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Hi I was thinking about making an ask blog for a bts haikyuu/volleyball au is anyone up for this

((please read the tags there’s a lot of ranting and begging down there ;;))


Other notes that might matter?:

  • Rae’s the irl name, Star & Doodles are nicknames depending on friends!
  • I am agendered, meaning I use they/them pronouns. I am personally not one to be offend though and have been called with he or she before which are perfectly acceptable and I don’t mind so long as you dont insist I am a “man” or “women” or something.
  • This blog is strictly my art blog. Other blogs and links can be found here.
  • My art. My rules. Also I queue and tag all my posts.

Ummm, thats it? I’m in alot of fandoms and like alot of stuff, though I don’t make it very apparent since I dont fanart as much as I’d like to. I also have nsfw art blog for those 18+ interested and yeah? Well heres my intro and hello even though idk wut im doing XD Welcome aboard my personal pain train.

I’m sorry I’ve been inactive, school is kicking me in the ass rn ;-; this has been in the drafts for a while so decided to post it finally

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flowy doodle from the other day

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Im so done with the hamilton fandom right now though// i just unfollowed half the artists I used to follow because im just annoyed with all the bullshit. Jamilton ,white washing or, white knights who know everything?? Or the people in denial. You are one of the only hamilton artists i still follow and its because you as far as I know have a pretty chill blog and personality? Idk Im just done. The fandom used to be so nice and then the fuckin jamilton nation attacked or somethin. needed to rant.


n yeah thanks man im proud u still appreciate my content n personality :’)

im just trying my best to be brutally honest n tell u guys how i actually feel abt a situation! I dont sugar coat it like how other artists tell their followers that “its just a skin tone” bc if u rly dont wanna get into discourse:

dont comment anything at all :)

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Hello Lady Date~ Idk if you've already seen this in other blogs but, I wanted to tell you that the atory you are creating with noomsu and kanarenee is absolutely fantastic, the chemistry, the plot and overall the everything is great, pls don't stop I really really really want to know more of the story, pretty please! But, I don't mean to be rude or to pressure you all in any way, I'm just excited and needed to let you know 😅❤

Omg, dear anon, you just proved that cute anons aren’t a myth. 

Thank you very much <3. You have the eternal gratitude of the Date Clan :Lady Date bows to anon:

Thank you for your words, I’m sure neither Lady Sanada @kanarenee  nor Lady Katakura @noomsu expected anyone outside of us to bother reading what we wrote … especially because we didnt use tags and we only started it as a joke (just because it was so fun for us).

But dont worry, we have many things to come!

I’m sure you’re a nice anon that comes from noomsu’s blog :hugs you:

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Though if they're meaning taako x magnus... well magnus has Julia and I don't think he'd ever find anyone else. It's almost undermining that part of his character. Magnus is a good guy doing his best and hes implied it before- he will live out his life to help others and when he dies he's okay with it because he will be with Julia again. (but if they mean taako an angus then anon please choke)

idk where youve been homie but as has been very much established here on this blog of mine, i will ship magnus with just about anyone

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if you're aiming to spread opinions and thoughts without response, i might suggest writing everything out privately just to get it out in the world (personally it helps me a ton when im pissed). if you want to, maybe you could post it on an alt account somewhere so that it's both out of the eyes of people who write degrading things like that other comment but you're also publically sharing your thoughts but in a controlled environment. idk i don't want to sound like im invading ur space

well yeah, I have done that privately with certain things, if you ask my opinion on something i will gladly say it like with characters, stories, and other things relating to art and shit 

but if you ask me to give my opinion on like ??? idk other things idk i get angry very easily, I do have very bad anger issues, it’s bad, i used to have a vent blog but that shits really stupid for me to have [im not saying dont have it, its just not my cup of tea]

I would love to share all of my shit but im really thinking about writting all of my shit down, and when my fame is dead and gone i’ll just post everything and let everyone wonder why the fuck this happened so quickly


let the second day of nationals begin!


a  w a r n i n g  to the people…                      
                                                                this is  w a r .

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Hi! First thank u so much ur blog just saved my holidays. Second, do u know some 'others careers' viktuuri fics? Like Yuri being a barista and Viktor being a business man, idk, just an example. Thank u! xox

Hey! Thanks for these requests! So far for the ‘other careers’ AU I have a coffee shop AU, Actor AU, Stripper AU, musician AU and a mafia AU! I am also in the works of a florist AU and an artist AU, so stay tuned for that!

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Businessman AU

In Which a Working Man Quickly becomes Smitten by Fannikay (MissusManic), Gen, 1.1k
Victor Nikiforov was in need of a new secretary. Good thing circumstances brought him Yuuri Katsuki. Cute!

Yuuri Katsuki, PA by MidnightTrash, Mature, 20k (WIP)
23-year-old Yuuri Katsuki doesn’t know how he got here. One moment he’s applying for an internship, the next he is a personal assistant to CEO and President Victor Nikiforov. SO GOOD OMG

Once Upon A Dream by Kyte_VaNa, Teen, 16k (WIP)
In which Victor Nikiforov is your above average salaryman and Yuuri Katsuki just made his leading male role debut as an Alternate actor for Prince Philip in the play ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Actor/businessman AU! Love!

Katsuki’s Katsudon by charliefailsatlife, Gen, 5.9k
In Detroit on business, Viktor Nikiforov is sent by his boss to try and convince the owner of a struggling café to hand it over to the company. Thumbs up!

We Close At Six by beAUtiful (future_fishy), Explicit, 5.3k
Yuuri works at the rental desk of an ice rink. Viktor is a business man who happens to go to said ice rink every day after work. Throw in an adopted son, a gossipy best friend and a lot of mutual pining and you get this. Great fic!

bird in the hand by elodim, Teen, 6.4k (WIP)
The AU in which everyone works in an office and they all collectively hate their jobs together and get nothing done. THIS IS GREAT AHAHA I can’t wait for more!

Dissonant Dreaming by pensversusswords, Mature, 4.9k (WIP)
A stripper and a businessman falling in love and changing the world one moment at a time. This is so good already I can’t wait more more chapters!

The Season of the Spirits by counterheist, Gen, 3.4k
An AU about cubicles, and the people who work in them. Cute office AU!

Just Ask Him Out Viktor by down_into_underland, Teen, 1.6k
Viktor is a business man who has just recently moved to America with his adoptive son, Yuri Plitsetsky. Everything is as normal as it could be for Viktor when he walks into a new coffee shop to see the man of his dreams. Lovely coffee shop/businessman AU!


hp characters: lily evans
“She had a way of seeing beauty in others even when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.”

Las Vegas Aces Captain Kent Parson after having been on the receiving end of some dubiously motivated high sticking. Or something.

(companion Jack piece, but not intended to be the same game, let’s just pretend there’s another team out there that’s full of overly aggressive assholes. Jack and Parse can just sort out their differences by scoring more goals than eachother.)
Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Gouache.
(Lineart for this piece)

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