idk the hair is like exactly the same

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Oh my goood, I know a guy who looks exactly like Evan Peters with short hair, same colour, same eyes, same dimples! 😍 He's such a cutie and funny and good guy and he seem so puuure and gentle, but one of his friends who is actually one of my friends told me he's mean to girls so Idk what to do, I was wtih him only 3 or 4 times but I felt attraction since the first time

Peter: I hope that just cause this dude is attractive you aren’t into him solely for that!

Momma: PETER! If your friend is being truthful then I feel this crush should be squashed. It’s possible he was mean to one girl and he gained that reputation but I don’t know the situation. Just, go with your heart, ask him out to a movie and see how he acts, if he gives you bad vibes or he’s outright mean then run far away. But I hope he turns out to be what you want dearie!

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i think it's also kinda possible that maybe depending on who was animating / and or storyboarding this episode might have changed some things about his appearance. Kinda like how with su sometimes the characters have slightly different looking hair in different episodes. (( Also marceline from AT also had the same mouth change oddly enough)). Idk, the animation definitely updated from last season, so it's possible they wanted to make a few slight changes. (Intro tom still has the eyelids tho))

changing how large the hair is is one thing, but altering the design this much is totally different. And it’s still a mystery why changing these things about his appearance seemed necessary. Personally, I prefer his design in the first season. (The intro animation is exactly the same, even including the season one wand. The only thing that changes is the shot where it shows Star and Marco in a crowd of characters from the show, where we can see Tom’s new design is added, though it doesn’t match juxtaposed with his design just a few moments prior in the theme.)