idk the smile was too cute

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idk if u still do the drunk Phil thing and stuff but hey, im super drtuiuunk and I just wanted to say tat fil is just too pretty, like his cheekbones and his smile lines, his face shape when he smiles, his squinting eyes when he laughs at a joke from dan, wen he pouts when dan says something cute/sad and sees just sooooooooo pretty. dan is like normal-face-good-looking compared to himk aaaragbvd he's so lovely an I want to hujfg hm sobadlyand say that we ove him so much and jbguriaejl,fdzg



Testing the waters for different presentation styles
In the case of Dancetale, Flowerfell and Undertale…they’re my interpretations. Like there’s no official book sorta telling me how they act, how old they are and what they look like etc so bleurgh here you go. The others I tried to make it my own style but…it didn’t work… I’m sorry to all the creators ;-;

Just a HUUUGEEE thanks to the following artists (who will probably not notice a passing noob artist like me ;-; but regardless) for brightening up my day and for others too with their fantastic AUs

Original undertale by Toby Fox

Littletale by @mudkipful
Any day I can look at them and start smiling. They are just so adorable I’m legit dying with a smile plastered to my face from cuteness overload…

Undertale Mob by @nyublackneko inspired by…biteghost? ( ಠ_ಠ  idk im sorry…)
I haven’t really checked out the original undertale mob but nyublackneko’s version definitely brought a smile to my face everytime it was updated even when I’m down in the dumps (it still does when I revisit the comic)

Dancetale by @teandstars
I just lose when I see dancing. Any kind of dancing. So seeing this AU definitely inspired me to pick up dancing again as well as drawing since it was one of my first AUs I encountered

Flowerfell by @underfart-snas
I saw it plastered all over the internet when I first saw undertale and another of my first AUs. It was a heart wrenching AU and definitely a change from the norm. Overgrowth is gone… ;-; The author took it down…I’m crying coz I only read it once… ;-; I respect the decision but I’m still sad…

Echotale by @yoralim
The interactions between Frisk and Sans were cute to see and on top of that I fell in love with the beautiful art style. The story line so far has definitely hooked me on. I’m not a huge fan of ships but for this one I let it sail.

“Sam, you didn’t have to.”

He smiled, watching as you fastened the beautiful necklace around your neck.

“Happy birthday,” he replied, reaching to adjust where the pendant fell against your chest.

“This is too much,” you breathed, looking into his gorgeous hazel eyes and seeing something there that you hadn’t seen before.

“Yeah, well,” he shrugged bashfully. “Who else am I gonna splurge on? You’re my best fr-”

You cut him off, closing the distance and pressing a kiss to his lips.

You pulled back after a brief moment, trying to gauge his reaction.

A smile grew on his lips as he pulled you closer again, his hands on your hips.

“You, too?” he asked, regarding the emotions you were finally allowing yourself to feel.

“Yeah,” you agreed, leaning in and kissing your best friend once more.

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Tiny Imagines for Seventeen's Chinaline


•Like imagine him giving you his cute little smile every morning and the light is just right so he looks like an angel
•Or when you’re too busy doing stuff and he noticed you’re not eating so he legit a sits down right next to you and feeds you as you work


•But like imagine coming home to him sitting on your floor cutely while playing with a fluffy little puppy that was suppose to be your surprise but he got too excited and couldn’t help himself
•Imagine The8 trying to show off to you some cool tricks he learned but he accidentally fell and now you’re sitting on his lap and applying ice to a pouty Minghao
•So imagine The8 waking you up with kisses all over your face because you needed to wake up but you wouldn’t so he went to plan B. When you do finally wake up he gives you the most angelic smile ever and finally gives you a real kiss
•So imagine Minghao going to Joshua to get guitar lessons because he planned a surprise for you because he saw how hard you’re working and wanted to treat you to something special. Like he plays 21st century girls on the guitar for you and like it sounds perfect
•Imagine Minghao taking care of you when you’re sick and like he’s just running around like crazy getting you soup, milk and chocolate because you’re his special lil baby and he just wants to make you feel better
•Imagine being in the same class as Minghao and everyday he brings you a cup of bubble tea because he knows you work hard and probably hasn’t had anything to eat so he makes it his job to feed you and becomes best friends with you
•Imagine being on Law of the Jungle with The8 and wherever you go he’s always with you because you guys are secretly dating and he does all these little things for you like giving you an extra coconut or making sure you’re really warm at night and giving you the best spot to sleep

