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genre - highschool!AU
pairing - jungkook x reader
summary - being good at everything is jungkook’s job. he doesn’t even fail to make you squeal at how cute and sweet he is
words - 1450
author’s note - thanks to this anon for requesting! this one is dedicated to you, love <3 enjoy! for the gif (below) just imagine that suga is you ;) idk how you’ll do that bc suga is hOtT

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Jeon Jungkook was a name you couldn’t much ignore as his name surrounded your ears. His name was inescapable. But, guess what? You don’t want to escape from it.

Jungkook has been your boyfriend ever since you two became sophomores, and you didn’t regret it a single bit. You’re in love with him and he’s in love with you.

You both have your own reputations to handle aside from being the most popular couple in Ridgewood High. You both were the most popular girl and boy in school, as well as the whole school system.

You, the girl with goddess-like looks, brains, and body, is a perfect match with Jungkook who’s basically made of gold. However, you both like to think as if you weren’t even popular to begin with.

In which, surprised most of the student body.

There were so many girls chasing for Jungkook, but he denied them all. He has you. Same with you, as boys continued chasing for your heart even tho you hand out the same answer—no.

“Miss Y/N!” The teacher suddenly slammed her palm on the wooden desk, looking at you with her intense scare that can scare even the baddest kids in school. You looked up at her, giving her a confused look.

“Quit sleeping! Finals are in a few weeks, and just because you’re a genius doesn’t mean there’s no possible chance of you failing.” The teacher exclaimed, but your attention wasn’t near to where the teacher wanted it to be. The teacher continued talking, only to notice that you’ve stopped paying attention the second she opened her mouth.

The teacher scoffed, looking away before looking back at you seconds later. She slammed her palm on the desk once again, but you didn’t flinch or pay no attention.

“Y/N!!” Your teacher screamed, causing you to finally turn to her. However, the poker face you had on already gave your teacher a clue that you gave zero fucks. Your teacher sighed before turning around and just continued teaching.

It’s not like you would fail, anyway.

“I heard you got in trouble at 3rd period.” Your best friend smirked, nudging at your shoulder before diving in towards her food. You shrugged before looking towards your food. You weren’t in the mood.

Your best friend, Bricka, looked towards you with a worried look on her face before putting down her fork and looked towards you.

“Yah, are you okay?”

Hell no. “Yeah, I am.”  

Bricka laughed, obviously not buying your dumb lie. “I can tell whether you’re lying or not, you know.” Bricka said and leaned towards you.

“Now tell me,” Bricka sighed. “how are you?”

You cracked. “I miss him.”

Jungkook doesn’t have time for you anymore as the final match is coming up this Friday, and all he does is practice.  

Practice this… Practice that…

You were starting to lose your trust in him—what if he wasn’t actually practicing?

Before your thoughts could go wilder than it could, Bricka flicked your forehead, snapping you out of your thoughts.

“I know what you’re thinking, and don’t think that.” Bricka said. “You know he loves you more than anything, so stop thinking the impossible.”

But, was it really impossible for Jungkook go stop loving you?

“Hurry your ass up, gosh!” Bricka screamed at you, who was in the bathroom. You and Bricka were both cheerleaders and this was also another opportunity to be able closer to Jungkook.

Since he’s a football player, he’ll be in the field. And since you’re a cheerleader, you’re in the field as well but closer to where the coach sits to analyze the game.  

You exited the bathroom, Bricka analyzing your outfit despite it being the same as hers.

“Alright, we’re ready!”  

Arriving to the front of the school, Bricka parked your car and almost hit the stop sign, causing you fo give her a deadly glare.

“Be careful with my damn car, you bitch.” You said, exiting the car. You turned around and saw Bricka with an unpleased face.

“Let’s fight later.” She winked, causing you to laugh. It was all a joke, obviously, but if you both were to fight against each other, it was obvious on who would win—you.

You and Bricka went through the back and saw the football players scattered around the field, huddling as they all discussed their game strategy.  

Everyone else was sitting down, excitement filling their body as the final match between Ridgewood and Bark High are to go down in less than an hour. You and Bricka entered the field and walked towards where the other cheerleaders were, stretching in order to decrease the tenseness in their muscles. You and Bricka immediately went down to business and started stretching as well.

15 minutes later, the whistle was blown and all the football players aligned with each other as you and the rest of the cheerleaders were getting your positions ready. Those watching were either eating or just talking in order to pass time.

And then, the whistle was blown, and chaos broke loose.

You spotted Jungkook grabbing the ball from his teammate and ran to the opposite side with the ball clasped tightly in his hand, successfully going past the white line without being interrupted despite many failed attempts by his opponents. Points were given to Jungkook’s team, causing you to cheer as well as other cheerleaders, performing your daily routine.

“And the finals go to…” The MC trailed off, heartbeats thumping loudly in everyone’s chests as they awaited for the winner to be announced. This time, they decided not to showcase the scores as they wanted it to be a “surprise.”

“Ridgewood High!” Everyone from your school cheered, filling the whole field. You hugged Taehyung, your boy best friend who was also a part of the team and the one who helped with most of the scores.

“Congrats, Tae!” You smiled.

As everyone continued cheering, you were looking for that one person—Jeon Jungkook.  

Where could he be?!

You started walking, only to bump into something—or someone—as you weren’t paying attention.

“Ah!” You squealed. You heard a deep chuckle, the familiarity ringing in your head. You immediately looked up and saw the love of your life right in front of your very eyes.

“Ah, Y/N! Baby~” Jungkook sang. You rolled your eyes before pushing him away to prevent him from hugging you. Jungkook was shocked at what you just did.

“Y-Y/N?” Jungkook stuttered. You sighed before crossing your arms.

“I am mad at you, Jeon Jungkook.” You only used his full name when you were slightly mad, so it relieved Jungkook a bit knowing that you weren’t that mad.

Jungkook smiled, walking closer to you before hugging you. “I missed you a lot.” He said, snuggling his nose into your neck and smelled a puff of the sweet fragrance you had always put on.

“Are you sure you’re not out with some girl?” Now, this shocked Jungkook. He looked at you before laughing, almost reaching the extent of peeing his pants.

“You’re so funny!” Jungkook said, pinching your cheeks playfully. You removed his hands from your face roughly, stopping Jungkook.

“I’m serious!” You said, causing Jungkook to chuckle.  

“I would never, and you know that.” Jungkook snuggled into your neck, his warmth causing butterflies to take over your stomach in a funny feeling.

A feeling that you wish to feel forever.

“You just didn’t have time for me, you know?” You said, hugging him back. He was sweaty, but you could care less.  

“I’m sorry.” He says. You tried kissing him in the cheek, but he was too tall. Jungkook laughed, seeing you struggle to kiss him.

Jungkook grabbed his helmet and placed it down on the floor. You looked up at him in confusion.

“Step on it.” He says, and you obliged. You stepped on his helmet and noticed how you were the same height as he is.

You took this chance and immediately pulled him in for a kiss, which didn’t shock Jungkook at all. After all, his purpose for placing his helmet down was so that you could kiss him without trouble.

After a few minutes, you pulled away and smiled at the boy who makes you weak in the knees just by existing. The boy that you could give the world to, the boy that you love more than anything else. Jeon Jungkook.

“I love you so much.” You said and hugged Jungkook. He hugged you back, his warmth taking over your whole body. You were in love with his warmth, that’s for sure.

“I love you a lot more.” Jungkook says.

Well, who knew that a helmet would cause your relationship with Jungkook to become stronger?

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