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Ok I dunno if someone has already thought of this, but I just realized something guys….

Black was sealed in the Light Stone for over 2 years in our real world time. (Over 1000 days, as noted by @giveusvol54 ). And as hinted at the end of the current BW2 chapter he’ll probably be coming back very soon. (Probably in the next chapter next month)

The Black and White 2 arc takes place 2 years after the events of the original Black and White arc. And of course, it has been some time from when it started to where it is now.


We’ve suffered for around the same amount of time the original BW characters would have. (Or, close to it anyways)

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» Give me an allowance

» Mark (GOT7)

» 081/100 ways to make me feel small

You were never really good at handling your money until Mark came into the picture. He helped you properly set up a savings account, taught you how to budget your money and how to splurge responsibly which you didn’t even know was a thing!

You used to live life pay check by pay check but with Mark in your life, you were able to live comfortably without worrying about overdue bills and spending more than you should on things you honestly really did not need.

And even though it was your money that you earned, it was Mark who gave you that little extra spending money to splurge on yourself every other week. And you were good for the most part! Only spending the extra cash he gave you wisely or saving it well to buy something special every now and then.

However, lately, you couldn’t help but be a little reckless with your expenses.

Summer was concert and festival season after all.

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Why Akechi Narked on the Phantom Thieves

a shit post written by @getsuyuubyou and illustrated by myself.

Step 1: akira and akechi smack each other asses/ baton pass (inspiration)

Step 2: akechi smacks Akira’s ass a little too hard

Step 3: this angers, akira calls out Goro’s vicious ass attack, confusing Goro as he thought smaking ones ass made them automatically a couple. Akira tells him point blank that he was just fucking with him all along and Goro is put into further confusion. Recalling the time they “cuddled”, he insists there must’ve been something between them. Akira refutes him once again, pointing out that it was in fact his coat tails he was lovin up on.

Goro cries and runs dramatically out of mementos. Ryuji and Akira have a laugh about this.

Step 4: one particular night in November, akira receives a mysterious skype call from user secondadventofhedetectiveprince69 and decides to accept it anyway

Its Goro, and he’s still crying. Saying that he wants to break up with him. Ryuji emerges from (some corner)  of Akira’s room with an apple in hand to make him seem like more of an asshole than he already is. Ryuji states, in a bout of confusion, they never were dating in the first place. Akira absentmindedly nods whilst smacking a bunch of metal together to make a lock pick, morgana approves. Goro cries more and says he’s breaking up with him anyway and hands up. He doesn’t have dinner that night.

Step 5: Goro eats his feelings, digging in to a 2 pound bucket of ice cream, washing it down with a two liter bottle of whiskey. Goro gets shitfaced drunk and angirly dials akira at 3 am. The ringer of Akira’s phone blares and stirs morgana to awakening, akira reaches for the phone, morgana scratches his hand into a bloody maw and tells him to go back to sleep. He does so.

Goro leaves a voice mail, singing Taylor swift’s “trouble” dramatically, hyperventilating, and sobbing here and there. Goro passes out when he gets to the second verse. He recalls nothing of the night had occurred.

Step 6: Akira wakes up the next morning, half a pint of his blood missing, and a new voice mail from Goro. Listening to it, he immediately calls for the phantom thrives to gather.

He plays it for them, and they all go around the room roasting Goro. The aforementioned Goro, of course, here’s of the phantom thieves meeting and runs in on them roasting his flat ass. He dramatically calls them out on their slander of him and his flat ass, he asks if they have anything to say for themselves. They just look at each other and burst into a fit of laughter. Goro stomps out of le blanc fuming that they will rue the day they called his ass flat.

After the casino heist Akira is ousted, imprisoned, beaten, drugged, yelled at, beaten again, and yelled at again by a 6 foot harpie of a woman that wants to put him behind bars.

Goro gets his vengeance.

Why is everyone so pleased over the Try Guys thing? And their defense (as always) seems to be “it’s just a joke, it’s not that deep” but if they weren’t suggesting dnp are a closeted couple then they’re implying there’s something inherently funny about two guys making out. Either way you look at it seems pretty fucking shitty to me, especially given dnp were in front of that same audience a bit later.

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at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye