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u know what kinda scares me? that greg tells lainey what bsdm is. U know the whole B thing in the basement? What if he says shit like that, hurts them and plays it off as bdsm? and lainey thinks that's okay? idk that's just a thought but... hm...

jin: so i saw this really cute guy on the train and honestly i think im in love

yoongi: he was looking at his own reflection in the window the entire time idk what he’s talking about

Me: *sees a car pass my house*
My brain: !!! You’re being watched !!! They’re stalking you !!! Close your blinds !!! watched !!!!
Me: can you like,,, shut the fuck up and be realistic for once please

Boyfriend Jaehyun

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  • good luck and rip to you lol
  • even before you started dating he was shamelessly flirty
  • but that’s a story for another time
  • and even when you started dating he would try to flirt with you
  • and use cheesy pick up lines
  • “do i know you?”
  • “what”
  • “cause you look like my next girlfriend”
  • “jaehyun we’ve been dating for six months”
  • “wait i have a better one!!!! do you have a map?”
  • “don’t”
  • “because i think i’m getting lost in your eyes”
  • “i hate you so much”
  • tbh he’d go all in with the skinship
  • even in front of the guys he wouldn’t hesitate to give you kisses
  • or to be affectionate
  • he’d have cute lil habits
  • every time you met each other and every time you had to leave, he’d kiss you on the forehead
  • when you watched something together, he’d always lie his head on your lap
  • it was his way of asking you to play with his hair without having to ask for it
  • around other people, his hand would automatically end up your waist
  • the type to make up weird couple routines
  • like he’d want a couple handshake he’d spend 3 weeks trying to invent
  • then he’d make up a little dance for every time you eat something tasty
  • you’d be like
  • “oh this is so yummy”
  • “you have to do /////THE DANCE/////”
  • jaehyun takes his music taste really seriously
  • so except to receive music recommendations all the time
  • or “hey i know it’s 2 am but i just found this song and it reminded me of you”
  • would probably make a playlist for you as a gift
  • king of meme documentation
  • knows everything about every trend or meme
  • when you send him a meme
  • he’s like “babe you’re so late that meme died last week”
  • like excuse us Mr Meme Supremacist
  • “we should’ve been called MemeCT instead of NCT”
  • really really shameless
  • he’d get shirtless for no damn reason
  • and walk around pretending he can’t find his shirt
  • (i hate him)
  • then would call you out for staring
  • to the point where you’re a blushing mess
  • he literally makes you melt
  • and he loves it
  • with that smug smile of his
  • “you look so pretty today”
  • “you look so pretty every day”
  • “this blue shade looks so good on you”
  • “don’t smile like that you’re so cute”
  • “ahh you’re so cute i love you”
  • “don’t get shy babe”
  • “how are you so beautiful”
  • oh yeah he calls you “babe” all the time :’)
  • it’d be a really relaxed?? relationship
  • because i see jaehyun as a really easy going person
  • he’d always be so excited and try to make the most out of the time he can spend with you
  • he’d be a really attentive boyfriend
  • and he’d be good at sharing his feelings or worries
  • so it’d help both of you keep the relationship going
  • and be happy :D

[[   …   i may be   …   slightly obsessed with salmon run   .

let me just drop these guys down here for now bc idk what in the world i’m gonna do with em but   ,   apparently i made a salmonid     ling   …   salmonling   ,   who’s a cunning little jerk who plans on invading both inkopolis and octo valley/canyon with the other salmonid that blindly follow his orders to try and snatch some of their land for themselves   .   the other three chum beside him are his trusty bodyguards   !   ]]

That’s where all the cats went!

[[Hey guys sorry i haven’t posted in a few days! I was moving out to the country! I have a small house with my dad, step mom, and baby brother surrounded by nature now! It was worth all the cleaning and packing because I get the attic room that has the best view haha]]

truly, madly, deeply - reddie

pairings : pastel!eddie kaspbrak x punk!richie tozier

words : 1.2K

 warnings : none


thanks for you request anon! This was super cute to write but I don’t think I did the request justice :’) if you don’t like it give me a yell and i’ll try something else! I have another punk richie x pastel eddie requesting coming though so hopefully it’ll be better! But do tell me what ya’ll think ! 

Eddie played with the taller boy’s hair as they sat in the grass of the quarry. Richie’s head was placed in Eddie’s lap, dark brown curls cascade across Eddie’s white denim overalls as he threads his fingers though the strands. Richie’s eyes were closed enjoying the feeling of Eddie’s fingers lightly massaging his head. He could hear the rest of the Loser’s faintly playing in the water, their loud laughter echoing the hills around them. The sun hung low in sky, casting a light pink glow over the pair. Eddie hummed under his breath as he admires the boy cladded in black from head to toe, he lays quiet and relaxed in the grasp of his lover. Eddie trails his eyes down Richie’s face, the boy still wearing this thick prescription glasses that covered the thin layer of freckles which scattered across the bridge of his nose. A brand-new ring laid within the skin of Richie’s pink lips. He’d since replaced the brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts for dark red flannels and the graphic tees for some loud grunge band t-shirts that Eddie had never heard of. Black ripped skinny jeans seemed like a new skin to Richie, Eddie hardly ever saw him without them, not that he cared. He quiet liked how they outlined the boy’s thighs.

A small smile made its way onto Eddie lips as he glanced over Richie’s arm, the word LoSVer very permanently laid upon the boy’s skin. Richie had somehow convinced Eddie to come with him when he got his very first tattoo at the age of fourteen, claiming he got it to make Eddie feel better about his cast. But four years later, the boy was covered head to toe with shitty ink from random artists he found around their town of Derry and every time since, Eddie would be there to hold Richie’s hand. Through the piercings and the ink, the small fragile boy would cringe and tell his boyfriend that he would never come again but a week later Eddie always found himself clutching Richie’s hand as he watched the new needle pierce his skin.

Things had changed for the boys since they were thirteen, after they defeated the evil clown and everything slowly went back to normal. Or as normal as it could. Eddie embraced his love for the colour pink, wearing soft, neat fabrics and his trademark shorts that drove Richie wild. Bev had told Eddie she was quite glad that someone had developed a sense of style because god forbid you leave any of the rest of the boys to make good fashion choices.

Eddie’s heart swelled with love for this idiot of a boy. Leaning back onto his left hand, brushing an object with his palm he smiled. Richie had saved up all his earnings from the small gig’s he had been playing with his band to buy Eddie a polaroid camera for his eighteenth birthday. The baby blue device sat in Eddie’s left hand, as he watched his boyfriends still face. He removed his hand from Richie’s hair quickly, knowing it would be only a matter of time before Richie opened his eyes noticing the absence of Eddie’s hand. He starred down the lenses of the camera and focusing all his attention on Richie. The way the setting sun seemed to cast a pink hue over his skin, the small refection from his glasses and the glint from his lip ring. Eddie pressed his finger down on the button and with a loud shutter of the camera, the film began to print.

Eddie felt the weight of Richie’s head shift in his lap. He looked up from the developing film to the boy. Quickly, hiding the picture behind his back. He was met with soft brown eyes open widely, staring up at him with a small smirk playing on the corner of his lips. Eddie glanced away, biting his bottom lip between his teeth. “Eddie?” Richie questioned staring expectantly up at brunette teenager. Eddie hummed in foreign response. “Did I just hear what I thought I thought I just heard?” Eddie shook his head. Richie widened his eyes, sitting up slowly to meet Eddie gaze. He tucked his legs underneath his large frame. “I told you to save the film just in case you ever saw your Mom in the shower again, Eds.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, slapping Richie across the chest a huff escapes his lips. “Shut up you idiot, that wasn’t even funny.“

“Let’s see the picture then.” Richie placed his hand out in front of him, expectant of the small white piece of film. Eddie shakes his head and moves back further.   Richie feigns to be upset, bringing a hand to rest over his heart. Eddie soften his gaze afraid he’s hurt his boyfriend feelings. Eddie reaches his hand out to Richie’s shoulder, preparing to apologise. But by no surprise Richie had taken his arm lightly and pulled his smaller body on top of his larger one.  Taking the polaroid picture swiftly from Eddie’s hands as he tried to stabilize himself. Eddie let out a loud groan as he hovered over Richie’s body, legs intertwined. He should have known. Richie let out a loud boisterous laugh at the pout on his boyfriend’s lips.

Richie watched as the boy sat back against his thighs, with his bottom lip puckered and a scowl between his brow. Richie leant up and placed a chaste kiss on Eddie’s lips. Eddie tasted of strawberries like always, just as Richie always had the lingering smell of cigarettes upon his own lips.  Richie smiled up the boy, whom sat wearing a pastel pink shirt underneath his stark white overalls with a rainbow patch sewn in the middle of the pocket that laid upon his chest. Richie had a matching one of his denim jacket and he also had one tattooed onto his left bicep.

Richie looked down at the polaroid seeing nothing but what he deemed to be his overly average looking face with the addition of his bulky glasses, but he figured that there must be something redeemable in him if a boy as perfect as Eddie Kaspbrak were to want anything to do with him. Richie adored the boy with all his heart. He reached up to kiss the boys scrunched up nose, pulling away he leant on his elbows and watched the smaller teenager force away a smile from his face. He smiled up at Eddie, waiting for his favourite boy to beam a smile right back at him. Richie raised his eyebrows when nothing came, poking the fragile boy in the side.

Eddie looked Richie dead in the eye, struggling to keep up his façade. “I love you, spaghetti.” Eddie let out a frustrated groan breaking his stoic expression with a  loud laugh.

“Don’t call me that you douche!” Eddie exclaimed through a laugh. Both boys starred back at one another with silly smiles on their faces and the pure admiration sparkling in their eyes. Even though they were polar opposites they found solace in each other and wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Oblivious to the two, the rest of the losers had begun approach from the rear and watched the scene in ‘awe’ as both teenage boys starred into each other’s eyes completely unaware to the world around them. Bev picked up the discarded polaroid camera and brought it up to her face capturing the pure love displayed upon both of the boys faces in a time where they all felt peace.

GUYS THIS WAS SO FUCKING GAY I LEGIT CAN’T. I tried to keep the punk and pastel lowkey bc I hate when its like super in your face but it just turned to shit lmao, tell me what  u think kiddos.

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au where nila lost herself


You Have A Huge Crush On Yoongi But You’re Afraid He Won’t Like You Back Because You’re Taller Than Him & The Boys Teases You

Requested! | “Hi! Could do please do a text series or idk a scenario where you really like yoongi (and the guys keep teasing you about it) but you won’t say anything bc you think he might get uncomfortable being around you bc if your height (u taller than him) and you don’t want to be a burden to him? But when the boys tells him whats happening he’s just ”???? Wtf you cute you would never make me uncomfortable and actually I really like you and I just haven’t said anything because I thought you didn’t" | Requests are always open! Thank you!

The Art of Falling In Love (With a Stranger): Part 1

Real life

Pairing: Finn Wolfhard x Reader

Summary: After an amusing mixup, Finn and the reader become close friends despite never meeting the other. Fluff and embarrassment ensue.

Disclaimer: I do not own Finn Wolfhard so I don’t own his political views, etc.

Y/n: your name

Y/f/c: your favorite color

Y/h/c: your hair color

Finn clicked ‘post’ and within seconds, millions of fans had already commented on it. Curious as to what they were saying, Finn scrolled through the comments only to sigh in annoyance when they were all along the same lines: ‘You’re too adorable/hot/precious’ and ‘marry me’. Seriously, if this is what girls are like these days, Finn’s not sure he’s going to ever get married.

Suddenly, his eye catches on an interesting question that doesn’t involve marriage or what he uses for his hair or even the post: ‘What is your opinion on feminism? Similarly, what are your opinions on social injustices?’

Intrigued, Finn clicks on the username of the commenter. Casually scrolling through his posts before bed is one of his favorite hobbies but it would appear he hasn’t been paying enough attention to the ‘little people’, as his agent calls them.

The account, @your-username, is full of videos of you laughing with your friends, puns, and interesting stories. It’s a lot more interesting than looking at the duck-face selfies his fellow celebrities post.

Deciding he has nothing to lose, Finn DM’s you.

Finn: Hey! Your comment was really interesting on my latest post. It had nothing to do with it, but it was interesting. Um… I support feminism, I guess. What do you mean by social injustices?

Almost immediately, you started typing back and Finn braced himself for the electronic squeal he was about to mentally hear. Instead, you type back:

Y/n: Social injustices like the prejudices surrounding certain races, the hate that women have to bear on a regular basis for striving for achievement. Is this, like, a prank or something?

Finn: Why would this be a prank?

Y/n: There’s almost no way the Finn Wolfhard would be responding to my comment.

