idk the name for this ship so lmao


my submission for the world around us zine!!! i love scarlet a lot and wanted to imagine what her convos with some of the other characters would be like since the game didn’t give us a chance to see it.. and selena is my forever girl so i had to pair them.

i’d reccomend full view to read it!!! 


hopekook being cuties flirty 

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So this is not an attack I just want to discus it... I'm all for headcanoning characters but those are not just random fictional chara. Thomas refers to them as parts of self. I don't think people should head canon parts of him without his consent. It feels like crossing a personal boundary. I felt similar about shipping them but we already know he doesn't mind it so that's all good...

if i’m honest i don’t have a good elaborate response to this. they’re half fictional half not so i see where you’re coming from. but at the same time, thomas is kinda naming them now, almost making them their own people in a way ?? idk man, i totally get what you mean but i don’t have a side on this lmao


luna lovegood x pansy parkinson

inhale flame, exhale purity, let me
breathe over that bite i left on your neck.
let me beg forgiveness under your skirt. let
me find the promised land in the valley between
your hips. let me be holy. let me be

ok i see your jimon and jeliorn headcanons and i raise u

[whispers] jimiorn

jace and meliorn start dating first. jace is heads over heels and so is meliorn even though he tries to act cool (he doesn’t succeed)

then jace meets and falls in love with simon, and he feels awful bc doesn’t that mean he’ll have to break up with meliorn? but he loves meliorn!

so he talks to izzy (who btw isn’t dating meliorn but is dating clary and/or lydia) and she gently tells him that he doesn’t have to breakup with either of them, he could just talk to them and…see what happens. maybe they’re cool with it who knows

so he does, and meliorn is poly anyway so he’s got no issue with it. he’s just careful to make it clear that it’s fine for jace to date both of them, but he doesn’t want to date simon. simon feels the same way; it’s all good as long as jace doesn’t expect simon to treat meliorn as his boyfriend too

and so that’s how it goes down; jace dating them both, but meliorn and simon not dating each other, and it’s all nice and good for a few months. and then…somehow.. meliorn and simon spend more time together, probably because of jace. just lowkey things, like maybe jace invites them both to movie nights and they sorta begrudgingly agree, and then that happens a few times and suddenly? they’re not so begrudging anymore. they’re actually initiating seeing each other themselves. they bond over both being downworlders and the struggles that come with that, and while there’s still a barrier between them bc vampires and seelies aren’t the best of friends, but then again vampires, seelies and shadowhunters don’t have good track records either, so they work through it

so one day they sit down with jace and say “let’s do it” and he stares at them like “do what” and they explain that yeah okay maybe..possibly…they’ve started liking each other more and maybe they could try dating? all three of ‘em? and jace is really happy but tries to disguise it with teasing but obviously his boyfriends both see through it bc they know him so well

and that’s how they all start dating each other and it goes super well and they’re all super happy the end


nobody is immune to nagisa’s charm 

this ova has slayed my soul goodbye world SOUCHAN-

bakushima coffee shop au where bakugou works in this dingy little coffee shop called ‘the hideout’ with midoriya and iida and uraraka and he is Banned from making customers drinks because for some reason all his drinks taste awful but one day when kirishima comes in, bakugou is the only one out front so he makes one for him but it is literally the worst thing kirishima has ever tasted in his life but the weird cashier with the mean eyes and snarl is looking at him so hopefully so kirishima pretends he likes it and bakugou’s face lights up and kirishima is just “oh….oh” and ‘the hideout’ quickly becomes kirishima’s favourite place to hang out after lectures because it’s really small and cozy and the staff are lovely and, ok, the drinks are terrible and he’s not sure how bakugou manages to mess something as simple as a cappucino up, but he does, but maybe it’s worth it because every time he takes a sip he gets to see more and more of bakugou’s smile and, eventually, he starts to get used to the god awful drinks bakugou makes to the point where when he actually has decently made coffee he finds himself craving the impossibly bitter taste of bakugou’s drinks and that’s when he realises he maybe kind of likes this guy a lot and yeah and one day he’s there when it’s late and they’re hanging out together and bakugou is like “shit im thirsty” and reaches for kirishima’s cup before he can stop him and for the first time ever bakugou tastes him own coffee and he is Disgusted, he’s all “what the fuck?? how the fuck are u drinking this what the fuck i can literally feel it burning away my insides whAT THE FUCK????” and kirishima just shrugs because he actually genuinely likes it now and bakugou is looking at him like he’s just sprouted another head and kirishima just laughs and says smnth like “i guess it just tastes different to me” and bakugou is all “well now i wna know what it tastes like to you cause this right here???tastes like dog shit” and kirishima shrugs and says “alright then” and bakugou’s like “what?” and then kirishima is leaning in halfway for a kiss and ahhh bakugou finally catches in on and leans in the rest of the way and they have their first kiss and bakugou can still taste his awful, fucking awful, drink in kirishima’s mouth but…for some reason…it doesnt taste as bad like this

(iida and uraraka are watching from the back because somehow these 2 idiots have forgotten they’re not alone in the shop)

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hey idk why but I just want to say I totally support eremika and that some ereri ect. shippers can be massive cunts towards it I am an ereri shipper myself but it doesn't mean I'm gonna hate on mikasa just because she "gets in the way" I just don't understand why theres so much unecersary hate and I just want people to ship what they want so ya idk why I said this I just want to tell eremika shippers that not all ereri shippers are your enemy:)

Eh, every fandoms has it’s bad apples, so no harm done. Don’t feel the need to apologize on behalf of a few assholes, I know plenty of ereri shippers who are amazing people. Actually, I think the majority of hate in the eremika tag doesn’t even come from ereri shippers (not naming any names though lmao). But yeah, thanks for the message. ^^ I'm always glad to see people at least appreciating Eren and Mikasa’s relationship and Mikasa’s importance to him, even if they don’t necessarily ship it. It gives me some faith in this cesspool fandom haha

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I HOPE THIS ISNT ANNOYING i just. LOVE kallura like it's so good and ofc part of tumblr hates it because "heTS!!!!1!" but it's such a cute ship and i shipped the original kallura and they have a lot of meaning to me lmao but anyways klance and kallura are really good ships and i wouldn't mind a whole... klance/kallura/alluraxlance thing lmao they'd be really cute as a poly ship idk i love both of those ships and they're. really good n healthy!!!!!!!!!!!

of course it’s not annoying! i am a multishipper and welcome all positivity in my inbox. all the love for all the ships! :))