoongi to no end and he knows she’s doing it on purpose.  

Once the new desk has replaced Yoongi’s the girls set to work resetting the objects.  All the little sounds and soft chatter of their infrequent talking keep Yoongi on edge.  He gives up on trying to sleep but keeps his head lowered anyway.  

The time he has to daydream automatically goes back to his dream from the night.  It drives him crazy that you’re right next to him but his dream would never come true.  He fights so hard to resist the urge to look at you.  To try and see what you’re thinking.  

His will crumbles and he peeks open one eye.  It’s just in time to notice you picking up a notebook with an old dial telephone on top of it.  The receiver is left behind you on the counter and stuck under the pile of other things.  Yoongi watches in horror as you keep walking and pulling the cable farther and farther.  With a clatter of things crashing to the floor the receiver flies forward.  

It slings right past you and hits Yoongi in the thigh.  If it were any other day and any other person Yoongi would have barely flinched.  Today his nerves are simply too frayed to keep bottled in any longer.  

The receiver has barely hit the ground before he jumps out of his seat and turns on you.  His hands are balled into tight fists.  “What the hell is wrong with you?!”  He yells.  In one motion he picks up the receiver and closes the distance between you.  “Can’t you do one simple fucking thing right?!  All I asked is for some peace but I can never get that with you around!”  

Yoongi shakes the phone in your face with each point he makes.  He throws it to the desk, knocking over half the things you’ve reset.  His eyes never stop burning into yours and you don’t dare look away.

“Why are you even in here?  Can’t you do this shit in the fucking art room like a normal person?  Do you see me practicing my music in here?  Of course not!  You’re being a huge pain in the ass like usual!”

By that time the teacher has come to stand near by.  “Yoongi.  Let’s stop this now.”  The teacher says in a level tone.  He’s really glad she did.  The simple request diffuses his rant.  He slumps forward and heaves in and out deep breaths.  

Since he’s broken the eye contact you can look away.  Tears immediately slip down your cheeks and you spin around into Yuri’s open embrace.  Normally Yuri would’ve had some other things to say to Yoongi but even she is a bit shaken with how defiant and angry he is.    

Yoongi mutters a barely audible “Sorry” to no one in particular.  Then he grabs his bag and ducks out of the room.  He only gets halfway down the hall before the bell rings and students start to fill in around him.  The temptation to skip his next class is so strong but he thinks better of it.  He’s caused enough trouble for one day.  

It is his last class anyway and he can’t wait to get it over with.  It’s history class and the old man who teaches it drones on in a monotonous voice.  He makes it all too easy for Yoongi to mull over the stupid thing he’s just done.  

Why did he have to yell at her like that?  He really didn’t mean to be so upset.  Too many feelings are coursing through his mind.  He thought he hated her but it was just hate for how things had become.  Deep down he still had a crush on her and he knew it.  He has a crush on a girl and he made her cry.  Cursed in her face and made her cry.  Way to go.  

He’s even more glad now that the teacher had intervened.  If she hadn’t who knows what else he might have done or said.  Given enough time to rant he more than likely would’ve spilled all of his thoughts on her.  He would’ve told her how much he liked her and hated that the whole school teased him about it to the point that he thought he hated her.  

The last period finishes a lot faster than usual with his thoughts so preoccupied.  Yoongi drags himself through the halls to his homeroom class for the last ten minutes of the day.  They go over some upcoming events before the teacher dismisses them.  He starts to leave but she calls him to the front.  

She looks a bit upset and it worries him.  “Yoongi you have detention today.  Mrs. Jung said it was for threatening another student and using foul language.  Is that true?”  Yoongi groans.  Great another half an hour stuck here with his somber thoughts.  “Yes, Ma’am.”  He answers with a lowered head.  She’s more than shocked that he really did something like this.  “Yoongi dear is everything okay?  What happened?”  

Yoongi sighs and rubs the back of his neck.  He knows that it’s her job to care about these kinds of things but he really doesn’t want to explain this situation to her.  “It’s really nothing teacher.  I just had a bad dream last night and couldn’t sleep so I was in a bad mood.  I was trying to rest in study hall but someone woke me and I over reacted.  I promise it won’t happen again ma’am.”  

It takes a moment of her studying his face to be sure he’s telling the truth.  It’s not exactly a lie so it’s easy for him to make it believable.  “Alright.  Just please make sure you get some sleep tonight okay?”  She gives him a soft smile and finally let’s him go.  

Surprisingly Yoongi doesn’t spend the whole half an hour of detention thinking about his actions.  Even though that’s technically what he’s supposed to be doing here.  He’s had just about enough of facing his feelings for one day. 

A few days pass and word had spread quite quickly about their incident.  Students went back to giving Yoongi the cold shoulder and even making an effort to stay away from him.  Some students were really starting to believe that Yoongi had originally been staring at you because he hated you for some reason.       

The whole thing had really levelled you.  Until that point you believed that Yoongi was interested in you.  Despite everyone telling you to stay away, you couldn’t help but grow a little fond of him.  Then out of nowhere he insults you and makes you feel like garbage.  No one had ever been that angry with you before.  What could you possibly have done to make him hate you so much?

Friday comes and Yoongi couldn’t be happier.  The last few days have marginally mellowed out his stress.  He really needs two days holed up in his room with his music equipment to finish getting out his last bits of frustration.  

Homeroom ends and he heads to the music room.  He wants to borrow a certain audio mic for the hundredth time.  The music teacher has no problem at all loaning the mic to him.  Yoongi takes the case carefully and heads back out.  

He has to pass through the art wing to get to the exit but it barely registers until he’s already in it.  He passes an open door with the faint sounds of Epik High floating out into the hall.  Just like the first time the sound has him looking inside.  

There you are sitting at a high top desk.  The laptop in front of you runs an audio program that Yoongi knows all too well.  Every so often you change the screen to a video program linked to the audio.  It takes Yoongi a few minutes to realize that you are frustratedly trying to get the audio to play at the right time with the video but they aren’t syncing correctly.  That’s when he realizes he’s been staring again.  

Yoongi keeps telling himself to leave, that he’s being a total creep again but your little huffs of annoyance are keeping him rooted in place.  How dumb is he to be doing this again.  Standing here where all the trouble started thinking about how cute you are.

After ten full minutes of watching you struggle Yoongi decided it would be harmless to help you out quick and leave.  He steps just inside the doorway and clears his throat.  It doesn’t get your attention so he tries again.  “Excuse me?”  He asks softly with another stride forward.  

This time you lift your head and turn it slowly not wanting to tear your eyes away from the screen.  You thought about glaring at whoever was interrupting you but your annoyance dies with the sight of who it is.  You have to grab onto the table to keep yourself from falling off your stool.  

You panic.  What if he’s here to yell at you again?  What if he tries to hurt you or worse?  Is there anyone still in the building to hear you scream?  He is the last person you want to be alone with right now.  

“Sorry.  Didn’t mean to scare you.”  Yoongi says softly.  Your eyes grow even wider because wow it really is Min Yoongi standing here.  “I uh.  I saw you struggling with that.  Not that I was watching you or whatever.  Just heard the music on my way by.”  Yoongi speaks slowly and you miss most of what he says.  

You’re still frozen in place so he pauses to tilt his head and step a bit closer.  Did you just die of fright?  The lack of reaction let alone movement from you is making this so uncomfortable for Yoongi.  “Um.  Well anyway I know quite a bit about that program.  I could help you out if you wanted.  If not I can just go.  I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”  He rubs the back of his neck and takes a step back.  

Finally the gears in your head start to turn.  Did he really just offer to help you?  There was no yelling or cursing?  Is he leaving?  The last question startles you out of your stupor.  “Oh! Um. No you don’t have to go.  That’s really…nice of you to ask.”  You splutter.  Yoongi stops and waits for more of a go ahead.  

“Actually, yeah that would be great if you could help.  I’ve been stuck with this stupid problem for like two hours today and I can’t fix it for the life of me.”  Yoongi smiles a bit at your exasperated tone and maybe a bit because you agreed to him helping.  You can’t believe you just witnessed a smile on Yoongi’s face.

Yoongi takes the few more steps up to the desk.  “May I?”  He asks before you let him slide the computer closer to himself.  Right away he gets into the program and sets up what he needs.  Within minutes he’s fixed your problem with ease.  He even explains each step of it carefully to you for next time.  The height difference is a bit awkward with him standing and you in the stool just above his eye level.  

