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How do even draw hands?

Hello there! 

Uhh so first off, I’d like to give you these two small tutorials on how other people draw hands (there was a third one I can’t seem to find??) These kind of helped me a bit with how I draw hands. 

To be honest with you, most of the time I draw hands I don’t really have a specific process aka idk what I’m doing goodness help. Here’s some hands I drew quickly 

Quick pointers on things I’ve learned while drawing hands

  • I usually go with a diamond shape for the outline, squares and rectangles are easiest for me in terms of palms and fingers, but I usually use curves to help the fingers feel a bit looser. 
  • Idk if the purple shows up that well but that little curve of the hand? Helps to actually make them look like hands like 85% of the reason my hands actually look like hands is because of that line I’m pretty sure. 
  • If you want to do a specific hand gesture, try it out yourself! Look in the mirror, see how your fingers curve and whatnot. Most of the time when I’m drawing I’ll do the gesture just to see where my thumb is pointing lol. 
  • Sit down and just draw hands! If you know you struggle with hands, dedicate a page or two in your sketchbook just for hands. Study people around you or try different gestures with your own hands. They don’t have to be perfect! Last semester during class I would always trail off my notes drawing hands. Sometimes I’d even look at my professor’s hands and draw them as fast as I could before the professor changes position LOL. 

I hope this helps! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask again 

        god heckin diddly dang. hello?? all?? i don’t even know what to say, honestly? i’ve had this blog for nearly three weeks & this is the first blog in a really long time that i’ve really, really enjoyed myself on. i don’t know how many people know this — but i’ve been through a series of losses. my uncle was killed in a motorcycle accident the day before my 18th birthday last year, my mother died christmas eve & i lost my grandfather ( who i lived with ) a few months ago. on top of this, i’ve had to deal with the fact that my father is an addict, dealing with my graduation affairs, trying to look for a job & a handful of other things… i haven’t had a lot of things that really made me?? i don’t know, happy? motivated? things that i used to enjoy doing just weren’t… enjoyable anymore. 

i made this blog at the urging of @greaselungs & honestly, i was super excited when i got here. i didn’t expect many people would be too terribly interested in my blog, seeing as how i knew the bare minimum about marvel outside of spiderman & i didn’t know how long i would last because of some things i’ve heard about the marvel community? but instead i was met by so many fucking amazing people. i’ve had such a good time writing here because i genuinely love peter & i genuinely feel like the people around me are my friends…? i don’t mean to leave people out, but this is kind of a recognition for the people who have influenced my short time on peter the most.

MY MAIN HOE @greaselungs gets a special mention on this little list. i could gush for ages about her, but we’ve been friends for so long. we’ve followed each other through so many blogs & so many things & i literally wouldn’t be alive if not for her part in my life. so to her, i’m offering a special thank you. 

now here are some really important people that just make writing on peter so much?? fun?? 

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along with some people who i’ve had some brief interactions with/super admire even if we haven’t talked at all/often !

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