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@bodirooks and I had thoughts about Obi’s culinary prowess, and listen. Obi Wan’s cooking is. a Mess.

Ahsoka, Obi Wan and Anakin on long af missions, separated from the clones for days on end. And Obi Wan tries so hard because he’s Space Dad, but he can’t cook. Like. at all. Ahsoka and Anakin don’t want to tell him he sucks but. He set the rice on fire

He can barely do the space version of instant meals ok he burns that shit too. space ramen. FLAMES. (Mustafar just looks like any kitchen Obi has stepped foot in)

He’s so hopeful about it too every time. And Anakin is weak okay, so he just. tries SO HARD not to hurt Obi Wan’s feelings!! Even tho “you can tell me, Ahhnakin, it’s alright”

Meanwhile Ahsoka is seen visibly giving her portion to the nearest animal. It won’t eat it. Anakin just fucking. tries to eat more so Obi Wan doesn’t focus on Ahsoka. And Obi just can’t figure out why Anakin is so sick the next morning?? Ahsoka pats his back afterwards as he tries not to be sick in front of Obi

Obi can’t even tell his own cooking is bad, bc he’s so used to it. The three of them end up making friends with this ship of space pirates Hondo is borrowing for a while, who are all Rough and Tough but get along with Obi and co in the end. They stay for a day after things are over, and Obi Wan decides to make them food, and. Anakin tries SO HARD to dissuade Obi from showing his gratitude this way

The space pirates are like THE FUCK is THIS. they refuse. REFUSE to eat it. And this is after half the pirates are in love with him. They still can’t do it. They end up eating food the pirates cooked that night. Obi is…Mortified.

The pirates are even MORE mortified that this perfect floppy haired creature is so horribly bad at cooking. They give him a month’s worth of provisions, free of charge, bc they’re highkey worried about Obi surviving, and don’t want their favorite jedi to Die.

Obi Wan pulled this shit with Qui Gon too!! Qui Gon lit just. never ate what Obi made. He never once told Obi, just made grand elaborate excuses, and Obi never found out.

It’s like a jedi meme, literally everyone besides Obi Wan knows about Obi Wan Kenobi’s terrible cooking. and any time someone messed up even a little bit, it’s immediately ‘YOU PULLED A KENOBI’ (Obi hears the phrase once and Doesn’t Get It. he lowkey thinks it’s praise??)

There’s a picture everyone has of the Mustafar-esque state of the kitchen after Obi was done with dinner once. the Ultimate Space Meme

Even the bb younglings Know!! It’s always “No thank you Master Kenobi, we already ate.” “But it’s five in the morning” “We woke up early, Master Kenobi :)” Some tiny four year old is like “It’s okay Master Kenobi, I can’t boil water either” bc Obi did, on one memorable occasion, set water on fire. No one yet understands how, but no one is surprised.

He isn’t even allowed to make tea usually. Not for others, at least; he’s happy drinking his own swill.

But things work out bc Anakin makes backup meals. He’s actually highkey a fantastic cook?? He learned on Tatooine to do it when his mom was too busy, and they didn’t have a Lot there so he learned to make delicious things from v little, so when he has a wealth of ingredients he makes magic happen

Obi Wan offers to help Anakin out bc he’s Polite, and Anakin highkey panics. “N-no master that’s okay you take first watch.”

“But Ahsoka is doing that” “Uhh the clones need to hear the Plan for the seige”

“Ahhh-nakin you told them the plan yesterday. Also we never follow the plan” Anakin’s just like. sweating. The ‘ahh’ in Ahhnakin gets longer the more Anakin deflects.

Finally one day Ahsoka sits him down. “Master Kenobi….your cooking is the Worst” and he’s like WHAT NO!! She points to the sick bantha nearby “I fed him dinner last night.” And Obi’s just. floored. He had No Idea. “He’s been looking down for ages, dear, surely it was something else”

“Master, he’s been eating your dinner for ages. I feed him dinner every night.”

Anakin’s just like Ahsoka what have YOU been eating!! “……..his feed.” Anakin’s been desperately trying to cut her off since she first started talking, and now he’s still insisting Obi’s food is great, Ahsoka just has a delicate stomach—

Obi Wan Confronts the other jedi about it and Yoda refuses to answer him. “Rest, I need. Hmm. Yes.” Mace just. “Kenobi, your cooking is terrible. You almost killed Master Fisto last year.”

The day he finds out tho. He’s so Upset. He’s never going to admit it, but he definitely sulked. A real pout and everything. A lot of people Swooned tbh but they were also v relieved. Until he decided all he needed to do to fix it was practice more.

like ok i get its easy for people outside the uk to go ‘haha youre stupid’ but…….??? could u maybe hold off ur superiority complex for just a little bit like a lot of us here on tumblr arent old enough to vote so literally had no control over the situation and this decision will fuck us over for the rest of our lives so please hold off for like idk maybe 24 hours because its really upsetting