“Wow you made that look too easy.”  You say shaking your head.  “Nah.  That used to be a big problem for me too.  Just takes some practice with the system.”  Yoongi easily brushes off your insecurity.  “So this is a project for your art class I’m guessing?”  He asks.  That’s when your brain clicks again.  

“Oh!  Yes for um visual editing.  We had to make a stop motion video.”  You answer nervously because yes this was the class assignment but it was also for Yoongi.  Months ago when you thought he liked you, you started this project to give to him.  

“That’s cool.  Why this song though?  It’s my favorite.  You also like Epik High?”  Yoongi is truly curious about this.  “Yea they’re good.  I just thought it would go well with the images I had in mind.”  You answered while fiddling with your sleeves.  

That was mostly the truth.  The other truth being you’d never heard the song until the day you walked by the music room and heard Yoongi rapping to it.  That had been your turn to stare through the open door.  

“So are you finished with it now?  Could I see it if you don’t mind?”  Yoongi asks shyly.  Oh dear.  He wants to see the video?  I mean sure it’s supposed to be for him but you hadn’t prepared yourself to show it to him just yet.  Though in this situation it would be too weird to say no.  

“Yeah sure.  Let me know what you think.”  Your heart pounds in your chest as you start the finished video.  It starts perfectly with the music for the first time and you’re excited about that at least.  

Yoongi recognizes the objects in the video right away.  It’s all the things you had laid out on the desk that he ruined twice.  The filming made all those random things look like a small city.  It pans back to a cassette tape that breaks apart.  The tape film swirls up and turns into the silhouette of a sparrow that flies back down through the city and up toward the sky.  The camera pans back down over everything to show the city spells out FLY.  

The video ends and Yoongi is honestly in awe.  The whole thing is so beautifully done.  To have a special video to his favorite song like this is really incredible.  It made the feelings he has for you swell a little more in his chest.  “This is really incredible.  Honestly so creative.”  

You can’t keep back the blush of your cheeks from his compliments.  It made all of the hard work worth it.  Who cares about getting a good grade because Min Yoongi just told you your work is incredible.  

“Thanks.  I uh sort of made this for you anyway.”  You mumble towards the floor.  Why were you even confessing this?  Yoongi turns to you in surprise.  “For me?  What do you mean?”  He asks.  

You take in a deep breath and try to look at him but you just can’t.  It’s time to spill before your nerves can hold you back.  “A few months ago when everyone was telling me you liked me I really believed it.  I’m sorry I never said anything to you about it but everyone kept telling me to stay away from you.  That you had some secret life outside of school.  Like something silly with underground rapping and having a gun and oh god all kinds of ridiculous rumors.  They scared me off at first but I was also curious.  I think while I was trying to figure you out I started to like you.  I thought I could make this for you as a way to kind of break the ice or whatever.  One day after that I heard you rapping this song in the music room and I looked it up.  I put the whole thing together but then the other day you snapped at me.  I thought maybe you actually hated me and were planning my murder or something.  So anyway if you’re here now helping me out I guess you don’t hate me that much?”

Wow that was a lot.  It was a lot for Yoongi to take in and it was a lot for you let out.  “Wait, so you, like me?”  Yoongi asks after taking a long time to process the information.  “Uh, well yeah I guess I do.  Is that all you got out of that?”  You chuckle a bit and Yoongi blushes.  “No! No, I get everything.  I’m so flattered that you made this for me.  Honestly it’s the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me.”  You both smile

“And no, I don’t hate you.  Not at all.  Sure I thought I hated you for a while.  I don’t know what happened that one day I saw you in here making pottery and I just thought you were so cute.  I couldn’t stop thinking about you or watching you at school.  When you found out I was watching you and the whole school found out I was mortified.  I realized what a creep I had been for just watching you like that.  I don’t like being the center of attention and I was so annoyed with it all that I started blaming it on you.  Which is totally stupid.  That day I yelled at you I had a dream the night before about talking to you like this and I couldn’t sleep well after that.  I was grumpy and frustrated about my feelings.  It was stupid of me to take it out on you like that.  So thank you for still liking me after something like that.”  

Something peaceful and warm settles in the room.  All of the tensions between the two of you dissipate into thin air and are finally replaced with attraction.  “Well now that we know we like each other.  Would you agree to a date with me tomorrow?  Maybe a movie or something?”  Yoongi asks.  He looks you right in the eye.  He’s so full of courage now that everything is out in the open.  

“I think that would be great.”  Again you both smile.  The faraway longing and pining for each other now flourishing into a close connection.


SECRETS (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: May I request a Bellamy x reader imagine where reader is a grounder (young, like 17) and her and Bellamy cross paths and she forgot her weapons so they just kind of stand face to face having a stare down before he backs up and puts his hands up and for some reason she believes he’s not gonna do anything and idk they talk and argue and what not before they begin forming a secret relationship? The others find out and are angry about it at first until she helps them with injuries and…

A/N: Hii, i never received the second part for this imagine so if you want to send it through again, i’ll be glad to make a part 2 xoxo

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

You were silent and still, your eyes never leaving the mans. He could attack at any time and being the idiot you are, you forgot your weapons. You are ready to fight him regardless. The sun hits his brown eyes, emitting a golden glow from them. His eyes pierce yours and his chest rises and falls at the sight of a grounder. But it wasn’t just that - if there wasn’t the very real chance that you could kill him, he would think you’re beautiful. 

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okay but consider this

HOGWARTS x haikyuu au where the karasuno kids go to hogwarts (naturally)

- a very confused and lonely kageyama getting sorted into slytherin house and being sad abt it because he hears it’s the most ‘evil’ house

- but then kags meets a dazzling second year named oikawa tooru who’s so nice to him and he’s so in awe of him and he realises slytherin is nowhere near as bad as they make it out to be plus they have the best house parties (according to him)

- having flying lessons with this annoying kid hinata from gryffindor but after a fiery quidditch match/flying lesson against him they kinda sorta just become good friends but rivals

- kenma sitting in the ravenclaw common room, playing on his ds, all alone and kinda sad but kinda relieved but then he meets tsukishima kei and they become strange friends

- kenma being invited to slytherin house parties because of kuroo and also gryffindor because of hinata and he basically ends up spending half his time in the other two houses’ common rooms

- tsukki wishing he could be in hufflepuff because every day he misses being with yamaguchi but he’s too proud to say that to him

- suga being the older third year mentor to yama in hufflepuff and teaching him everything about potions because suga’s really good at potions idk and about life in general

- suga also going over to gryffindor’s common room to “study” with daichi

- hogsmeade dates between suga and daichi/kags and hinata eventually/tsukki and yama eventually/kiyoko and yachi/tanaka and noya but they go as bROs just BROS we’re holding hands bc we’re BROS we’re cuddling close because BROS here noya drink some of my hot chocolate it’s nice hey BRO hey tanaka kiss me BRO



- TANAKA AND NISHINOYA CONSTANTLY BEING IN DETENTION AND MCGONAGALL’S ALL “whaT theFUCK i thought the marauders and the weasley twins and the trio were enough why does the universe hate me” (mcgonagall lives forever idk)


- Tanaka and Noya having a huge fight in the Gryffindor common room because one of them realises he’s in love with the other and it causes him to distance himself and that makes the other one really angry and hurt and why is my best friend sli[pping away from me i need him i need him, he chokes through tears and can’t sleep at night because why is he not talking to me anymore~~

- one of them yelling at each other and saying something like ‘wtf did i do to you you just fucking walked away and i don’t know why, this is bullshit’ and the other one getting all ‘what do you want from me i can’t stick around forever’ and really really really hurting the other one but what choice does he have

- the other one being really really close to him and saying ‘i want you to be my best friend again,’ and the close proximity is almost too much for the other one to handle and then one of them just grabs the other one and one of them kisses the other and they both go bright red and the entire gryffindor common room is like WHOA except for suga who is visiting daichi and is like “daichi u owe me 10 galleons”

- tanaka and nyoa going to hogsmeade as boyfriends and hand-holding becomes suddenly romantic and there’s fireworks and electricity whenever tanaka adjusts noya’s hair and there’s snow everywhere and they have their first real kiss and it’s not rough and sloppy like before it’s soft and tentative and full of nervous laughter but then tanaka cracks a joke and it’s all okay againa nd eeverything is perfect

- tanaka and noya snuggling in each other’s beds (they had done that before but strictly No Homo) and kissing this time and exploring each other’s bodies for the first time and

- they’re still wreaking havoc in the gryffindor common room and everything’s exactly the same as before but now they’re both so much happier that’s it that’s all that’s changed and the occasional nose-kissing and sitting-in-your-arms-while-i-do-homework maybe and the mind-blowing sex and brojobs whenever they can

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What would the MC and RFA's first kiss be like?

