idk their actor names sorry

i’ll never understand those tumblr users who don’t like benedict and are proud of it and of not reblogging his things on their blogs (always calling him an alien and making fun of his name, of course), as if it would make them better than others

like wow

you don’t like an actor

you don’t reblog his things


wowowowow what an accomplishment

here is your nobel for not liking benedict cumberbatch

I know Lucas is supposed to be Riley’s endgame much like Topanga for cory, but would the writers really go in that direction? It’s so obvious.
So I’m thinking they should pair them off for a while but really just make him and Maya endgame, PLEASE. They have awesome chemistry and it would certainly generate some “mature” conflict for the girls and I just really really ship them as of episode 4 and I want them together.