idk the song was in my head okay


i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

fair and square :: an alternating pov mix for season one anne and gilbert and the crushes that they definitely do not have on each other

once upon another time : sara bareilles
i make my wish but mostly i believe

bloom : the paper kites
you fill my lungs with sweetness & you fill my head with you

all the stars : the wailin’ jennys
open wide your wounded heart

ophelia : the lumineers
you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood

can’t go back now : the weepies
you do it on your own but you find you’re all alone

january hymn : the decemberists
what were the words i meant to say before you left?

christmas tv : slow club
it’s okay to have scars, they all make you who you are

shake : the head and the heart
the wind keeps pushing you to me

coming home : gabrielle aplin
standing underneath the sky with nothing of my own

sweet creature : harry styles
when i run out of road, you will bring me home

( listen )

Okay but imagine this with me now. 

You know how Lefou start doubting Gaston’s actions after the whole Maurice thing, but he still follows him because he has trust in him, Lefou trusts Gaston will do the right thing in the end, they went through this in the past, together, and although Gaston’s actions are sometimes well, stupid, he knows he means well. So Lefou questions him; he does it because even if Gaston won’t admit it, Lefou is kind of his moral compass.

The thing is that Gaston has always done everything he wanted, and no one has never really stood up against him, whether for respect or fear or blind awe or all of the above, and while Lefou admires him, and respects him and yes, loves him, he is the only one who confronts Gaston, who questions him and his motives, and Lefou knows that deep down Gaston is grateful for this, for Lefou always beside him reminding him the ‘what’ and the 'why’ and what really matters, and pulling him out from stupid dangerous situations.

So imagine (okay we don’t need to imagine it because we f*cking saw that and it hurt like hell) how hurt Lefou is when Gaston refuses his help and threatens him and snarls “Do you want to be next?” and on top of that orders him to fetch his horse like he’s some kind of servant.

Now. What if Lefou, in the midst of the crowd of blood-thirsted villagers grabbed Gaston’s arm, threw his torch away (and maybe he unwillingly starts a fire but who cares now all eyes are focused on their drama) and “Are you fucking kidding me or what you little piece of shit.” And everyone falls silent. 

And now I want you to forget the Mob song, and the 'wrong monster’ line. Instead Lefou start singing this:

Maybe I’m just crazy
Maybe I’m a fool
Maybe I don’t know how to love but
Maybe I do
Maybe you know more than me but
This much is true
This little heart and brain of mine say
We’re through with you

And he takes the stupid mirror from Gaston’s hands while he gapes at him, and crashes it under his foot. He then grabs Gaston by his collar and continues:

And I wonder does it blow your mind
That I’m leaving you far behind
I wonder does it stop your heart to know
You’re not my sunshine, anymore

And Gaston stands there like 'what wait no’ while he starts realizing he fucking messed up and went too far this time and Lefou just can’t turn his back on him!?
And the villagers  (with maybe a little too excited Stanley) sing along with Lefou for the best part of the song, i.e. the refrain:

Okay you’re pretty
Your face is a work of art
Your smile could light up New York City after dark
Okay you’re Coverboy pretty
Stamped with a beauty mark

And Lefou is so done at this point; he frees Maurice because it’s his turn to be the hero thank you very much and fixes Gaston with his best “I-love-you-but-you-better-go-home-and-think-what-you’ve-done-because-I’m-so-disappointed-in-you-damnit” glare and strikes the final blow:

But it’s such a pity a boy so pretty
With an ugly heart

“And you can bloody well go fetch your horse yourself dear.”

Silence again; Belle arrives and upon seeing his father and the villagers avidly witnessing to a Gaston almost in tears on his knees asking for Lefou’s forgiveness she is a bit out of her depth and she’s like 'I missed something here haven’t I".

So, no mob at the castle, Belle returns there with Maurice, Adam and the castle gang are free of the spell, the villagers go home, Gaston spend the following days crawiling at Lefou’s feet and they all lived happily ever after.

( … I’m so sorry Idk what’s this, it started serious but then I heard that fucking song and the scene played out in my head and akdjdhd basically crack, okay sorry I’ll go in my corner now.)