First Kiss!

Just to clarify that this won’t follow the canon first kisses and Jaehee’s will contain spoilers for her route (hers will be the last one listed in this answer)! Thanks for the request hope you are having a good day friend~


  • he struggles at first with knowing how to express emotion appropriately in his route, and I don’t really think he’d be very “smooth” about your first kiss
  • whilst going to see jumin which also means seeing elizabeth the 3rd at his penthouse, jumin receives an emergency call from work, and whilst usually he can get away with spending the time with you instead, it’s clear that it is not something he can put off, so he reminds you that you are welcome to stay and to make yourself comfortable, he probably lists where all the rooms are if you need anything even if you have visited plenty of times before
  • elizabeth the 3rd gets bored quite quickly, and starts meowing for her daddy papa jumin, but she calms down when you start playing with her, and soon you find yourself running around the apartment waving a toy and letting elizabeth the 3rd chase after it, although she soon tires of it and wants to just snooze and not do much at all until jumin is back
  • all the running around wears you out, so you decide to nap with elizabeth the 3rd on the couch, it doesn’t seem like jumin is going to be back any time soon so a short nap isn’t going to hurt!
  • the short nap turns into a pretty damn long one and jumin comes back to see you and elizabeth the 3rd curled up together, sound asleep, and he softly smiles, happily admiring his two favourite people, and he just really has the urge to kiss you, you just look so cute and peaceful (okay the poor Elly isn’t a damn person but cats are precious I swear)

  • he’d gently crouch down and place a hand on your shoulder to wake you, and would announce that he’s going to kiss you, jumin very much seems like he would almost narrate what he’s going to do, he’s never really expressed romantic emotions before, apart from a little during the time rika was around and he had implied unrequited feelings for her, and just says what he thinks
  • jumin is also like yoosung in the sense that he is inexperienced, and the first time he kisses you, it is literally both your lips slightly grazing against each other, but I think he would quickly realise that he didn’t apply quite enough pressure and would immediately try again and would get it a little better
  • unlike yoosung, he doesn’t worry quite as much if the kiss was perfect or anything, he’s confident he will have plenty of opportunities to perfect the art of kissing but would still be curious to know what you thought of it, he definitely would stick to gentle but passionate kisses and would only be a lot rougher with his kisses if he knew you were into it (js that jumin would give some pretty hot rough kisses okay)
  • bonus: okay just imagine jumin using his free hand to cover elizabeth the 3rds eyes, his lil baby needs to be censored from such behaviour


  • a first kiss means a lot to seven but he doesn’t let it show, and likes things to remain light hearted
  • the first time you guys “kiss” is when he puts two of those damn Honey Buddha Chips in his mouth to create like a duck beak and tilts your chin so he can kiss you with the chips in his mouth, and it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that he even does this
  • why is he like this
  • he certainly doesn’t want to leave things just at a joke kiss, but used it as an opportunity to see if you are interested in/wanting to kiss him in the first place
  • of course, you don’t want your first kiss to be like that at all, and you take the chips from Luciel’s mouth and give him a quick peck on the lips before walking away and hiding in the kitchen as if nothing just happened, it’s always such good fun to troll Seven after the amount of times he’s played silly pranks on you (and probably Yoosung bless him that kid is gullible as all hell)
  • Seven probably sits there for a little bit, wondering how the hell he just got trolled so hard by you before going off to find you, not hesitating in walking up to you and leaning against you slightly, essentially trapping you against the kitchen side, and now that he knows for sure that you both want to kiss each other, he goes straight in for a a fairly deep kiss considering it’s your first time kissing each other, and then he pulls back and stands there with his arms around you and his chin resting on the top of your head for a little while, enjoying the break from the ridiculous amount of work he has and just the satisfaction along with the peaceful atmosphere


  • Yoosung talks a lot about how much having a girlfriend means to him and everything in the game, so a first kiss is definitely a big deal in his opinion
  • like Seven, I don’t think he’d want the first kiss to be in completely serious circumstances, although he is definitely not as light-hearted about it as Seven would appear to be
  • for a while, Yoosung shies away from having a first kiss with you, in all fairness, both of you seem quite content in just cuddling for the time being, although both of you are guilty of hinting that a first kiss would definitely be something you’d both like to go for, you’ve caught him glancing at your lips on quite a few occasions
  • it’s not until one afternoon where he lets you wreak havoc on his LOLOL account (it took you ages for you to persuade him to let you anywhere near his account) that he’s hit with a realisation of how much he likes/loves you whilst you are sat on his lap, almost yelling at his computer screen in frustration when someone mercilessly destroys all the hard work you’d managed to do in LOLOL, followed by the sound of you laughing heartily when you see other players also get completely destroyed (okay idk how this game is played okay don’t even question it)
  • he nervously asks if he can kiss you, I don’t think he seems like he’d just go for it, he needs the verbal reassurance from you that it is okay for him to kiss you
  • yoosung tells you how happy he is to be with you, and reminds you that he is happy that you are not the same as rika (he still feels guilty about thinking you were one and the same at first), before giving you a very short kiss
  • he is probably visibly blushing, from the sounds of things he is very inexperienced and would probably ask if the kiss was any good, I think he would always be a little anxious that he isn’t any good at it and you didn’t enjoy it, and whilst he isn’t exactly a pro at it until he gets practice, it still is lovely


  • Zen seems so flirty in the chats, but he sends you home after you hold his hand back at his place, and he’s overwhelmed by just this much, then it made me think that a first kiss seems like a much bigger deal than he lets on
  • the next time you go to his late at night, he takes you back up to balcony to gaze at the stars again, at least he doesn’t hesitate to put his hand on yours on the balcony rail, but he chickens out again of going in for a kiss, afraid he’ll be overwhelmed the poor thing, but he is very determined to overcome it, but wants it to be romantic, Zen wouldn’t half ass your first kiss
  • your first “official” date out at a fancy restaurant is where you finally get that first kiss, but throughout the evening, the perfect opportunities for a kiss always get interrupted, he starts to lean across the table for a kiss a little while after you first sit down, the atmosphere is so relaxed and the tables all have candles on them, in his eyes it is very romantic and the perfect timing
  • but then the waiter arrives, just as he gets close to you
  • the next opportunity comes along when you and zen both get up to leave, he pulls out your chair for you and holds an arm out for you to hold onto, and your face is in super close proximity to Zen’s, but you are again interrupted by the waiter, who brings over the bill to be paid (RIP Zen)
  • it’s not until you are outside taking a stroll back to Zen’s apartment that you get the real opportunity for a kiss, but he waits until you get into a quieter part of town where the stars are more visible and there aren’t really any cars passing by, and just stops walking, and tells you to look up at the stars
  • he probably compares you to the stars and comments that he is more beautiful than all the stars together
  • he’d slide an arm around your waist and pull you close, and just guiltily stare at you as you watch the stars for a little while in comfortable silence, honestly just captured by the way the moonlight illuminates your face what a sap
  • he doesn’t verbally really give any warning that he’s going to kiss you, but when he turns to face you and moves his hand to your cheek, it’s a pretty good indication, and he at first goes for a short, sweet and chaste kiss and pulls back just to make sure you’re okay, but then once he sees that you’re clearly at ease, he definitely leans back in for a deeper kiss
  • on the rest of the walk back to his apartment, zen appears to be keeping his cool but inside he is pretty much losing his shit
  • zen very much likes pda so this is gonna be the first kiss of many!


much love to my bae who helped with this one!!!! SPOILER ALERT FOR THIS ONE

  • after opening your coffee shop together, you and jaehee fall into a comfortable routine of sitting together after you are closed for the evening and jaehee always makes you a coffee, you can never get tired of how well she makes them, and after gaining more confidence, she starts putting designs on the top of them. Your ‘friendship’ definitely feels like it’s developed into something more, and there’s been minimal hints from both you and jaehee that you are into each other, but no one has said anything
  • the designs on the top of the coffee she makes for you start off as fairly normal ones, but one day she brings across a coffee with a heart on the top, and at first, you think nothing of it, but jaehee is totally smiling, although she doesn’t say anything
  • after it being so hectic during the day, she probably appreciates just having some quiet for a little bit, and gazes out of the window with you, the sun just starting to set and the sky is gorgeous hues of purple and orange
  • both of you avoid looking at each other, and when you look down at your coffee, jaehee reaches to push your hair out of your face and tuck it behind your ear, it is completely silent, save for the sound of you both lightly breathing, and the atmosphere just feels perfect, the coffee shop dimly lit and everything just has a romantic feel to it
  • as she tucks your hair behind your ear, you lean forward and jaehee opts for a kiss on the cheek, but you misjudge it completely and it accidentally turns into a “proper” kiss, and you can feel the heat rise on your cheeks and you can tell that jaehee isn’t really in much of a better state, but neither of you pull away
  • MC asks jaehee if she wants to try it again, and jaehee probably nervously laughs softly and agrees, and you can feel her smiling as you both go for another kiss, this time a little more ready
  • your first kiss with jaehee would be very simple and in the eyes of others it wouldn’t seem that special, but to you it means a lot, and it feels very intimate
Don’t You Go // 2

Summary: will tom get the girl idk read 2 find out

Requested: No but I’m Tom trash and this idea literally came out of my ass after listening to an All Time Low song (it’s called Don’t You Go, also Stella give them a listen!)