Finn: Why’d you post it, then? And yes, this is the Finn Wolfhard

Y/n: I mean to post that on another post but clicked yours by accident… there’s a reason it was so random XD sorry to bother you! If you’re answering fan’s comments you must be annoyed to find out I didn’t intend it for you…

Finn frowned. Now he feels stupid. Your next text quickly soothes his bruised ego, though:

Y/n: It’s fine. It’s actually interesting to find out how to answer questions like that! I want to be an actress, you see, and the Stranger Things and It cast are kinda my role models… so young and so successful! You guys are wonderful people and amazing actors!

Finn smiles and types back quickly.

Finn: Np. You’ll have to let me know when you star in your own show, I’ll watch!

Y/n: Sorry about the misunderstanding. Will do! Cya!

Finn types back a farewell and scrolls through your profile a bit more. Every time he answered a fan’s comment they would keep him up until at least 3 in the morning trying to find out everything about him and asking him to date them at least 30 times. He decides this y/n is an interesting character.

For the first time in a long time, Finn goes to bed before 12:00, his mind still wondering about this girl who contradicts everything he knows about girls these days.

Finn almost surprises himself the next morning when he texts you.

Finn: Good morning

You don’t reply and he takes that to mean you’re still sleeping. It takes you another three hours to reply and then you say:

Y/n: Hey, sorry, I was hanging out with my friends. Wassup?

Finn grins.

Finn: Hanging with your friends and playing 2048?

Y/n: Haha, you saw my post. Yeah, you got me! I was too lazy to check who texted me. You didn’t answer my question, though. wassup?

(You just posted a screenshot of the website 2048 with a square that had the numbers 2048 on it highlighted. Finn’s not sure what that exactly means, but your caption ‘Hells yeah!’ indicates that it’s exciting)

Finn: I honestly have nothing to do right now. wbu?

Y/n: I should be doing hw, but who cares about that stuff, right? im writing/reading fanfiction and watching vines bc im basic and a fangirl

Having made up his mind, Finn grins, types out a quick ‘bye’ and follows the girl. Immediately you ask him, why’d you do that?

Finn: What?

Y/n: You just followed me. Is this a joke?

Finn: What?

Y/n: You’re a celeb and I’m a nobody. Why are you following me? Is this some popularity test or something? trick a nobody into thinking you’re actually interested in them before dumping them?

Finn: At least you post interesting stuff. literally all anyone posts these days is those duck face selfies

Y/n: That wasn’t an answer

Finn: What’s your deal? I’m not allowed to follow you?

Y/n: No, but now literally all my friends are going to be so pissed at me

Finn: Why?

Y/n: They’re going to think I did something to get you to follow me without them

Finn: girls are weird

Y/n: tell me about it

Finn: how was ur hoco?

Y/n: it was fine, i guess. They didn’t play any slow songs and I went with a dude but all we did was play chess in the cafeteria and eat

Finn felt weird at the thought of Y/n going to homecoming with another guy and mad that she didn’t even get to dance.

Finn: That stinks. If it makes you feel any better, my hoco was just as sucky

Y/n: XD yea i know.

Finn: Stalker!

Y/n: Noted. And by the way, you’re out of milk.

Finn: Not funny bc i actually am out of milk

Y/n: XD hocos are all sucky

Finn: I bet chess was better than being forced to dance. thats what happened to me

Y/n: Poor thing, people wanting to be with you

Finn: you got asked!

Y/n: Fair enough.

Finn had seen the photo you had posted on your profile. You were wearing a stunning y/f/c dress and your y/h/c hair was curled slightly. You looked like a princess but talked like a rebel.

Finn supposes it’s part of your charm before blushing and hastily focusing on memorizing the lines of the scene he has to shoot tomorrow.

Finn: What are you being for Halloween?

Y/n: the wall of lights from ST. Wbu?

Finn: That’ll be interesting to see. Send me a pic. im being richie from it bc i got to keep the glasses and a hawaiian shirt is easy enough to find

Y/n: Dude so many people in my grade say that it wasn’t scary

Finn: They’re being dicks it was terrifying

Y/n: Thank you!

Finn: Who’d you see it with?

Y/n: the boy who took me to hoco

Y/n: we were both wimps and clutching each other’s hands when we were scared

“Who are you texting?” Caleb inquired, trying to peer over Finn’s shoulder. Finn hastily turned the screen off, which was useless as it buzzed and turned on again within a second as you answered the question he had just asked.

“His secret girlfriend,” Gaten answered.