Things I noticed since being in Japan:
-Literally every girl I met and some guys called me handsome
-Some guys called me cute too rip
-Almost every highschool/middle school girl looked me up and down and I have never been more worried in my life. What do they see? Why are they looking? Was it a good or bad impression?? I will never know 
-People avoided eye contact with me when I didn’t smile
-People stared when I smiled 
-Both of those made me embarrassed 
-People complimented me a lot?? Why???? 
-I was embarrassed 98% of the time 

Boy, this episode was filled with cute and warm scenes, but at the same time, annoying parts as well (not gonna post those parts since im pissed off i cant even take a screenshot of those).

Notable scenes for me:

1. the pinky swear

Like, what are you, seven? But I find them cute. I also like the three promises. I feel like they are indeed very important, especially when they have to fight the bad guy soon.

2. the head bump

Why are you doing this to me? Like why????

Jesus why?

3. the smile

Ki-chan is usually expressionless but damn! I love the fact that he smiles every now and then bcoz of Keika. Of course, Keika is just stubborn, energetic, and stupid, but thats what makes him so cute. I think Ki-chan thinks that, too hihi :>

Is it just me or theres something wrong with the flow of the story? Like, idk, maybe, a lil bit too fast paced? Or maybe some things were left out? Maybe this is bcoz of the limited time for each episode and maybe the budget. 

Not going to read the manga of this before I finish watching all the eps. I don’t want spoilers!!! I’m curious about a lot of things, and I’m still enjoying this series. Not gonna drop it, yet. :>

(And here I’m thinking of the otp name of Ki x Keika and I came up with KeiKi. WTF? I just ate. I’m not hungry. I even had coffee. Damn brain!)

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You talk about JK way too much

so anyways i love this boy named jeon jeongguk and let me just tell you a bit about this boy okay? he has the sweetest laugh in the world like literally his laugh lights up the whole universe. He does this cute smile thing where he smiles really hard and he gets these little dimples and his cheeks crinkle a little bit and when he laughs oohohhhh my gosh he does this thing where he throws his whole body into it and throws his head back and starts clapping and moving back and forth and his laugh alternates between either quiet little giggles or high pitch squeaking or deep and raspy or sometimes if he’s laughing REALLY hard no sound at all with some exasperated gasps in between and his nose gets scrunchy and he gets that cute eye smile AND when he’s smiling he gets those creases around his eyes and his nostrils flare a little bit it’s so damn cute speaking of nostrils his NOSE is absolutely adorable it’s always so soft and little and his little nostrils are so cute and he does that thing where he purposely flares them out as a joke fdukjhgsdm and he sniffles from his rhinitis but it’s so endearing dsfgkhjf then he has gorgeous soft hair and sometimes it’s parted or straight across his forehead or it’s curly or wavy and honestly no matter what colour or style it’s in it’s always so damn beautiful and works so well for him like dark brown and parted? nice, light brown and wavy/curly? nice, light caramel and straight? also nice. he has these cute moles on his neck, under his lip, and on his cheek AND he has a little beauty mark on his nostril and let me tell you it’s the cutest thing ever and it’s pretty rare we get to see it but when we do OOHHHh man my heart does a little flip, speaking of cheeks he has that gash from when he apparently taught over the TV with his brother (which is such a jeon thing???) and it actually adds so much character to him and i love it so much. AND he has soft puffy pink lips and the most amazing smile in the world and honestly people say he has thin lips but b*tch WHERE his lips are so puffy and soft looking wow i d*e then hes like???? thin and dainty but then BOOM muscle pig jeon with his pull on headstands and raging thighs and big biceps I always forget how incredibly toned and buff he is??? he’s so cute and s*xy at the same time my heart is always so conflicted because he has that angry snarl face where he like grinds his teeth together but then he does weird shit like the naruto run out of nowhere and overall he’s just such a well rounded meme boy and I love him so much

