idk textures or something

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Could you please show how you do the body face and hair textures for your models?

WELL I pretty much assume that i edit body face and hair textures the same as everyone else?? (as in editing the hue and doing weird stuff like that) but well i did do a demo video just in case u wanted more idk

i didn’t include body textures bc i pretty much literally recolour body textures to match the face as i do w hair textures hehe but i hope that gives u something to take away???? idk?!?!?!?!??!? textures r difficult and i have a throbbing headache so i apologise if i was like being a bit messy and there’s no explaination of anything im doing hehehe

oops i just realised it’s a wee bit quick so you might have to use YT settings to slow it down if its too fast hehe

Divine Victoria and her Third Hand.


d e s t r o y e r of worlds.

(background textures by evenstarss)

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I agree! The digital version of the chapter looks really nice. It has this texture or something idk ;-;

Aaah, it’s most likely because TG:re is done digitally so we more or less get the quality closest to the original. It’s so good to see tho, I completely agree!

The print in the magazine is done on this newspaper-like paper so the ink isn’t really as dark as it deems to be in scans; the scanlators clean it up to make it look less ‘powdery’ so to say. ;u;a

Here’s a small comparison:

Bigger quality: