idk the smile was too cute

boys are so cute?? like when they turn away laughing at a joke you made or how tall and lanky they are or how their eyes light up when they smile???

but also

girls are so cute??? they’re so soft and their hands are so small when they’re cupping your face and their hair smells good??

introduction into nu’est

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debuted March 14, 2012 with “Face” under pledis entertainment

fandom ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ (pronounced LOVE from the way you spell Nu’est in Korean 뉴이스트) fandom color hot pink

did pretty well during debut promotions but popularity kept declining due to shitty promotions from company and lack of comebacks  

many thought Nu’est was near disbandment

4 members (Jonghyun, Minki, Minhyun and Dongho) joined Produce 101 Season 2 in hopes of proving their skills and saving Nu’est

all four members made it to the finale but only Minhyun made it into the top11 (#9) and got to debut with wanna-one 

other members ranked 13 (Dongho), 14 (Jonghyun) and 20 (Minki)

but they did not fail because they did prove themselves throughout the show and gained a lot of popularity internationally and nation-wide 

in hopes that they continue to gain popularity I am making an introductory to the members of Nu’est for the new and upcoming ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s :)))

firstly Nu’est’s Leader

Kim Jonghyun (JR) 06.08.1995

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Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

talented affff

3 S’s Shy Sweet & Sensitive

extremely caring

blames himself for Nu’est’s lack of popularity

looks like onibugi 

cries a lot 

but only bc he loves his members and p101 children so much and he wants to do his best for them 24/7

wayyy too selfless

Nation’s Leader

cried bc other p101 trainees did a hidden camera on him on his birthday

plays like almost every instrument ever

speaks japanese

loves eminem

says he’s living his father’s dream by becoming an entertainer

too shy to speak english

humble affff

video game addict

brought a potato to school and talked to it like it was his child

says sorry too much

ren is his gf

camera slut always has to be in the shot

hates tomatoes

always gets way into karaoke 

wants to marry aron :))

next is the oldest 

Aron Kwak (Aron) 05.21.1993

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ft hungry Minhyun

Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

real name is youngmin 

but he fucking hates it

from LA

is the oldest but isn’t the leader

for good reason

hes a fucking mess

an adorable mess but a mess

does radio shows

sometimes says things without thinking and gets himself into trouble

smart af

got accepted into NYU but chose to become an idol instead

learned Korean in 9 months

is a slut for his members

prob a closeted alcoholic


high key gay for ren

mommas boy

ladies man

checks out girls even while on camera

thinks he’s cute and tags pictures of himself as #cutie

king of fan service

loves skinship

gets banned from twitter all the time bc all he does is follow fans

can actually cook 

has kissed ren and acted like he kissed baekho and minhyun

can’t ice-skate but claims he’s good at it

can’t say nu’est after all these years

hates horses and seagulls

can’t jump rope

has a crush on minhyun’s sister

is always 200% done with his members

“when I feel lonely at night I like lonnnggg hairrrr” 

ren: “rrreeaallly?”

claims he teaches the other nu’est guys english but has progressively given up

started the jr looks like onibugi thing

next is my bias :)))))))))))

Kang Dongho (Baekho) 07.21.1995 

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Main Vocal


can barely dance 

but has an amazing voice

looks scary but isn’t at all until he’s irritated

doesn’t get irritated easily but when he does gtg

is prob scared of ren

kang daddy

sexy bandit

really close to his dad

his dad has leukemia and dongho went to Instagram to ask people to donate blood to help his dad out

sweet pie

also hates horses

likes tacos

says he likes girls with “long hair, cute and sexy…. and a lot of money”

got his stage name bc he looked like Kang Baekho from SlamDunk

his stage name means white tiger

has a tiger tattooed on his forearm

2 more tattoos on his chest 

its hot af

has abs 

but gets too shy to show them 

knows kumdo and did it in his solo teaser before debut

again hot af

hates cleaning

won’t do it

has the most wholesome laugh I literally have a playlist of baekho laugh comps

if his laugh doesn’t make you smile idk what will

fought a drug dealer in Mexico bc he tried to start a fight with his members

strong af 

(saying hello on a radio show) “hello I’m baekho I’m fine thank you and you?”