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Finn protests.

“He hasn’t stopped texting her,” Noah adds, “but he won’t tell us who it is. I think it’s that cute reporter that asked him all those questions.”

“I bet it’s Millie!” Gaten guesses.

Millie looks over from where she’s looking at Sadie’s phone and shakes her head. “He hasn’t responded to any of my texts or Sadie’s. The mystery girl isn’t one of us.”

“I think it’s Sophia,” Sadie says before diving back into her phone.

For a few minutes the entire limo is bomboarding Finn with questions. He ignores them all and just responds to your text.

“Hey, Millie,” Caleb calls. Finn relaxes, glad the attention is off of him, but then Caleb snags his phone out of his hand and presses video chat. Gaten, who’d seen your username, quickly tells everyone what it is and they all immediately search you up.

You answer the chat, much to Finn’s dismay. “Hey,” you say quickly without glancing at the phone. “Give me a sec—shit!” You throw your hands in the air as an orange fluffball jumps onto her keyboard. “Crookshanks, I swear to God—”

You try to lift the cat off but it swipes at your face.

“Asshole! Give me a sec, Finn.” You pick up the floofball and run to grab a Band-Aid. The entire limo can hear you drop the cat onto the ground before it jumps back onto the desk and looks at the camera. For all the cat is a jerk (Finn would know, you’ve faced off against Crookshanks many a time during a video chat) he’s extremely smart as well.

“Aww,” Millie coos.

Crookshanks chirps in response.

“Yeah, sorry, Finn, I was playing—” You shove the cat away and finally glance at the phone. “You’re not Finn.”

“Sorry, Y/n,” Finn calls.

“Oh my God, you’re Caleb McLaughlin!” you exclaim, your eyes widening comically.

“Call him Caleb,” Finn tells you, still off-screen.

You flush a deep red. “Hi?” you offer quietly. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“We just want to know who Finn’s girlfriend is,” Sadie shouts.

If it’s possible, you flush an even deeper red.

“We’re not dating!” Finn yells through muffled hands; he’s hidden his face in them. You do the same on the screen before the view is obstructed by the orange cat’s pelt again.

“Dude, you’re dating the future Miss America!” Gaten exclaims, still scrolling through your posts. “This bitch can sing, dance, and she’s super hot!”

“Sorry, Finn, dinner!” you say loudly before hanging up.

Finn’s face is bright red when he finally takes it out of his hands. “I’m going to kill you.”

“Jaeden, Sophia, Jack, Wyatt, Chosen, and Jackson just started following her!” Sadie announces.

“How the fuck did they hear about this so fast?”

Millie just waves her phone in response.

Y/n: Dude, why are all of your friends following me?

Finn: I’m sorry

Y/n: Now I feel pressure to post funny stuff since famous people are looking at what I’m doing

Finn: You’re already funny, trust me they’ll love your posts

Y/n: thx

Finn: whats ur deal with famous people anyway

Y/n: the paparazzi are always watching u guys

Finn: tell me about it

Finn: so your worried theyll start watching you too?

Y/n: no just that they’ll start looking at what your looking at and laugh and b like ‘oh wow this bitch think she cool’

Y/n: idk its stupid

Finn: no its not

Finn: I cant say anything without it being analyzed 50 times over during interviews

Y/n: plus some celebs think theyre better than normal ppl just bc theyre famous so idk i thought u were like that at first

When Finn hears about Matt and Ross looking for another female actress his age, he’s stunned. Sophia’s busy doing something and he hasn’t really heard of any really big kid-actresses right now (or maybe he’s spent too much time hanging out only with the Stranger Things and It kids).

Anyways, he tells you immediately. Your squeal is loud enough to puncture his eardrums.

“I asked them if they would be willing to hire someone who hasn’t acted in a big movie before,” Finn says, smiling as you clap your hands to your cheeks to hide your grin, “and they said they wouldn’t mind as long as she was good!”

“Do you really think they would hire me?” you ask, your hand still cupped over your mouth.

“You’ll be hired the second they see you,” Finn promises and wonders how he still hasn’t met you in person.

Is it possible to fall in love in a year?

Finn thinks so. He knows it was the right decision to reply to your comment. He still can’t believe how down-to-earth you are, how you struggle with math just like him, how you’re an amazing writer. He’s read some of your fics and even edited a short story you wrote and entered into a contest. You didn’t even place, unfortunately, but Finn’s been encouraging you to publish it for at least a month. The judges were fucking stupid not to give you first place.

How can it be that you two haven’t even met each other in person yet are so close? Finn has no idea how tall you are compared to him, what you smell like, what your hair feels like with his fingers running through it, yet you text each other every single day and while video chatting, seem to communicate without talking. He knows your favorite color, your birthday, what games you like to play, what sports you like, and vice versa.

You’re a nice dose of reality when he’s overwhelmed with the stresses of Hollywood. You’ve talked him to sleep many a time when he’s freaking over a scene he has to shoot and he’s helped you study for tests you have to take. The two of you are orbiting in completely different circles. You’re working for grades, he’s working for money.

And yet Finn’s palms sweat whenever you respond to one of his texts or smile at him from your phone screen. Your laugh makes his world appear in high-definition.

Finn thinks he’s in love.

He thinks you might like him too, based on how many guys you’ve turned down in the past three months (five. You told Millie about them. Surprisingly, the two of you are close as well).

But how could he be, if he’s never even touched you?

(Sometimes, like right now, he really does feel like Mike Wheeler. They both fell in love at a really young age to girls they didn’t really know.)

Y/n: Favorite vacation?

Finn: Hawaii

Y/n: No way, you’ve gone?

Finn: It was awesome

Y/n: Did you snorkel? Did you see turtles? Is the water super clear?

Finn: Yeah, all that and more. The fish weren’t afraid of us; I swam right through a school of them.

Y/n: So. Lucky!

Y/n: Oh, did I tell you I’m sending in a video of myself acting, singing, and dancing to a theater company?

Finn: no way! What play are they putting on? Which theater company is it?

Y/n: Broadway…

Finn: No shit! Dude, you won’t even need the Stranger Things role to get famous!

Y/n: Ikr! Anyways, I gotta go, cya

Is it bad that Finn wants to take you to Hawaii now?

Finn can’t believe it when Matt and Ross say he can go to your interview too, since he was the one who recommended you in the first place. The two of you are so excited to finally meet the other.

Finn’s counting down the days.

Exactly a week from when the two of you are finally, finally going to meet the other, he gets this text:

Y/n: Hey Finn. Um so my grandpa took a bad fall and I’m not really that close to him but we’re all traveling across the country to see him and my grandma. They’re not sure he’s gonna make it because there was some internal bleeding and stuff and his kidneys aren’t doing too hot, but I won’t be able to make it to the interview. I already told Matt and Ross. Just thought you should know.

Finn wants to scream. Why couldn’t your grandpa have waited a week?

Finn: It’s totally okay. I’m glad you’re going to see him. You’ll have to let me know how he’s doing, okay? Do you have another date you could do the interview?

Y/n: Matt and Ross suggested Monday the 22. It works for us, wbu?

Without even looking at his calender, Finn replies yes. Who cares if he’s got something going on?

Finn: What about you, what’s your favorite vaca?

Y/n: I’d have to say Great Wolf Lodge. Have you ever gone?

Finn: I think maybe once or twice when I was younger, idk

Y/n: It’s really great! We go every year for Thanksgiving. it’s pretty much the only time i actually see my parents. the water park is humongous and have you heard of MagiQuest? You can go on quests and they’re kinda lame but its still fun. When I was younger you could make your own remote-control cars and I would race mine up and down the hallways…

You kept explaining to Finn and he was reading but really, he was imagining you saying all that to him not on a screen but actually next to him.

Yeah, he’s in love with you.

“Hey, dude, can I borrow your phone for a sec?” Caleb asks.

“Sure,” Finn answers and tosses it to him.

“Dude, what’s your lock screen?” Caleb snickers. “Oh my God, is it her school schedule?”

Finn flushes as Gaten turns, seemingly summoned by the mere mention of Y/n. “Her schedule is his lock screen?” Gaten clarifies.

Caleb nods, chucking the phone back at Finn.

“Well, I don’t want to call her while she’s in class!” Finn defends. Except for Spanish class, because the teacher’s never there.

“Dude, you are so whipped!” Jack chuckles, appearing out of nowhere.

Y/n: Dude, guess what?

Finn: What?

Y/n: You’re never going to believe this but…

Finn: What?

Y/n: Broadway recalled me!

Finn: No fucking way! I’m so happy for you!

