idk sometimes it looks cool


Couldn’t decide whether I liked the original better so I decided to stop worrying about it and just post both…

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.

I was rewatching the special version of the Opening sequence in Osaka the other day, when I noticed something odd going on at the part where everyone else was mostly idle…

Anzai, what are you doing? XD They didn’t show Fushimi the other times he did this part, but I think that may really be Fushimi’s official choreography since Anzai was doing the hand movements for it during practice. XD:

you know, sometimes it feels like either I get the “joss whedon is terrible and the worst and has done nothing redeemable in his entire life” narrative or the “joss whedon is the best ever and amazing and a paragon of feminist representation” narrative and never the “joss whedon is a dude who has done some good stuff and some bad stuff whose work absolutely deserves critique but also recognition for the things it does right” narrative

it’s like. I get so annoyed with the tumblr end of things (the first version) and then I go out into the wider geek world and get really annoyed with the other end of things (the second version) and like

[yells nuanced criticism!!!!!! into the void of the internet, like, forever]


i use this one is for lineart and coloring, pretty much for everything actually. it won’t blend. 

this brush is also nice, i use it for backgrounds and coloring too sometimes. it blends a little. 

this one is great for blending colors. it’s better than using the blur tool. it’s like using water its really cool. look at that cool brush dammit. 

idk sometimes i doodle and i use this brush to color. it looks soft and won’t blend much. 


If you wanna know how I get to color, here is a tutorial.

and also here’s more kinda useless ‘tutorials’ i have.