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since I was tagged by @pontmarius @flyawayrachel @mrsdoradominguez-barnes @leftmyurlinmyotherpants and I think I’m forgetting someone, sorry. and I have a little time off this morning here goes:

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name: lauren 

nickname: lo, horse? lauren 1.5. idk

zodiac sign: libra

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw (though half the time I’m sorted into slytherin)

height: 5′5

sexual orientation: im me and thats all you need to know

ethnicity: white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm

favorite fruit: all of em

favorite season: winterrrr

favorite book: looking for Alaska

favorite fictional character: do newsies count?

favorite flower: orchids and lilies

favorite scent: the air just after it rains

favorite animal: all of em tbh

favorite band: the one who sits in the orchestra pit of a show, thirty seconds to mars, sleeping at last

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: iced coffee, all teas

average hours of sleep: maybe seven. thank you for no school

number of blankets: uno

dream trip: I mean New York rn is kind of a dream. id also love to explore Europe someday

last thing I googled: a map of union station

how many blogs do I follow: 75 I think

number of followers: 1.3k ish last I checked. far more than I deserve

what I usually post about: various musicals. sometimes random personal stories. and according to my most used tags apparently a lot of newsies live, and toursies

do I get asks regularly: NOPEE. id like to though, so if you do feel so inclined, plz hmu 

most of my friends have been tagged, but if you haven’t and you’d like to do this, then I tag you. :) 

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Hi! I just wanted to know your opinion on where you think Keith and Lance both canonically are with their feelings for the other? Personally I think Keith has had feelings for Lance since the bonding moment while Lance kinda hid his feelings behind the rivalry and stuff, but that's just me. I'd love to hear your input!

i think the same!!! i definitely think keith has been developing feelings for lance starting from the bonding moment, it’s always been really fucking obvious to me tbh. as for lance, yeah… him trying to hide/mask/deny his feelings with the rivalry, starting from the garrison seems very likely… OR he just started developing feelings for keith starting from that shot of him we got through lance’s eyes in s3. both of those scenarios could work…

the first one, imo, works best and would make for a more interesting story line? it would also fit in with the fact that lance’s arc is said to be a show spanning one… because if he really is hiding/in denial of his feelings, it could explain why he claimed to not remember the bonding moment (of course, he could seriously not remember it but idk)… that was a very intimate and special moment between them, lance was so open and genuine. he was weak and injured and had no energy to keep that “rivalry” up. he let something soft slip. they were butting heads almost constantly before that moment, except for like… after the food fight scene and when lance tries to explain the “i say vol, you say tron…” cheer to keith. the whole rivalry thing lance created is just interesting to me… because it’s obvious that keith did not even knowingly participate in it back at the garrison. it’s always been a one sided thing. keith has never viewed lance as his rival, he barely remembered lance when they met again… an anon sent me this about keith being gay but it also makes a good point about the rivalry and i have to agree… 

Lance and Keith are shown in s1 as rivals as often as possible. So hey if Keith was straight, writers would make sure to show off their rivalry a little- make Nyma interested in Keith? Or just sth with Nyma and Keith? But nah, there’s just “maybe Keith will give me a ride” (which makes Lance EXTREMELY jealous 👀) and Keith looking at Rolo instead 👀 so 👀👀

also, lance being able to recognize keith from his mullet alone? and his comment about his mullet in the handbook? he’s too fixated on that boy’s hair i stg… he’s spent a lot of time staring at him. yeah, you could say it’s just to keep up with his rival but i… idk, along with everything else i know and shit… i feel like there’s more to it than just the “rivalry”… you know what i mean? when lance was talking about keith doing cool junk in s2, with that fond look on his face? it’s obvious he admires him and doesn’t just hate him and simply view him as his rival or anything. i really feel like there’s something else behind it… i’ll talk about it more in the masterpost lol. 

anyways, their bonding moment was obviously very important to keith because he starts getting jealous when lance flirts only after they had their moment, i’ve stated this many times but yeah. he didn’t do it before. it’s the start of everything. he starts throwing a bunch of soft looks lance’s way, teases him playfully and shit… keith has 100% been starting to get feelings for lance since the bonding moment… before it happened, before lance nearly fucking died and before they bonded… i think keith was pretty indifferent towards lance? he only ever seriously fired back at him when lance started it, i think? like, i’m pretty fucking sure? but other than that, he seemed like he just… didn’t care… because he didn’t know lance, didn’t really know him. but that’s changed, A LOT, and i don’t think lance even realizes it? at least, not to the full extent… i think he’s realized it a bit now, after the events in s3 with keith trying to reassure lance… but before that, i don’t think he did. keith isn’t exactly that clear or obvious (at least not to lance, we can see it… but he can’t), he’s not good at social interaction… he’s not good with feelings, he doesn’t tell lance… he gets upset about lance not remembering their moment and even says “the amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane” to him, which doesn’t seem like some baseless comment? it seems like he’s giving him shit for not remembering their moment… 