has to hug someone to be able to sleep usually ren

sweats all the time 

he can breathe and start sweating 

a lil gay for Aron but kissed Minhyun on the cheek and is all over ren sooo

wants to be a comedian but only tells dad jokes

broke the lock on the bathroom door in their dorm once

says whats on his mind/what he feels

competitive but sucks under pressure 

sucked in school

lazy af

prob has the best English pronunciation out of the members besides Aron obviously

“I remember me”

has to pet every dog he sees 

called his parents just to ask to buy something worth like $6

talks shit to anyone and everyone

didnt mean to audition for pledis but went to support his friend in their audition and got casted lmao

is basically naked in the dorm all the time

but in public covers up like a nun

plays piano

always dies from secondhand embarrassment from ren

next is the model

Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) 08.09.1995

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Lead Vocalist, Visual

tall af

skinny but buff

should and could be a model

can hit high notes like nobody’s business

extremely innocent

still hasn’t had his first kiss

at first pledis only wanted him bc of how handsome he is 

speaks japanese

has an older sister that Aron has a crush on but he said she’s out of his league

low key savage

(saying hello on a radio show) “hi I’m minhyun, I like you *kiss noise*”

loves jr

is in Wanna-One (p101)

only pledis trainee to make it 

cried when minki jonghyun and dongho didnt make it 

didn’t even celebrate his victory bc all he could think about was leaving his brothers I’m crying

doesn’t drink

“perfect perfect perfect”

don’t ask him to improv dance

ren said baekho was the most handsome in nu’est and he accidentally blurted out “no he’s not” lmaoo

likes american-korean accents aka aron’s accent

got lost in turkey

rlly likes elephants

always has body lotion wyd boy ;););) 

loves things to be clean

always fighting with the members especially baekho bc nobody cleans except him

bribes baekho with food

hes a picky eater bc hes a child

sucks at bowling

said “this is your mistake” to Aron bc Aron didn’t know their English titles

sings everywhere

“thats no-no”

skips practice all the time

sleeps with earphones in how tf

cried when pledis scouted him 

next is the maknae

Choi Minki (Ren) 11.03.1995

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Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

is beautiful dressed as a boy and a girl

can rock long hair

actually any hair

made aron’s heart flutter when he was dressed as a girl

extra af

sassy af

on the topic of Mexican food he responded with “u know i luv u gurl I like mexican” and everyone in the room died

impersonated people drowning in an elevator from movie

minhyun said he had a lot of charisma and he said he was crying

ranted on how amazing and beautiful jr is for like 5 min on live radio

(saying hello on a radio show) “nice to meet you I’m ren thank you very much I love you too”

lady gaga’s number one fanboy sent her fanmail once

knows he’s pretty

can model walk


can play piano

thinks he can speak English


loves everyone

is actually terrifying 

does this thing with his shoulders 

so now he’s called shoulder gangster

not afraid to be embarrassed

can and will do any girl dance

can’t raise animals they all die

used to get mistaken for a girl all the time

members rlly love him

has a twitter

made jr sit in a trash can once

sucks at games like any game

amazing dancer

fell in love with baekho when he did kumdo for the solo teaser like same

is a lil bit of a loner

loves fashion

is a diva

likes nail art 

loves the movie titanic

hogs the bathroom bc he’s an ass

makes the members question their sexuality 

“how old are you” 

“I’m fine thank you”

likes skinship

says his older brother is terrifying lmao


thats everything I can remember about the nu’est members pls support and love them


Osomatsu-san S2: Head Icons -Matsuno Choromatsu

Oso | Kara | Choro | Ichi | Jyushi | Todo

Slightly more elaborate head icons. Matsuno Choromatsu series. Based on the second seasons new style. Free to use. Colored Background.

