idk their real names


I realize that, if I don’t throw in content, nobody can really ask stuff, s o ?

I guess these are the most presentable stuff. Included are humanized faces for Sofaea and Seren, and a concept for Seren’s parents. There’s also a non-SPM OC of mine, Omen, in there (the little critter there). Yep.

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character stuf dont read unless u give a shit

honesly wondering whether or not to throw racial issues into lem n toi’s story like…. dawg toi would be like an arab dude living in like colorado he’d probably have somewhat of a rough time?!?! his hijab-wearing sisters would if anything.. but IDK like i want to bring attention to the discrimination being faced by middle eastern ppl but idk if i should w/ this particular story iunno iunno. 

ALSO WTF big change but i kind of feel the need to fucking change toi’s stupid ass name?!?!?!?!? like i love him, i love his stupid name it’s charming but at the same time it’s just TOO dumb. i feel like i could .. idk give him a real actually like ARAB SOUNDING NAME.. and have toi be like what everybody called him as like a nickname or something IDK IDK!!!!!! tell me wht u think bc i’m honestly going thru w/ it unless anybody’s got any objections.

Reasons Why Keith is #Relatable
  • Likes knives too much
  • Doesn’t know what he’s doing w/ his hair
  • Stutters when flustered
  • Ready to Fight™
  • Has never been straight
  • In love with Lance, probably 
  • Has a deep appreciation for Shiro’s existence 
  • Knows that Hunk is Very Good
  • Emo as hell but loves his friends always
  • Atrocious fashion sense but doesn’t care
  • Awkward
  • Would die for someone if they gave him a hug once
  • Usually a little irritated
  • Says jokes in a deadpan voice with a completely straight face
  • Worries too much
  • “I like it out here, it’s quiet.”
  • Too beautiful to be in this much pain
  • Mothman is his cryptid bf


i kept talking trash abt zen on twit, but in the end i came to really like him and i am so angry at myself


if you’re cis one simple but supremely important thing you can do as a trans ally is unlink birth name and real name in your head

a birth name is just that–a name given to you at birth. teach yourself that a birth name is not something anyone is required to give out. teach yourself that someone is not lying to you or hiding something from you by not giving you their birth name. 

teach yourself that if you somehow learn someone’s birth name and it’s not the name they’ve told you they go by, that is not their real name and you should not start using it instead.

a person’s real name is the name they give you. it may or may not be their legal name, but it is their name. a person has a right to be called what they desire. a name is important–teach yourself that a name and a birth name aren’t always the same thing, and that should always be respected.

(and this does mean applying it to all avenues of your life. no more hunting around for someone’s ‘real name’–be they real or fictional, trans or cis–when you find out they don’t go by their birth name. no more calling a person–real or fictional, trans or cis–their birth name instead of their preferred name because you think their birth name is somehow more real. treat preferred names as real names in every avenue of your life.)

edit bc i was asked: yeah this is totally okay to reblog by anyone!