idk the common ship name

okay well time to rant

I saw a lot of this recently and had to do a mini rant so sorry for this 👀

recently ive seen a lot of people shipping Steven with many of the gems…which is….interesting to say the least. i cant say im surprised about the ships because everything and anything gets shipped at some point.

however i AM surprised about the number of people that ship Stevenxgem. And most of them are kids (ive seen as low as 12 and as high as 15 or 16) and they think its OK because theyre stevens age so theres no way they can be pedophiles,, BUT,,, it doesnt change the fact that the ship is technically pedophilia. And at that age i saw nothing wrong with being 12-15 and dating a person much older. I thought it was normal and love is love and whatnot. But its not, its gross. especially shipping a 14 y.o with someone who is LITERALLY thousands of years old….. its literal pedophilia.

anyway i know people are gonna ship what they want no matter what, but seeing kids defending the ship bc theyre kids and therefore they think its ok is just…not ok.

tl;dr : its not okay to ship pedophilia even if you are a minor. its not “cool” or “natural” to date someone much older than you, especially if you’re as young as 12.