In the last icon originally Choromatsu has a frown but decided to make him smile because he looked too similar to the second to last one. He should smile more, such a cute V smile~

Idk if i’ll make the white and transparent backgrounds for this set of icons, if someone wants them feel free to ask~

Reasons to love each member of Stray Kids

Chan: Chan is legit boyfriend material. He can cook, he’s responsible, and most of all, you can tell how caring he is by the way he treats his members. Chan is such a loving person, and you can truly see that in the way he acts. 

Woojin: I swear, Woojin doesn’t get enough credit for being so hilarious. I swear, half the time I see him during episodes, I’m laughing my ass off. He’s so cute too, honestly, idk how this guy is older than me, he acts so young. His smile is amazing.

Minho: Omg, where do I start. Can we just talk about how genuinely caring he is? he’s always helping people out with dances and that makes me so happy. He kinda looks lost half the time, but that makes him purer?? 

Changbin: Mr. Dark man I swear. He’s honestly a low key tsundere, and definitely not as dark as he wishes he was lol. He’s so hilarious and you can tell by his small actions that he’s super kind.

Hyunjin: He stands out so much honestly. His smile is honestly beautiful, just like him. He is so talented and works so hard to improve, and he loves all his group members so much.

Jisung: Actually talented af. Rapping, composing, singing, dancing; what can’t this boy do?? Plus, he’s so funny and caring and honestly, I just want to hug him half the time.

Felix: The fandom’s meme. He’s such a lost child, and dabs way too much, but he’s so talented I swear. His facial expressions give all of us life. Honestly, he’s just so pure.

Seungmin: Actually hilarious. I swear, from the hiding behind the door thing to the baseball thing, he never has a dull moment. His voice too omg. He honestly is just so happy and genuine.

Jeongin: My son omg. He is actually the cutest, especially when he smiles and his eyes crinkle up. Has so much potential, and is so talented already. He actually deserves the world.

It is not Stray Kids without ot9. Each of them makes the group who they are today, and I can’t imagine any of them getting eliminated. Let’s debut ot9~!



Seungri is so CUTE it HURTS i swear!!!

HIS face…. so cute

He has freeking cute panda eyes

Chubby cheeks

He makes the cutest stupid faces

sad face :(

HE has cute lips

He has the cutes smile on earth

Im telling you HE HAS THE Freeking cutest smile

his smiling face

I told you, You cant resist.

he has cute kiss face too


He is cute when he is eating

His tong too

His panda tummy is cute too

he has cute  round panda butt

GD can confirm

BONUS - naughty but cute

his hands are so cute too ———-Im obsessed with it

cute pinkie


soo cute

Exo reaction to you wanting morning sex

Exo reaction to you wanting morning sex
(I did ot9 cause it’s less members)

•Sehun: I feel like he would get excited and try to contain it when you asked him. (I also think that he would like to get kinky and experiment in the morning)

•Kai: boyyyyyy would he start putting those dancer hips to work. You’re definitely in for a long morning/afternoon with Kai. Expect multiple orgasms and for him to top in the morning.

•Chen: this boy would be a little goofy puppy when you asked him and you guys would definitely have some playful sex in the morning

•suho: I can see you guys sitting on the couch all tired from just waking up and you start to tease him or straight up ask him and he would pull you onto his lap. He would probably be into thigh riding in the morning? Idk but I feel like he would be a power bottom in the morning

•Lay: cutie patootie yixing will have you moaning and crying out his name in the morning from the frustration he causes you. He will be endlessly teasing you with no mercy. A big smile plastered across his face because on the inside he’s burning with butterfly’s cause he thinks this moment is cute

•Xiumin: wow. Idk what to say for this boy. Morning sex with him could go so many ways. He has many sides to his personality so I see that in his sex life too. If he’s more awake and happy then playful sex. If he’s sleepy and grumpy than expect inpatient rough sex with lotssss of teasing

