idk the hair is like exactly the same


i was like “let’s draw bear and mouse as children” and i cried profusely the whole time


I don’t  trust little white haired kaneki

 WARNING: kinda long post cause this shit is getting to me ;-;

idk if its just me but that recent coloured spoiler pic of baby kaneki holding something *probably a head* under a white sheet is scary as fuck. so far all the younger pictures of kaneki we have gotten have been normal and cute ( even white haired from chapter 31) but this…. this looks like something full grown kaneki would do. he doesn’t even look angry just sinister.

also (gotta include more spoilers from the next chapter) its kinda scary how kaneki and sasaki are talking at the same time, plus kaneki able to give sasaki answers to things he didnt know. But this did get me thinking, what if kaneki was planing something that would ruin haise in the future?? idk exactly what this is just a theory but some dialogue in the last chapter made me think more carefully about kanekis intentions

when i first read this chapter i thought sasaki said this but im starting to think kaneki did and since they are literally 2 people in one body and them both having different thoughts is entirely possible.

what if kaneki lied about being afraid?

(well…we know tht he actually was at the end of tg) but after the tourtuing from jason kaneki did have a big change in values, he became very sinister in the way he treated others (aside from the crew (hinami, banjou etc) but whenever he approched people he always put up a front and ‘wore a mask’ and never expressed his true feelings.

even hide said that he was a good actor. this is why i dont trust little white haired kaneki, he probably said those things to haise to try and get him to trust him ( he’ll probably even use this to his advantage in the future…rip haise(╥﹏╥)

but idk that coloured pic just caught me off gaurd and this is only my theory

i still love kaneki tho and so far i love the way ishida is going with this, its starting to show even more sides of kaneki/sasaki that we didnt know

Am I the only one who thinks BTS is trying to be like BigBang? [CONT.] The way they perform just seems exactly like BB. GD dyes his hair red, natural, orange, then natural again. Jimin dyes his hair red, natural, orange, and then natural again. They also went for a hiphop feel, didn’t gain a lot of popularity, but now they are doing a sad concept and bigbang did the same thing when they came out with Haru Haru. Idk maybe it’s just me

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you meant when infinity wars start filming? also, i lowkey think bucky is going to have short hair again, he hasnt been growing it out at all. i kind of want this just to see steve's face when he sees bucky's old look but also bucky just starting new idk your thoughts?

did i say civil war instead of inifinity wars? yikes @ myself

im a total long hair slut man im biased lmao. ok like realistically if he’s been in cryo all this time until IW he should look exactly the same, body, hair, everything. but i like the ‘starting new’ thing too. altho getting an old haircut again isn’t exactly moving forward. anyway long rambling that makes no sense but i honestly think in civil war bucky was beautiful like i know people make jokes of the looking like a homeless guy with the hair and the scruff ut he looked so much healthier and like he’d been taking care of himself and his face and everything just A+++++ bring back the civil war look tbh i l o v e it

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i wouldn't really say i have a crush on them, exactly, but my internet friend is really really really pretty and they have amazing hair and they're also gay and we like the same things and like i don't necessarily want to date them but also i wouldn't say no if they were to ask me out? so. there's that.

honestly anon i relate to this so much. i’m not sure what to really say. i just hope things work out for you whether you stay friends or if they did ever ask you out or anything