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(I dyed my hair today and got some Tonks feels. (I really don’t know what I’m doing.))

(When you try to look ‘sexy’ but your face is like “NO”) 

(And I just really wanted to show you my alpacas. There is no excuse.)


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can I get karma and gakushuu relationship hcs ?

I’m going to guess you wanted each of them seperately with their s/o…? 


  • Karma loves to leave his s/o breathless after he kisses them.
  • Big spoon. Totally. 

  • Really loves to hug his s/o from behind and lay their head under his chin whenever he can.


  • He gets extremely possessive over his s/o and loves to leave hickeys on their necks where everyone can see them and know that she’s taken.
  • He tries especially hard to impress his s/o but they’d be the type of person to already expect that from him so they wouldn’t act impressed. Which would only make him try harder. 

headcanon/meta about christine and relationships :

okay angels i’ve been thinking about this a lot honestly and this is just a rant ? because i noticed christine ( as much as a lovable and kind person she is ) is very hard to actually love someone romantically. she has men who are her best friends and she immediately makes it as such no matter how good looking they are. which honestly is surprising to me considering who she is. she’s very forgiving , very compassionate , innocent and naive however when it comes to romance and people pursuing her ; christine immediately shuts it down ( if it’s not raoul and erik mind you this is her mind set apart from them ) however in the film , christine never once says i love you to either of the men. in final lair she does mouth it to raoul but , although its a wonderful addition , i don’t really count it ? seeing as she knew what she was going to do she wanted to give confirmation to raoul that she still cared for him and , expecting to stay with erik for the remainder of her life have raoul leave with knowing she did it to free him , not because of anything else. 

in all i ask of you christine seeks out protection and guidance , she wants confirmation that raoul does love her which is why she repeats ‘ say you love me ‘ over and over but not i love you because the man who she did care for and thought was her angel turned out to be a lie, her world literally shattered before her eyes and now she doesn’t know what to believe and how to believe freely as she once did. then at the end she repeats again : you’ll guard me and you’ll guide me. but thats another meta tbh but point is , she doesn’t actually voice that she loves him but her need to be protected and guided in her time of fear and confusion.

considering christine had wonderful familial/platonic relationships with men more than woman. i headcanon her mother died during childbirth so her examples of love mostly revolve around her father and raoul who were both very positive then erik who honestly i headcanon was positive as well before it all went downhill and erik was you know an asshole but. christine can love easily but not fall in love easily. she’s very guarded and introverted as is but even more so when it comes to relationships. her example of woman is madame giry who , although in the movie was a good mother figure , is still walking down that line of both mentor , stern ballet instructor and guardian. so it isn’t really pure motherly affection. meg is her sister practically whom she loves with her entire heart but the other ballet rats and other women are envious and bully her. which explains why christine latches onto meg so much.

both men also have a connection with her father , which is sadly something that she will never truly accept. that her father is gone and the best for her is to move on but with both men they revive memories involving him ( raoul ) or are entirely connected to him as in sent by him and the passion for music she once shared with him ( erik ) cause although christine knows of the betrayal and all that ; erik will always be her angel of music. 

so tldr : christine takes romantic love very seriously , she does not pursue romantic relationships aside from the two men in canon because shes more focused on what’s going on with her life and career ; herself per say. it’s either she makes them her close friend or she just shies away completely. and i do believe christine opened up to raoul because one : was her childhood sweetheart. he is her best friend. he is , aside from meg and he is so easy to fall in love with. he is loving and warm and reminds her of good memories hence her line : turn my head with talk of summertime in AIOY. summertime is the time they were children and at her father’s house by the sea. christine in my portrayal loves Erik but she is still unsure of who he is , only that there is good in him. their dynamic is very powerful but it is still very difficult.