•kyungsoo: I don’t feel like he’s a morning person unless he’s completely awake but if he is completely awake then his teasing side would come out. Once you asked him he (if he was awake) he would start to roam your body while his lips danced on your neck. He’ll probably wall fuck you in the morning (if he has the strength that early)

•Baekhyun: if you came here looking for soft and fluffy baekhyun, you came to the wrong place. This boy would be such a tease in the morning. I feel like he would like to go down on you in the morning. His low moans causing vibrations trough your whole body.

•chanyeol: similar to baekhyun but more rough. He would be toping or you would be on your hands and knees while he pounded into you from behind. (After this though expect some a+ after care and cuddles)


“You could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.”

“Hey.  Hey, Danny.  You awake?”

Head nestled into his pillow, Danny is much too snoozy and satisfied to answer.  He’s just drifting off when familiar hands land on his back, fingers poking in a quest for attention.  With a grunt, he gives in and blinks his eyes open.  “What, babe?  What, what?”

Steve looks delicious, all rumpled, his hair a mess and a goofy smile on his face.  “I’m really grateful that you asked.”

Dating Zach Dempsey would include...
  • He doesn’t even know when you caught his attention, he just found himself admiring you from afar with curious eyes.
  • He’d get extremely nervous if one of his friends mentiones how much attention he pays to you.

‘‘What, the girl from my bio class? Nah man, I don’t even know her name.’‘

  • He tried to get in contact with you through common friends.
  • And doing small things such as going to the same parties as you, going to see the same movie releases, etc.
  • Until one day he’d just man up ask asked you to be his partner for a bio project.
  • You meet continuously for several weeks at Monet’s with the same excuse.

‘‘Yeah, the bio project is so damn long, we’ll have to meet again tomorrow I guess.’‘

  • You two stay close and hang out sometimes after the project is done ‘cause you always have fun around him.
  • And then he FINALLY ASKS YOU OUT after going to one of his basketball games.
  • He was so damn happy you were there, cheering for him.
  • Until he saw Marcus being a bit too friendly with you, making you laugh and touching your back with his hand.
  • So the moment he stepped out of the locker room, he want up to you and casually invited you to a milkshake.
  • And his hands would be so sweaty the moment he tells you how amazing you are to him and all those fluffy things (idk ive never had a cute bf okay).
  • And your smile would be so big when he asks you to be his girl ‘cause how could you not accept!
  • He’d probably hold your hand for the rest of the night.
  • I feel the relationship would be pretty relaxed and positive.
  • You two barely fight as you prefer to talk things calmly, and in very rare ocasions you lose patience and get to scream at each other.
  • If that happens you give each other space to think clearly about the situation, which doesn’t last too long because you both end up apologizing.
  • He’s not the jealous type since he fully trusts you because he knows that you can take care of yourself and that you only love him.
  • Still, he’s really protective of you by instinct.
  • He’d love doing sall things for you like giving you rides to school or helping you with homework (specially if you’re bad at bio, so that way he has an excuse to take you on study dates).
  • He’d want you to wear his letterman jacket so you can be goals cause that’s what couples do at romantic movies.

‘‘Zach, your clothes look huge on me and make me look like a cow.’‘ (but you aways wear them cause they smell like him)

