idk the name for this ship so lmao

this one’s for one of my closest friends on tumblr, Clara!!! Happy birthday clara, i hope you have an amazing day i loVE YOU!!!!!!!! @imagine-steven-universe I HOPE U LIKE IT!!! <3

Why did Bioware deprived us of such an amazing pair as Macen and Avitus? Why, we needed this fluff couple! I need my turian fluff!
How do turians even blush tho? What color do they blush in?? BIOWARE I NEED ANSWERS!!


I would have come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together- knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.

  • Mitsuhide: Okay, wait, I have an idea.
  • Mitsuhide: You gotta call out 'babe' and see who looks up.
  • Mitsuhide: I'll go first.
  • Mitsuhide: BABE!
  • Obi: Lmao, nobody even flinched.
  • Mitsuhide: You try then.
  • Obi: I will.
  • Obi: BABE!
  • Kiki: What?
  • Shirayuki: Yeah?
  • Zen: You called?
  • Mitsuhide: What the fu-

being the self-indulgent shit i am, i made a diakko love child

her name’s amelia

(((feel free to drop hate messages bc that already happened to me and im pretty much immune to it now lmao lemme know what yall think)))

i never got a chance to draw @juuria‘s girls so have this

if you havent watched her video watch it right now here its some bomb-ass shit and i love it 

also sorry this is pretty shitty?? i rushed

edit: why does tumblr make the qualityn so bad alkasdjkladsjlk

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my submission for the world around us zine!!! i love scarlet a lot and wanted to imagine what her convos with some of the other characters would be like since the game didn’t give us a chance to see it.. and selena is my forever girl so i had to pair them.

i’d reccomend full view to read it!!! 

anonymous asked:

So this is not an attack I just want to discus it... I'm all for headcanoning characters but those are not just random fictional chara. Thomas refers to them as parts of self. I don't think people should head canon parts of him without his consent. It feels like crossing a personal boundary. I felt similar about shipping them but we already know he doesn't mind it so that's all good...

if i’m honest i don’t have a good elaborate response to this. they’re half fictional half not so i see where you’re coming from. but at the same time, thomas is kinda naming them now, almost making them their own people in a way ?? idk man, i totally get what you mean but i don’t have a side on this lmao