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capsolos  asked:

[prompt] i think i met all the/wrong men before/you and i think they/ruined me but i/think you’re really/handsome the way/a map is handsome,with skin wide open/soaked in the whole/world’s ink. i/think i’m done pulling/paint off the walls i/think i want to read/you the names of/every city that ever/burned down, i think/we’d like it there. (I already sent this to Melissa to inspire an edit out of her but because I'm greedy and I love you I'm sending it you as well) :) <3

+ caroline-centric, klaroline, ensemble fic. (4740 words.)

anthems for a seventeen-year-old girl;
this is it. this is mystic falls. this is salvation.

“freaking great,” she groans, slumping back against his arm. “i just have to die on my birthday, don’t i? it’s like the universe is conspiring against me. it’s not even poetic.”

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