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Tbh i really like following you because my life used to be a lot like yours, like i was bumblin my way through school pretty well and i used to chill and smoke with friends and keep things maintained. But then i got really sick and now im just bed bound and useless and school completely fell apart. But seeing you and your snapchat give me a lil reminder that it can all come back and gives me hope to keep going.

aw dude… ill come smoke with u

Just Like That

Relationship: Sam x Reader

Tags: smut, straight up smut, bit of felching

Words: 669 (heh)

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old wounds

I’m not sure how some people find calm in meditation…any time I close my eyes and try to find peace I end up opening old wounds. I’m not hopeless though. Eventually I’ll find tranquility out there, & I imagine it’ll be…good.

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this was written in like half an hour in because i was really digging 3 really cutesy songs and i felt bad that i hadn’t put anything out for petey boy in ages so?? it’s not really an imagine more a blurb sue me + the songs i was loving was toothpaste kisses by the maccabees, i’m yours by jason mraz & bloom by the paper kits 

He was yours. 

Cradle me, I’ll cradle you
I’ll win your heart with a woop-a-woo
Pulling shapes just for your eyes 

The gentle hum of traffic through the crack of his bedroom window, the buzzing of a radio slightly out of tune and the comforter that was rich with warm beneath you—the things pulling you closer to sleep, keeping your eyelids closed and your breathing deep.

But there was an odd empty space beside you that meant you knew something was absent. Stretching out and feeling sleep begin to drain, your eyes still closed, your fingers grasping the empty sheets gave you the answer. With a yawn and a blink, you opened your eyes with a frown at the absence of your boyfriend beside you in bed. But the confusion only lasted a minute before—

“Frick! Are you kidding me?” 

With a clutter and a bang, you smiled as he made himself known in the apartment, stumbling and noisy just like you were used to. Just how you liked him. Pushing yourself up slowly, you let the final parts of sleep trickle out of your system, another yawn passing your lips before you climbed to your feet, wandering towards the cluttering sounds of your boyfriend with a lazy grin.  

And there he was. Swaying his hips to the tune on the radio in a very inelegant way, tousled hair and barefoot — your Peter. He didn’t look particularly angelic, no swift way he moved that captivated you, no halo of light from the sun rays: all the reasons your heart couldn’t help but ache for him. It was almost pathetic but you were sure you could have stay there all day, watching Peter hum and dance half-heartedly as he cooked in the Sunday morning sun.

So, with toothpaste kisses and lines
I’ll be yours and you’ll be 


Peter turned, a smile already playing on his lips as he nodded, letting you know the mug that sat on the counter was for you. Gleeful at the thought of coffee, and your considerate and very kind boyfriend, you perched on the barstool and wrapped your hands around the coffee. Peter smiled adorably at you and the question of how you got so damn lucky, rang through your mind again. Spinning back around, he shimmied the spatula under the pancake that was currently cooking, subconsciously shuffling to hide the plate of burnt pancakes from you. 

Taking generous sips from your mug, you closed your eyes for a moment: breathing in the morning. Opening your eyes, you gently set your cup on the counter and took to your feet, stepping quietly closer to Peter. You felt his chest rise in intake as you wound your arms around his middle, shifting so he could grin down at you. Pushing onto your tippy-toes, you pressed a delicate kiss to his jaw, watching as he smiled wider and turned to hide it, a slight flush to his cheeks. 

“You can’t hide from me, Parker.” You whispered and he turned with an exaggerated roll of his eyes but lazy smile still present, hesitating for a moment before lent the soft press of his lips against yours. 

Lay with me, I’ll lay with you
We’ll do the things that lovers do 

The pancakes are gonna burn.” Peter mumbled absently against your lips, his kisses not ceasing despite his own warning — he was too warm, there was too much comfort in the tender kisses.

“You’ve already burnt six.” You quipped back, pulling back from his intoxicating lips with a grin to let him know he hadn’t hidden his pile of failed pancakes well enough and Peter smiled sheepishly, averting his eyes adorably embarrassed. 