but lance didn’t realize that’s why he said it, he just thought he was trying to start shit. lance also deals with his insecurities, so when he hears stuff like that, especially from keith… he puffs up and defends himself. an example of this is in s3 when keith teased lance about saying he’s “not a goofball, he’s the sharpshooter”… keith was not trying to start shit. he wasn’t trying to say lance isn’t the sharpshooter because there’s no way keith isn’t aware of lance’s skills at that point. in the episode prior, lance just comforted keith… he wouldn’t be trying to start shit with him after that. keith didn’t know about lance’s insecurities when he teased him, and even now after lance came to him about them, he doesn’t know the extent of them. he was just trying to playfully tease him, because lance IS the sharpshooter… but it’s not like he ISN’T ALSO a goofball… lance took what keith said the wrong way due to his insecurities. i definitely think lance assumes that keith doesn’t even like him that much and i think he thinks keith gets jealous when he flirts with allura because he thinks keith likes allura… that would explain the “jealousy, thy name is keith” comment he made in the comics. that would explain why when allura and keith went off together, he thought they were involved… boy, you missed it by a mile… i’m going to talk way more in depth about my thoughts on all of this in the s3 section of the klance masterpost because i really need to talk about their characters in depth to really get my thought process across? idk i just need to explain it better and with more insight on them as individuals/their interactions so far. don’t want to do it all right here when i’m going to do it already.

taking into consideration that shot of keith we got through lance’s eyes in s3, it makes lance previously being in denial about his feelings seem very realistic… because that shot was clearly lance admiring keith and seeing him in a new light. i was always a little unsure on where lance was with how he felt about keith tbh? but s3 made it clearer for me? so, like another anon previously said to me, that shot is some sort of catalyst for lance… either for him to go from being in denial about/not being aware of/masking his feelings behind the rivalry… to realizing/accepting that he likes keith as more than a friend… especially with all their development this season. if he hasn’t exactly been in denial, the scene can still work as a catalyst for lance starting to develop feelings for keith… either way, that shot… it was definitely the start of something on lance’s end, for sure. 

Reasons Why I'm Salty Today

• I ate something with a lot of salt
• Archie’s problems will be pushed inside in favor of bughead’s
• “Yellow stands for friendship™.”
• Dark!Archie
• Varchie’s going to break up after 2 episodes
• Sabrina is probably going to be pushed around and shit
• The straights™ are going to be back at it again
• Betty’s going to have a lot more screen time than she needs
• Mcmantle still won’t have a lot of scenes compared to bughead
• Kevin is getting a new love interest
• Chebrina probably won’t be canon,and even if it is, it’ll be super sexualized
• Again, I ate something will a lot of salt
• Cheryl’s character development will probably be erased
• Joavin is the only gay ship that was canon
• Josie and The Pussycats will probably get pushed to the sidelines again
• Kevin’s probably gonna stay the stereotypical gay friend
• Sabrina and Kevin are most likely going to be at odds with each other
• Polly’s probably not going to name her twins “Luke” & “Leia”
• The Ocean Swallowed Me™
• I need more flashback scenes
• The lack of Dream sequences™

Idk,Feel free to add on.

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what do u think of the term "gay coded"

okay, like, it’s a legit thing? there are so many characters that are coded as being gay, and for a lot of them, it never actually becomes canon. sometimes that’s queerbaiting. sometimes it’s because they literally can’t do it, or the show will get cancelled immediately. gay coding is for sure a real thing.

but when a character is canonically asexual — which jughead is — then calling them gay coded anyways is actually really rude, and hurtful. i get that you can be ace and still be gay, like that’s a completely valid sexuality, but if we want to talk about subtext, then jughead is heavily coded as being aromantic. i understand that he’s never flat out said that he’s not into men, but that’s because way back when, it wasn’t something that they felt needed to be said. being gay may have been a thing, but it wasn’t something someone talked about, and it wasn’t something that the archie writers would feel the need to reject. as soon as it was, they immediately said he was ace. hell, once jughead was hit with a love (potion? ray? spell? idk) and he fell in love, not with a woman, not with a man, but with a plate of nachos. nachos. not even burgers, but nachos.

i get wanting gay rep, okay? i get it. i’m a lesbian— almost all of my rep gets killed off. but we do have some rep. not just that, but we have rep in the show. we have kevin. can you name one canonically asexual character, other than jughead? i can’t. my friends can’t.

let them have this one.


I drew a bunch of mah girl trying to get more of her and her stuff’s designs down!!