  • He’s not big on PDA in public, he’ll just hold your hand or put it around your waist, so you don’t feel too pressured by him at any moment.
  • When you’re alone he’s all for cuddling and eskimo kisses and just being as close to each other as possible because it comforts him a lot.
  • He’d make sure to compliment you everyday cause he really wants you to love yourself as much as he does.
  • He thinks you’re perfect no matter if you’re tall or short, curvy or slim, thin or chubby…
  • To him it’s really important that his family likes you, and he’s extremely happy when they end up loving you.
  • His ass would be damn scared of his mum intimidating you.
  • His sister becomes really close to you as she sees you as a role model.
  • Babbysitting dates where you and Zach take his sister to fun places would be so frequent.
  • He’d try to teach you how to play basketball, he’ll be so damn proud if you’re good at it - he’ll even get you a personalised shirt with your name on the back.
  • When none of you wants to go out you just stay in playing videogames.
  • Sometimes he lets you win cause he thinks it’s so damn cute when you get all excited.
  • He’d be so supportive if you had a dream or a goal and try to help you achieve it, while he hopes you do the same for him (do it this bby deserves the love)
  • In general you take care of each other and always make sure to be there for everything.

Donut’s probably dead.

Hope you feel better soon, friend~

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I feel so uncomfortable reading interviews where Jimin says he feels and sees JK as his younger brother... I mean, I'm? As a shipper, it's just.. Idk if you'll get my point, but it's like I reconsider all of my old stances on them, and if I've actually imagined all of the sexual tension, heart-eyes, and stuff like that ://// could you help me? Idk how to feel.

warning: jikook trash post. Oh, my baby bun, don’t feel uncomfortable. Jikook is an amazing ship, isn’t it. Cute, playful, full of smiles. They’re very intimate, and frankly speaking, we’ll never know what their true relationships are, it’s true. We all imagine stuff like this: jk pinning jm, jk being jeonlous, sexual things and etc, but don’t get caught into your fantasies. They are cute whatever they are. You don’t know the true relationship between them, yeah? They might be brothers, but they might be lovers, too ;) There’re too many mights. So, they have special bounds, can’t deny. Also, do you expect Jimin to say: “Oh, we’re fucking”? Lmao, of course he’ll say “Jk is my baby maknae” or “he’s like my brother”. Jimin can say lots of things that he actually doesn’t mean, we all do such stuff but he cannot not do it. However, I can’t call this ship brotherly. People who don’t ship jikook can call them siblings but when you dig into a bit deeper… 

To me, jikook has a very profound relationship. Look, there’re too many receipts. You can’t explain this phenomenon

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Yea. We know, Yoongi.

But don’t worry. Hoseok only has eyes for you too.

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Look at Yoongi smiling so cutely as Hoseok reads his letter to him.

Bonus: Yoongi in his own fantasy world where Hoseok is his little prince.

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For anon

Also, boys don’t get enough attention for being cute??? omg like
•wavy hair omfg
•i n n o c e n t boys
•they take such dorky selfies??? it’s so pure???
•when they ruffle their hair with their hand
•okay every time they concentrate really hard they bite their lip and lower their eyebrows and it kills me
•big hoodies with black jeans
•when they have little chubby tummies it’s so c u t e
•they’ve got these little grin/smirk/toothy smiles where their eyes scrunch up and their dimples show and they blush and wow
•black glasses and flannels yo
•they’re such good singers one could sing to me for hours and no matter how bad his voice was I’d still be enamored with it
•while we’re on the topic of music a lot of boys play guitar??? idk why they have a mutual fascination with it but it’s so lovely
•gentle boys give me life
•give a boy a dog and then they immediately cuddle it and play with it and love it and it’s precious
•when you compliment a boy and they get all blushy and flustered and they kinda smile and it’s too pure
•boys make me melt
•they’re lovely

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

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Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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God, He Loved Her (s.h.)

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 1k

Warnings : flufffFfff

Requested? : Yepperoni Pepperoni. By anon “hey dej!! i hope requests are still open, if not just ignore this :) could you write a cute sam one? "can i be him” broke my heart and i would love to have it healed with some fluff ;) for a plot I’d be open for anything but an idea of mine would be like a fall day together that sam and x spend together, maybe even with his fam?? idk just something cute, that’s the main thing haha, anyways, i hope you have a lovely day!!“ I hope i did this request jus
tice anon!