Y/n: And also… 4 more days!

Finn: Do you think it’s going to be awkward, seeing each other in real life?

Y/n: Why would it be?

Finn doesn’t have a response for that.

There’s two days left to go when the media starts to attack Finn for ignoring his fan. The truth is that he’d been so exhausted he just couldn’t deal with signing an autograph, taking a picture, and answering 300 questions. He just couldn’t deal with it.

Now he’s just searching up his name on Google and refreshing the page as articles swarm in about how ‘heartless’ and ‘insensitive’ he is.

There’s not one thing about how he’s a kid actor. He’s tired. He deserves a break.

Then his phone chimes. He can tell by the ringtone that it’s you. He fully expects either a ‘Finn, why’d you ignore that fan?’ or a ‘hey, it’s okay, they don’t understand’ but instead it’s a screenshot.

You send another.

And another.

You’re sending him tens of screenshots of tumblr, twitter, and facebook posts defending him. Maybe that’s not a lot in real life but the fact that some people can see it just make Finn want to cry.

So he does. And somehow he calls you and through his tears manages to give his thanks.

“I understand,” you say. Both of you are wishing you could hug him right now. “I wish you didn’t have to deal with this but I understand.”

One day left and the two of you are freaking out. You’re taking a plane to Orange, California, for a meeting with Matt and Ross (from the way Finn speaks so highly of your skills the interview is practically a formality). The Stranger Things kids have been staying in Orange close to the brothers so they’ll be able to start reading through the script the second they’ve finalized it, which will be any day now when they’ve found an actress for the part of an orphan who’s connected to the lab because her dad is Dr. Brenner and she knows where he is. The orphan’s name isn’t decided yet, but that’s the part you’re hoping to get.

You can’t help but wonder what Finn will be like in real life.

“Y/n!” Matt says, extending his hand. You shake it, smiling nervously, and then shake Ross’ hand.

“Hello!” you say brightly. “Thank you so much for letting me audition for this part.”

“It’s no trouble, really. From the way Finn speaks of you, we know you have real talent. Now, we’re just going to give you a few characters and a scenario and we’ll have you act out how you think they’ll react, all right?”

“Sure,” you agree.

“All right.”

You’re just finishing up with the audition when the door bangs open. “Sorry I’m late, the traffic was terrible—”

You whirl around.

“Finn!” Ross says happily.



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Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Themes: high school au, badboy & fuckboy jungkook

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,125

Summary: After being labelled the school’s biggest bad boy, Jeon Jungkook chooses to live up to the title. What he doesn’t know is that his arrogance will lead him to you.


“Why do you kiss ass so much?”

“Why are you such a fuckboy?”

It’s another one of those Fridays wherein you spend your after-school time to make up for requirements and pass all your different projects. You’d consider postponing everything and procrastinating but with your exams later in the month, it just wasn’t practical to do so.

You’re almost done packing your stuff and heading home, out of this hell hole, until the worst thing ever happens. The lights black out.

Trying not to scream due to fear of the dark, you bring out your phone and turn on your flashlight, walking out the classroom and into the corridor.

“Hello? Is anybody there?” Your voice echoes throughout the maze of hallways yet you are met with no response. Fear slowly creeps into your veins and heightens when you check your phone to see that there is absolutely no signal in the area. Your feet take slow steps and you’re turning around to pick up your bag from the doorway when-

“What the hell are you still doing here?” There’s a deep, husky voice that surprises you from behind causing you to jump up. When you turn around to flash your phone’s light on the person, you clutch your chest where your heart is to see it’s the biggest nuisance of your high school- Jeon Jungkook. You let out a breath, partially relieved.

“I could ask you the same thing.” You retort, feeling less frightened now that you have company. He nods, muttering something along the lines of ‘you have a point’. Every step of his elicits a rather audible sound so you begin to follow him with your bag hanging loosely on your left shoulder. “Where are we going?”

“To the main entrance. How else are we gonna get out of here?” He answers, setting his own pace. “But seriously, why are you still here? It’s a damn Friday, for god’s sake.”

You explain the reason behind your extended stay to which he scoffs loudly, calling you a nerd and telling you to chill the fuck out because it’s still three weeks before the finals. “Unlike you,” you begin, ready to defend your beliefs. “Some people don’t want to cram.”
This makes him laugh loudly and you quirk up an eyebrow. “As if I’ll even do any of the work needed.” Eyes rolling, you stay silent because what else were you expecting as a response from him?