which brings me onto my next topic which is how proud I am of him? hes so cute and rly extra and is silly all the time even if he’s not feeling well and its just one of I love him. He acts super extra and invincible but still so shy like he used to wait until everyone was asleep so he could eat and he would leave the dorm in the middle of the night to get bbq and would go hang out by the river by himself and said he didn’t have any friends and was kind of a loner. But like here he is with this group chat and idol friends and he went from having just one to having a whole group and everyone loves him so much because he’s such a great person, hes really starting to come into his own and is still not afraid to be himself and hes always trying to make other’s laugh and happy regardless of his own mental state. He says that he needs to work himself to the point of death which is always shocking to me considering how hard he already works.He works so damn hard and always says he’s fine even if hes secretly struggling and cries on his own and cries more for those around him than himself until he finally explodes. He’s so scared of disappointing people that he’ll work himself to the breaking point LIKE IM SORRY IM NEVER GETTING OVER THE TIME HE CRIED ON HIS BIRTHDAY BECAUSE THE MANAGER FAKE YELLED AT HIM FOR NOT DOING WELL AND HE SAID HE WAS SCARED OF DISAPPOINTING PEOPLE I’M NEVER GOING TO MOVE ON FROM THAT IT WAS SO DAMN SAD he was so disappointed in himself and seriously wants to do everything well and is scared of failing. Like how he mentioned he wants to produce more music and stuff but he’s kind of scared and not confident because he doesn’t want to let people down and he acts big and tough and strong but he’s really sensitive and a big softy and HONESTLLYLYYYYY love him so much how the hell do you expect me to not talk about him all the time when this boy gives 100000000% all the time and really deserves all the recognition in the world so yeah anyways thats why I love jeon jeongguk and will never stop talking about him you can find the door


Right I’m gonna go on a little rant and idk if anybody is gonna see this but…. Most people only talk about Caspar looking at Joe like Joe is his world but seriously Joe loves Caspar just as much maybe even more… Sorry rant over. Joe’s little smile at the end of the second GIF tho .. Too cute xx

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hi, yes i’m here to talk about min yoongi’s cute gummy smile and how adorable he looks… like look @ this!!!!!

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he’s so precious omg

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there will be more under the cut cause i know i will put way too many.

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Biaswrecker Types
  • Type 1: CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, CUTEST SUNSHINE SUGAR BABY THAT YOU SO WOULD'VE BIASED IF YOU WEREN'T LOYAL. Totally has an eye smile and is so pure you aren't even sure how you missed them in the beginning.
  • Type 2: fUCKING RUDE. This bitch? Idk her. They're a rude, hot pile of i hATE YOU. Never. Nope. I can't even look at them. LEAVE MY HOUSE.
  • Type 4: (I almost forgot to add this lmao) The meme one that's suddenly hot like randomly?? What kind of accidental model shit is this????

I got my gc2b binder in the mail today and I honestly can’t stop thinking and smiling about it?? It’s SO comfortable, like insanely? I got the nude color and it works well with this shirt which is pretty see-through! It doesn’t feel too tight and it’s pretty dang flexible! It was pretty easy to get on (idk about getting it off because I’m still wearing it lmao) but wOW!! Thanks to everyone for suggesting it to me and I def say if you need a binder get gc2b!! (Also?? I’m cute as heck)

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makes a little ring out of a little clover flower, puts it on his thumb and smiles. "look! it's like we're married now!"

     ⊰ 𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐓𝐋𝐄 ⊱ || 𝐄verything about him filled with warmth and  s o f t e n e d
     like caramel in the radiance of ––– was it the  s u n  or her smile? If asked, he’d
     c l u m s i l y  deflect the inquiry and lament that anyone would waste their
     time asking such
 s t u p i d  questions. He’d never been much of a liar. There was a
     f l u s h  of pink creeping up the flower’s lower petals, and his cheeks deemed it
     w i s e  to mimic them. ❛It’s warm out today,❜ he reminded himself.

          𝐇e kept his eyes carefully trained on the ring. His large,  c o a r s e  hands
          flexed around it as if to make it more visible, then closed gently to keep it safe.
          He told himself it was  f o o l i s h, but he knew the second he got home he
          was going to
 s t a s h  it away with the rest of the precious few valuables
          he owned. ❝𝐈s that so?❞ His answering smile was silly and  l o o s e  and a
          rather rare shade of
 carefree. His voice?  L i g h t  with laughter. ❝𝐈s this
𝐃alish custom then? Do I have to  s w e a r  off shoes and run
          barefoot along the 𝐖ounded 𝐂oast?❞ || ⊰ 𝐇𝐀𝐖𝐊𝐄 ⊱