idk that either

Aaaand I’m back after a century of inactivity. Here’s a quick fan art of Hana eating some Cup Noodles. 

Now, watch as I leave for another decade. 

do people still read tags?

i think you taste of
       falling. starlit and hot. something
       celestial. something human pretending
        — we’re really good at that.
       i want to devour. the essence of being is to
       eat. black holes in empty space to
       children born into more empty space,
       we’re all a testament of devour-ing. 
       ( verb. the act of consuming dangerously. )

and my
       teeth ache. i am something out of the
       dark in search of a light. for a completion.
       a contrast.
       i chose you. 
       you don’t have to choose me back. 
       remember, we’re really good at pretending. 

you taste like falling. 

i will ask two things of you 

first. leave me burning, midnight shrinking 
inside these bones when you pick yourself up
and put your parts back together and head
out. see, morning leaves out the worst in me. 

      i’m too full of everything.

and second. please

      leave the flowers. i won’t ask for 
      you. or your light that i will find spilled
      on the floor, scrapes of midmorning and
      afternoons. you’re a mess sometimes. but
      so am i. humans are good at pretending.
      sometimes, i don’t want to be. 

human, that is. or pretending. or good. 

sometimes i,
      just want the flowers. so please,
      leave them heavy there on the counter.
      tepid water reminds me of blood. leave their
      crushed petals, creased and dark with 
      use. i have want of them. i choose you but
      i want them. i will curl up around them.
      metaphors of one another. use, misuse. 
      ( flowers don’t grow to be harvested but 
               neither do hearts and i’m trying not to gnaw
               mine out of my chest for you. )
      i will burn, devour, pretend. and maybe
      the flowers can help with that.

so, please leave the flowers.

caleb lovelace. another untitled flower poem.


I got that good // I got that good good 

Luhan (鹿晗) – THAT GOOD GOOD (有点儿意思)

This makes me so sad. The very beginning of the interview and Katie is already SO incredibly uncomfortable. Like closed off body language, even leaning away from most of the cast which is hugely telling. She doesn’t normally sit like that. And that’s not even getting into her expression which I think speaks for itself.

I mentioned yesterday how after the “they’re just friends” she looked uncomfortable, and then when she spoke up only to get shut down and laughed at she looked even more uncomfortable and got really quiet the rest of it.

Katie doesn’t deserve this. She’s so kind and supportive and validating and she deserves so much better than to get shut down and made to feel this way. 

I’m glad that Odette seems to be supportive of her, at least, and I think David as well usually. But she’s clearly uncomfortable with the rest of the cast in this clip and it hurts to think about what it would be like to spend so much time filming with the cast now that she knows they’re like this. Especially since I’ve seen a segment from this clip later into it where she tries to stand up again, and addresses the shitty comment Chris made yesterday, and she totally got ignored.