idk the hair is like exactly the same

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Ive been watching the show gypsy on netflix and grangers face claim (at least i think its his face claim?? Sorry if im wrong) is in it and i love it

listen.. idek what show that is but you went ahead and brought up his face claim so i had to go look him up again to make sure he’s still beautiful and..


hoenstly i have no idea what my thought process for this was but i just wanted to draw emotionally vulnerable daniel with david  i guess???  i havent drank water in like 24+ hours

Part 3: Kibum Killing Me

These are basically pictures that killed and resurrected me at the same time enjoy the pain

Idk if I want to kill you right away tho so let’s start with some stage looks

ABOAB was a blessing

Odd Eye of course


And of course THE STAGE

This killed me too I mean-

He always looks like he knows exactly what this is doing to us 

I love it when he wears is hair like this 

I also love his shoulders a lot 

So this ended me too

Some general pictures that killed me 

And finally when he frees the nipple (even just a bit)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 

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It's creepy. Last night before going to bed I read a fic called "HIM" where JK is a photographer and made the most beautiful pictures of JM. And today JK posted the same kind of picture I swear it's creepy sometimes lol. JK is known to take beautiful pictures of JM sleeping (he took a lot of sleeping JM) like the one with his orange hair on the car, it's so beautiful, It's how he sees him, it feels so intimate.

yes! i love that fic! and exactly, i feel like lots of jk’s photos of jimin (especially sleeping) are so freaking cute and intimate and they kinda just show his feelings??? and idk i just love it. because like, the pictures are always so nice, and bright, and cute, and idk. 

Accidents on a normal day

for #april fools bodyswap

It was an accident

Chat Noir hadn’t meant for Ladybug to get hurt. He hadn’t meant to miscalculate a cataclysm.  It was an accident. He hadn’t meant to hurt her.

It was a scratch, a line of red across the palm of her right hand.

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idk how ppl have a bunch of ocs that they remember and use all the time meanwhile Im like: hey look at my new oc they’re cool and [this] is their personality!

me the next day: this is my new oc they’re exactly like the last one but now their hair is different

me the next da


i was like “let’s draw bear and mouse as children” and i cried profusely the whole time


Am I the only one who thinks BTS is trying to be like BigBang? [CONT.] The way they perform just seems exactly like BB. GD dyes his hair red, natural, orange, then natural again. Jimin dyes his hair red, natural, orange, and then natural again. They also went for a hiphop feel, didn’t gain a lot of popularity, but now they are doing a sad concept and bigbang did the same thing when they came out with Haru Haru. Idk maybe it’s just me

My LKFF Experience

Sooo! I was requested to do a post/fanaccount thingie from my point of view. I will add some extra things (but they are just for myself since I want to write them down). Here we go!

I arrived on Wednesday evening and just went straight to my hotel. The room was extremely modern and clean, but I found out my wifi was really bad. Every third message I sent just disappeared, and I got sooo frustrated! I couldn’t even update the page.

Suddenly a friend of mine (ELF meet up organizer) posted a photo on FB that she met Donghae. I went crazy since I couldn’t just walk out of my hotel and go after them x_x I was squealing and I felt even more excited than before. He was in the same city as I was ;__;

I still couldn’t believe I was travelling alone to a foreign country though. I spent my evening talking to other ELFs (just barely), and luckily managed to sleep although I didn’t want to. The next morning I woke up, did my things and decided to check out Leicester Square first.

When seeing the theatre itself I was like ‘omg, it’s gonna happen here’. I had never attended a kpop concert or an event like this before. I wasn’t even sure what to expect. I just went around, taking photos and killing time.

When I got bored, I went to use Burger King’s wifi and ended up meeting a friend ahead of scheduled time. We chatted for a while until even more ELFs appeared. When it was time to separate, me and my friend dragged ourselves to a restaurant called New China (where the ELF meet up lunch was going to happen).

The lunch was a success! It was fun talking to the others and finally actually USE English. The staff was also REALLY friendly. The waitress even took photos of us with my camera ^^ When that was over, our whole group went back to Leicester Sq and met others in front of M&M’s World. We just hung around after that, talked and got to know each other. We visited a few kpop shops (Seoul Bakery included) until it started getting dark.

Back at Odeon I went to see the friends who had my ticket, and got it. Banners were also being given out at that point. I got it too and decided to once again snap a few photos of the exterior.

Soon it was already nearing 6pm, so we decided to visit a cafe nearby and have a toilet break. When we came back, it didn’t take long until I got my D&E lightstick too. Then we were all let inside.

I could NOT believe it. I knew I we had front row seats, but actually seeing it and sitting on the seat.. It made me so happy ;; I don’t think I can ever explain the joy I get when I have front row.. The venue was nice since we got to move around and didn’t have to queue or fight to keep our places. We blew our balloons and switched our lightsticks on.

