idk source but not my image


Live Action cast of The Legend of Korra.

Korra - Julia Jones
Asami - Arden Cho
Bolin - Steven Yeun
Mako - Godfrey Gao
Opal - Kimiko Glenn
Lin - Michelle Yeoh
Amon - Daniel Henney
Unalaq - Benjamin Pratt
Zaheer - Ken Watanabe
Kuvira - Olivia Munn
Tenzin - Bryan Cranston or J. K. Simmons (no image)

Finally got around to painting Wonho ahhh I’m so happy! I’ve been meaning to for so long and thanks to this gif set, I finally did~ 

I literally couldn’t and still can’t tbh get the image of him saying ‘Hoseok oppa’ out of my mind I don’t get it like why? is that?? completely destroying me???

Can’t remember the source rn (it looks like it’s fantaken but idk) I’ll search around for the source when I wake up tomorrow~ or if anyone knows, lemme know~


Cloud proposing to Aerith or literally taking her hand in marriage during vow ceremony, or maybe asking for a bride & groom dance? IDK, y’all. I feel like this is a dream I can’t even properly function right now, my minds all over the place from pure joy… it’s just amazing and I’m so thankful that we have something like this.

Sources: @pluvia_ca & 2 | @krudears doctored the last image herself BTW, so although both images are real and part of the same cutscene, they weren’t seen on screen at the same time. You saw Cloud kneel then the screen faded and then you saw Aerith make her adorable “squee” face.

anonymous asked:

I mean Idk about that other anon but maybe you should source the pictures because you're posting someone's art on your blog without their permission?

many of the sources no longer exist. many of the photos were saved from the gorillaz website over the years and each phase the whole website is revamped. 
the description of my blog states that all artwork is that of Jamie Hewlett because i cannot directly source every single image.
and as for the newer art, i will try my best to source it all, though i am very forgetful


Hey here’s a quick tip/guide (sorta) to making picks a lil more interesting/have a different tone or color to them

i like to make my own gradients because i can add more to them but you can do the same with a program that makes/has a gradient system to it

I use sai but you can do this in pretty much any program that has dif. blend modes and layers

this is pretty quick so the picture isnt perfect sorry

1.) finish the drawing and merge the layers together/select the parts you want colored with a tool like a magic wand/layer selection tool like this

it will make it so the gradient only goes in that area (or you can make the layer the gradient goes on clip to the first layer if its possible on your program)

2.) make a new layer and make your -unblended-gradient. the colors you chose will determine the colors of the finished product so chose wisely. start with a base color and then build up from that until you reach the lightest part (usually white)make sure it follows the shading path of your drawing or it will look a lil funky like the example i provided above

like this. add on until you are satisfied with your color selection!

3.) Blend your finished gradient with a a brush that is capable of blending colors together (i used my brush tool at maximum blend for this)

4.) change the gradient’s blend mode to something that will show the layer beneath it.

for this example i changed to mode to Overlay at 100%

but you can change the mode/opacity to whatever you see fit

bonus! here’s the finished drawing i made to show how I did this vs. the version that was made before-hand. pretty neat how the light source changes an image so much!

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Do you know of any makeup tricks for a trans guy to look a little less feminine? Im not familiar with makeup so idk if this is actually a thing but if it is, any tips?

I don’t use makeup myself so I’m not necessarily the best person to ask, but perhaps something from here could be useful:

And [this image] seems to come up a lot when I search for masculinizing makeup stuff, although I haven’t found an actual source for it.

If any of my followers have any other resources for anon, please feel free to add to this post.

idk, personally as an artist I don’t give two flying fucks about whether or not someone sources my art or crops a watermark out. 