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EPISODE QUESTION: okay I can't remember but I always think about it what is that episode with the popular song on the radio where the lyrics are literally just "we oh we oh we oh we oh" and the band is supposed to come to town but then like the next day no one remembers the band and it's as if they never existed (I may have made the last part up in my head but idk) help!!!

that’s from Binky Rules/Meet Binky! 

floofybabybirb  asked:

Aa idk if this is too much but !! How about a scenario with a reader who has the ability of empathic singing where they can induce certain emotions w/ song, and one day Bakugou is being especially violent and angry for [dumb reason] so reader sings and it automatically soothes him and it's such a nice feeling combined with gentle voice tunes, that even after the song is over, Bakugou lays on reader's shoulder/lap/idk and demands that they sing again for him ??? Aa it was cuter in my head /)///(\


Bakugou Katsuki

“FUCKING DEKU! HE TOOK THE LAST SLICE OF PIZZA!” Bakugou shouted, dragging you along with him to his dorm. You wanted to laugh but decided against angering the beast any further. He slammed his door shut and you sat down on the bed, chuckling when he plops down next to you. When you felt a headache begin to form, you decided enough with the mindless shouting, so you opened your mouth and began to sing your melodic song that was supposed to invoke a feeling of calm. Bakugou slowly began to shut up before looking at you. You slowly stopped singing and Bakugou smacked his lips before lying his head down on your lap.

“Feeling better?” You asked, smiling sweetly. The boy stared up at you before closing his eyes.

“Sing more.”

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okay so like, I'm making a working out playlist, do you have any suggestions for songs I should put on there?

Well Champion ofc… and also My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark, Victorious, Bang The Doldrums, The Best Thing That Never Happened by We Are The In Crowd… i used to have a workout playlist but idk where it went, so that’s all i got off the top of my head

rules:   post  a  song  that  reminds  you  of  your  muse. ( I have too many, so I’m doing the one I can think of at the top of my head. )
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I’m a mountain that has been moved
I’m a river that is all dried up
I’m an ocean nothing floats on
I’m a sky that nothing wants to fly in
I’m a sun that doesn’t burn hot
I’m a moon that never shows its face
I’m a mouth that doesn’t smile
I’m a word that no one ever wants to say

Well, if we take all these things and we bury them fast,
and we’ll pray that they turn into seeds, to roots and then grass,
it’d be all right, it’s all right, it’d be easier that way,
or if the sky opened up and started pouring rain,
like he knew it was time to start things over again,
it’d be all right, it’s all right, it’d be easier that way.

This song is focused on religion and lack thereof. Basically, someone losing hope in something they believed in, but religion keeps telling you ‘hey, if you just pray, all of this will go away,’ and yet… nothing gets better. Praying may ease your mind a little, but nothing miraculous is going to happen to change your life. That’s my interpretation of it anyway….

BUT I JUST… really like this song, and I feel like it fits Solas, and could even fit Dalish who’ve begun to lose faith in the Creators, because of Solas’ deep seeded self-deprecation. He has too much pride to ever admit/confront it, but it’s definitely there, and a delusional part of him ( something that just became worse after such a long time in Uthenera ) thinks that if he just keeps faith in his plans, it’ll get better. Things will be DIFFERENT this time. But at the same time, he knows it’d be easier to just… give up ( again, too much pride for that to happen ); it’d be easier that way. He’s tired.  He keeps on latching to the idea that things will be different, just so he doesn’t have to face these feelings that have been haunting him —  like how a very religious person has it in their head that, even through the worst time in their life, they keep desperately praying to a God that doesn’t answer them.

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Honestly, even though I don't like drama and all that your post is perfectly fine -to me- Not only did you put it under a read more -which is a lot more than most people do- you tagged it MORE than accordingly. So go, vent, it's okay, you're only human... and now I have that song stuck in my head. You're amazin though so *hugs*

omg not even gonna lie I saw this come into my inbox and I was like “here we go” bc I’m so ready for the backlash and for me to get hate lmao,, but. wow. thank you :( I’m just so !! abt the fandom right now and the stuff that’s circulating and I try to ignore it most of the time but I can’t handle the bias anymore idk. I had to say something :( but I really appreciate you saying this??? I want to be considerate of those who don’t like drama, which is why I put the read more and everything but ksfdkdf god thank you very much and I love you :( hugs u harder

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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go,to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it! *-*


okay okay okay, random facts

1. I write songs… like idk songs just get stuck in my head but they just don’t exist yet

2. my middle name’s Nicole 

3. I’m bad at making these kinda lists (hey, it’s a random fact)

4. I like makeup a lot irl

5. I wanna have like three kids one day ??? idk it’s kinda hard to think of random facts lmao

smandrews3  asked:

Okay idk if you're taking requests (and if your not thats totally cool) but I was wondering if you would do something with the reader getting veggie tale songs stuck in her head (like the water buffalo song or I love my lips or something like that) and one of the boys catches her singing it? Love your work btw ❤️❤️

Bahaha! I freaking love veggie tales. Added to the list.
Thank you!

Head Over Shoes
Head Over Shoes

Hello again friends!! I’m back with another original song. This is just something I threw together really quick last night after getting inspired. It’s kind of lame, but I wanted to do this is for Em ( @narootos ) because she’s the squad queen and she loves YD. Also, this is her AU and I’m in love with it like I’m literally so invested in this plot line. 

