idk the ship name tho

My Summer
  • Expectations: sports + beach + sleep
  • Reality: Fanfiction. Literally fanfiction. Every single FANFICTION.

Rich: I wanna be Pennywise the clown when I grow up.

Jeremy: Why?

Rich: Because he lives in a sewer. He’s like a teenage mutant ninja turtle but evil and a clown and kills children.

Michael: Wrong. Teenage mutant ninja turtles are only used for good.

pyroreo  asked:

hi artist can u draw shuichi saihara in a maid outfit pls and ty

omg what an odd ask but u know since its a request from a fan i cannot refuseノ (´ ◡ ` ノ)


i spent new years drawing this ayy. happy new year people! <3

Voltron explained by me, someone who barely knows what it is

Okay so I’ve never seen Voltron, but I keep hearing about it and seeing it on my dash (even though I follow zero voltron blogs) so anyways here’s my explanation of it by someone who barely even knows what it is (because I was bored)

• like everyone ships Keith and Lance and pretty much the entire fandom has accepted Klance as canon even though it’s not

• Allura is basically a queen

• there’s the smol one with glasses and brown hair, Pidge or something?

• the old guy with orange hair has an awesome mustache

• all the klance shippers went kinda crazy over??? A forehead touch thing???

• you people have some tALENTED fan artists

• but Allura is actually amazing

• they’re all dorks

• just a lot of klance

• Keith is shipped with like everyone??

• shiro has gr8 hair

• there’s that big strong dude who’s actually super sweet with the bandana,,, hunk or something?

• allura is actually amazing tho