I’m not saying that I designed an entirely new oc specifically for genderqueer pride day but wait yes that is exactly what I’m saying

idk who this cool cat is but they’re cool and I love them

(and they need a name)

off topic but kestrel and arin trying to decide on baby names would be the cutest thing ever?? kestrel going through herrani history books and novels and writing down the names she likes, arin promising her that whatever she wants to name the baby will be perfect and then laughing his head off at her first suggestion, “im sorry its not that bad its just” “not THAT bad?”, accidentally staying up waaay past midnight, both of them getting really giddy because now they’re thinking about their child and they can’t stop imagining what they’ll look like and be like, arin suggesting character names from his favorite storybooks as a child and kestrel calling him out on it and he gets really red and mumbles “i was hoping you wouldn’t get the references”

i understand when people are like “bi lance can date girls don’t hate on ships that have lance and a female character” and i totally get that like of course he can? but if it’s not mentioned in the show that he’s bi ever then it’s not representation like if the show just mentioned he’s bi, or had him flirt with a guy. that’s it that’s all i need idc who you ship him with but if y'all wanna have bi lance you gotta have him actually be bi


  • has loved reading ever since she found out she was named after Cosette from Les Miserables, even tho she is mucho unimpressed by how weak of a character she was.
  • People assume she’s a quiet bookworm because she’s very reserved, but she will be really hostile towards anyone who gets under her skin
  • Her hair was blonde as a child but went dirty-blonde in grade 9 and she’s been dying it back to blonde since
  • She finds furniture at junkyards and flea markets, refurnishes them and sells them
  • She is the ultimate negasaurus

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I’m honestly humbled and grateful to be a part of this community and to be writing and having people enjoy it! I didn’t really realize how much I was missing an imaginative outlet in my life, and how much I missed writing and a creative community.  So thank you <3  

Nonsense & Shenanigans (likes/dislikes/thoughts on writing) below the cut

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Need input for Voltron fic!

Underground Fighting au anyone?

I need ideas cause this screams the Voltron team and I’m loving it. 

1. ALL the paladins are fighters, no more of characters getting sidelined without the attention and development they deserve.

2. I don’t know what pairings to make it cause I love so many…

3. I would love to know your ideas and if this is something you’d like to see!

highlights from our first dnd group sesh i need to share:

@icaruspoes @decidueye-thrussy @officialclarkkent

  • chloe’s character (lena) and I (juniper) having a buddy cop dynamic
  • our dm having the BEST accents (twangy bartender named greta, lil old toothless librarian gertrude, new yorker dwarf blacksmith) 
  • phoebe’s character being the sole sane one and voice of reason
  • jordan’s character (kam moonstone) getting lit from one drink and being the only one to successfully flirt with the half orc bartender
  • shirley temples
  • somehow my lil druid gnome is able to intimidate the HELL out of a dwarf blacksmith
  • said bartender shooting down lena and juniper’s flirty advances BRUTALLY
  • said bartender picking up lil juniper by her robe and placing her on the bar “i’m scared but honestly also a lil turned on” 
  • [demon fiery dwarf voice] who you???

anonymous asked:

I think the official ship name is Cobra Slippers, jsyk ;)

mmmmmmmyeah no i’m not gonna call them that, and i’ll tell ya why:

  • in the preview for 701, Henry explicitly tells Regina that Operation Cobra is over, so I won’t associate ‘Cobra’ with any future ship/relationship names unless it’s already established (like Captain Cobra, although that might have a new name in S7 as well)
  • we already got “Ruby Slippers” for Ruby/Dorothy so I don’t like slippers being used for another character. gets confusing, particularly to multi-shippers like yours truly.
  • “CS”? really? we already have a CS, we don’t need another. it’ll be confusing as hell if people start posting “cs ff” to mean “cobra slippers ff” and invading the captain swan tags. so just… no. that’d be a huge, ridiculous mess. i have a headache already just thinking about it.
  • idk about it being an ‘official’ ship name or whatever, but i somehow doubt that there’s a consensus at this point

I’m totally fine adjusting if a different ship name gets chosen for them and accepted by the fandom as a whole, but for now I’m pretty fond of “jacinry” because it literally doesn’t matter what happens in canon, mashing their names together will always make sense. Also that one anon had the right idea and called them “hella” which is ALSO a name-smash combo, PLUS it is adorable af.

So for right now, and until such a time as the fandom has made up their minds, I’m tagging everything Henry/Jacinda as jacinry and/or hella


anonymous asked:

i agree so much with your previous ask!! like i love chrom a lot but i've seen so many people i follow make fun of him or call him names and sure it upsets me a little but this is all fictional! it's not real! there's no need to get mad!

Absolutely!! I’m the same way with Takumi. Some of my mutuals despise him, a lot of people do, and it’s upsetting but literally every character has people who hate them and you can’t change that.

