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okinawasobas  asked:

tell me about jyou for the ask game


  • favorite thing about them - His serious behavior. He considers problems and thinks about them, while also having fun at times.
  • least favorite thing about them - His indecisiveness. Sometimes he takes so long to make a decision even though he’s already made it on the inside.
  • favorite line - GOMAMOOOOOONNNNNN
  • brOTP -Sora/Jou Team parents for the win!
  • OTP YamaJou? Joumi? Idk Jou/Mystery Girlfriend X
  • nOTP Jou/Hikari. I feel like the two of them would worry each other into the floor and out of the relationship
  • random headcanon - He is not allowed to pick the fast food after the last time he did it and they ended up with too hot indian curry. Takeru and Yamato survived because Yamato’s cooking burns the esophagus.
  • unpopular opinion - Uh… Idk, what don’t people think about Jou? He seems like the most distant from the group in so many ways and may not want to bridge that gap?
  • song i associate with them -
  • favorite picture of them - 
Why my heart belongs to Kyungsoo

1. his voice

  • the way he sings and how he sings: the eyebrow arches, the soft gazes, the million times he closes his eyes, i just… the first time i realized i fell for him was when i had his performance of ‘missing you’ with ryeowook at the SMtown concert on replay. that smile thing he does at the second verse he enters with? fdjklsaj i totally melted inside. look look look ;__;

    also, i personally prefer smooth, soothing voices, and that’s exactly what kyungsoo has ♥ i don’t know, but there’s just something about his voice that gets my heart pounding loud and slow in my ears every time he opens his mouth. it’s so smooth and velvety with the perfect hint of husky and jfkdsaljg there’s just so much feel to it, you know? and the way he sings, too. it’s just… the way he feels the music and lets the music feel him - the way his eyes sort of glaze over when he sings the verses, how he tilts his head when he belts the high notes - the way he uses his hands and eyebrows and his whole damn body to let everyone know this is Do Kyungsoo singing. it’s really amazing. that plus the little smiles he flashes after he finishes the song and the 90 degree bows that follow… how can you not love him?
2. how much he cares
  • he isn’t dubbed the umma of the group for no reason! i love the small gestures of care he shows the other members, making sure their mics are okay, fixing them if they aren’t, making them things to eat if they’re hungry. if you look at the way he looks at the members sometimes, you can tell it’s really personal, like a genuine friendship is there between them and i really love that about him because it just shows how many feelings he has within him, how exactly human he is.
  • suho once said thank you to kyungsoo, “who takes care of me and looks after me behind my back” (brb crying because sudo is so sweet). kyungsoo isn’t a very vocal guy about his feelings, but you can just tell how close he keeps people to his heart by the way he interacts with them. there was also that one time he waited until it was 12AM in China to text ryeowook 'Happy New Year’ when it was 1AM in Korea. he’s so nice and sweet to the people he’s close with and it makes me feel all warm inside whenever he shows that side of himself;;
3. his habits
  • i don’t know why i have a thing for this, but sometimes i’m very observant and there are specific habits that kyungsoo has that really make him unique and 4D?
    for one, he always crosses his legs when he’s sitting at airports. i don’t know why, but he just does ._. he also likes to chew on trophies (kyungsoo, what even…) and he swipes the bangs out of his face using his ring finger (or any finger, but it’s usually just one). there’s that over-the-head waving thing he does when he’s happy and he bites his top lip often too (nibbles on it actually)! he makes the cutest faces (yes, even the creepy ones) and his eyebrows tell everything for him, LOL. like

    he always


    this eyebrow action

    going on?!?!?!



  • kyungsoo style peace sign!

  • he also does weird hand and/or body motions? ._.


    HE’S SO STRANGE ; ♥ ;

4. the way he smiles ♥
  • kyungsoo has this thing where he lifts one corner of his lips before slow-smiling (and it drives me freaking crazy)

  • his heart-shaped lips explosion! ; u ;

    (brb dying ok ;_;)

5. the way he laughs ♥♥
  • idk, he kind of laughs interestingly? x) his shoulders bunch up a little and then he just kind of cracks up like “HAHAHAHA” or “TEEHEEHEEHEE” ; U ; also one of his eyes closes a little sometimes (other times it’s just both LMAO) and dfjskalgj it’s just so so so adorable ;A;

6. his reactions

    *blink blink* ;A;

    idk he just has really cute responses to things?! he’s just this serious guy sometimes and then he gets caught off-guard and it’s like FDSKALFJEK squishy kyungsoo is born ;u; you feel? you feel.

7. how serious he is

  • kyungsoo is a serious guy for the most part. he doesn’t talk much, keeps to himself a lot, mostly stays as the listener in conversations or on shows, interviews, etc. but what I really like about his serious (introverted) attitude is that he’s just really mature. like that one time on Beatle’s Code, the MCs made fun of him for having narrow shoulders and kyungsoo responded by saying that he’ll work out to prove that people with narrow shoulders can build broader ones. see, that’s another thing. he’s always working hard to become the best kyungsoo he can possibly present to everyone. when he hurt his ankle, he finished the performance through gritted teeth and couldn’t even make it to the award speech because he had to go to the hospital. but when he was asked about his injury in an interview, he said that he was regretful for not showing his best side (when really, we couldn’t have asked for more). he always tells fans to look forward to his improved sides and that he will become a “better D.O.”. it’s like he’s never satisfied with himself, and that makes me want to pat him on the back and tell him that he’s far greater than he will ever know because he deserves to feel good about himself.
  • kyungsoo rarely says 사랑해요 (i love you). instead, he says 하트? for example, if you look back on his posts on the exo-k page of the SMTOWN website, you’ll see that he ends almost all of them with the phrase “하트” - hearteu, literally a “heart”. i don’t know if this is because he cherishes the phrase or because he’s bad with expressing his feelings, but i thought that was just a very cute little kyungsoo thing he does :)
  • he’s really truthful, and i respect that about him. he’s not one to sugarcoat and be all pretentious. it’s just not in his nature. there was that one time EXO was on the radio and kyungsoo recommended the song “My Lady” to which the MC asked if he had personal experiences that related to the song. he answered right away that he did, and i thought that was really brave of him. a lot of times, stars have to keep their past on the down-low and hesitate when telling stories about their love life, but kyungsoo didn’t seem to hesitate in the slightest. he’s really bold at times even though he’s extremely reserved, and that’s when i think “ah, kyungsoo is so manly!” i just really liked the fact that he didn’t hide anything and that he was honest.