You walk side by side wordlessly and eventually reach the front doors of your building, Jungkook pushing them forward yet to both of your dismay, they don’t budge. A string of curses leave his mouth and you begin to panic once again, worried about how you’re gonna get out.

“Fuck!” He yells, kicking the side of the left door. “Fuck Taehyung and his stupid fucking dares! Fuck!” With the faint light coming from outside you get to see him ruffle his hair in frustration. Throughout his outburst you remain quiet, experiencing a far more intense mental breakdown. A few moments later, he notices how eerily quiet you are. “The hell is going on with you?”

“We have to get out. We have to get out.” Your voice comes out in alarmed whispers and he finally grabs your wrist, starting to run. You don’t know where you’re even going at this point because your mind is running a mile a minute and so are you. When he reaches another set of doors, he’s relieved to see that they’re unlocked and all of a sudden, you’re greeted with fresh air.

You can make out the view in front of you due to the faint lights around the area. It’s your football field and your track oval, bleachers surrounding the majestic training ground. “Thank god- air.” He says, spreading out his arms. While you pant beside him, he begins to shout once again- “Fuck you, Kim Taehyung!”

“What did he do to you and why are you so mad?” You finally ask after having the query lingering in your head for a few minutes now. He smirks and tells you about how he was bribed by his friend with money to find a jersey in the locker room yet on his way back out, the lights just shut on him. At the end of his story, both of you situate yourselves on the third level of bleachers and try to accept the fact that you might have to stay there for the rest of the warm yet windy night.

“You’re Y/N, right?” He suddenly blurts out and you hum in response. “Why do you kiss ass so much?”

His blunt question takes you aback and you don’t know what else to say except a defensive “Excuse me?”

At this point, he leans back on the metal of the next level of seats and eggs you on. To his surprise, you simply ask him another question to avoid the topic. You might rip your hair out if you’re gonna be stuck with him for the night. “Why are you such a fuckboy?”
He tilts his head to the side and gives an impressed look. “That’s touche. Unlike you though, I’ll actually answer the question.” He pretends to ponder for a while before continuing. “Good looks, good body, every girl’s after me. Why not?”

You sigh and he reacts- “What? Were you expecting a different answer?”

“No,” you shake your head exasperatedly. “that was the exact answer I knew I was going to get if I even got one.”

Jungkook grins at you and for the first time you actually do see the kind of smile that everyone else falls for except you aren’t that shallow. You finally understood, though, why so many people chased after this boy.

“I checked the bulletin on the way here and the football team’s heading over at five in the morning to train for whatever tournament they have coming. I’ll probably beat Tae up or something but I just thought you should know.”

You groan, seeing that it’s only 7:49 pm and you’d have to wait around 9 more hours. “Are you positive there’s no other way of getting out this place?”

He laughs. “Believe me, this isn’t the first time I was stuck in here overnight. I guess I’m blessed though, since I actually have another person with me this time.”

“I know this is as good of a place we’re gonna be able to stay in for the next ten hours at least but I’m kind of hungry so would you fancy coming to the cafeteria with me to steal some food? I’m pretty sure they’ve got something good there.” He invites and you get up. You take his hand and lift yourself up. “Let’s go. It’s not like I have anything better to do.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEON JUNGKOOK I LOVE U !!! okay this was a very impulsive thing to do but I was like oh hey mc x jk stuck in school at night wonder how that’s gonna turn out… so bam here you have the stuck series feat a fuckboy jungkook tell me what you think and send me requests pls im a sucker for requests thanks idk when ill update next hope this gets a single note peace out that gif killed me

Maybe I’ll be the holes in her sweatshirt girl
Maybe I’m the one you remember because
I couldn’t get through the morning without
my third cup of coffee
You could remember me by soft lips
or by the shoes I wear so much that my footprint is stamped into the soles

I’m gonna be the sun freckled day dream
of a coffee kisser, you know?
I’m gonna be the one you think of as pink lips and arms wrapped around your waist
Singing yellow submarine too loud for the fucking neighbors
(but it made you laugh so I always started singing it louder)

I’m not saying I’m your forever girl
I can’t burn like that
but I can be the taste at the back of your mouth
in the last drop of your third coffee
before your 9 to 5

I can be your distant memory
if you’re willing to be mine

—  Commitment Issues