Author’s Note : So I tried fluff whatever its actually pure fluff. no angst or sadness i did it @rileywrites-parker Thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @babyparker and @parkerroos and @sam-a-holland


Tags : @tiny-friggin-human

God, she’s beautiful.

Sam watched her with a content smile on his face, eyes shining with a type of happiness only a lover could bring.

God, she was all his too.

"Darling”, he called softly, tugging her towards him, his hands placing themselves on her cold cheeks, his face leaning down to press chapped lips against soft ones. Warm and just, moving against each other.

God, it just got better everytime.

When he pulled away, she was already staring up at him, eyes trained on him with a gaze filled with what could only be adoration. “What?”, he chuckled, thumb stroking her soft skin in circular motions.

“You’re beautiful.” He blushed, and she seemed to enjoy that. He always blushed when Y/N complemented him, which seemed to be often. She always showed her appreciation for him, and it made Sam feel amazing.

He felt her shiver, body chilling as the cool air enveloped them. He smiled, and pulled his scarf from over his head, and settled it around her own neck, adjusting it so it was just right, laying right above the collar of her sweater.

God, she just got even better.

Y/N pulled away, gloved hands reaching out, as did her arms, suspended in the air as she began to twirl. It took Sam a while, but he realised why she started the task, the different colour fall leaves beginning to fall around them.

He crouched, eventually coming into a sitting position on the leaf coloured ground. He admired her, his girl, the light of his life. His darling.

His hands reached for his camera, wanting to photograph that moment, to capture it all, for him to look back on later, and smile, because how did he get this lucky, and god, everything with her just got better.

“I love you”, he blurted, the words escaping him with so much truth, so much passion, that she stopped completely, and turned, and looked at him. Oh god, she looked at him.

She smiled. “I know.” He reached out for her with a pout, and waited until she suffered forwards to pull her down with him, the squeal that left her lips making his smile reappear. She took resident pressed up against his side, comfortable.

He rested his chin on her head, and breathed in the sweet smelling shampoo she used.

God, he loved days like this.

He loved days when it was just them, just him and Y/N, the world shadowing them. Days when only they mattered. Days that belonged to young love. To their love.

God, he loved her.

Sam’s fingers gripped onto her hand, lacing the ligaments together in an action of endearment. “I’m so in love with you.” He loved saying that. She was his, and he was so happy because of that. He wanted to shout it from rooftops.

He loved her.

How had he managed to gain her affection? He was just Sam Holland, a boy way too obsessed with piano, and musicals. A boy in a family of great people, where he didn’t always feel so amazing.

Y/N made him feel amazing. She made him feel important. She made him feel on top of the world. Like nothing could go wrong with him when he had her.


He looked down at her, thoughts pleasing, happiness radiating off of him. “Yes, love?”

“I told you I loved you more.”

“Impossible.” Y/N obviously disagreed, making various attempts to prove she loved him more, but Sam wouldn’t accept it.

He swung their hands back and forth between them, leading her inside the heated building he was familiar with, ushering her towards a booth by the windows. He knew from experience that was the best place to view the town square from.

“Two apple ciders please.”  He hadn’t noticed her already ordering for the two, too distracted by her beauty, her presence in general. He was always astounded by her. She had the power to make him forget his own name.

He pulled her hand into his, stroking her knuckles through her mittens. Sam always had to be touching her, he had to have some kind of contact with her, had to show all of his affection in a simple action.

“You make me happy”, she spoke quietly, eyes trained on the people scurrying by outside in the cold air, hurrying home or to family. “You’re the only thing that makes me this happy.” He loved hearing that.

“Well, I would hope so.” He goofily grinned at her. “I try my hardest.” Sam pulled the cotton material of her gloves off, and pressed his lips to her knuckles. “You’re hands are freezing.” He began massaging her hands with his, breathing hot air onto the skin.

Two steaming cups of cider were sat in front of them, the waitress giving  them a knowing look. Sam picked one of the mugs up in his hands, and wrapped her own around the ceramic material.