Warnings: Fluff it’s literally so gross I’m sorry

Notes: Dis the last part

You had never been the one to allow yourself to get too attached - that’s why it hadn’t hurt you when you and your ex ended your relationship at that party six months ago. It’s also why you hadn’t allowed yourself to be involved with Tom. That month you had spent together was amazing, too good to be true, almost. But, you knew what you were capable of. You knew the casualties. You never wanted to hurt Tom the way you knew you could - it scared you to even think it.  
Tom on the other hand, was beyond confused. Was far too hurt already (not that you would know, you hadn’t seen him in four months and twenty-two days… not that he was counting, of course), he couldn’t help but think about all the possible ways he might have hurt you, might have given you a reason to leave, but he couldn’t find one (spoiler: he hadn’t hurt you, he just hadn’t realized how set you were about not wanting another boyfriend).

Tom went to every party he was invited to, in hopes he’d see even a flash of your hair or catch a slight sniff of your scent, but he came up empty each time. Goddammit, why did he have to be so in love with you all these years? Why did he let it get so far? Why was he standing outside of another house, listening to a blonde woman talk his ear off about how she’d like to show him the view of LA at her place? Simple: to see you, of course. The girl he hadn’t stopped thinking about since the moment he met you four years ago. That’s all he hoped for at each of these unbearable parties. And when he finally did see you, after four months and twenty-two, well, twenty-three (was it 2 AM already?) days, he froze in place, his eyes locking with yours as he memorized the small smile that played on your lips and your sweet, regretful and apologetic eyes that bore into his, they almost looked like they were screaming at him to come up to you. As he stood up straight from where he was leaning onto his car, the blonde-headed woman wormed her way closer to him. You caught just a glimpse of their proximity before ripping your gaze off him as your heart ached just the slightest. Of course he had a new girlfriend, you had left without a word. What was he supposed to do? Mourn you as if he were a widow?  

So, you did what you thought was best. You mustered up the dignity you had left, and pranced into the house of the party that was being hosted that night, tagging along with your friends, trying to erase the image of Tom with another girl that seemed to permanently be etched into your brain.

You laughed and laughed that night, not meaning any of it. You cringed at how out of place and lost you felt. You smiled weakly at the gentleman in front of you, him trying so desperately to woo you. You hadn’t seen Tom sulking over you and the young man talking, the envy in his eyes. The hurt that reflected off of him was enough to not only break his own heart but to burst anyone else’s who dared look at him.

Tom had decided he’d had enough (around the same time you did) and walked outside for some fresh air, not realizing you followed not far behind. As you both stood outside of opposite sides of the door, not yet realizing you were so close and so alone, you began to shiver, not realizing the temperature dropping so drastically. You mindlessly looked around, taking in the scenery, before you had noticed who was not even fifteen feet away from you - the man you so desperately wanted to prove you were okay without (which of course, failed). Tom looked at you at the same time, a smile creeping its way onto both of your faces.

He beckoned you over with a nod of his head, one arm extended for you, which you hurriedly walked into, wrapping yourself fully into him. He took in your scent as you memorized the length of his back and the feel of his unruly, uncut hair.  
He was so caught up in your small reunion, he failed to remember the fact that you had left him alone in his room with a broken heart. He reluctantly pulled away and looked down at you with an unintentional scowl. You shrunk in size compared to him and felt like you were about to be scolded for doing something you really shouldn’t have done.

“What’s wrong?” You tried to play it off like you hadn’t deserted him four and a half months ago, you imagined in your world that the time when you had left him never existed, that you both would be able to carry on and continue where you’d left off. But, when has the world ever made anything easy for anyone?
“What’s wrong? After four months and twenty-three days of keeping me in the dark, not replying to my texts and my calls, all you can say is ‘What’s wrong?’” You glanced at the ground, not being able to look him in the eyes. “How about an, ‘I’m sorry, Tom’ or, even better, an ‘I’m sorry I got your hopes up and then laughed in your face when I blew them up’?” You knew it probably wasn’t easy on him when you left, but you had no idea you had hurt him this much.

“Tom, I’m–” but it was too late, he had already began walking the opposite direction. And he was going to do it, he was going to just walk away, not look back. He confronted you, he was going to start his life again. But, he couldn’t, and he knew that to be true. So, with his chest puffed out and his head held high, he turned back around and walked toward you, almost caving when he saw how broken you looked.  

“Why? Just tell me why. I need to know. What did I do? Was it something I said?” You looked up, startled he came back.  

“Tom, I-.”

“You what? You got bored of me? God, do you know how long I waited for you? I called you, I was so worried. Do you do that to all the guys you sleep with?” You knew he was mad, and he was just saying things to hurt you as much as you hurt him, but god, did that hurt. And thinking of how much it hurt only made you angry. How is he going to demand you to answer all these questions, yet not give you a chance to answer any of them?


“What? God, say something!”

“Then stop talking, dammit!” He shrunk down a little bit, surprised how loud your voice could get, not that he looked any less intimidating, he still towered over you. He stood looking at you, waiting for you to continue talking. “Finally,” you smiled a little at him, just a small amount of sadness in it, “Tom, I didn’t leave because I wanted to.” You lifted your hand to stop him from talking when you saw his mouth open to speak, causing him to close his mouth again. “I also didn’t leave because of you. As bad as this sounds, and it’s cliché and probably sounds stupid, but I left because of me. I had just left Stephen and I rushed into things with you.” You casted your eyes onto the floor before continuing.

“I couldn’t stand the fact that I could possibly be using you just to fill the void Stephen left. That maybe I just needed you to make myself feel better.” It hurt Tom to hear this, of course, but he was so desperate for you and he wanted to tell you that he wouldn’t have minded if you used him for the rest of his life, if it meant that he could be with you in any way, he would do it.

“I wouldn’t have minded.” He said it out loud before he could stop himself. He was passed desperation now, he hadn’t known the word for it, but he was sure it existed and if he were to look it up in the dictionary, he’d see his face next to it for a definition.  

You shook your head at him, lifting your eyes to meet his again, almost pleading for him to hear you better. “Tom, you deserve someone who loves you. I woke up the morning I left thinking how unfair I was to you. I was your best friend, and you were mine, and I took advantage of you. I was supposed to love you the second you punched Stephen in the face – hell, I was supposed to love you before I even met Stephen.” How long he dreamed of hearing those words, but never did he imagine hearing them in this situation, feeling them almost being negative.  

His head dropped, hanging low as he was prepared to turn around with his heart so far into his stomach, he wouldn’t have been surprised if it had completely fallen out of his body, when you spoke again, softer this time, “And I know it took me four years, but I love you, Tom.”

His head shot up, looking at you with wide eyes. Had he heard you right? His heart rate and sweaty palms made him realize he had. He took in the features and expression on your face. You looked so soft, your eyes were glassy looking, threatening to cry. He almost missed them when you put your head down.  
Every thought ran through his mind, but he wasn’t able to hear any of them because all he was able to listen to was his heart screaming at him to hold you, so he did just that. His arms wrapped around you and you pressed yourself as close to him as you could.

“Can I take you home?”  

You looked up, resting your chin on top of his chest, pulling him closer to you with your hands pressed to the nape of his neck, his arms tightening around you.