I don’t care for the people who don’t care about WHO did the art and I CARE A LOT about the people who tell me they finally found me after searching for my art for so long or whatever. I’m old school like that, I still believe in the library-search-for-things. it pisses me off when artists are so egotistical to FREAK OUT AT PEOPLE and deny redistribution (i understand redistribution for profit, that’s another story though) on the internet, sharing images out of someones like for it is FREE. FUCKING. ADVERTISING. whether the artist is clear or not. if you are so FUCKING PISSED that someone isn’t “sourcing” your work, stop being fucking lazy and sign your whole name or maybe idk, YOUR URL TOO? you are doing digital art after all. it isn’t “michelangelo 1504” anymore. it’s  "".

i just hate it when people make BIG FUCKING THINGS out of nothing that should have the right to be made “a big thing” of in that way. it’s fucking stupid. 

beauty does’t need attention. it comes with the package.

Okay, so I need your help. I found this image online and saved it. I have no idea where it’s from but I would love to find the source and pattern for it. I mean, not like it’s a super difficult pattern or anything but I’d feel much more confident following actual instructions (plus idk how to do that bend in the limbs). It’s for my brother who I know would just LOVE this 😍😭


*:・゚✧MAHOU SHOUJO ORE PREVIEWS*:・゚✧ kinda spoilerish
External image
so i guess this is where it all began

External image
[tour guide voice] and in the bottomleft corner you will find your burly men with cute squirrel heads

External image
and more

External image
then there were two

External image
also cannot forget

aND ONE FINAL IMAGE!! someone tell me if these are tentacles or rope

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file name is “clusterfuck”

i feel bad becase i wanna change my theme but like. A lot of my themes are clean & this feels like. Messy. and the old version probably looked a lot nicer but i like this because its more faithful to the inspiration source without relying on an image for the container background. idk. fuc

To the people saying that there is always one side who is disappointed after an election, this is more than disappointment. Every single women in this country is now extremely vulnerable. Not only are we more vulnerable to rape and getting pregnant, Trump/Pence want to make abortions illegal. Even though nothing has happened politically yet, the US has already changed. 

The West Wing + British Recast of Josh, Donna, CJ, Toby, Jed, Abbey and Sam (asked by anonymous)

Jed Bartlet: Hugh Bonneville

Abbey Bartlet: Emma Thompson

CJ Cregg: Lena Headey

Donna Moss: Natalie Dormer

Toby Ziegler: Michael Sheen

Josh Lyman: Jonny Lee Miller

Sam Seaborn: Dominic Cooper

McGrunkle (a.k.a Fiddlestan oldies) Playlist


(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story - Nora Aunor | You Are My Sunshine - Jimmie Davis | For the Good Times - Ray Price | Growing Older, Feeling Younger - Bette Davis | Circle - Harry Chapin | Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - Shelby Flint | Gentle On My Mind - Glen Campbell | Country Gentleman - Chet Atkins | Take Me (I’ll Follow You) - Bobby Caldwell | It’s Been a Long Long Time - Vilma Santos | I Want You To Know  - Millie Small | You Are The Sunlight - I Am The Moon - Randy Edelman | Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles | Chapel of Love - Darlene Love | Never Ending Song Of Love - The New Seekers | I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me (Instrumental Version) - Pino Donaggio | It Can’t Be Wrong - Bette Davis | When I Fall in Love - Rick Astley | Original I (A New Beginning) - Agnes Chan

It pretty much came to my mind that I should make some sort of sequel or continuation to my last one (I’m sure you can recall) and thinking that these two geezers still have a chance of being together warms my soul.

Recommended listening during long car rides that may go on for hours on end.

[image source]


okay! i was tagged by breezy/hawke @actualhawke for the best selfies of 2015 thingy and well!! here they are!! the top three are the newest and the others are all mixed up. my hair was honestly a source of great pride to me this year and i hate that i had to cut it all off since it was so pretty! but heres a photoset to celebrate it at least since soon im gonna have brown hair again

heres a bonus image for yall:


im tagging @chandra-nalaar @meredithstanard @soft-cheek and idk who else a lot of u have already done this lol