8. his 반전매력!

  • this is probably a common topic among kyungsoo stans, but kyungsoo has this thing where he has a double personality? and it’s not a bad thing at all, it’s actually what keeps us on his leash. 반전매력 roughly translates into “charms of the unexpected” or as i like to say, charms of the plot twist, and it basically sums up kyungsoo as a person.
  • example: at first glance he is petite with huge eyes with heart-shaped smiles and erupting laughter. get to know him, and he’s actually a very quiet guy who keeps to himself. he’s like a walking plot twist, i kid you not. he’s small but he has a pretty low voice, and he’s one of the manlier members of the group because he is so serious. he is the baby of the group by size, but he is actually their caring parent figure, the one who looks out for them through small gestures and encouraging shoulder squeezes.
  • example: so maybe you meet him through his photoshoot pictures (shoutout at the socool magazine shoot because holy crap kyungsoo there was just…) and you see him in his finest model!soo status. he’s hot, his gaze is mesmerizing and captive, he has that eyebrow game going strong, confidence and charisma erupting everywhere. but watch his actions behind the main camera and you’ll see that he’s actually such a big dork who likes to do weird things with his hands and hum under his breath or goof off with the members (BAEKSOO!). and it’s like, how is he so perfect? how does he have the whole package, because he is both cute and sexy all in one body ;__;
  • example: maybe you meet him via chansoo or baeksoo fancams where kyungsoo is hitting his members because of their stupidity (or if they teased or messed with him).
    exhibit a:

    exhibit b:

    thus satansoo is born and we all praise him for keeping baekhyun at bay, but off camera we see that he’s not satan at all; he’s actually the one who approaches members if he sees something off, or if he wants to help:

    the famous kaisoo one~

    dee doo dee doo~

    wipity wipe~


    He is just



9. how talented yet humble he is~

  • this guy can do so many things?!?! i mean for one, he can sing

  • and dance

  • but he can also beatbox!

  • he can model

  • he can be a doggy lover

  • or a daddy!

  • plus he can knit~

  • and he can act~!

  • but he’s always very humble and always strives to be better.

    circled portion: 7. some praise for yourself?
    kyungsoo’s answer: kyungsoo-yah, let’s put in some effort.

    he’s always saying that he will try harder next time, but still he says this to himself. the question asked to give himself a compliment but what does he say? he says “let’s try harder”. he’s such a stubborn soldier sometimes, but he’s very down-to-earth, which i love very much about him!
  • he always bows to the end, 90 degrees!

    he always says thank you~

    always until the last moment ♥

10. this is getting way too long, so… last one: his flaws ♥♥♥
  • okay, i don’t know what it is about this guy, seriously. one time i watched a 9 minute video of him screwing up everything from dance moves to introductions to singing and literally, all i could think at the end of it was “he’s so perfect”. i love how cute he is when he gets nervous, how wide his eyes become when he’s put on the spot, how hard he tries to convince himself that he hasn’t embarrassed himself (when he doesn’t, tbqh). it’s so heartwarming to hear him say that he’ll try harder next time every time he accidentally messes up, and i just feel like giving him a big hug whenever he cracks because i know he can do so much better and you can tell he’s really frustrated, too. that’s why when he did well on immortal song even with all that pressure, i was so happy for him. he almost always cracks when he’s asked to suddenly sing because of his stage fright, but i love that about him. it helps me remember that he’s not just a star but a person like i am, with his equal share of fears and imperfections. he’s not confident in himself, he’s too reserved at times, he doesn’t talk much, he’s not the best looking member of exo (in my honest opinion) or the most vocally talented by many people’s standards, but to me, that’s what makes kyungsoo, kyungsoo. he’s perfect just the way he is, the best kyungsoo-kind of perfect there is. ♥ and that’s why i love him :’)

Confession: I feel really guilty sometimes about being one of those people that hangs out with primarily non-black people. One of my friends from another university visited and kept asking about the “black side” of my university and what it was like and I couldn’t answer those question and I felt her judging. I truly just hang out with people that I click with, and that is various types of people and not just one binary. It was also weird seeing how much different we were as time had gone on and we’d both gone onto college. Ex: the things I say to be ironic such as “turnt, lit, etc.” (because it’s annoying) she says and is 100% serious about it. There also seemed to be a lot of fake sass, hand clapping when talking about things, and getting worked up over nothing and idk, I just saw through it because she used to be pretty mellow. She’s also someone I went to church with when I was younger back home, and she’s still super religious and I’m not. I’m also starting to feel guilty about not being overly religious. Sometimes I’m torn about being a Christian anyway. 22 and having so many introspective reflective moments.