At that time a cameraman came and asked if he could interview us. He said 'this is going to be sent to SM’ and I was like omfg interview me, me me me, pls! In the end I even got to hold the mic. My hands started trembling because of the excitement XD We answered questions like where are we from and who are our favourites, and are we here just so see the boys.. It went well and now I’m just wondering if that clip is ever going to be aired somewhere? (or put on a dvd? documentary? idk!)

When we had calmed down a bit, the mini concert started. The venue turned blue, screams filled the air and we all looked to the back where the boys came from. I could not believe it was happening. They were real people, just like us, looking exactly the same and as beautiful in real life as they do in the pictures. I concentrated on their walking, since it was NORMAL walking and they were still behind the fans. Just like seeing ordinary people in a crowd, exept they had their hair and makeup done, and they were wearing their performance clothing.. They didn’t stand out that much until they were on the stage, on a higher platform than us. (i know this doesn’t make any sense but that’s what i was thinking. and forgive me, i have not seen them before ;_;). It’s really like.. seeing a character from a painting come to life. Just like that, they were there.

The first song was Motorcycle. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that song tends to sound somehow different when performed live. The beat sounds different, just like the tone Donghae’s 'rrock, rrock..’ part. I can’t explain that either, but I heard the difference and it made me soooo happy. I like live versions of Motorcycle more than the studio one.. somehow..

I can’t even remember the order of the songs. Like I had already said - I had to concentrate on so many things at the same time. Firstly waving the lightstick, then trying to hold the balloon, then raising the banner during Still You and at the same time taking photos and videos.. And I wanted to watch the concert with my own eyes, not through the camera lens. I just kept shooting something, hoping that I could get at least a few good shots.

It didn’t get any better when the boys came towards us. I was like one meter away from both of them. In a concert, that’s the best part. I had my camera focused further back, so it was difficult to just suddenly change it while holding a lightstick.. Here are a few examples XD

I bet someone is laughing at my photograpy skills right now, but seriously that’s was how it was like.. That’s normal-people-photography-reality at a concert. (the good ones are inhuman ok?) It was always the same; at first they were far away, until suddenly I go from ’YES, HE IS RUNNING TOWARDS US’ to ’OH FUCK HE IS HERE ALREADY’ with an aftermath of 'OMG HIS CROTCH WAS RIGHT THERE!’.

Like really, Mister Lee Donghae, control your bulge and thighs PLS

All of the songs were over too quickly.. ;_; At first I was confused when they performed 1+1=Love since it’s a new song and I couldn’t recognize it XD Oh No was a blessing, just like Still You. Hearing those songs they usually don’t perform.. Ahh, I want to go back.. T_T During Oppa Oppa we were allowed to stand up, and so we did, and that allowed me to get even closer.. Then Donghae decided it’s a good idea to do this:


When the concert was over, it was MOVIE TIME!! BEWARE OF BADASS!HAE!!!

It was the best movie experience I’ve had, lol. We all reacted at the same time. We squealed and 'WOHOO'ed when Donghae’s face was first shown. He looked so handsome in that school uniform. (The smoking scene was HOT!! I secretly took a video of it..) There was also a scene when Donghae cried, and everyone went 'awwwww’.

The movie itself consisted of four different stories, made by different directors(?). It had lots of swearing, smoking and fighting. When someone in the movie got hit really badly, we all went 'OUUUCH’.. If there was a major plot twist, everyone went 'oooh’ XD And when someone pulled Hae’s hair and beat him down, we were like 'nooooo T^T’. It was so funny even though the movie was dark and a bit confusing at some points.

At the end credits we all screamed and clapped when we saw Donghae’s name ^^

There it is, somewhere in the top four names. (obviously my camera had decided to turn itself to manual focusing and made the picture blurry ..) After that it was time for the Q&A!

I don’t have much to say about that, except Donghae’s adorable shyness.. After fans screamed, he always got shy ;_; He looked like a brave kid trying to do something alone (without Hyuk lmaooo).. And he was so, so, SO gorgeous in his suit T_T While I was taking pictures, I was thinking 'HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO PHOTOGENIC’. That mofo looks perfect of every angle and his smile was just as handsome as his blank expression XD

When Hyukjae came onstage, fans went crazy about the lap sitting moment. It was the cutest everrrrrr! Hyuk put his hand behind Donghae’s back and looked at him sweetly..

