idk their shipping name

just my Onion but i don’t think aesthetics/moodboards/edits of finn should feature stormtrooper/first order imagery super prominently? it’s kinda the same reason i stopped using ‘stormpilot’ as well… finn isn’t defined by those things anymore

  So i’ve noticed a trend, mostly in the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ fandom, that I don’t understand. There are several graphic, E-rated porn fanfics where one partner is tagged as asexual. 
  I become very confused when the asexual character is very, very into the sexual intercourse. Because it is my understanding that while some asexual people have sex (presumably with the intent to pleasure their partner and not themselves), they would be much happier not having sex and don’t feel the desire to have sex whether they’ve experienced orgasms or not.
  When it comes to your usual short pwp fics i can’t really understand why anybody would bother writing one of the characters as asexual - since that kind of goes against the nature of an asexual character (ie, to take that character and put them in a purely sexual based story).

Now im not trying to piss people off, i’m not trying to be ignorant (hence this post). Maybe i just don’t truly understand the nuances of asexuality. And, lest someone have a fit and get pissy at me,  i do consider asexuality to be part of the lgbt community, i do consider it to be a valid sexuality, and i do consider it to be separate from being aromantic. 

I want to understand is all, so help plz

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Why are people calling them Scholsen when GuardiWinn sounds so much nicer

idk my dude this entire fandom is just Bad at ship names apparently and just to make things worse the best ship name is for the worst ship, we are all just here to dig our own graves

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Sajoon ? Namrah ? Cuties ? What could be your ship name with your beloved NamNam upupu

I guess Sajoon??? Idk its difficult to create ship names with Sarah 😩😩😩😩😩


Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

in s3 i really want keith and allura to become close friends/confidants and lance to slowly broil in jealousy and then to aggressively confront keith one day like “hey u and me its war i will be the one sitting in a tree with the princess” and for keith to very calmly take lance by the shoulders and say

“lance. im gay.”

and walk away