“Home… is wherever you are.”

And when he woke up the next day, and the week after that, and then the next two months, you were next to him every time. And he swore every morning he woke up to you, his heart grew, claiming your love took over every inch of him. Your love made everything feel like home.

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idk if you watch Friends, but 'the one where everybody finds out' with Stiles and Lydia in the place of Chandler and Monica. Btw you are my new most favourite blog. EVER.

Okay. So Since Teen Wolf is Back and We are all dying, I’m back to writing. I still have a few prompts in my ask but feel free to send me prompts! Anyway this one is super old but I have finally been able to do it justice! Hope you guys like it!

They know when it started. It was at Scott and Allison’s Engagement party. Well, at 2am the night after Scott and Allison’s Engagement party.

Lydia got too drunk, what with not having eaten anything the night before and the impending singleness that lurked in the air during the party. People stealing glances at her and whispers about how she spent too much time in the science lab or how she needed to ‘snatch one up quick’ before all the good ones were gone. Lydia was strong and usually didn’t let any of this get to her, but tonight the whispers and glances were stinging unusually low as she watches her ex Aiden walk into the bar hand in hand with a girl.  Sure, Lydia was happy for her best friend. Thrilled in fact, as the maid of honor all she wanted was to make this night unforgettable for Allison. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a few drinks, right?

Stiles took Lydia home, making sure she was okay. They’d been best friends for years now, and they’d watched Scott and Allison’s relationship grow throughout the years and they sat idly by. Stiles kept getting nudges from His father and his new wife, Melissa, about how he was next. Sure, he knew they were teasing and not pressuring, but Stiles couldn’t keep a girl to save his life. First Cora, moving to south America, then Malia, which was amicable but nothing that really could’ve gone further. He didn’t understand her animalistic needs the way Theo did. So, Stiles excused himself and went to hang out with Lydia, doing shots with her as they stood in the corner making elaborate backstories for people they didn’t know.

At around 1am, Stiles and Lydia walked to their place. They lived across the hall from each other but they were known for Crashing on each other’s sofas quite often. They were both drunk, as they sat on the couch, talking silently in their own little bubble.

“They’re really happy, aren’t they? Do you remember the last time you looked at someone the way he looks at her?” Lydia whispered as she unconsciously played with the rolled-up sleeve of Stiles’ button down shirt that made his chest look warm and inviting.

Stiles nodded looking down at her hand tickling his arm. “They are… and… I guess…” he whispered low as he looked at how he strawberry blonde hair framed her face perfectly. He remembered that’s how he used to look at her. In Elementary School, Middle School, even High School. Eventually Isaac had sat him down and told him to move on. So, Stiles did. He dated a few girls, and Lydia fell comfortably into the position of his Best Friend. He still had thoughts sometimes, about her like that. On nights like tonight when his thoughts were swimming in alcohol and her perfume engulfed him as they sat impossibly close.

Lydia then whispered “I don’t… I mean… There was Aiden but… There was always something off about him and us. I guess I just miss being held. Loved like that.” Lydia looked up at him thoughts cloudy but crystal clear like the moonlight bouncing off his eyes. She’d had thoughts before, of him in this way. In High School, for a little while in college as she became closer to him. Even though they were best friends, she often thought of them in bed together, or what his mouth could do to hers when he wasn’t babbling on about mythology and law enforcement ideas. Her hand softly moved to play with the edge of his collar, now unbuttoned, the tie hanging loosely around his neck. She whispered, impossibly soft. “Sometimes I’m scared I’ll never feel that way again. Like no one will ever want me.”

Stiles was shocked. She had been vulnerable with him before. He knew she often doubted herself, but he didn’t think he’d ever heard her sound this sad, his alone. Stiles frowns and moved his hand to caress her cheek, as he shifted on the couch to face her. “Lydia…. Any guy would be lucky to have you. You are the bravest person I know, kind and smart and beautiful. Who wouldn’t want you?”

Lydia looked up at him her hands softly grabbing at his collar and pulled him into her. She pressed her lips softly to his before gently wrapping her arms around his neck. Stiles was a little startled but closed his eyes gently resting his hands on her waist.

They’d kissed before. Once. That forgotten night in the locker room when she stopped him from a panic attack. He’d thought about it before. The way her hands cupped his face as she pulled him in calming him efficiently. She’d thought about it before. The way his warm lips felt against hers and the numerous times she’d wanted to do it again.

Like tonight. Expect tonight, the alcohol lowered their inhibitions. They were doing what they’d been wanting to do for ages. They were giving in to each other. Intertwined, bodies fitting perfectly, like they were two molded pieces, made for each other.

That was the first night it happened. After that, they found themselves looking for empty apartments, or late night rides in the jeep or dirty bathrooms at their usual bar. They found themselves making excuses to be with each other, whether it involved laundry, the movies, their parents, assignments, really anything. The proximity of their apartments made everything that much easier, and still that much harder.

There had been a few slip ups.

Like the time when Stiles was leaving for class and he accidentally kissed Lydia in front of everyone. Of course, Stiles being himself, went around kissing Kira and Malia as well before he left, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Leaving them all shocked, and Lydia blushing. Malia and Kira gave him a stern talking to the next day while Lydia stifled a laugh from behind them, pretending to be appalled as well.

Then there was the time Lydia was having a rough day, so she insisted her secret boyfriend Stiles Stilinski take a bath with her. Of course, she didn’t think Allison would be home from work early and knocked on the bathroom door urging to come in and ask her about takeout. Stiles natural ducked under the bubbles as Allison talked a little too long about Chinese Food, even though Lydia insisted she didn’t want any. Of course, Stiles being Stiles made Lydia call Allison back in as he hid under the bubbles for some egg rolls and lo Mein.

Then Scott found out.

Stiles and Scott were driving back from the grocery store on their weekly trip in the Jeep, whose trunk and back seat were big enough to fit the amount of groceries they needed on a weekly basis. Stiles as always, was humming along to the music, his left leg shaking as he tapped on the wheel. Then Scott spoke “Did we buy any of those brownies that come pre-packaged?” Stiles nodded vigorously as he kept humming and tapping along to the music.

Scott then decided to turn around in his seat and start digging through the groceries until he found the brownies. Of course, What he found weren’t the groceries at all, but Lydia Martin’s bright red bra she had left in the back seat from their last rendezvous. Scott smiled wide as he pulled it out and looked at it. “Dude. Who’s is this?”

Stiles frowned, not looking at him. “Who’s is what?” Stiles continued tapping as he pulled up to their apartment and saw the bright red bra. He’d been so very happy to see it the night before, but now his eyes were wide and he was blushing a shade similar to the bra Scott was holding up. Stiles quickly snatched it. “No one. Mind your own business.” Stiles said quickly as he shoved it into his coat.

Scott Laughs smiling grabbing the groceries from the Jeep’s Trunk. “Come on dude. I’m your best friend just tell me.” Stiles chuckles shaking his head as he pulled too many groceries out of the car and into their apartment.

“This girl, Scott.” He said, hoping Scott would forget it. Thankfully, Scott nodded punching him in the arm, happy he was finally dating again before distracting himself with the brownies.

Later that day, as usual they went over to the girl place all sitting around the Tv, not paying much attention to the repeat playing in the background. They hung out there because Lydia and Allison’s place was both bigger and had more comfortable seating. Allison, Kira and Malia were sitting on the couch when Lydia walked in from her room. “Hey Allison, did you see my bright red bra when you did laundry? I can’t find it in my drawer.”

Allison shook her head shrugging at Lydia. Scott took a couple seconds to process it before he gasped loudly, eyes wide as he pointed at Lydia and Stiles back and forth. Stiles made a face to Lydia as he stood up and grabbed Scott. “Scott, can I talk to you for a second?” Stiles said a little frantically as Scott kept pointing at him and Lydia making loud noises like he couldn’t get the words out. Lydia and Stiles dragged him into Lydia’s Room. Stiles ended up covering Scotts mouth in the process and tackling him onto the bed. Scott was still pointing frantically between them. Stiles sighed and gently said “Yes okay. Yes.” As he pulled his hand off Scotts mouth and getting off him.

Scott sat up, eyes still wide. He pointed to Stiles “You!” then at Lydia “and you?!”            

Lydia nodded frantically. “Yes, yes but you can’t tell anyone okay? No one knows!”

Scott was still very shocked and confused, he looked around at them “How? When?”

Stiles sighed rubbing the back of his neck. “It happened after the engagement party.”

