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Bungou Stray Dogs: Port Mafia + namesakes

     [Armed Detective Agency ver.]


Anonymous said:What would dancing with the greasers be like?

A/N: That’s a really creative idea, and frankly I dig creative ideas. I love this idea and will be splitting it up between each greaser. So sort of like a preference? Idk. Well anyway, please enjoy, anon! And thank you so much for this wonderful creative idea! I’ve been dying to write it for ages now. :3

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

The Tim Shepard Gif (the last one) is sourced to:

Dancing with the greasers would include:


Darrel hardly ever had time to dance, but when the boys were in bed sometime’s he’d pull you up to your feet and start dancing with you. It caused you to laugh. It was sweet and absolutely adorable when he’d slow dance with you in his living room. “I feel like we’re in high school all over again.” you’d grin.

“Maybe I could bring you back to then.” Darry smirks, leaning forward and kissing you deeply and passionately.


Dancing with Steve was hilarious. He was a tuff greaser and seeing him dance was hilarious. He wasn’t the best dancer but he would always dance with you at party’s. “You’re so bad at this!” you’d laugh.

“Yea and? I’ve got you to distract everyone from me.” he’d smirk.


Dallas dancing? Ha! Funny. He never danced. No matter what. Well, if you classified grinding as dancing, he’d do that, but other than that, you were on your own. “Dance with me Dallas!” you’d grin at him.

“Get outta here, broad.” he’d shoo you off.

“Whatever.” you’d mutter, taking your best friends hand and dancing with her.


Dancing with Sodapop was a complete blast! Dancing was one of the ways he’d let off steam, so at parties, - if he ever got mad-, he’d sweep you to your feet and start dancing with you. It was absolutely exhilarating. “Soda!” you’d squeal in delight.

“Come on, baby! Let’s dance.” he’d grin.


Dancing with Ponyboy was cheesy yet delightful! He often didn’t dance in public but when the two of you studied for too long he needed a release. He’d pull you up to your feet, turn on some Elvis and begin goofily dancing with you. “What are you doing?” you’d grin at him.

“I’m dancin’!” he’d laugh.


Johnny’s countenance would be swarmed with a deep red and his body would almost be locked into place. He’d be too shy to initiate it, but with your charm, he’d start dancing a little bit. He’d certainly prefer to dance in private. 

“You’re real swell at this, (Y/N)!” he grins out shyly.


Dancing with Two-bit was a blast, it was a total laugh. He’d flip you, dip you, ect. It was energetic and hilarious! It always got you laughing and super happy. “Baby!” you’d giggle out, squealing.

“Don’t you like it when I sweep you off of your feet?” he’d grin goofy at you.


Tim was no dancer, but occasionally at a party or at Buck’s he would dance with you, just for the hell of it. He loved the way it made your eyes light up, the way you grinned and giggled. He was mad about you, but he wouldn’t admit that to nobody. “We can stop dancing now, if you’d like.” you suggested.

“N’aw, you’re fine.” Tim’d wink.

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Cordyceps, cages, “happy dream” and Kaneki Ken

So, since a lot of different theories about the cordyceps fungus are abound right now, I figure that I’ll put in my 2 cents (because they are eating up my insides and I need to vent).

First, the cordyceps. It’s a kind of fungus, not a plant, not an insect, a parasitoidal fungus. The parasitoidal part is kind of important. The thing with parasites is that most of the time they don’t kill their host outright. Well, parasitoids do. A parasitoid is an organism that lives on or in a host organism and ultimately kills the host. In the case of the cordyceps, the life cycle of the fungus coincides with that of the host. As in, when the host bursts open to release the fungus’s spores, both the host and the cordyceps die. The form of cordyceps available on the market is the mumified host/fungus combination. Two in one. Now, there are three ways (as far as I know) to put this into tg perspective. None of them pleasant. What a shocker.

Possibility number 1: Haise is the host and Kaneki is the fungus. From Haise’s point of view, this is what’s happening. At first glance, it makes sense to us the readers, who really, REALLY LOVE Haise, too (and because all we were treated with since the beginning of TG:re is Haise’s point of view, thus making him automatically the main character. Not a wrong assumption, but not quite right either. I’ll get to that later.) Also, there’s this little panel:

(Source: Ishida Sui via imperialscans. Btw, is posting their scanlations on another site in the name of analysis allowed?)

