idk their actor names sorry


i’ve only watched the first episode of Father is Strange, but i really like it so far! the sibling dynamics are real and adorable, and their parents are equally cute. i’ve never thought of Lee Yoo Ri as a comic actress, but so far she’s been a hoot. her character and Jung So Min’s character are more or less polar opposites, with Hye Young being the prickly, successful career woman with a bit of an immature streak and Mi Young the sweet, gentle sister who seems to take care of everyone. i’m excited to see more of the two of them together!

i’m actually getting a bit of a Sung sisters (Reply) vibe from this? with Hye Young having bits of Bo Ra and Na Jeong and Mi Young being Deok Sun, and Ra Young (Hwa Young’s character) being Shi Won. in any case, i’m adoring this little family so far, and will most definitely continue watching. 

family dramas are definitely an acquired taste, but once you get used to them, you can really find a few gems. in any case, i can always count on KBS to deliver in the weekend timeslot. my recent favourites (Five Children, Laurel Tree Tailors) and now this have all been KBS.    

i’ll never understand those tumblr users who don’t like benedict and are proud of it and of not reblogging his things on their blogs (always calling him an alien and making fun of his name, of course), as if it would make them better than others

like wow

you don’t like an actor

you don’t reblog his things


wowowowow what an accomplishment

here is your nobel for not liking benedict cumberbatch