Scott’s eyes widened again. “AFTER THE ENGAGEMENT PARTY?”

Stiles freaked covering his mouth and looking back to the door making sure no one else heard. His hands moving a little frantically as he spoke “The reason we didn’t want to tell anyone is because we didn’t want to make a big deal about it…”

Scott groaned still looking back and forth between the two of them. “But it is a big deal!” He stood up quickly. “I have to tell someone!” which led to Stiles and Lydia both grabbing him and making him sit down again, trying to calm him.

Stiles shook his head looking at him. “Scott you can’t!”

Lydia stood in front of Scott. “Please? We just don’t want to have to deal with telling everyone okay? Just promise you won’t tell.”

Scott looked between them frantically, the words almost gliding off his lips. He felt like he needed to tell someone, but the looks on their faces made him sigh loudly. “Alright!” He looked between them still trying to grasp what he just learned. “Man this is unbelievable! I mean… Its great! But…” he kept looking between them.

Stiles and Lydia had shifted to staring at each other, with big stupid goofy smiles on their faces. Lydia slowly walked to Stiles and wrapped her arms around his neck, making Stiles’ arms automatically wrap around her waist as a reflex. “I know, It’s great.” She said, smiling so wide, Scott thought her cheeks probably hurt. Then they kissed and Scott was kind of grossed out but he loved seeing two of his best friends so happy. Their eyes glowed and they radiated euphoria. Scott would keep the secret as long as they wanted, or as long as he could. He would give anything to make those two happy like they were in each other’s arms.

Then, hiding it became more difficult.

Because, now that Scott knew, their apartment became a safe haven for Stiles and Lydia to be themselves. Scott would often come home to find Lydia curled into Stiles’ lap while they watched a movie or did a crossword puzzle. Or he would wake up to the smell of bacon being cooked and find Lydia making breakfast for a sleeping Stiles before class in nothing but his old t-shirts she loved. Scott loved it. How happy they were together, but it was becoming increasingly hard to hide this from the rest of their friends.

Then Allison found out.

Allison walked into Scott and Stile’s apartment, without using a key because they never locked their door. She told him she would come over after class, but class ended early so here she was. Allison knew Stiles was home, so she figured she’d bug him until Scott showed up. She walked to his door, about to knock when she heard him speak behind it, she frowned.

“I can’t wait for tonight.” Stiles said, with an audible grin. Allison smiled. It was nice to hear him happy, probably with a girl. She wondered who he was talking to.

“Me either. I’ll just tell Allison I’m going to go do laundry for a couple hours.” Allison heard Lydia say, with the charming ring in her voice. Allison’s eyes widened.

“Laundry, huh? Is that my new nickname?” Stiles said chuckling.

Allison heard Lydia giggle before whispering something incomprehensible and then she heard moans coming from the door. Allison quickly backed away from the door freaking out, pointing at it. No way. She thought, thinking of all the times Lydia and Stiles have recently disappeared together and she didn’t think anything of it. They were together. Oh. My. God. Allison heard Scott walk in and she kept pointing to the door eyes wide. Scott realized why she was pointing and pulls her outside into the hallway nodding.

Allison was jumping up and down, freaking out. She whispered “Stiles and Lydia!”

Scott nodded. “Yes I know.”

Allison stopped jumping up and down, and frowned. “wait you know? Why didn’t you tell me? We tell each other everything baby.”

Scott nodded holding her hands. “I know but they made me promise not to tell. And you can’t tell anyone either Ally.”

Allison pouted, grabbing Scotts neck. “But we have to tell someone!”

Scott shook his head. “They really don’t want to tell anyone yet… plus now I can talk to you about it which is such a relief I’ve known way too long.”

Allison frowns. “How long has this been happening?”

Scott sighs looking down at her. “Since the engagement party… But look Kira and Malia and Isaac cannot find out. Okay?”

Allison nodded, pouting before kissing Scott. “Okay.”

After that, things went smoothly for a while. Stiles and Lydia didn’t know that Allison knew. Although Allison was making hiding a bit easier for Lydia. She would spend more time at the library or out with Scott so Lydia and Stiles could have alone time. She would “make too much” French pastries so Lydia would have an excuse to go see Stiles for a bit. Everything was going well. Lydia and Stiles were infatuated with each other in a way that was like a fairytale. They were going on read dates and staying over each other’s places.

Then Malia and Kira found out. And all Hell broke loose.

Allison, Kira and Malia were across the street From Allison and Lydia’s apartment helping Isaac pick out a new place. Kira and Malia were looking out the window smiling. There was a perfect view of their friend’s apartment from there. “Hey! Look its Stiles and Lydia!”

Allison’s eyes widened and she ran to the window, watching what was unfolding before their eyes. Lydia was smiling as she grabbed Stiles by the belt loops and pulled him against her. Stiles smiled rolling his eyes, saying something to her before kissing her. Their clothes started coming off quickly as Stiles pressed her into the window. Malia’s eyes widened “STILES AND LYDIA! STILES AND LYDIA!” Kira was pointing and freaking out silently.

Allison nodded. “I know I know but you cannot tell Isaac okay!? They don’t want anyone to know!

Isaac walked in smiling.  “So I think this might be a good bachelor pad for me.” The girls quickly turns and nodded jumping up and down, trying to distract him from the window.

Kira said “We love this apartment for you! You should totally try and get it come on we’ll go with you!”

Isaac chuckled, loving the enthusiasm and let himself be guided to the front office to sign his new lease.

When the girls got home, Scott was sitting on the couch spread out reading a book. Allison smiled and leaned around to kiss around his face. Scott smiled and pulled her over the couch onto his lap smiling. “Hi.”

Allison smiles wide. “We have good news! The girls know!”

Scott’s eyes widen as he looked at them. “That’s great! Now enough people know, that we can just tell them we know!”

Kira frowned as Malia sat down next to her. “Wait you’ve known? Why didn’t you tell us?”

Scott sighed. “Come on guy’s you know I wanted to! They just didn’t want me to! But now, enough of us know that it doesn’t matter!”

Malia smiled. “Or we could mess with them.” Kira nodded in agreement.

Scott groaned. “What?! No! no more secrets!”

Allison smiled. “I like that idea…”

“They don’t know that we know! So we can mess with them… I’ll use my obvious sex appeal…” Malia said smiling. Just as she said that, Lydia and Stiles walked in. Malia winked at the rest and walked up to Stiles, smiling. She ran her hand down his chest. “Wow, Stiles you’re looking really good today…”

Stiles chuckled smiling running his hands through his hair. “Well you know, this shirt is new…”

Kira and Allison chuckled a little as they watched Malia flirt with Stiles. Scott covered his eyes unable to watch the complicated web of lies forming in front of him. Malia smiled and nodded, reaching to rub his shoulders. “It really does you justice. Shows off your strong chest…” Stiles blushed hard smiling, a little confused. Malia winked at him, before grabbing her stuff and leaving with Kira.

Stiles chuckled fixing his shirt, feeling very full of himself. He looked at Lydia raising his eyebrows. Lydia was frowning trying to figure out what was going on as she saw Allison and Scott disappear into Allison’s room. Stiles chuckled and wrapped his arms around Lydia’s waist. “See babe, you’re dating a big shot hottie… I told you this shirt was good for me!”

Lydia looks up at him. “Stiles its just another flannel….” Her eyes widen as she gasped. “Oh my God they know!”

Stiles frowned looking at her. “What? Is it so hard to believe that I have a strong chest?” Stiles rubbed his arm over his own chest and shoulder then his eyes widened. “Oh My God! They Know!” Lydia nodded like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“They’re messing with us!” Lydia said as she pulled away from Stiles. A devious smile crossed her face that reminded Stiles of why he liked her to begin with. “But wait! They don’t know that we know they know!”

Stiles chuckled. “Okay, so what are we going to do about it?”

Lydia smiled and pulled Stiles closed. “You are going to call Malia’s bluff. You are going to go up to her and ask her to come over and you are going to flirt your ass off.”

Stiles’ eyes widen. “What? Why me!? Can’t you flirt with her Lydia?”

Lydia chuckles and kisses Stiles. “Come on you got this. I believe in you.”

Stiles smiled wide, the determined look on her face making his heart swell like every time she bit her lip and looked at him like he was crazy.