…which reminds me terribly of this image:

(Source: Ishida Sui via kissmanga. I don’t know who kissmanga’s source is. Twisted Hel? Idk. I couldn’t find the credits.)

…and this one:

(Source: wikipedia.)

Just as Kaneki saw “Shironeki” as the fungus, Haise sees Kaneki as the fungus.

 (Typical Kaneki, you never change, do you?)

However, dig deeper and you’ll start to see some certain problems with this theory. For one, Kaneki was the one that came first. Two, he was compared with the character Gregor Samsa, who was TURNED INTO an insect with many legs, in Kafka’s Metamorphosis. As in, he wasn’t always an insect. If you want to put it into Kaneki’s metamorphosis, the human Kaneki pre-surgery, the original Kaneki, was NOT the insect here. It was “Kuroneki” and “Shironeki” that were the insects. However, just as Gregor didn’t stop having human quality, values and morals (aka he didn’t stop being “human”) when he was turned into an insect (he certainly was a lot more humane than the rest of his family, to say the least.), Kaneki didn’t stop being “human” when he was turned into a ghoul. He has never stopped having them, in fact. Note here that being human biologically doesn’t automatically qualify someone as a “human” (having qualities that are usually associated with humans), as proven by Gregor’s boss, family and the CCG respectively. Three, I don’t think Kaneki wants to destroy the “body” that they “share”. Personally, I think this is the surface meaning that Ishida Sui set as a trap for us. Well, it’s either that or Ishida Sui didn’t do his research, which is pretty unlikely. The last time I thought that something didn’t make sense because Ishida Sui didn’t do his research on transplanting organs, that “error” turned out to be an important plot point that I completely failed to see coming. No, not this time, Ishida Sui. I’m not going to fall for the same trap twice. Mwhahahaha.

Possibility number 2: Kaneki is the host and Haise is the fungus. Makes more sense for people who either don’t like Haise or didn’t fall into the above-mentioned trap (but totally fell into a different kind of trap Ishida Sui has set for us since the beginning of TG). Kaneki came first, so he’s the host. Makes sense. The other reasoning can be found everywhere, so I’m not going to repeat it here. I admit that unlike possibility number 1, possibility number 2 can happen if you only look at from a TG-bar-the-Anteiku-raid perspective. But the Anteiku raid changed everything. Specifically, Hide and Arima changed everything. (Have I mentioned how much I love these 2 characters? Because if I haven’t, I love these 2 like there were no tomorrow. The happy dream called “Haise” that Kaneki spoke of was only possible because of them) He’s the insect. Uh, nah. He’s a human that has been turned into an insect. Whatever he eats is irrelevant to what he chooses as his way of living. The conflict between what Kaneki dubbed as his “human” side and his “ghoul” side is where he was wrong. It’s more, like, his “selfish” side (Kaneki’s mother’s selfishness) and “a different kind of selfish” side (Rize’s selfishness). He chose not to eat human at first because he didn’t want to loose his value, didn’t want to loose his “home”. He still chose to not eat human (and incidentally, leave his “home” behind) post-Aogiri because he didn’t want to be hurt anymore, as well-analysed by Hide and later repeated by Touka back in TG. It’s kind of, like, cutting off the relationship first because (Kaneki thought) the other person would cut it off anyway, and at least if Kaneki was the one to do it, it would be quicker, thus less painful. Kaneki was literally shutting others out of his heart so that the people he cared about wouldn’t be hurt because of him, but mainly, so that HE wouldn’t be hurt again (all in vain, but that’s par for course). Anyway, long story short, “Kuroneki” = “Shironeki” = “Sasaki Haise”.

(Source: Ishida Sui via kissmanga. Again, I don’t know kissmanga’s source.)

They are the same person, no matter how much Kaneki would like to pretend otherwise.

(Notes: …unless Kaneki really developed DID after Aogiri. Then, this theory of mine is screwed.)

