idk the old guy's name

Blackhawks: We got Brandon Saad back guys!!!


Also me: Wait how did you pull that off?

Blackhawks: ………….we may have traded away the 2016 Calder Memorial Trophy winner


Blackhawks: *in a fearful whisper* maybe we shouldn’t mention how we also traded away Niklas “The Hammer” Hjalmarsson

Me: YOU did WHAT nOW?

la vérité - a code name verity fanmix

|| dream a little dream of me || la mer || bye bye blackbird || it had to be you || je suis seule ce soir || i’ve got a gal in kalamazoo || la vie en rose || si tu savais || straighten up and fly right || ne me quitte pas || moonlight serenade || entre vous et moi || danny boy || parlez moi d’amour || a nightingale sang in berkeley square || melodie au crepuscule || auld lang syne || don’t sit under the apple tree || non, je ne regrette rien || the last time i saw paris ||

for flying, france, and the best of friends.

we make a sensational team.

So we hit 4k a few days ago and Holly and I thought it’d be nice to do a tumblr awards for our followers seeing as we hadn’t done anything to celebrate yet!


  • must be following us (you can also check out the members blogs if you want but you don’t need to be following us individually)
  • reblog this post to enter, you can like to bookmark the post 
  • this post must reach at least 50 notes for the awards to happen
  • you can reblog til 8th July


  • Andrew Scott award - Best Overall
  • Tommy McGann award - Best Edits * ★
  • Jones award - Best Artist * ★
  • Lazlov award - Best Writer * ★
  • Gethin award - Kindest Blogger
  • Jim Moriarty award - Best Moriarty/BBC Sherlock
  • Davin award - Best URL
  • Father Seamus award - Best icon
  • Alex award - Best theme
  • Max Denbigh award - Best Posts
  • Inspector Turpin award - Personal favourites

Each category will have one winner and one runner up, except for the Personal Favourites category which will have just two winners (Holly and I will pick one each)

* To enter these categories please either submit us a link to your edits/art/writing or have a clear link on your desktop theme. It doesn’t have to exclusively be Andrew Scott related, we just want to celebrate the cool things our followers do!

★ If these categories don’t get enough individual entries for each, we will either umbrella them and make them into a Best Original content category or if there are really hardly any entries we will just scrap them altogether.



  • an edit of some kind made by me (more details when winners are actually announced)
  • a +f from me and Holly
  • a place on the blog (i’ll make a page for this when the time comes)
  • a promo from us

Runners up:

  • a +f from me and holly
  • a place on the blog
  • a promo from us

Thank you all so much and good luck, I cant wait to see the entries!