idk the pairing name.....


Hetalia Fusions, as requested. They were fun! 

Pairs are listed in order from top to bottom, left to right. 

spain x romano, n x s italy, romano x Liechtenstein, china x russia, russia x denmark (this one was a mistake on my part since the original request was actually russia x prussia specifically as pastel punk), finland x russia, austria x germany, turkey x greece, and lithuania x belarus

Bonus from the stream: DenmarkxJimmy Neutron’s Hair

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a lot of hartwin fics has made me warm up to the merlin/roxy pairing so i like to imagine merlin helps roxy with something (idk, telling her the latest mission she has to do or giving her some new spy tech) and roxy is like, “thanks, merlin.” and kisses the top of his head and leaves.

and merlin is kinda baffled bc she did That. but goes on about his day and no one wants to tell him there’s a lipstick mark on his bald head lol

Who says Rose is the only one Juleka’s crushing on? :D

(@blindswordsgirl and anon this is for you, for tricking me into shipping Aleka) (okay maybe I tricked myself into shipping it actually)

“number 5” wasn’t just a silly old nickname.

It was the name Coran used for his favourite nephew, just to annoy him, because while he was the youngest of five, he was way too small by Altean standards, much to the poor boy’s chagrin.

So, whenever he saw Pidge fumble around and moan about her shortness, he’d remember the nephew he loved so much and missed. And when she’d turn around and flash that cheeky grin? It made him smile. She made him smile.

Maybe this was him, who knows?

Number Five wasn’t just any silly old nickname.

Hey, y'all should send me real cringy overwatch fics. It could even be like mcgenji or somethin. I dont care. Ill read it

Contain spoilers;

Yeah, AvAc is a great game. I’m addicted to it. But are we not gonna caring the fact that literally everybody does everybody?

I mean,

Jess and Tony.

(My personal favourite) Loki and Tony.

Nat and Jess? Lmao.

Loki and Tony (again.)

Jan about Jess (to Sam.)

Pepper and Tony.

Nick Fury’s guys and Steve? Lol.

Tony and Nat.

Sam and Nat.

Steve and Jan.

Sam and Nat again, this one’s before when Nat wearing that white fur suit.

Vision and Loki.

Stevetony :) Go get a room you two.

All of the pics posted are mine. And I pretty much know there are tons else but I kinda forget to captured it, about Nat and Jess and the others. Also I’m still at lower level so I’m still lacking at furthermore convos.

The only thing I want is no gender restriction at dating tbh

I’d like to take this moment to thank fanfiction writers for existing… some of you are REALLY talented and write amazing stories that I absolutely adore reading. As a child I constantly had my nose in a novel but these days I don’t have the patience or time to sit and read anything too long in one go… Fics are the perfect solution! (I write too when I can manage to string two words together, but I’m definitely nowhere near as skilled as half you people.)

Here is a list of my absolute favorites:
(NOTE: I read romance fics exclusively)




KAKASAKU (why isn’t this pairing called Sakashi??)






KENSHIN/KOARU (idk the pairing name…?)