idk the other people's names

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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Just So Y'all Know

So I saw that Leafy retweeted a tweet from Shorbie saying smth about them streaming together. I’m like “hmm, I wonder what this’ll be like?” And I clicked the link that lead to the stream and guess what?

I ended up staying for most of the stream even after Leafy left. It was overall a really fun time because I got some EXCLUSIVE!™ info:

Cal’s absolute fav movie is American Psycho, he really likes Fight Club and 2 other ones (shame on me I forgot them.) and that he’s going to be streaming today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone).

We’re finally getting the stream we’ve been begging for all of last year and this year. (If he decides to keep that promise)

P.S: I like Shorbie now

ok i need to ask,,,, is anyone else a little,,, weirded out by the usage of “hybrid” as an epithet for peter in fic? (ex: “the hybrid looked at gamora”) bc as a mixed race person i’m kinda,,, Yikes

i know peter isn’t *specifically* mixed race, but he’s mixed species which is like the gotg equivalent of mixed race, and that doesn’t make him any less than a whole person, so,,, can we just,,,, refer to peter with other words out of consideration for actual mixed race people (””hybrids””) out there 

Just gonna throw some more angel demon AU at you peeps~


Backgrounds are *fun* (please note sarcasm) at least I’m getting a little better?  

People who gif idols, I need y'all to be on top of Idol Drama Operation Team!

Episode 2 exceeded my expectations.

FIRST of ALL Byul revealed that she and Seulgi have gone out drinking. Mamavelvet are more than comfortable friends, so jot that down. They act close too. You can tell this is the most time they’ve been able to spend together. They’re gonna have a special handshake by time this is over.

The way everyone acted when Byul came through was… wow. AND they’d just been discussing ages and Byul was just like ‘I was born in 1992’ and everyone went dead silent because the official ‘unnie’ had spoken and ended THAT conversation plus they’d all just been ogling her so it was just a great moment.

Then in the previews to the next episode when they talk about what they’ve been through and seen others go through, as trainees. Buddy…. I’m invested.


youre my sugar sugar honey honey

im not allowed to listen to music ever

this is dedicated to that anon who mentioned shirt this is your fault

also idk why but i imagine them referring to glynda here maybeqrowsisforsm1elsecoughs

and theyre not even wearing shirts this was a horrible idea

  • Anti-Shippers: You can't ship the thing because even though the ages are unconfirmed and age of consent varies from country to country and that teenager could mean 19 and that there is NO canon age for ANY of the characters and that the show is about 5 TEENAGERS, I sAY NOOOO!!!!
  • Me: So, ever seen Game of Thrones? Marvel? Star Wars?

anonymous asked:

What don't u understand about white people?

literally everyTHING okay like

  • weddings are weird? like the reception is all quiet and for food you pick between chicken and salmon or whatever? and jazz music at weddings ? like…what?
  • drunk white people-like are you really drunk or are you just trying too hard
  • why do white people like bland things
  • idk white people give other people a lot of shit about having “weird” names or whatever but then they name their kid Lee. Like??? LEE?????
  • also the name parker? like you name your son parker? (or daughter??) what if your last name is parker. parker parker? see also: jackson
  • when they think Jesus was white?? Was Gandhi white too? what about MLK?
  • buying garbage bags? white people buy garbage bags. you can just reuse the plastic bags you get groceries in?
  • mustard is spicy??? or other non spicy things that are spicy???
  • do all white people kayak? ??? 
  • similarly, do all white people go camping?
  • sperrys. like. why?
  • also, they always wear shorts in cold weather? 
  • why is everyone part cherokee? like are you lying? there were other native american tribes?
  • sex after three dates? sometimes less? virgins are considered weird? these are strange standards.
  • is meatloaf a separate food group?
  • anything beyond toast is “ethnic”.  like?? ethnic?
  • the divorce statistic?? why is the divorce statistic so high among white people???
  • on a related note: do they all cheat? why do they think everyone cheats? is this only on tv? tell me
  • when your last name could also be a first name. it’s like having two first names?? cool? but also? strange?
  • is it required that you name your daughter jennifer? 
  • why is olive garden so great? 
  • nicholas sparks books are like a fetish at this point
  • when they tell dark-skinned people “omg I wish I had skin like yours I don’t tan” or whatever
  • white kids constantly say “shut up” or “i hate you” to their parents//? and the parents are  like *gasp* what do he’s acting up again
  • dancing. watching white people dance. i just.
  • “healthy” substitute for *insert literally anything here*
  • getting “smashed” is a genuine hobby? way to pass the time???
  • and having a “MADDDD HANGOVER” like you know hangovers are avoidable right??? do white people just not know how to handle alcohol at all?
These Are The Hands of Fate | Chap. 8
  • Because you were all so patient, this is really two chapters. For reals. It’s 9800 words. I didn’t want to split them again.
  • Previous chapter synopsis: Tay and Tom decide they want to be a thing and then they make that official in the physical sense
  • This starts the next morning
  • Chap. 1 | Chap. 2 | Chap. 3  |  Chap. 4 | Chap. 5  | Chap. 6   | Chap. 7 | Chap. 7 ½ 

All I know since yesterday 
is everything has changed

The next morning

Taylor is still half asleep when she feels Tom’s arm grasp her waist and roll her a quarter-turn to him, her head falling perfectly on the crook between his shoulder and chest so that she is facing him. Opening her eyes, she sees him looking directly at her, a small smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eyes.  

“Hi,” he greets her softly and then kisses the top of her forehead. “Did you sleep well?”  

Taylor moves her arm across his chest, touching him to make sure that she wasn’t still dreaming. “Amazing. You?”

“The most blissful sleep of my life.”

She smiles and blushes. “Oh, come on.”

“I’m serious,” he asserts, moving his leg over one of hers to bring them physically closer together. “But if you don’t believe me, we can try again tonight and I’ll see if it was just a fluke or not.”

Taylor giggles. “Okay, if you insist.”

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