idk their last names


what she says: I’m fine

what she means: BRYCE IS STILL HERE ACTING LIKE EVERYTHING IS OK WHEN HE RAPED TWO GIRLS. CLAY DIDN’T TELL HANNAH HE LOVES HER + HE TOOK 20 YEARS TO LISTEN TO THE TAPES (like we know its hard on you but come on now). ALEX SHOT HIMSELF. EVERYBODY ELSE IS JUST CRYING FOR GOOD OR BAD. JUSTICE FOR JEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!! tony is gay and the chances of being with him are even less than they were before 

Just out of curiosity

Reblog this if you’re an old Ninjago fan (aka, you know about the skeletons, serpentines, stone army, etc.)

Like if you’re a new Ninjago fan (aka, Lego Ninjago Movie got you hooked)

Edit: Anybody that got into it in between seasons, but before the movie trailer came out, I’ll just name you guys the Tweens of Ninjago (Fandom).

Holy shit, but can we all agree that one scene between Kim (pink) and Trini (yellow) where they fight over that last piece of cake(?) in Power Rangers was fucking cute.

Even my sister and friend, who I was watching with and who are straight as fuck, thought they should be together.


Queen Sugar (2016 – ∞ )

We want to win for all those who lost. For all the people who came before us who struggled and strained so we could be here right now making this decision, making it better. It’s our turn to try. They risked for us, why can’t we do the same?