idk the other two lmao

A doodle from a comic i probably wont finish

I watched suicide squad today and I really enjoyed it?? Like it was super fun, and I can’t believe my fave was Harley I thought she’d be super cringey but she was gr8

Anyway I’ve been slacking lately so here’s a cute gf’s print!

About: Jung Gwangmin & Sungmin // [photo used] // this pic 200% describes the twins accurately tbh

  • DOB is 02 Aug. 1993, both of them…well I mean right, they’re twins
  • I feel like the most important info when getting to know the twins is knowing about their cats…
  • Gwangmin has three cats: dogie (whom we’ll talk about later), 멍멍이, and 개팬적 // just kidding, it’s only dogie idk where we saw the other two names lmao sorry
  • Sungmin is thugie’s pops, while Gwangmin is dogie’s… check out thugie’s ig & fb and dogie’s ig
  • They have a sister, not sure if she’s older or younger than them though
  • Gwangmin has done a bit of modelling work before based on his fb pics, so has Sungmin
  • Sungmin is probably a full time teddy bear bc I mean look how fluffy that boy looks
  • Gwangmin is the older twin…makes sense appearance wise, although Sungmin looks like the dependable bro who takes him home when he’s wasted
  • Seriously though, Gwangmin seems like the more rebellious and playful twin; while Sungmin is the innocent cupcake twin…they’re both still precious tho so pls love them both
  • The rest of ym seem to pick on the twins a lot, and it’s actually cute tbh considering that they’re older than some of the boys #jungsprotectionsquad
  • Some stuff from my weird facts on ym: here
  • Sungmin’s ig & fb
  • Gwangmin’s ig & fb

you can check our ym page or ask here & here for more info :-)

bc @thesearchingastronaut drew oti art AGAIN, i figured i should share this (terrible quality) video i sent to @soottea of me screaming about the first fanart she drew. it features me screaming and my younger sister being annoyed with my nonsense.

transcript incase you can’t decipher what i’m saying:

me, shrieking: “BRENNA”
brenna: “emily stop yelling you’re going to wake the babies!” (some baby birds we have at work)
me: “BRENNA.”
brenna: “what?”
me: “she drew us aRT”
brenna: “who?”
me, flat out sobbing: “the arTIST ON TUMBLR. AHHHHHH/ SOBS. OH MY GOD”

enderfox0803  asked:

Hey!!! You asked for cute mchanzo prompts!!! How about little good morning kisses!!! They're happy bfs who love each other!!!! (Lmao idk I just rlly love these two and want em to be happy)

my kink is mcgoo and hanz being happy, mature, well adjusted adults in a relationship together. also noodle dragons.also i’m gay

“Good morning, anata,” a soft voice breathed in his ear as arms wound around his torso, a warmth pressing against his back. Jesse could see twin blue dragons out of the corner of his eye, and before he could even blink, he felt the warm, gentle caress of something lighter than a touch across his jaw.

“Mornin’, sweetheart,” he drawled, clicking on the coffee machine before turning around in his partner’s arms and wrapping his one flesh arm around Hanzo’s waist. He never slept with his prosthetic on, half because it pinched and half because Hanzo said it got too cold during the night. “Unusual for the lizards to come out and play so early.”

On cue, Soba hissed in Jesse’s ear, as if offended by the word “lizard.” Udon couldn’t seem to care less, was wrapped around Jesse’s bicep, already back to snoozing.

“Unusual that we are up this early to see it,” Hanzo countered. “Having trouble sleeping?”

“I always sleep like a baby when I fall asleep next to you,” McCree said, sappily, and he chuckled nasally when Hanzo pinched his nose for being cheeky. “Nah, darlin’, I just reckon I’m still on Lijiang time.”

The next before last, Jesse, Lena, Genji, and Mei had just returned from a recon mission in China. It was unusual for Jesse to be included on a stealth mission, considering his entire existence was conspicuous, but this one had required a charming American to distract the target while Lena and Genji infiltrated the organization from within. (“Well, they’ve got the American part right,” Hanzo had said when Jesse had told him about the mission.)

It had been a successful mission, Jesse loved playing the pretty, dumb thing and any mission he had with Mei ended up being a delight, but he had desperately missed his bed and its other inhabitant and was happy to be back.

“So you think drinking that swill will help you sleep?” Hanzo teased, watching with distaste as the instant coffee bubbled into the pot below it, black and oily.

“Well, when Winston finally fulfills your request for a frappuccino machine on base, I’ll drink some of the ‘real stuff’,” he fired back, laughing in delight at Hanzo’s flush and pout.

“I didn’t put in the request, I just signed the petition,” he muttered, burying his head in Jesse’s bare chest. “Come back to bed, it’s cold out here.”

Jesse chortled, hugging Hanzo closer and leaning his chin on top of Hanzo’s head. He felt Soba yanking at a lock of his unkempt hair, trying to drag him in the direction of their bedroom.

“I’ll be right there, sweet pea,” he said, cupping Hanzo’s jaw with his hand and lifting it to press a soft kiss on his lips. “Try not to steal all of the blankets before I get there, okay?”

“No promises,” Hanzo said, eyes drooped as he reached back up to the warm cover of Jesse’s lips.

Hanzo trudged back, arms wrapped tightly around himself, Soba wrapping itself around his neck as he went.

Udon remained around his muscle and Jesse rubbed between his eyes with a delicate finger, drawing a soft clicking from the dragon. 

Jesse didn’t think there’d be a point where he was up at 4 a.m., petting a minuscule version of a dragon, whose gorgeous owner was waiting for him in his bed, but he’s happy as hell that he ended up here.

He poured the coffee into a mug with the Union Jack on it (Lena would be grumpy he used it later,) tapped a little bit of sugar into it, then turned and made his way back down the hall, where a warm bed and a warmer body was awaiting him.

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“Tonight we are getting drunk” Vera told the person sitting next to her at the bar, a wide smile on her face as she spoke. “We deserve it. Let’s just pretend it’s the weekend already and if we have troubles going home, we just stay here until tomorrow”

haven’t drawn in awhile bc i’ve been so busy, but i doodled me some bonnie from cheese3d’s webcomic SIGNS. lmao im trusting my instincts that the reason why she always has a bandaid on her cheek is bc that’s where her barcode is

now to continue to patiently wait for her introduction