So Later that day, when Malia came over, Stiles made sure to go up to her smiling as slyly as he could. “So, Lia…” He said trying to be smooth. “I was wondering if you wanted to come over later. I have wine and maybe you can fee l my strong chest some more… like old times…”

Stiles smiled as he leaned over Malia, his hand resting on her waist. Malia looked a little taken aback as she looked around at Kira and Allison. “Um Yeah… Sounds Good…”

Stiles nodded and pulled away. “Cool. See you tonight then.” Stiles walked out with a confidence that surprised everyone. Malia was just kind of stunned as she watched Stiles Leave.

Kira frowned. “What? I can’t believe Stiles would do that to Lydia…unless…” Kira looked at Allison and they groaned in unison. “They know we know!”

Malia sighed. “So what, is the jig up then?”

Scott groaned walking out. “Please Please Please let the jig be up!”

Allison and Kira smiled deviously, and Allison said “But they don’t know, we know they know we know.”

Malia frowned in confusion looking around to all of them. “What?”

Kira chuckles at Malia’s confusion. “We are going to keep pushing them until they admit.” Malia nodded, pretending to understand.

Scott groaned and laid on the couch annoyed at this entire situation. All Scott wanted was for them to admit everything so the lying could be done. The girls help Malia get ready and Lydia has to mentally prepare Stiles. Sure, at some point, Malia and Stiles had been a thing, but now they’re friends. So, this was going to be very very weird.

Stiles waited nervously in his button down and slacks for Malia to come. Lydia was frantically fixing his collar, trying to give him a pep-talk so he could go through with this. They were at a stale mate of unwanted flirting and advances that would implode in some ones face. Malia was fixing her dress awkwardly as she looked at Kira for encouragement. She knew she could do it but she didn’t know if she wanted to. She knocked on his door nervous, as the others scattered to hide behind the door.

Stiles let Lydia hide quickly before rushing to answer the door. “Hello.” He looked at Malia and was immediately intimidated by the amount of cleavage being showed in her dress. They weren’t kidding around with this, they were pushing it to the max.

Malia smiled wide and walked close to Stiles. “Hello. Don’t you look handsome….”

Stiles nodded smiling, not as wide as he normally would have. “You look very nice… Do you want some wine?” He quickly turned to the counter struggling to look for the bottle of wine. Malia groaned silently behind his and shuddered before stopping him and pulling him close.

“Wine sound good, but how about we just move to the chest touching.” She said her hands rubbing his chest as she looked at him. He nodded nervously and awkwardly held her waist. Malia challenged this by moving her hands to hold his belt. Stiles was nervous as he moved his arm to her shoulder avoiding looking at her cleavage. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

Stiles nodded eyes wide “Not if I kiss you first.” Malia slowly leaned in their lips puckered and he puckered his lip avoiding moving any closer to her, his head shaking. Malia was moving closer avoiding it to until their lips barely touched when Stiles snapped away from her quickly. “YOU WIN! YOU WIN! I CAN’T DO THIS!”

Malia smiled wide as everyone walked back into the room hearing Stiles scream, Lydia slowly peeking out of the bathroom.  “And why not!?”

“BECAUSE I LOVE LYDIA!” He said eyes wide looking at her.

Malia’s eyes widened as she looked between them. “What?”

“I love Lydia! I love her!” Stiles said pointing to Lydia.

Malia smiled as everyone smiles, pouring in behind her. “What? I just thought you guys were hooking up, I didn’t know you were in love!”

Lydia whispered softly from behind Stiles “You love me?”

Stiles nodded turning to her, his arms finding their natural place around her body. He whispered to her “Of course, I love you. I’m in Love with you…”

Lydia smiles wide, with tears in her eyes, whispering “I love you too dummy…”

Stiles smiled, his heart filling with joy as he leaned down to kiss her, holding her tight to his body. Lydia smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck before pulling away.

Scott sighed in relief from behind Allison. “Okay, So now we know and they know we know can we just tell Isaac and be done with it?” His voice exasperated, exhausted by the schemes and lies.

Isaac walked up behind them confused. “Tell me what?”

Malia and Kira smiled as they said in unison “Stiles and Lydia are together.”

Isaac frowned then chuckled. “What you guys didn’t know? They hooked up the weekend of the engagement party. Super obvious about it by the way guys…”

Everyone just kind of looked at Isaac in shock before laughing to themselves. They all fell to their natural spots on the couch, with Stiles holding Lydia tight into his chest.

This slowly became their new norm. Stiles and Lydia were a like a single entity in the friend group now. It was almost as if they had always been that way. The fit so well together that everyone wondered why they didn’t notice before. The way they subtly looked at each other when the other wasn’t looking, or found an excuse to say the other’s name just because they could. Stiles and Lydia were cool and comfortable, yet they pushed each other in the best way possible. They were two parts of one soul and they’d finally made their way back to each other.

another place to let their hearts collide

p sure i got this prompt like well over a year ago but…….. 

anyways yeah also its kind of completely different from the prompt so sorry about that and i started writing it when niall was tweeting at fans their first night in south america so that managed to make it into the fic as well so this is just like a mess of things idrk

title from one by ed sheeran bc i am uncreative and ed sheeran is the most creative so there

pairing: ziall

warnings: drug use smut language frottage some light mentions of hair pulling/dirty talk kinks wow idk 

wc: ~2100

also on ao3

The fans are incredible, they really are. 

Niall just wishes they would maybe hold off on being incredible for, like, 8 hours or so and continue in the morning. He knows, he gets it— this is the band’s first time in South America and these fans are about as enthusiastic as fans get.

He just wants to sleep.

#letniallsleep is the #1 worldwide trend on Twitter but despite good intention and best effort, it’s not quite working. 

He tosses over, facing himself away from the window and pushes one of the many extra pillows against his exposed ear. He has earplugs packed somewhere especially for occasions like this, but fuck if he knows where. Usually he tries to avoid them altogether if he can— they’re spectacularly uncomfortable and make him feel like he’s got a head cold. 

The minutes tick by as he lays there; cheering and singing from outside ringing in his ears and the pillows aren’t helping worth shit if he’s being honest.

Finally he sits up in defeat, sighing as he types out yet another useless tweet begging for quiet. Scrubbing at his face, he just sits and stares at the wall a moment, phone forgotten beside him, before he’s suddenly up and heading towards the door.

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Coffee, Tea, Whiskey

Pairing: Dean x Cas, because of course

Word Count: too much

Warnings: a couple of swear words, nothing major. Also Dean is drunk and says stupid drunk things ;)

Summary: Cas drinks coffee and doesn’t wear a shirt, Dean drinks whiskey and is bolder because of it, and they meet in between with tea. Cas’ paper gets turned in much too late. Dean’s ceiling has a better view than Cas’ window. Now Dean sings AC/DC every time he’s drunk.

i suck at summaries just read it

A/N: This is like slightly au-ish Cas is in college and Dean has a job or something idk

Cas had a paper due in the morning. He was probably on his fifth cup of coffee. His hands were a bit shaky and he could hardly see straight, let alone read out of his textbook. It was almost two o’clock in the morning, and he was sitting on his couch wrapped in a blanket in his underwear, falling asleep slumped against a stack of essays and research. This was not ideal. It’s kind of hard to turn in his paper if he goes into cardiac arrest in an attempt to write it.

Cas decides he’s earned himself a rest, just for a couple of minutes. He sets his books down and leans back against the couch, his neck resting at an uncomfortable angle but he was too tired to care.

His eyes close and just as he’s about to doze off he hears the clanky old elevator open with a loud bang. The noise jerks him awake and he slowly shuffles to the door with a sigh, trying to suppress yet another yawn. He looks sleepily through the peephole in his front door as he hears footfalls echoing down the hallway.

Someone stops in front of the door opposite his apartment, and even through the warped glass Cas can tell exactly who it is and suddenly he’s not so sleepy anymore. His breath catches as he watches his evidently very drunk neighbor Dean Winchester drop his keys and swear. He bends over to get them and although the view is very nice from Cas’ perspective he nearly falls over, so Cas makes a split second decision.

Cas grabs a pair of sweatpants and hurriedly pulls them on before opening his door and steps out into the cold hallway. He shivers as the icy air hits his bare chest, and he wishes he had put a shirt on, too.

Dean jumps as he feels hands grip his arms from behind, and he mumbles in protest as someone pulls him to stand upright, leaning heavily on the doorframe. He’s about to spit something despicable in their general direction, but then he opens his eyes to see a pair of bright blue ones looking at him with a mix of concern and amusement.

