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quick proportion tips

- eyeballs are an eyeball width apart
- ears align with the top of your brows to the bottom of your nose, and are the center-point of a profile view
- lip corners line up to the center of each eye
- hands are roughly the size of your face
- feet are the same size as your forearm
- elbows are aligned with your belly-button
- your hands reach down mid-length of your thighs
- both upper and lower legs (individually) are roughly the same size as your torso 
(this is all rough estimates for proportion! feel free to add more to help others)

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Imagine all 14 skaters going camping and it gets really cold at nights but they have to stay for a few days for whatever reason and colds get spread around. lol idk just a random thought i wanted to share

Dude…this is perfection. I should be writing up a Phichit request, but now I’m just thinking about this and how amazing it would be. (I’ve been really lazy today, only put one fic up). But I just had to think about this and write some ideas down. If anyone wants to contribute they are welcome to.

-who would sleep where??? Would they have two-man tents? So they’d all have to pair up :D
And be sleeping in little tents all squashed up together…

-you could bet that Yuri and Viktor are gonna be sharing a sleeping bag on those cold nights.

-I always thought Yurio would be the type to get the cold first and spread it around to everybody, but he’d totally try to pin it on JJ

-Yuri would stress himself out trying to nurse everybody and end up making himself even sicker.

-Seung Gil would cook for everybody, but mostly just so he could sit by the fire and avoid them all.

-Yurio would totally be moaning to Otabek about how miserable he was feeling when they went into the tent at night.

(God, I have loads more, but this is just gonna get huge)

get ready for the bombest blurb night of them all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

hello my lovely lil peaches!! (✿◠‿◠)

i would like to formally invite you all to join in on mine and @happiestluke​‘s prompts blurb night on sunday, august 28 @ 8pm est 

what is a prompts blurb night, you ask?? well, instead of providing a theme for all of the blurbs to centre around, we have compiled a list of prompts that y’all can:

  • choose a prompt + boy of your choice to request either of us to write
  • choose a prompt to write on your own and submit to either of us
  • choose a prompt to write/post on your own blog and them tag us both in it so we can reblog it as well 

we hope some of these will get your creative juice flowing like they have already for us, and we can’t wait to fill your requests and read what y’all come up with!! 

so, without further ado, here’s the list of prompts!!

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eh I won’t waste your time with the usual I’m a poor art student rant. however just cause you’ve heard it before doesn’t mean it’s true. also there’s a thing called afternoon/nighttime art classes which means it’s basically impossible for me to get a job lol

anyway this is my first time doing any commission stuff so pls bear with me aaa

also lineart will be basically the same thing as pencil sketch but digital

oh things I WON’T do:

  • nsfw (sexual and excessive gore. I’ll do light gore though)
  • furries (if I could I would, but I need more practice)
  • ask me about overly detailed designs like clothes/weapons

this video could alternatively be titled why your anon message went unanswered” 

{in summary, this video highlights the biggest flaws in (often) defensive arguments (often presented through anonymous messages) i think it’s crucial that we as a fandom try and learn from this to allow for more thoughtful and cooperative discussion and debate}

“I don’t know what rumors you’ve heard, but no, I’m not gay. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the sentiment, but please stop congratulating me for coming out or being true to myself or any of that. No, I don’t have a girlfriend but I definitely love women. Not to say that the guy who hit on me earlier wasn’t cute though. Sorry, Phillip, it just wasn’t meant to be.”

ayy lmao!

a cool club for cool kids who like to make and/or listen to playlists!

application - net page (password required)

-reblog if you are applying
-otherwise all that’s required is that you love playlists and music!
-there’s a cool net page!
-there’s a skype group!
-we can share playlists!
-i’ll probably cap it off at around 15-20 people, so it doesn’t get crowded, but sign up anyway! even if you can’t be on the blog you can still join us on skype or something! i may extend it a bit, too. i’d love for you to join!
-it’ll just be a fine and dandy time


Hey y'all! I love how quickly my post has been spreading around (sorry idk how to link it) but I haven’t gotten any messages. I’d really appreciate if y'all could send in messages of love and support for the boys! I’d like to get started on this as soon as possible

Thanks y'all

while it’s very true that neurotypicals who work with mental illness are often super ableist, i feel like a lot of ppl on tumblr don’t realize how big the field of psychology is and how small a part of it mental illness is. that post i’ve seen on my dash a million times saying “if you’re a neurotypical psych major i don’t trust you”… it’s extremely possible for someone to work in the field of psychology and have nothing to do with psychiatry (which is the study and treatment of mental illness) at all.

i might minor in psych (and i am in no way neurotypical) and i do not plan on taking any classes having anything to so with psychiatry. the psych classes at my school are divided into 6 areas of psychology, only one of which is related to psychiatry or clinical psychology. idk it just bugs me that misinformation is being spread around.

of course, that post still does apply to neurotypicals going into psychiatry, who often have shady motives and can be extremely ableist. the amount of ableism in the clinical field is astounding. imo it should be standard for there to be a social justice class focused on ableism that’s required for a psych major. this wouldn’t SOLVE the problem, but it would at least be a start and get people a little educated.

this post went in like 2 different directions. it was just supposed to be a couple sentences of correcting misinformation but whatever