“Mine?” The timid question escaping Peter, paralleling your own, which couldn’t help but make the organ in your chest beat a little bit faster. Not ready for ‘i love you’, it was his own way of questioning, of saying and giving his love to you—hidden in his question and shy eyes, bitten lip.

You nodded, the sun in your smile.

He was, unequivocally, yours. 

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whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhomst would want to hang out for an hour or two livestream of me drawin some rvb art on wednesday?

probably will start at 7 pm PST

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*calmly eats your game console with nothing but a fork and a glass of milk*

“Um…don’t tell mama about this, I didn’t mean to hurt them. They might need some bandaids though…”

i just wanna rant for a second about something that like.. really aggravates me i dunno

something i feel like me and other autistic people need to work on our disorder being used as an excuse. like i’ve had/seen experience where, for example, somebody might say something rude and the other person will express being upset about it. instead of just saying “im sorry for saying that and hurting your feelings”, they say “I didnt mean to say that mean thing. you see i have this thing called autism that affects (bla bla bla)”

like this is irritating because assuming the person youre talking to isnt autistic/doesnt know what it means is really obnoxious. I’ve had someone explain their disorder to me (the same as mine) when they shouldve just apologized and moved on.

this is also unnecessary because first of all, you dont need to share your life story dude. Secondly, using your social disability as an excuse to get away with being rude Sucks. it makes others like you look bad and its just a bad habit overall. if i say something rude and i dont realize that it would hurt someone, i try to apologize and try to fix it for the future. in the past i have used excuses but im trying to do better because now i know how it feels to be on the other end lol

im sure this goes for other things besides asd, but i dont really know. i have no idea if my post made any sense but its a subject that i wanted 2 talk about because it bugs the crap out of me to see


Worthy holding his bit in his mouth!
He has held the bit for a second before, but yesterday he just held it. It was so cool! I think the reasons why he held it are because he was very sleepy yesterday, he really likes this bit, and he’d had the bridle on for a while before I went to take it off.

@upcomingfarrierstudent and @themotherfuckingclickerkid I think you’d like to see this!


Part One.


My mother,she told me,”Don’t get in trouble”

My father,he told me,he knew I would

My brothers,they told me,”Don’t give a damn”

My sister,she told me to do something good


You sat in the back of your fathers car, crossing your arms as you slouched and looked out of the window. Your mom sat in the passengers seat and huffed, trying to reason with him, ”Don’t you fuss at them. If this school didn’t work out, it’s for a reason. At least they got the training they needed to control themselves.” You sighed and closed your eyes, trying to make yourself sleepy that way you didn’t have to listen to any more of their conversation. “Three weeks! You think three weeks is enough for these people? The broadcast said they needed months, maybe even years of training!”

“I know what the broadcast said but I am not going to force my child to stay in an academy they don’t feel comfortable in!”

“Why the hell not? It’s filled with their kind!”

“Enough! I will not let you speak about them this way. It’s hard enough for them to be different, they don’t need their own damn father treating them like they don’t belong. Listen, they were given a few pairs of those special gloves. The professor told me that if they needed any more, we could return and ask.”

Ignoring the insults, you pull out your phone and start a group chat with your friends. As grateful as you were for your supportive mom and older siblings, you couldn’t help but hate the living hell you were in. Being diagnosed with NHGZ, or Non-Human Gene Z, at five years old was confusing and drastic enough for you but to also be outcasted by the public and even your own father was worse. You considered yourself one of the lucky ones though, at least you didn’t have to partake in any of the government experiments; you’ve heard many who did, have died almost a month in. Eleven years later and you’re still alive. “Sweetheart..” you heard your mother call to you.


“How were the classes? Did the gloves end up helping?”

You looked down at your now gloved hands. Your power was an odd but very dangerous one; by flexing your fingers and contorting them, somehow you were able to control bodies if your “telekinetic aura was…” something. If you were being honest, you didn’t pay too much attention to your trainers as you were too busy focusing on the other students and seeing what their powers were. On your first day in, one of the head trainers handed you specially made gloves to wear that way you could mess with your fingers without injuring the nearest couple of people around on accident like you’ve been doing these past couple of years.

