idk take with a grain of salt guys

This Is What Antis Actually Believe

i’m the anon from this post, and i figured i should probably send some links and proof since, frankly, i didn’t believe it either when i heard about it. (isn’t the saying “take it with a grain of salt”? oh wait, apparently salt is outdated now, lol)
so… here you go.

External image

(idk how good that image host is, so i recommend anyone who thinks they might need that screenshot later to save it)

yes, “just because they aren’t out and traumatizing kids doesn’t make it right”. this guy is actually, seriously, equating real-life child molestation to… stylized cartoon porn of a fictional 17-year-old, probably, since that’s tumblr’s definition of “child porn” now.
(also, wasn’t there a post somewhere saying that if “kids are much more likely to imitate their favorite cartoon characters”, we wouldn’t have any villains in kids’ shows at all?)

anyway, here’s a link to the post. look at it. look at this thing that a real person actually typed.