idk the otp name

Reasons Why Keith is #Relatable
  • Likes knives too much
  • Doesn’t know what he’s doing w/ his hair
  • Stutters when flustered
  • Ready to Fight™
  • Has never been straight
  • In love with Lance, probably 
  • Has a deep appreciation for Shiro’s existence 
  • Knows that Hunk is Very Good
  • Emo as hell but loves his friends always
  • Atrocious fashion sense but doesn’t care
  • Awkward
  • Would die for someone if they gave him a hug once
  • Usually a little irritated
  • Says jokes in a deadpan voice with a completely straight face
  • Worries too much
  • “I like it out here, it’s quiet.”
  • Too beautiful to be in this much pain
  • Mothman is his cryptid bf
  • Bro 1: do you want to go around the world bro
  • Bro 2: yeah bro
  • Bro 1: same here
  • Bro 2: *goes around bro 1*
  • Bro 1: why did you go around me bro
  • Bro 2: because you're my world bro
  • Bro 1: bro
multishipper problems: the thrilling sequel

‘why don’t you just ship an ot3?’


“Bonnie, don’t, it’s too dangerous. This again?! Enzo, Caroline needs me. Caroline can better protect you if she’s not worried about you in the crossfire. That’s not your decision to make! What’s going on with you? This isn’t you. You trust me, you listen to me. Why have you been watching me like a hawk since we got back from Paris?”


music video aesthetics series ▻

    oh wonder, without you’ 
do you know that i’ve been closing my eyes? love me slow, hallucinating. i’ve been chasing my mind, lonely in the cold nights. and i’m digging down holes without you, can’t be on my own without you. i’m a little bit lost without you.

I don’t watch girl meets world or whatever it’s called but I literally ship the shit out of that one blonde girl with the banging eyebrows and the texas guy that always looks dead inside when the cute brown haired girl is around