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what if He Tian never really cared if She Li framed Mo Guan Shan? I mean if that happened then tianshan wouldn't exist and then your extremely good fanfic wouldn't exist and we would still hate momo and I wouldn't have them together for my profile pic and He tian wouldn't have momo's really good beef stew and SO MANY OTHER THINGS AHHHHH

well idk about that 😅

maybe for you, you started shipping tianshan when she li was a problem, but for me - I started shipping them after reading the chapter where he tian was groping guan shan’s chest in that alleyway. that was the moment i locked in on this ship and was like daaaang i gotta read some fanfic of them.

but much to my sadness there was about…10 fics of them on ao3, back when we still didnt know guan shan’s name. due to the lack of fic for them, this pushed me to write my own. and because im so fucking slow at writing, i posted the very first chapter when she li was being introduced!

so if it turned out he tian didnt care if she li framed guan shan, that would certainly have sucked, but my fic would’ve still existed, and the ship would’ve still existed.

but hey! he tian DID care about guan shan’s reputation, he tian DID fight she li to get him to back off of guan shan. so all is well :)


Delaweasley? Fleurcy? I like Fleurcy // m o d e r n  r o m a n c e

By: @olivieblake

              8:35 PM

     “What does my brother not give you?” I ask her.

     Her brow twitches for a moment, and then she regains her certainty. “Awe,”       she says

     She doesn’t mean veneration; surely he worships her, or he did once. She means he doesn’t awe her—and why would he need to, being the eldest, the most successful, the most loved? I realize I have identified everyone around me as a person of power, and perhaps I have misjudged. 

     "Lean back,“ I say.

                                - The Banker

  • phone: *ring ring*
  • Lance: *picks up phone* hey Shiro I'm just hanging out with Keith what's up
  • Shiro: I'm at the store I just wanted to know if you guys needed anything
  • Keith: *odd crunching in background*
  • Shiro: please tell me Keith isn't eating raw spaghetti out of the container again
  • Lance: *looks at Keith, who has stopped crunching*
  • Keith: *shakes head slowly*
  • Lance: no


“A self-styled spiritualist who splashes table salt around, and a middle-school esper who is, in a manner of speaking, being used.
When I first started drawing this manga, it was (well, was until the end) groping in the dark with shaking hands, and I recall sweating and struggling over various things.
It could be that ‘Salt Splash’ too was born as a technique to dispel that sort of anxiety and bad thoughts.

It think this is a weird manga, but it ended up as something I couldn’t recreate on command, a thing filled with my memories. 

It’s thanks to everyone that I was able to draw it to the end like this. 
With the help of the multitude of thoughts and letters and fan arts, I was somehow able to push through to the finish line. 
If you would occasionally go back to read and laugh again, it would bring me the greatest joy. 

Thank you very much!”

thank you one for the great series, great ending, and these touching final words!

i finally finished this monster of a drawing! I felt exactly as I did when I finished the novel! 

Anyway, as good as the new version is, the scene in the miniseries where the picture in the book starts moving is still one of my favorite moments in any movie/tv show. And I also like the part where all the kids are just sitting on that construction equipment, so this drawing like combines those two things.