Glancing at your father, you carefully flexed your fingers and nodded when nothing happened, ”Yeah, I’d say they’re doing their job. It’s going to take awhile to get used to wearing them all the time though, especially in the sum–“

“Listen here and listen well, I better not see you with them off because I am just about done with E.R visits. Since you think you’re too good for that school and you’d rather be home, do us all a favor and keep those on. Let’s try to be a normal family for once.” He hissed as he pulled into the driveway and headed straight inside as soon as he parked the car. You glanced at your mother and she just rubbed her temples, shaking her head as she exited the car and helped you with your bags. “Ignore him. I’m happy to have you home and so are your brothers and sister so let’s head inside and have some dinner,okay?”

You nodded and gave her a tight hug before grabbing the rest of your bags, blinking in confusion when you see a folded note inside one of the outside pockets. Thinking one of the other students placed it there before you left, you grabbed it and unfolded it; a drawing of a red balloon tied to what looked like an old coin was drawn across the page. “Whatever. Must be some goodbye joke I must not have heard of.”


“Welcome back,ugly!”

“Hey tiny,we missed you!”

“Hurry up and sit, tell us everything you saw!”

The twins and your sister practically dragged you to the dining table as your mom served everyone,minus your father. He preferred to eat his dinner in his home office and neither of you really seemed to care. “There were a lot of NHGZ’s there. Like, a lot. I didn’t even know that many people were affected. Anyways, some had really cool abilities like sonic screaming, self duplication, and one of them, I think, even knew how to move rocks and earthy stuff or whatever.” You grinned as you stuffed your mouth with your moms Tuesday night pasta.

The night went on and you told your family stories upon stories about your short time there and what you were taught if you ever needed to actually use your secret ability. Fascinated, they asked you questions and examined your new gloves in awe. “So you need to keep these on at all times?” One of the twins asked as he took your hand in his and ran his fingers over the material. “Basically. Now I don’t have to worry about breaking someone’s leg if I need to crack my knuckles or anything.” You nodded as you held out your other hand to show your sister. She snorted playfully and also touched the gloves, “What luck do you have. You can’t go an hour without that creepy habit and yet that’s what your dangerous power relies on.”

Everyone laughed and you smiled as you looked around at your supportive family, happy you’re back where you belong.


summary/request: au where A almost drops something and in their attempts to stop it from hitting the floor, they accidentally project it at B’s face 

pairing: younghyun x reader

genre: fluff (??), awkward meeting

word count: 648

a/n: i’m sorry if this is awful i really tried man, i did

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Finals week was draining you - both mentally and physically - and it seemed like it took forever to pass. Your dorm room smelled a bit like mold (you didn’t have time or energy to clean it) and your desk had papers, stationery and food wrappers all over it. 

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26, Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave. Sheith :3c

the way you said “i love you” | accepting

26. Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave.

“Can you imagine it?” Shiro asked with a wide smile on his face as he stared up at the giant ship that would soon launch him and the Holts off into space as they headed towards Kerberos. He was a little more than excited. And he wanted to share this moment with Keith. 

“It’ll be great, Shiro.”

This caused him to turn towards the other, eyebrows furrowed together with concern. Something was off. Keith usually called him Takashi when they were alone. 

“Is everything alright, Keith?” He asked. He had to be careful, get a read before he did anything. 

Sad amethyst eyes looked up him. His hand reached out and pulled on Shiro’s jacket. Don’t go. He seemed to say without uttering a word. Shiro pulled him close, enveloping him smaller frame in his chest. 

“I won’t be long. In a year’s time you’ll see me again. And we’ll have time to go over all the stupid trends I missed while I was gone. And then we’ll apply for the next trip together. We’re a tag team, you and me. There isn’t anything in this universe that can tear us apart.”

Keith shook slightly in Shiro’s arms. They stood there in each other’s embrace for a long while, just holding each other and letting Shiro’s gentle hands rub circles into Keith’s back while Keith clung to Shiro like it was life support. 

They both needed this, needed each other. And they’d be damned if they let the other go so easily.