This. This is the truth of the that Ishida Sui has led us away from using strictly Haise’s point of view. It’s not exactly fungus and insect if they’re all the same person. Ironically, the clues comes from Haise himself: he so resembles “Kuroneki” that you would have been blind not to see it (no offence to the blind people), both in looks and personality. Just read the beginning of TG and :re at the same time and you’ll see the disturbing similarities. This makes, total sense, since :re is, as Haise said, a story that he had read before. (As a side note, comrades, brace yourselves, for shit is about to hit the fan. THE CHECKER BOARD OF BLACK AND WHITE INSANITY IS BACK. IN THE CCG’S HEADQUARTERS NO LESS. TG:RE EQUIVALENT OF AOGIRI IS COMING. Right after or alongside Tsukiyama’s arc. Probably right after. I think).

Possibility number 3 (aka my pet theory): The host is the cage, Kaneki’s “happy dream”. The fungus is reality, trying to wake him up. Remember back in TG chapter 143 - Ken when Kaneki’s narrative said these precious lines?

“I have to eat. To eat is to steal.

I have to eat. To eat is to protect.

I have to eat. To eat is to lose.

I have to eat. To eat is to make a mistake.

My salvation is… just to sleep and have a happy dream.

My salvation is…”

(Source: Ishida Sui, translated by imperialscans.)

Couple that with this picture again:

(Source: Ishida Sui via kissmanga).

… really makes me think that :re so far is the happy dream Kaneki wished for, a dream bargained and bought by Hide and brought about personally by Arima. Just think about it. Kaneki now has a family of a father, a mother and 4 cute little children that loves him, a stable job that pays well in exchange that he fights “for justice”, co-workers and friends what he gets along well with. He is “strong” yet not “cruel”, “innocent” yet not “weak”. It’s a dream comes true. Only, the dream is part of the cage. As long as he’s dreaming, he can’t fulfil his destiny, he can’t break out of the cage. The “happy family” is a make-believe one. “Justice” is a farce for genocide. Most of his co-workers hate his guts. His friends will undoubtedly turn on him the moment he tries to leave the CCG because it’s their job. No hard feeling. He is weak, not strong. He is cruel in his ignorance. He is not innocent. With all that blood on his hands, whether he remembers it or not, he can’t be innocent any more. That innocence has been gone for a long, long time. And he doesn’t have a home. The second home he made at Anteiku, the first home he found in Hide, his most precious person, he has neither of them. He is alone as Haise in his “happy dream”, trapped in a cage of someone’s making.

(Special mention to the building Kaneki was tortured in, which was shaped like a birdcage, out of which, incidentally, Kaneki never managed to escape, just as Jason never managed to escape the CCG’s prison that he was held in, and a panel that explicitly compared the world to a cage and Kaneki to a chick that hadn’t broken outside.)

(Source: Ishida Sui via imperialscans).

(Source: Ishida Sui via Twisted Hel scans.)

Human Kaneki’s path led to a dead end. He remained ignorant of the cage until the end.

“Kuroneki”’s path led to a dead end. He knew that he was in a cage, but he ignored it in favour of being “happy”.

“Shironeki”’s path led to a dead end. Even though he decided to act, he had no clear path in his mind. All he did was wandering aimlessly until the his time ended.

“Haise”’s path (so far) will led to a dead end. All he did was dreaming that the end had already come. (Really, really resembles “Kuroneki”’s choice, now that I think about it).

“Baby Shironeki”, the other “Haise”, is the reality that’s trying to destroy the dream wake Kaneki up.

He needs to break out of that cage.

It’s kind of poetic, really. At the beginning of the dream, there were Hide who bought the dream at the heavy price that was his existence in Kaneki’s life and Arima who personally brought about the dream. At the end of the dream, there were Hide who (possibly) will regain his existence by Kaneki’s side and Arima who will probably brought about the end of the dream. Personally.