In the end they stood together on stage and just talked for a bit. They mentioned their new album too. Not sure if the word 'DNA’ has something to do with it. (like holy shit my mind is only taking that with a dirty meaning..). After a while the official photographers appeared, taking a picture of the boys and fans. Donghae decided to take out his phone too, and that’s when we all just ran to the front. I’m not sure if someone signaled us to do it or gave permission, but somehow we just did and I had my hands full of stuff. My camera was with me and apparently I took a photo of them (can’t remember that happening LOL) while Hae was getting ready to take his picture.

And oh my god, I managed to get myself in it. Here it is, once more. Credits to the owner (BLESS HIM)

I’m the one with the Swing snapback. That is probably my new favourite photo of all time ;___; It’s a proof that I was there, so close to the people I cherish.. (you can see the camera in my hands lolllllll)

Then it was over. I was exhausted, but I didn’t feel like crying. I was so happy of all the things that happened! I just slowly made my way out of the theatre and talked to the fans I had met earlier. We were all too hyped to leave.

When I finally went back to my hotel, I just stayed in my bed, going through all the photos over and over again.

And that was my LKFF experience! Next up is SS6 ^^

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I had no internet for a few days, so IDK what's going on, but who's bismuth everyone's talking about?

well, Bismuth was a gem we saw in Lion’s mane in “Lion 3: Straight to Video”. I mean, we don’t technically know for sure its Bismuth, but its a reasonable guess since it looks exactly like bismuth

so its commonly believed to be Bismuth. And now in the new episode, we see a Gem with multi-colored hair and an odd gem shape that could very well be Bismuth

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this is just a sudden thought but what if pearl's hair is pink bc she was literally made for rose?? what if like yellow diamond has a pearl or two too or a dozen and they have pastel yellow hair? idk who else is there, blue diamond with blue haired pearls? pearls are actually color coded, trade-marked pets/slaves. how horrible is this

Do you know what would be even worse? If they all looked exactly the same. Like Garnet, Steven and Amethyst see all these Pearls and they don’t know which one is their Pearl, until Amethyst shouts out “Rose Quartz isn’t that great” and Pearl jumps out like “WHO DARES”

I don’t  trust little white haired kaneki

 WARNING: kinda long post cause this shit is getting to me ;-;

idk if its just me but that recent coloured spoiler pic of baby kaneki holding something *probably a head* under a white sheet is scary as fuck. so far all the younger pictures of kaneki we have gotten have been normal and cute ( even white haired from chapter 31) but this…. this looks like something full grown kaneki would do. he doesn’t even look angry just sinister.

also (gotta include more spoilers from the next chapter) its kinda scary how kaneki and sasaki are talking at the same time, plus kaneki able to give sasaki answers to things he didnt know. But this did get me thinking, what if kaneki was planing something that would ruin haise in the future?? idk exactly what this is just a theory but some dialogue in the last chapter made me think more carefully about kanekis intentions

when i first read this chapter i thought sasaki said this but im starting to think kaneki did and since they are literally 2 people in one body and them both having different thoughts is entirely possible.

what if kaneki lied about being afraid?

(well…we know tht he actually was at the end of tg) but after the tourtuing from jason kaneki did have a big change in values, he became very sinister in the way he treated others (aside from the crew (hinami, banjou etc) but whenever he approched people he always put up a front and ‘wore a mask’ and never expressed his true feelings.

even hide said that he was a good actor. this is why i dont trust little white haired kaneki, he probably said those things to haise to try and get him to trust him ( he’ll probably even use this to his advantage in the future…rip haise(╥﹏╥)

but idk that coloured pic just caught me off gaurd and this is only my theory

i still love kaneki tho and so far i love the way ishida is going with this, its starting to show even more sides of kaneki/sasaki that we didnt know

How to play ACNL the elitist way! (this is a parody don't send hate)

“i am still so confused on even how to play animal crossing new leaf omg”

Well, according to TBT and a lot of people on Tumblr, you need to…

  • reset 3248328498 times for that perfect layout
  • have triangle grass because it’s the only grass nobody ever complains about even though it looks stupid and ugly
  • don’t have pears or oranges (you might be able to get away with doing this if you’re on Tumblr)
  • have complicated-as-fuck paths
  • have Marshal, Julian, Ankha, Diana, Stitches, Rosie, and other “popular” villagers in your town
  • have a “KAWAII” town theme (note: this is only required if you are a Tumblr blog)
  • wear the hair-bow wig (this might change soon idk) plus something from a Japanese FC2 blog but that you scanned from a blog on Tumblr that didn’t source it properly
  • make sure all of your villagers retain their “original” catchphrases, outfits, and houses because otherwise they’re worthless
  • then bitch and complain about anyone who doesn’t play ACNL exactly like you do

Congratulations, you’ve got a cookie-cutter town just like everyone else! Now go watch the porn movie that your gay squirrel and gay unicorn have been filming while you were busy making sure that your town looked exactly the same as most other towns out there!