“Keep your hands warm, sweetheart.”

She took a sip, and Sam watched as her eyes closed, point of her throat rising a little with a swallow. A content noise left her, and he picked his own cider up, and took his own hearty sip.

“I’ve been looking forward to this”, Y/N announced. “To autumn. With you.” She smiled down at her drink. “With us. Together.”

Sam Holland leaned forwards, and grabbed her cup, set it down, tilted her head up, and pressed his mouth to hers. He warmed her lips with his own until he was reminded that oxygen was a necessity.

When he sat back down, he noticed how happy she looked. “You’re glowing.” He loved it. “Makes me feel important. Like I can do something worth it.”

She laughed. “Well then, Sam Holland, the prime supply of the world’s happiness.” She shrugged. “You are important. You make me feel like me." 

God, he loved making her happy.

God, he loved how she made him happy.

God, he loved her.


Kris Wu & Travis Scott - “Deserve” (First Live Performance)

shopping at nordstrom with tom

part 1 of the white dress series

pls remember to request here thank you sm enjoy !

shoutout to @infinityywar for helping me again with this thingy

  • he immediately runs over to the watch section 
  • he’s browsing as you watch him and he’s asking to try one on with the dark leather straps and a sterling silver face with copper accent and he tries it on and then you go to kiss his cheek bc he’s sO cuTe and you love watches on him and he turns to you quickly and points to his watch “watCH IT BABE!” and he thinks he’s gods gift to comedy and you’re only laughing bc he’s laughing so hard at his own joke 
  • and then he goes and looks at the nice patterned shirts and shoes bc he has such a gREAT sense of style!! 
  • you just watch him as he tries on different coats and he strikes a pose in mirror and looks at you in the reflection behind him and gives you a goofy smile bc he knows he’s cute he knows exactly what he’s doing
  • then you lead him to the women’s section bc duh you need clothes too and he’s watching you in this daze bc you looks angelic all the time ? and he’s so in love ? like ??? and then you go try on the stuff you picked out and he’s waiting outside the dressing room (“babe come on can i come in?? it’s nothing i haven’t seen before !!!!” and you come out in this really nice white dress and you’re all “oh idk it’s so over the top ?” and he’s like thinking wOw if you looks this good in a regular white dress imagine what you’ll look like in a weDdiNg dress and he’s dazed so not talking and you wave your hand infront of his face “tom ???!” and he’s like “yes get it you look stunning, although i’d rather see it on the floor” bc hEs cheeky and trying to hide the fact that’s he’s whipped af
  • aND THEN you go to the shoe section and he loves watching you try on shoes even though when you wear heels you’re taller than him he just likes watching you strut around in these red heels aND HE GETS ALL RED bc they make your legs look rlly goOD. 
  • he gets all flustered looking at you while trying on bikinis and seeing you in a lil blue one and he’s all “you know we haven’t been to hawaii , i was thinking maybe we should definitely go" 
  • “tom we hardly have any time, with both our work schedules! when would we find time to vacation!” “well… maybe after our wedding for our honeymoon” anD yoU have never discussed a wEdding and you’Re freaking out bc did tom just propose ? 
  • you’re speechless bc he’s sprung this on you while you stand in the doorway of the dressing room in a bathing suit. “w-what?” is all you can stutter out and he just laughs a little and he says “i mean i love you, you love me, let’s get married.” he smiles and gets dOwn on his knee and pULLS out a ring tHAT HE BOUGHT LITERALLY 20 minUTES AGO when you were looking fOr your face wash 
  • you can’t eVen saY woRds you just nod and your tearing up because wtf tom just proposed to you!!?? like the fUc ? and he’s nervous and heck because you hadn’t discussed it so maybe you didn’t want this as much as he did ? but he was so wrong bc you are sO in love with him and everyone around you guys is clapping and hollaring and tom picks you up in a hug and spins you around and kisses you bYE