idk the horses name

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I love everything about the series but one thing... why is Mare named after a female horse? (Genuine curiosity here, idk if it means something else)

Name sounded good to me. Mary is my favorite girl name.

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What is Eremes' fave mount?

tbh he likes all the mounts but the fereldan forder (the first horse you get) is his baby ;u; or well his friend, rather

they had to teach him how to ride and he learned on this horse, so ;u; his name is (tentatively) nahar, and eremes sneaks him sugar cubes and oats and carrots from the kitchen |Db he also goes down to the stables whenever he’s stressed and gives the horse a good brushing

a friend

@psychicpumpkinpi tagging you in case you wanted to see more is this okay

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1. bright orange hair

2. golden star stickers

3. an arm cast full of signatures

4. clapping or applause

5. riding horses in the fall

*Idk Haley sounds like a cheerleading name to me, but also really happy and cheery, because Hayley Williams lol


Yonghwa’s characters and his various rides