And man I’m sorry about Chrom, idk why anyone would say mean things about such a sweet boy!! Chrom is so dorky and adorable.

This is a Pro-Chrom blog. 👍🏻

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Hey!! I have this OC that has very ill-fated destiny. When she dies, she is reborn, but she always dies as a kit, meaning she never gets to experience life like everyone else does. She's a smoke tortoiseshell, but I don't have any names for her. Do you mind helping?

damn that’s such a depressing character. uhh idk if u need suffixes but smokewing, greymist, tawnyflower, mottledbloom

Tag Game!

Tagged by @kyungiil :D it’s literally been at least a year since I’ve done any sort of tag game so I feel like I need to reintroduce myself 

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Name: Hannah
Nickname: n/a
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5’ 3" or 160ish cm
Orientation: 🤷
Nationality: American
Fave Fruit: Grapefruit ..? Idk I love so many
Fave Season: Winter
Fave Flower: Carnations
Fave Scent: Sandalwood
Fave Color: Green 💚💚💚
Fave Animal: CATS
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: All of the above
Average Hours of Sleep: 6 I think
Fave Fictional Character: Abby Sciuto from NCIS
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: At least 3, preferably more
Dream Trip: Somewhere cold n snowy
Blog Created: Dec. 2015

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Kieran, Mark, and Cristina: An Important Essay

Are you tired of love triangles? Did you come out of Lady Midnight torn between shipping Mark with Kieran or Cristina? Do you love fluffy things, character parallels and stable threesomes? Then you might be interested in Maranstina, (name subject to change) the shipping sensation that’s sweeping the nation! 

“Maranstina healed my boils and cured by sick goat.” -Someone, somewhere, probably

“It has everything you need, forbidden romance, war, royalty, cuddles, cute nicknames. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.” - Me

“Can I get a yes?” - Anonymous Genius

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Name: Lizzie

Nickname: Snow, Tecolote, Owl, and other.

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 165cm/5'5

Orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ethnicity: Spaniard/Native Mexican mestiza. 

Favorite fruit: Grapes

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite book series: I need to read more books.

Favorite flower: Roses 

Favorite scent: Idk

Favorite color: white

Favorite animal: Owls

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Hot cocoa, I can’t drink coffee much if ever. 

Average sleep hours: 7

Favorite fictional characters: Vash the Stampede, Marceline Abadeer and Simon Petrikov, Turbo and Vanellope, Batman, The Joker, Knuckles the echidna, Rouge the Bat, Grunkle Stan and Ford Pines. 

Number of blankets you sleep with: depends, from zero to two.

Dream trip: Call me a teaboo but I want to go to London, call me a weeb but my dream honeymoon is going to Japan.

Blog created: 2013 

Number of followers: 9713

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Supergirl: The Next Generation

I created a household on Sims 4 called “Supergay” where basically everyone is gay with each other and has kids. I call it “Supergirl: The Next Generation”

Jamie & Miah Sawyer-Danvers: These two sisters are very similar to Alex and Kara. They have a bond that’s thicker than water. Jamie is a bit overprotective of her little sister Miah (named after Alex’s father Jeremiah) and too tough for her own good. Miah is upbeat, cheerful, and a little high-maintenance (so it’s good that she has a protective big sister to take care of her).

Jonathan & Jacob Olsen-Kent: These brothers (named after Clark and James’ late fathers) are complete opposites. Jonathan (Jon) tries very hard to ignore his parents’ crime-fighting pasts, and tries to suppress his own powers. He tries his hardest to “fit in” and be a regular teen. He has a knack for sports, especially basketball. On the other hand, Jacob (Jake) can’t wait to be a hero and follow in his fathers’ foot steps. He’s even perfected his own mild-mannered personality and tries to shadow his fathers on a daily basis. Unfortunately, he hasn’t inherited quite as many of Clark’s abilities as Jon has. He’s often clumsy and fails when trying to be a hero.

Lanie & Lance Luthor: Lanie and Lance, yet still very young, have very distinctive personalities. Lanie (who’s older by 5 minutes) is very independent and enjoys doing things on her own. She can be very stubborn and push her brother out of the way when she wants something. Lance is more on the clingy and dependent side, and cries when left alone for more than a minute. He constantly follows Lanie around and tries to play with her. Lance very much worships Lanie.

Dax-El Schott: Dax-El is a bit of a daredevil and considers himself to be a “ladies’ man” (but the ladies beg to differ). Dax-El often gets in trouble using his super strength at school. He’s insecure about himself (and a big closet nerd) so he feels the need to show off his powers to all of the other kids at school.

Credits to KacieAnne, onlylinzy627, SimNak, and mydearbriele on the sims community for creating most of the base SG characters (I just tweaked them- except for Maggie who I made from scratch).

@gallifrey convinced me into posting this