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Weird question but what do you think Jensen's reaction would be if some 'fan' openly hated on Misha/Cas/both at a con? At maybe a cockles or j2m panel? Because I know Jensen jokes around a lot about this kind of stuff, I'd like to know how he would handle it if someone ACTUALLY were hating on Misha and not just as a joke. What do you think he would say/do?

i mean, we’ve seen what he does when people are slightly disrespectful to jared at panels. like that time a lady decided it was a good idea to tell jared that she had started a facebook group called “everything is jared padalecki’s fault” and it was meant to be endearing but j2 totally thought she was insulting jared so jensen stepped in and basically told the lady to fuck off. and we’ve seen jensen shout at rich (or whoever it was??) for being hard on rob, and he straight up grabbed rob to protect him.

but as someone pointed out to me recently, the way jensen is super protective over jared and rob is not really exhibited toward misha. i’m not sure if he’d act exactly the same, but i imagine if someone was being rude to/about misha at a panel, jensen would shut it down real quick. i also know that one time jensen asked the crowd if they wanted misha back and someone said no and jensen’s face looked like someone told him his dog just died. so there’s that. 

I’m gonna make a reply post and it’s probably going to take a metric dickyear but HEY…. >_>;  I can only go back a couple of days tho… cba to dig with this XKit shit going on.  :x  Forgive.

This post is image intensive in some extreme ways.  Word of warning.  >_>;

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