This suspiciously comes to mind. Hey, that stalk kind of reminds me of IXA…

Good news, while Haise is the cage and the dream, he is also the summation of Kaneki’s existence. Haise has both black and white hair. The “baby Shironeki” inside his mind has white hair, but he is tiny, and as such, represents human Kaneki’s innocence, just as the young “Kuroneki” did in TG chapter 140 - Severed voice. Even better, Haise is Kaneki and Hide’s love child and Arima’s successor. Haise adopted Kaneki’s chin touching and Hide’s cheek scratching, Kaneki’s socially awkwardness and Hide’s happy-go-lucky façade. They’re both lying liars who lied though, so I can’t pinpoint exactly where Haise got his habit of lying from. Haise learned Arima’s disciplines and his fighting style, specifically, his sword style, which is definitely going to be helpful when he fights Shachi again. The last time they fought, Shachi criticised Kaneki’s fighting style for having no basis (True. He taught himself. That should be a given) and Kaneki himself for not having a spiritual guide or some such. Now. Mwhahahah. When Kaneki regains his memories, incorporates his previous fighting style with his current one and gets back his reason to fight (Hide! Well, Kaneki fought most gloriously when he fought for Hide’s sake twice in the TG manga, it’s not too out of the question that Hide’s obviously the reason he gave and will “give his all”.), Shachi’s going to have to eat his words. Mwhahahaha.

Bad news, both the cordyceps fungus and the host die when the fungus releases its spores. The spores go on to make more fungus. Think Kaneki’s children (Quinxes) and Kaneki’s siblings (Aogiri’s half-ghouls). The corpse that is left behind is used to make medicine for human. While the ancient Chinese claimed that the drugs have all kinds of (unproven) miracle effects, in scientifically-proven Western medicine, one of the drugs that is made from the fungus/host combination is an immunosuppressant, which is usually used in organ transplant.

(This panel was purposely drawn from a certain angle so that it looks like both of them are laughing. This is getting creepy. The merge is not going to be pleasant.)

The cage is going to go all right, but what’s outside the cage?

In short, Kaneki is going to be the most complete when he wakes up, but he’s still going to loose. Badly. I think.

It’s… pretty much in line with the ends of Kafka’s A Hunger Artist and Metamorphosis, actually.

To quote Kaneki himself:  “If, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.”

(Note: Yes, I’m aware that the Japanese name of the fungus is “winter insect, summer plant”. In fact, the Japanese name comes from the Chinese name, which my language borrows almost word by word. However, as far as I know, the ancient Chinese didn’t exactly distinguish fungus from plant or grass or whatever, so the point of “they will merge to become a new being that is neither fungus or insect but is a plant” is kind of moot. I think. Anyone Chinese can verify this?)

EDIT 11/21/2015: Asked teacher. Yep. The ancient Chinese didn’t distinguish fungus from plant, so by “winter insect, summer plant”, they meant “winter insect, summer fungus”, which would allude to a straight take-over  instead of a merge like many had assumed when applied to either possibility 1 or possibility 2. Besides, the organ transplant part cannot simply be a coincidence.

Now excuse me, I’m going to buy a few more tissue boxes. Just in case I’m right.

The thing is, Levi fandom keeps trivializing his essential attributes while magnifying his trivial character aspects i.e romanticize his clean freak habit while simultaneously ignoring the source of it, which most definitely lies within his childhood. Nobody wants to understand Levi. Nobody digs any deeper than the surface and look beyond the “popular,brutally strong, calm and collected” shōnen trope

anonymous asked:

Do you have any nsfw headcanons? Lay then upon us.

Sorry this took so long. It took forever to pick a song (you’ll see)

NSFW headcanons ahead! You’ve been warned! :3

Mod Star:
-Victor is the power bottom TM. He can switch but Yuuri doesn’t have as much experience on the receiving end and Victor needs him to be able to skate.
-Victor’s petname for Yuuri is piglet in Russian. When Yuuri found out that’s what he was saying, he refused to put out for two days until Victor made him Google Russian pet names so he could see that animal names are super common.
-The first time Yuuri called Victor “coach” in bed, Vic came like a rocket. He’s gotten used to it but he still gets a boner whenever Yuuri says it… even at the rink.
-Victor expected Yuuri to be more hesitant about sex but he puts it down.
-Phichit is a pillow prince. Can confirm. I have proof.
-Leo enjoys having things inside him while he tops. Also he switches. -our suite mate
-Leo lost his virginity to Bulletproof Heart by MCR but then SING came on and he started crying. (Suite mate helped pick this out)
-Chris is truly to plan an orgy-on-ice but the other skaters won’t text him back.