It takes him a second to focus in on the shirtless man holding him up, and Dean frowns as his intoxicated mind tries to catch up with the rest of him, struggling to place the name with the face. “Castiel?”

It comes out a bit slurred, and the last two vowels in his name are left out. Cas chuckles at him, and picks his keys up off the floor.

“Hey, neighbor,” He says gently as Dean squints at him in the weak lighting of the hallway.

He fiddles with Dean’s keys for a second, finding the right one and sticking it in the lock. “I told you this before, you can call me Cas, alright? It’ll be a lot easier for you to say.”

Dean looks like he’s trying to process that, frowning once again. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Cas swings the door open wide and gives him a knowing look. “You’re drunk, Dean,” He deadpans.

He scoffs, looking offended. “What? No I’m not. I know how to handle my alcohol.”

“Well, looks like you handled too much of it tonight. Now come on, let’s get you inside. You can barely stand up.”

Dean not unkindly swats away the hand Cas places on his shoulder, shaking his head vigorously and wincing as he does. He starts to stumble unsteadily into his apartment, Cas trailing on his heels. “Look, Cas, I’m fi-”

At that moment Dean’s legs decide to give out and he would’ve been an ungraceful heap of leather and whiskey on the ground, if not for Cas catching his wrist and slinging Dean’s arm across his broad shoulders. Dean grunts in surprise as Cas snakes an arm around his waist to balance them as he practically drags Dean the rest of the way into the apartment.

“Fine, my ass,” Cas mutters, tossing the keys onto a nearby table and shutting the door with his foot.

Dean laughs and Cas starts at the warm breath spreading across his neck, suddenly hyper-aware of the proximity of Dean’s face to his. It was hard to see anything in Dean’s apartment but Cas really doesn’t want to search for the light switch, and he was relieved that Dean couldn’t see his face burning in the dark.

“You ever get tired of being right, Cas?” Dean’s eyes were half-lidded and he looked ready to fall asleep right on Cas’ shoulder, but somehow he still managed to maintain his usual sarcastic nature.

“You ever get tired of proving yourself wrong, Winchester?” Cas tosses back, astonished at his own cockiness despite being in Dean Winchester’s apartment, in the dark and without a shirt on, no less. He catches the gleam of Dean’s white teeth as he grins at him, and if he doesn’t immediately flush deep red at the sight of it he’d be lying.

They stay still for a while and wait for Dean’s now sensitive eyes to adjust to the darkness, and Dean hiccups. Cas smiles at the sound of it, because it’s goddamn adorable.

“I’m telling you, Cas, I’m not drunk.”

Cas laughs. “Alright, prove it then. Say your abc’s. Frontwards if it isn’t too hard.”

Dean frowns and and his eyes seem unfocused for a second. “Okay. Uhm. A..C..” He frowns and screws his eyes shut at the effort. “D..C..?”

Cas laughs, low and sleepy. “Well, you got one right.” He laughs again, sounding much more alive, as Dean begins to hum AC/DC’s Back in Black under his breath.

For more than a second they just stand there staring at each other, both unable to look away, and neither of them wanting to. In the close space between them their breath mingles and Cas realizes they’re breathing the same air, and Dean has the bitter taste of coffee beans on his lips now, and Cas can feel the fading electricity of whiskey in his lungs. Another thing Cas realizes is that if he kissed Dean right now he would probably taste like caffeine and alcohol, and he almost curses out loud, because he knew that thought was going to haunt him long after he left Dean’s apartment.

Cas decides to focus on just Dean, not on Dean’s lips or on Dean’s weirdly attractive smell of gasoline and empty liquor bottles or Dean’s heart beating against his, but just Dean, his drunk neighbor. So he’s the one to look away and clear his throat, feeling wildly uncomfortable. He drags Dean further in and makes a waving sort of motion with his free arm.

“So your bedroom,” Cas states, voice carefully devoid of any emotion.

Dean’s head lolls to the side a bit as he peers up at Cas, throwing him a look of mock exasperation. He laughs a little bit, and the sound radiates from his chest, rattling against Cas’ ribcage and making it impossibly hard for him to keep breathing normally.

“We live in the same building, Cas. My room is where your room is.”

A pause. “Oh. Right.”

Dean gives him that smile full of teeth again as they start to shuffle forward based solely on Cas’ memory of his apartment. “And I thought I was the drunk one.”

Cas rolls his eyes so Dean can see it, and while rounding the corner Cas ‘accidentally’ leads him right into one of the walls, causing him to cry out. He hops on one foot, which isn’t easy to do with a bottle of whiskey in your veins, and frowns at Cas.

“You fucking did that on purpose, Cas!”

Cas doesn’t give Dean a reply, just smirks faintly and tightens his grip around Dean’s middle. “Keep it down, Dean. It’s two am.”

Dean grumbles but walks on, keeping a tight grip on Cas’ shoulder. He soon interrupts the silence, though, stopping and facing Cas with an amused look.

“Speaking of two am, Cas, don’t you remember that time you were drunk?”

Cas raises his eyebrows. He crosses his arms over his bare and unfortunately still cold chest. “Wait, what?”

Dean lets out a full-bodied laugh, doubling over and holding his sides. “You don’t- you don’t remember? Oh, that is golden.”

“Dean, what the hell are you talking about. I don’t get drunk. That’s not my thing. I don't even remember the last time I had more than one drink.”

“Exactly,” Dean says, chuckling and wiping at his eyes. “You don’t remember the last time because you were completely shitfaced. Like, even more than me.”

“That’s impossible. To take in that much alcohol would result in certain death.”

“Well you’re something else, then, because not too long ago you were banging on my door thinking it was yours. At two in the morning. I got you into your place and made you tea and put you to bed. I was wearing a shirt, not that I don’t like your new style choices.”

Cas blushes furiously, choosing to ignore his comment. “You made me tea?”

Dean shrugged. “You kept talking about tea for some reason, like the different kinds and stuff, so I made you some to get you to shut up.”

“Thank you, Dean,” Cas said with a laugh, pulling Dean back onto his shoulder.

Dean just hums in response and walks with him. Cas opens the door and Dean falls forward onto the bed, eyes closed and feet dangling off the bed. Cas tugs silently at Dean’s shirt cuffs, hoping he’ll understand without Cas having to say anything because he’s not sure he trusts his voice right now, and Dean lifts his arms up as Cas slips his leather jacket off of his shoulders.

Cas sits on the edge of the bed and starts to unlace Dean’s boots, trying not to move him too much in case he’s already asleep. Dean squirms around on the bed, yawning.

“Cas,” Dean whispers, startling him. “How come we only ever talk to each other when we’re drunk?”

Cas sighs and pulls off Dean’s right boot. He looks up at the ceiling of Dean’s room and wonders how many times he had lain in bed and stared at his identical ceiling, thinking about how it would feel different seeing it from Dean’s sheets.

“I don’t know, Dean. I’m sure we could carry a very intelligent conversation while sober.”

Dean chuckles as his left boot falls to the floor, and he twists around to look at Cas. He seems hesitant and his words are still slurred, but he says, “Why don’t we do that sometime, Cas? I’ll take you out for tea or something. Do people do that? Go on tea dates?”

Cas stares at him, wide eyed. “You’re really asking me out on a date, now? You’re drunk, Dean,” Cas says for the second time that night, but he isn’t laughing now. “You won’t even remember this in the morning. Apparently we never do.”

Dean could hear the bitterness in Cas’ voice and he looked up at him, and even through his drunken haze it was if he was really looking at him, as if it was the first time. His smile lights up his whole face, and he sits up enough to tug Cas closer to him by the waistband of his sweats, the skin under his hand burning in a strangely enjoyable way.

“I guess you’ll just have to remind me in the morning, then,” Dean says, and pulls Cas down onto the bed with him.

Cas learns that Dean does, in fact, taste like coffee and whiskey. And later, like tea.

5/23 Boueibu LOVE! LIVE Report


Zettai Muteki Fallin’ Love

MC Talk -introduction-

123 de Love & Joy!!
Baby Baby Sweet Baby!!
Why So Cool?
Ore wa Kyuukyoku Taiman Shugisha
Naruko Ryuu Kabu de Moukeru Houteishiki

MC Talk -kurotama yuu- (ft. Box from the niconama)

Just going now!!

-VCR with Sugit
Oh My Anchan
Sync A Think
Naida Kaze no Kousaten

MC Talk Zettai Muteki Fallin’ Love

Just going now!!

*and starts my uncontrollable waterworks*

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