That being said, this song is written in the plot line of our human Steven Universe AU from the perspective of Basimah (or Blue Diamond) about Yvonne (or Yellow Diamond.) BD x YD, friends. That’s what this song is. A ship song. A really adorable ship song. Anyway! Please enjoy and share and ship. That is all.

Album art by @narootos.  

EDIT: Lyrics under the cut!! 

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Rules: okay so you gotta put your music library on shuffle for 10 songs and tell everyone what songs you have

1. Angel of small death and the coedine scene by Hozier
2. Shake it out by Florence + the machine
3. My Love by Sia
4. Immortal by Marina and the Diamonds
5. Atmosphere by Mree
6. Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against
7. Sinster Kid by the Black Keys
8. Songs About Angels by Fences
9. Heels Over Head by Boys Like Girls
10. Want You Bad by the Offspring

I’m sorry for making you suffer???
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Bri, or some people call me Banana? I don’t like bananas, the nickname is okay though.

Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 4′10, shhhhhh I know.

Last Thing You Googled:  Idk. I think it was like “i am shooketh gif” because I needed it earlier.

Favorite Music Artist: It changes at least once a week, but right now it’s Stevie Nicks.

Song Stuck In Your Head: The scooby doo theme song, this is always my answer, I sing it at least seven times a day.

Last Movie You Watched: Like watched? I think it was Blue Jay. I don’t watch movies very often, I tend to get bored.

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Clothes, that’s for sure.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Ya know, that’s a good question. I guess it would just have to be because I didn’t have any time to come up with something clever. Can’t be sure though.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Nope! I used to.

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You:  Trust your gut. If you’re uncomfortable, there’s a reason why.

Religious or Spiritual: Check back later.

Favourite Color: Mint or blue, I can’t decide.

Average Hours of Sleep: Usually I can only stay asleep for about 4 hours at a time.

Lucky Number: 16

(Lesser Known) Favourite Character: Hm. I don’t think I have one. 

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: Hahahaha a lot. I have at least six blankets on my bed at any given time.

Dream Job: We’re not going to talk about that.

Tagging: AAAAA I hate tagging people in things. So I’ll tag @viktuuri-on-love @phan-of-kick-the-stickz and maybe @lesbianrivas . Hope y’all aren’t bothered, love ya.

Reasons why you need to watch Elena of Avalor right now

-awesome/badass/gorgeous/spunky Latina princess

-Isabel is the Disney Violet Baudelaire aka precious genius inventor child

- her grandpa is obsessed with singing random guitar ballads

aka he’s a dork and hella cute

-he also may or may not be crushing on Elena even though she’s completely oblivious

-it’s kind of adorable

-also his hair is fabulous

-speaking of fabulous, I have one name for you: ESTEBAN

-not sure if actually gay or just metro but he is a 110% certifiable overachieving dork

-literally everyone on this show is a smol dork

-Naomi Turner. Equally spunky harbor master’s daughter and #1 bff of Elena who isn’t afraid to get to the point


- also she really rocks that Rapunzel haircut



- plus the songs are so freaking catchy

-Mateo is a precious Ravenclaw? Hufflepuff? wizard child whose grandfather was basically the Disney equivalent of Newt Scamander

-he’s snarky

-esp. with Naomi, they might be a thing eventually idk I think I sort of preemptively ship it

- pretty sure he’s Carlos from The Magic School Bus reincarnated



Just go watch this masterpiece idc if I’m 20 years too old for it, it’s awesome

Fem!Reader + Akashi and Aomine submission (NOT A REQUEST)

Hi there!

So I formally apologize ahead of time if this isn’t where I’m suppose to submit this. Sorry. I’m so terrible at this.

Not nsfw or rated-R, (just a few cuss words) just a clip and snippet of some things that had been running in my head. Each one is with a different female reader. One scenario is cute, and one is…“slice of life”? If we must call it something then let it be that. Anyways, idk what scenario blog to report this to but you were the first that appeared on my list so I just chose you. And bc your icon was adorable.

*each scenario/snipet has a song that inspired me to write it/goes well with it(personally)*

Besides that I just HAD to share this to someone to get it out of my head. I would appreciate it if you read it and tell me your reaction/commentary, yeah?

Noo, don’t ever apologise for submitting your writing okay ~ actually, I should be thanking you for submitting this in due to the lack of scenarios from myself for the past few days oops (and also for approving of my fetus akashi icon ha) and what you’ve written is aihgliegheigheughlieughlie very nicessu indeed 

Check out these two adorable scenarios under the cut!

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