Mod Viena:
Yuuri is man in the streets and a freak in the sheets.
Yuuri also adores being watched. Exhibitionism is his life source.

Victor needs to either top or power bottom. He refuses to relinquish total control. Also he NEEDS after-sex cuddles.

Phichit likes candle-play. He digs the sting of the wax.

Chris has an std. Or several. Idk. Which one(s)? Fuckin spin the wheel and see which ones he has this week.

Leo has a seafood fetish. He’ll eat it off a plate, off your body, whatever.

Yurio is underage but let’s say he likes to hump pillows and pretend it’s chunky women.

Back to Victor bc I can’t remember the other skaters: LOVES consensual somnophilia. All day erry day.


  • Minor Old God corruption begins as something mental (whispers, voices, etc). However, deeper corruption is more physical. Once past any mental barriers or willpower, an organism’s entire body is corrupted with a sort of sickness. It reaches a critical point once the ailment reaches the organ of the brain, where it latches onto the most. It is SEVERELY difficult to extract the “sickness” once this is done, as any attempt to take it out would be “pulling” on the flesh of the organism and hurt it. Kind of like a glue or a tar.

  • This kinda goes in line with how Wrathion was created, where the Eye of the Watchers literally cut up different organisms and sucked out black goop, leaving the “purified” parts behind.

  • Also, Old Gods have a tendency to inflict sicknesses on the flesh. IE: The Curse of Flesh. I think it’d make sense for their deeper sicknesses to be BOUND to the flesh, if they have some funky “affinity” for it.

  • Old Gods don’t only spread this corruption for shits and giggles, but they do it to grow in power. They “feed” off of organisms through this corruption. Obviously they don’t EAT flesh or whatever, but rather they “feast” on the dwindling Order they’re inflicting on the organism in question, since they’re beings of Chaos. Once an organism is truly corrupted (see: Deathwing), whatever Old God corrupted them now has a steady stream of energy AND something to inflict Chaos on Azeroth, which in turn would also “feed” them and energize them.

  • The feeding off of the energy of an organism doesn’t work on the races that the Old Gods made, like the Mantid. I feel like anything that would be symbiotic would not be “chaotic” enough for the Old God to energize Itself off of, so organisms that aren’t in line with an Old God already are prime targets. The races made by the Old Gods just produce Chaos, in general, to energize a God.

  • So, this would make sense for the Old Gods that randomly “awakened” so far in WoW. Take Ulduar. Yogg'saraon ended up being able to burst out of His chains only AFTER the Keepers were corrupted - by Him. I think their new Chaotic energy revitalized Yogg'saron enough to be an awakened threat.

  • This is also similar to Y'shaarj. Y'shaarj wasn’t able to awaken at ALL because of the pandaren lifestyle - but when the other races came and brought the Sha, the Sha helped inflict enough Chaos where Y'shaarj finally had enough energy to awaken as much as a, uhm, Heart could.

  • Old Gods can also take “hosts.” Y'shaarj’s body was a Heart, but once He had enough energy through the Chaos of the Sha, He called out to multiple sources through a guise of prophecy and power in search of a Host. One of these included Garrosh Hellscream, who took the dreams Y'shaarj sent and fell for them, for the glory of the Horde. Y'shaarj pointed him out to where He was buried so Garrosh could dig Him up. I doubt Garrosh knew what was really down there, but how else could he randomly know where to dig if something didn’t tell him first?

  • So Y'shaarj used Garrosh as a host once He was dug up

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ohmy god but can u imagine if she WAS ACTUALLY STANDING SHE WOULD BE LIKE. THE HBEIGHTOF A CHILD WHY AM I LAUGHING SO HARD OH MY GOD!! oh my god. oh my god,.


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(she kneeling cause she proposin’) (i just like the idea of her proposing on one knee in like full armour idk why)

i think my dude proposed but thats cute so yeah same i can dig this

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Wow what, I thought she looked really tall in the official art.


also like speaking of official art does anybody have an actual source for tall henry other than approx chara models because he looks so short next to sumia and their art’s proportions look almost equal

this has been confusing me forever